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Weight Loss o Dec 07 2007
03:21 (UTC)

I was a chubby girl from 10-14 (5'3"-5'4", 118-125) even though I participated in sports year round and ate healthy foods, then started growing an inch a year until I was 17, and suddenly was very slender (5'8", 135).  I didn't know what a calorie was and couldn't care less.  Trust me -- there's some crazy stuff happening to your body in those teen years, and it needs all the energy it can get. 

plh, I get frustrated sometimes, too -- mostly because I know my advice to these teens to not worry about calories goes unheeded. 

Weight Loss total estimate/burn meter?? Dec 06 2007
07:03 (UTC)
When you're in the "My Account" page and you see the burn ticker (next to the calorie ticker) the smaller number on top is the total estimate of what you will have burned by the end of today based on your activity level and the additional activities you have entered.  The larger number below it represents the amount of calories that CC estimates you have burned so far today.
Weight Loss lack of sleep = HUNGER. suggestions? Dec 06 2007
07:00 (UTC)
Answer: get at least 8 hours sleep.  Not only does lack of sleep make you feel hungrier, the stress it puts your body through results in the release of hormones that stimulate fat storage.  Not good.  Cut the clubs.
Weight Loss bad advice? Dec 06 2007
06:43 (UTC)

I hate to doubt you, but perhaps your calculations on the equation were off.  CC estimates that at your height & weight, at a sedentary (not comatose -- watching tv & office work type lifestyle) rate, that you would burn 1700 calories a day (if you're 24), in which case 1300 would be a reasonable amount to stimulate weight loss of a little under a pound a week.

I'd go with CC, if I were you.  Using their calculators helped me lose the 15 pounds I wanted to.  :)  But out of curiosity, how much weight do you intend to lose?  At your height, 142 lbs is perfectly healthy.

Weight Loss Burn meter? Dec 06 2007
05:03 (UTC)
I have found it accurate in that if I stay 500 - 700 cals below it, I lose weight.  :) 
Weight Loss never eating breakfast again! Dec 06 2007
04:40 (UTC)

Eating breakfast DOES kickstart your metabolism, which is why it helps you lose weight.  Cereal really isn't the best thing to eat if you want to curb your appetite though, as it's so easily digested.  Try a boiled egg and granola with yogurt. 

If you're a teenager, which I assume you are since you eat at an assigned school lunch period, you can probably still lose on 1500 calories a day.  Or hey, why don't you add in some exercise and lose on 1800 a day?

Finally, it's not breakfast's fault that you had a bagel and a chocolate chip cookie for lunch -- that was your choice.  Next time try adding an apple and a protein bar to your lunch -- less cals, more filling.

Maintaining Maintaining and Exercise Dec 06 2007
04:31 (UTC)
Most doctors recommend up to an hour of cardio 5 days a week in order to be heart-healthy.  Just food for thought.  :)
Motivation The End of my World as I know it!!!! (Over-dramatic) Dec 06 2007
04:27 (UTC)

Ha, I hear you, but in a different way.  I'm 20 pounds less than last Christmas.  So the minute I get off the plane, the first thing I'm gonna hear my mom say is:

"Girl, you are too skinny."

(Last time I believed her & gained 20 pounds, lol!)

Weight Loss plus size models? Dec 06 2007
03:59 (UTC)
Pant size is just as dependent on bone structure and body type as on weight.  When I was 15 I was 5'7" & 135 and never fit anything less than a 7 -- and that was BEFORE my hip bones grew.
Weight Loss Uncommon Reasons to Lose Weight Dec 06 2007
03:21 (UTC)

Actually, for singing I read it's a little better to have some extra weight -- carrying the weight around strengthens your diaphragm, & having a not teeny waist gives you more space for a large diaphragm, which in return provides better breath support.  It was in an article about a singer/waitress who was a size 2 when her voice coach recommended she gain weight to improve her voice -- and it did.  Plus, she said she felt healthier & stronger afterward. 

As for my uncommon reason, I have a naturally weak core with a very heavy backside -- I always know it's time to start losing weight & going to the gym when I start having daily back pain.  Which is nice since it starts to kick in when my BMI's around 25, so I never have too much to lose.

Edited to add:  I know a few "chubby-chasers" and they are not freaks!  In fact, I see their pov.  I've cuddled both with skinny guys & with chubby guys, and the chubby guys are MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE.  :-P  Although, whenever I find out that a guy who has shown interest in me typically goes for girls with booty, that makes me feel bad too -- it's not nice to be stereotyped.  So don't stereotype yourself, for your own sake!

Weight Loss Off the wagon Dec 06 2007
02:48 (UTC)
I have gone through a few maintenance periods since I started trying to lose weight in September. Sometimes it's because I can't stop eating high cal foods, and sometimes it's because I don't have the energy to work out. My advice to you is to not worry about it -- because if you begin to worry then the stress can cause you to overeat, undersleep, & store fat -- and that's no good. At least you're not gaining, right? Just wait until that morning you wake up and suddenly feel like "today's the day that I continue my weight loss." I think it's important to have a few maintenance periods in weight loss -- it's good practice for when you get to your goal weight, and it gives your body some time to adjust to the changes that it has been through.
Weight Loss OMIG.............................What would you do? Dec 06 2007
02:43 (UTC)

You know, I went through the same thing about a month ago, when I realized that the two scales at the two YMCAs in my city are two pounds different.  I completely understand where you're coming from.  Which should you believe?  The heavier one, just to make sure?  But then, all that extra work!  I know that the number on the scale isn't supposed to be priority number one, but they call it a goal weight for a reason!

Fortunately for me, my father is a wrestling coach & has an extremely accurate scale in our bathroom -- which I will be visiting this Christmas with crossed fingers.  Can you think of any places available to you that have reason to have an absurdly accurate scale?  That might put your mind @ rest ... just make sure you don't weigh yourself when you're retaining water.  :-P

Weight Loss Quitting Smoking Dec 06 2007
02:24 (UTC)
I'm with you, nursemeow.  If you trade one bad habit for another, then you'll have to break the other bad habit later, anyway.  Of course, if you feel like you MUST either have a cig or a piece of chocolate cake, weigh the evils of both and have a piece of dove choc. instead.  Just don't use quitting smoking as a rationalization.  For the oral fixation, some ppl chew on toothpicks, if you don't like gum.  Also, it's good to keep your hands busy when you're otherwise unoccupied by doing your nails, sorting laundry ... I like to cross-stitch, some like to knit.
Weight Loss too much pressure? Dec 05 2007
07:14 (UTC)

I can kind of see where enchanting image is coming from.  After all, they say that no one can put you down without your permission.

 However, I know it would be tough for me to have someone so involved to answer to on my diet.  Not only would I feel bad if I didn't lose weight, but then I'd have to deal with her disappointment as well.  Additionally, once the pressure was off, it would be way too easy to gain the weight back without her looking over your shoulder.  It's best to cultivate more self-reliance concerning your new healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Does Cal count really work or is it the gym ????? Dec 05 2007
06:53 (UTC)
I've lost weight without counting, and I've lost weight without exercising; however, I find that a combination of both proves most effective for me.

Something I'd like to add in favor of exercise is that, along with added health benefits, it helps keep me emotionally regular (if that makes sense), boosts my self-confidence, and allows me to physically express my exuberance (which is something I like to do -- lots of skipping, jumping, dancing & spontaneous sprints in the course of my daily life.)
Weight Loss Has this pitfall ever happened to you? Dec 05 2007
06:39 (UTC)

You know, in a way I think that pictures lie.  (In bed asleep, while they dream things true ...)  Because they are so still -- I mean, I've seen pictures of myself at weird angles with my mouth hanging open & my double chin showing & my eyes all unfocused and I think "wow, how does that girl ever get laid?"  But, she does.  I think that there is so much more to beauty than what you can capture in an instant.  And I think that the sorts of awkward instants that can be captured on camera are not the picture that others see when they're thinking of you.  Because when you're moving, gesturing, speaking, smiling, no one's going to be looking @ your arms or your arse, mentally taking your measurements.  (If they are, sucks to be them.)

Udokier, I know exactly what you're talking about.  That's why I'm really excited about the maintenance program on this website -- this is going to be my first time actually maintaining "actively."  Because I'm so tired of floating along & suddenly discovering I've gained 15 pounds.  My complacency often is connected with the advent of a new relationship -- because of all the dining out & cuddling on the couch & having my attractiveness validated by a partner (just being honest) -- and not so much because I've reached a certain weight.  And you know what else?  I'm tired of letting my exercise and diet go in the toilet whenever I get busy.  So this time, I'm not going to.  Harrumph. 


Weight Loss losing vanity weight Dec 05 2007
06:24 (UTC)

Is the vanity weight a little extra jiggle you want to lose or a number on the scale?

1.  If jiggle, consider toning the area, since it is a more effective way to make "area specific" changes, and perhaps worry less about the last couple pounds.

2.  If number on the scale, please consider whether you are pleased with what you see in the mirror.  If so, it may be difficult to lose the last couple pounds, as muscle weighs more than fat, & how important is the number compared to how you look & feel, right?

Of course, I'm right there with you, now, trying to lose my last pound.  I look & feel great, but I really want to get down to my goal weight because darn it, when I make goals I follow through on them.  :-P  But, if I haven't lost the pound by mid-January (give myself a little time to rid myself of holiday bloating), I'm not going to worry about it too much.

The Lounge Calculate your ecological footprint! Dec 01 2007
06:19 (UTC)
I'm 5.32 planets.  8^o
The Lounge Who knows their stuff.. Dec 01 2007
06:11 (UTC)
16 is pretty good, I hear.  Also and
Health & Support So i binged again -- not beating myself up but i have a question (or two) Dec 01 2007
05:27 (UTC)

It IS an emotional reaction to your being upset about having given into a craving, if I read your last post correctly.

Instead of deciding to start over tommorrow, it is best to enjoy your craving to the fullest (read here: savour slowly with a hot drink), and then decide to finish off your day as you normally would.  Indulging yourself does not have to ruin your day.  In fact, there's good chance that you'll still have a small deficit after satisfying a craving (example: 500 cal deficit minus 400 cal piece of pie equals 100 cal deficit), which you could potentially destroy by deciding that the day is ruined.  Or, you could go 100 calories over your maintenance, which in the long run isn't going to make a difference -- but if this upsets you & leads you to binge & go 2,000 cals over, well, that's a lot worse.

The fact that you have "tons" of trigger foods lying around your house makes me wonder if you may subconciously be trying to sabotage your diet.  The best way to "get rid" of trigger foods is not to eat them, but to throw them away.

Also, you may have to do some soul searching in order to see whether there is something else underlying your urge to binge other than being upset about giving into a craving.  Things like: are you eating enough & getting all the proper nutrients & how do you feel about your body and yourself & what happened before you decided to binge that made you feel bad, etc.