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Motivation 15 - 20 pounds by May 11th! -CLOSED GROUP- Mar 02 2011
15:34 (UTC)

I'm @ 154.. nothing much has changed yet! I have to be more better at what I put into my mouth! I keep eating Thin Mints :( Nachos w/cheese :( soda :( cookies :( ugh!!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Feb 28 2011
18:57 (UTC)

thanks target140 :D

jehzimom- i burned 1,200 calories on Friday by walking/jogging 9.3 miles! :D 

Fitness At Work Work Outs Feb 28 2011
18:47 (UTC)

saraahx- first, I hope you're still on caloriecount! I try to workout during my lunch break. I have one hour of break every day M-F. I started this about 3 years ago. Some days I do walk during my break around the Hospital where I work. I have a desk job (8.5 hrs a day) so its very important that I get up and move it~ esp during my lunch break! :D  Today I walked off 350 calories during my break :D  

Motivation 15 - 20 pounds by May 11th! -CLOSED GROUP- Feb 28 2011
17:08 (UTC)

Count me in, too !! Yell

My stats are...

Height: 5'4.5"



GW(for May11th): 130 


I've gained weight since the Summer of 2010. I have mostly been 130 in my life so this is very unusual and unsettling for me to be at this weight. I want to lose weight to feel better about myself.. to be able to like the way I look.. to be able to wear my old size 4 clothes again!!


Foods Live w/Parent(s) Feb 28 2011
16:14 (UTC)

dbackerfan & cgergely1- my mom is almost 66, and she's very much set in her ways. She was a principal of a middle school in her younger years, so everything she does is right.. theres no getting through to her. This past weekend we spoke about how she needs to cut down on her cooking, and stop making foods w/too much bread and rice. She agrees our weight isnt good and how its hard to be sitting all day at a desk job only to come home to eat mostly carbs. Today she said she's going to cook squash and eggplant w/not too much rice :D

alibsam- definately its the portion size! my mom cooks for 9 people (as she did for many years) and has yet to cut down on the cooking (since 2004?). If we eat just enough, she takes it as an offense and thinks we dont like her food anymore. Note: I cant even cook because whenever I try to she takes that as an offense as well!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Feb 27 2011
22:24 (UTC)

154 ~ yay, lost 1 pound ;)

satyr - same here, i weighed myself after eating breakfast and lunch.. 

Foods What did YOU eat today? Feb 27 2011
00:57 (UTC)

B- yogurt, olive oil w/thyme, wheat bread, green tea, green olives, and a few slices of radishes.

L- nonfat cappuccino w/o any sugar in it, 2 pieces of Madeline cookies.

D- pizza (homemade, thin crust and green bell pepper and white onions as topping), water, and coffee w/ a bit of irish cream in it.

Foods Live w/Parent(s) Feb 25 2011
18:53 (UTC)

You're both right, I should sit down with her *again*. She cooks foods w/ too much rice, olive oil, and bread. She's actually @ a pretty good weight herself (she weighs 175, had 7 kids!).. I didnt get her genes for sure! *sigh*

Foods Live w/Parent(s) Feb 25 2011
16:45 (UTC)

I forgot to say that my brother also has gained a considerable amount of weight since he moved in with us. We both try to exercise a lot, but its just too hard to keep @ a good weight!

Foods Cereal - should I choose a better one? Feb 25 2011
14:40 (UTC)

I dont eat cereal every day. Actually, whenever a new box is bought, it lasts at least a month or two before it completely done (and I live with 3 other people!). I love eating eggs, potatoes (my mom's style, includes just a teaspoon of oil, cooked on high first, then on low for another 10 min or so), yogurt, veggies & olives (a mix like a antipasto platter but usually w/o meat). and BREAD.. omg, i loooooove bread Kiss

Foods Cereal - should I choose a better one? Feb 25 2011
03:00 (UTC)
Original Post by neanderthin:

Original Post by sarahwardah:

ambereva- my bro and sis-in-law love to buy rolled oats (and the like) but its soo expensive. thats why i buy kashi.

 Pardon.........rolled oats are about the cheapest cereal going.

this is an example of what i'm talking about, and its NOT cheap :)) -ounces/dp/B001KUOFZ0

Foods just ADMIT IT...a short POLL..."if it's open, I'll eat all of it.." Feb 24 2011
21:39 (UTC)

(1) fruit: package of strawberries, blueberries, or a bag of cherries.

(2) chips: jalapeno chips or the Natural Ruffles Sea Salt chips w/ ranch dip. 

(3) buttery crackers..

(4) haagen dazs ice cream 

Foods Cereal - should I choose a better one? Feb 24 2011
21:35 (UTC)

ambereva- my bro and sis-in-law love to buy rolled oats (and the like) but its soo expensive. thats why i buy kashi.

Health & Support binging and what makes it go away Feb 24 2011
21:33 (UTC)

distance13- wow, thanks for sharing! i've learned a lot from what you said!

Foods ANYONE who tried ALMONDS ? Feb 24 2011
16:02 (UTC)

Almonds are a good way to end your meal. They are a good MUFA (part of the flat belly diet). I did try it about 2 years ago, along w/ dark chocolate pieces, and it did work! Basically, in a small zip lock bag, put together some dark chocolate chips & almonds (however much you want). Once you finish your meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) eat 1 or two tablespoons of this and your set!

Foods Cereal - should I choose a better one? Feb 24 2011
15:48 (UTC)

playofthepencil- try it out and let us know if you like it. I tried it before and it eventhough it has lots of fiber (and i drank lots of water) it never "moved me". lol Kashi just seems to work far better for me.

pinegrovedave- omg, EWWWWWWWW Surprised


Foods Cereal - should I choose a better one? Feb 24 2011
14:40 (UTC)

ootek - FiberOne puts aspartame & "color added" in their cereals. And, as far as their granola bars go, they put incent particles in them. My sister called them (2?) years ago and asked about two ingredients "ethanol and shellac" in the bars, she had looked it up on google and found that it meant "grounded incects", basically the rep on the phone confirmed what my sis found. EWE!!

Foods Will I get high cholesterol if I eat a whole egg 5 days a week? Feb 24 2011
14:20 (UTC)

I would check your family history w/cholesterol. My mom's family, for instance, no matter what they eat or how healthy, they will always have high cholesterol.. its just genetic. My dad's family, if they consume too much cholesterol in their diets, then they'll get it.

Foods Cereal - should I choose a better one? Feb 24 2011
14:14 (UTC)

I highly recommend that you try any of Kashi's Go Lean Crunch cereals. I bought two the other day from Gaint, one had 10g of fiber, the other has 8g.

GOLEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax:

  • 9g Protein
  • 8g fiber
  • 500mg Omega-3
  • 15g of whole grains

 GOLEAN Original:

  • 13g Protein
  • 10g fiber
  • Low in Fat—1g
  • 8g of whole grains
Foods About Soda Feb 24 2011
14:10 (UTC)

icecream18 - I think it also depends on genes. In regards to what you mentioned about the studies making the animals consume large quantities of soda (or, aspartame), I noticed that when I tried to first lose weight, I would consume large quantities of diet coke and crystal light. Since both of these things had virtually zero calories, I went overboard, in order to eat less calories and lose more weight. In effect, I caused my system to go crazy. I actually developed acid reflux about 2 or 3 months afterwards. I went to see my doctor and she told me to stay away from those things or else my acid reflux would get worse. I did, and she was right! Basically, if I consume one or two a week, i'm fine. But even today (4 years later) if i go overboard on either of those things, my acid reflux returns.

I guess what we can take from this is to be cautious of what we are putting in our bodies.