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Vegetarian Suprise...It's NOT vegetarian! Mar 27 2008
22:05 (UTC)
I know someone already mentioned non-dairy creamers. I was NOT happy to have to give up my fat-free liquid vanilla coffeemate!

The best alternative Ive found is Silk creamer, its the brand of soymilk they use at starbucks, they make little purple cartons of thicker creamier tasting soymilk just for coffee.

Also, a lot of chips/crackers/rice cakes have milk products. Obviously the ranch/cheese/sour cream flavoured ones,, but watch out because a lot of other flavours you wouldnt think have milk do.
Vegetarian Any Skinny Bitches Out There Who Want to Support Each Other? Mar 27 2008
22:00 (UTC)
I wish they hadnt used the name "Skinny Bitch", it was cleary a marketing tactic and reinforces unrealstic body image... but at least they clarified at the end of the book its about being healthy, not skinny.

I'm already vegan, and about half of what I eat is organic (Im working my way up).

I know i need to switch from aspartame to stevia... but its hard to find, and the one time i did find it i couldnt buy it because it was too expensive. At one coffeeshop in vancouver, they actually had stevia packets next to the splenda! So exciting! Hopefully it will continue to show up more and get cheaper. I dont want to use raw sugar because of the calories, and sadly my tastebuds have gotten used to very sweet tea and coffee. (In a large coffee, Ill put 4-7 packets!!!)

The only part of this book I dont intend to follow is caffeine. Ive seen studies that it can prevent alzheimers, and that in moderate amounts its notthat it boosts your metabolism and supresses your appetite. Every time Ive quit caffeine Ive gained weight. Coffee is my diet staple!.

If only starbucks would make frappucinos with soymilk and stevia..... I wish! I miss those things, even if they are like 700 cals.
Vegetarian Meat in moderation? Mar 27 2008
21:16 (UTC)
#13 zebulancherry : Mar 26 2008 11:03
"I just wish everyone wasn't so pushy. If that's how vegetarians act, why would I want to be one of you? Try to at least set a good example."

I don't get it. Most people either become vegetarian for themselves, the environment, the animals, or all of the above. You dont become vegetarian to "be one of " a crowd. It shouldnt be a fad. Why does it matter if some vegetarians are pushy (because theyre passionate about animal welfare)? Why should that affect your personal decisions?

If you feel guilty doing something, thats a good sign you shouldnt be doing it.

The facts show that youre better off without meat. Even if you think the animals are being treated more humanely, theres still the environmental impact which affects you and your children. It just comes down to discipline, and how much the tast of meat is worth to you.
Vegetarian Is it just me... Mar 27 2008
15:50 (UTC)
The word vegan usually carries with it a concern for animal rights.

I wouldnt call someone who ate vegan but wore leather a vegan. Maybe I'd call them a "deitary vegan", but using the word vegan for people who arent really gets vegans and non-vegans alike confused.

Like when I say Im vegan and people ask "do you still eat fish? eggs? milk?" that clearly shows that theyve been getting the wrong message from "vegans" who occasionally eat those things.

if you dont eat milk or dairy but eat fish, your a pesce-vegetarian (lacto-ovo-vegetarian is one who eats milk and dairy).

if you dont eat fish but occasionally eat milk or dairy, then by the definition of vegan you are not one. youre a vegetarian who limits/sometimes avoids milk and dairy.

if we used labels properly, we wouldnt have these confusions!
Vegetarian Raw foodists Mar 27 2008
15:43 (UTC)
Well, I first became vegan because I was anorexic and I thought it would be a great excuse to get out of eating fast food and birthday cake. I know some other girls who have done the same thing.

And I actually tried eating raw (again to lose weight) but I couldnt last. I love my cooked veggies! Not all vegetables lose nutrients in cooking, for example its easier for your body to access the lycopene in tomatoes if they are cooked.

If someone is  eating under 1200 cals a day, the do not necessarily have an eating disorder. They may be stressed, it may be a rare thing, or you may have miscalculated their calorie intake or not seen them eat some things. If they continue to eat under 1200 and do it *intentionallly*, then they have disordered eating. The diagnosis of having an eating disorder is up to a doctor, not people on weight-loss forums :)
Vegetarian vegan lifestyle? Mar 27 2008
15:35 (UTC)
Just to add....

It's hard for me to not get angry when I see people do things that go against their supposed beliefs. But I thinkthe best method is just to inform people as much as you can of what products contain animal cruelty, and once they know its up to them to make the decision.

And I think medication is a really really tricky issue. I dont know any vegans who wouldnt take a life-saving medication because it was tested on animals. I guess you have to way the suffering of the animals against the human lives saved, and we rarely have access to the number of animals involved in the testing trials, so thats hard to do.
Vegetarian vegan lifestyle? Mar 27 2008
15:32 (UTC)
Its all a question of why you are a vegan. If youre doing it for health reasons, the "lifestyle" stuff isnt as important to you most likely.

But you cannot possibly be opposed to animal cruelty or care about the environment and continue to wear/consume wool, leather, fur, or buy products tested on animals or that contain animal by-products. These days there are far too many accessible alternatives, theres no excuse.

And just to  remind those who are the "I wont eat anything that an animal had to DIE for" types: that includes leather and wool, also gelatin (in jello, marshmellows, some candies) is made from boiled animal bones so you cant be having that anymore (they make vegan 'gelatin' replacer), and also some fancy cheeses contain resin (the cow or veal's intestinal lining).

And.... what to do you think happens to cows and chickens when they dont produce milk/eggs anymore?
Vegetarian Meat in moderation? Mar 27 2008
15:27 (UTC)
eating a small amount of meat rarely probably wont have huge negative health effects for you, but your overall health would still be better off without it.

I guess I just dont really understand how someone who is aware of the cruelty invovled can crave meat or want it again.

If I fed my cat organic vegetarian food and gave her a pretty good life before I killed her halfway through it and put her on a plate, would you eat her? Just because were "used" to eating cows doesnt make it normal, its just as bizarre as eating a cat.

And I am very suspicious of how "humane" humane farming is. There isnt a very good system to regulate it yet. And at the end of the day, its still just as environmentally damaging. Because we cant stop stuffing our faces with burgers, 80% of the amazon thats been cut down is for cattle farming so they can artificially inseminate and over-breed cows for consumption.

At the end of the day, its a choice between your tastebuds and the life of an innocent animal and the future of the environment. Seems like an easy choice to me. But when you post this in a vegetarian forum, you can expect these kinds of responses.
The Lounge skinney model ban Feb 20 2008
16:08 (UTC)
lifeizsweet: thats what i was saying.

hkellick: Being obese is not acceptable, nor is being severly underweight. Neither are healthy and they shouldn't be encouraged by marketing and society.

Sure, you can be obese and be beautiful and feel beautiful, but it has to be made clear that it isn't healthy. Feel beautiful as you lose weight and feel yourself become more beautiful as you get healthier.

But I dont thinkt that we should ever say its "OK" to be obese. It's ok to have a FEW extra pounds as long as you still take good care of your body.
The Lounge skinney model ban Feb 20 2008
14:04 (UTC)
being naturally thin is one thing, but models aren't just thin, they're underweight. commercial models may be a healthy weight, but high fashion/runway models are 99% severely underweight.

one thing that bothers me is that in reaction to this, some companies (ie Dove) have tried to show more healthy bodies as beautiful (which I support!) but they've also included severely overweight/obese people in their ads and are advertising that being overweight is beautiful and acceptable... but its not! its a double standard to complain about underweight models and then support ads celebrating being severly overweight... being 10 or 15 lbs overweight you can still be healthy, but any more than that we should not be encouraging people to accept, celebrate, or be proud of.

I suggest that any company choosing a model to advertise their product chooses one with a BMI in the healthy weight range... because they arent just advertising their product, theyre advertisiing to society what the ideal weight and standard of beauty is.
Weight Loss Anyone 5'5ish, 125-130#? Feb 19 2008
23:57 (UTC)
Well, I'm 5"6 and 145 lbs, and a size 4 upper body, 6-8 lower body.

Sometimes someone can weigh less than you and look the same, it depends on muscle and bone mass... so I'd check the website's size chart, they should list what inches correlate to what size, then measure yourself to make sure your bikini fits perfectly!
Weight Loss Does anyone else feel like counting calories is hurting not helping? Feb 19 2008
23:53 (UTC)
For some people calorie counting can be dangerous and can easily get obsessive/unhealthy. And who wants to have to count calories for the rest of their life?

What I'm trying to do with the help of my dietician is to just follow the food guide. You can look it up online to see how many servings of what per day you need for your gender/age.

Instead of counting calories, I count servings. I think it's healthier over all. Because even if you meet your day's calorie goal, if all those calories came from just one or two food groups you werent really eating healthily.

So if you want to phase yourself out of calorie counting I recommend you try counting servings, so say for lunch you have a peanut butter sandwhich and an apple: thats 2 servings of grains for 2 pcs of bread, 1 serving of proteins for 2 tbsps of peanut butter, and 1 serving of fruits/veggies for the apple. This way you can still monitor your overall consumption without getting too caught up in calories.