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Journal period! for real!!!
Entry on Feb 06 2010 14:41
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Journal i think i finally got my period!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entry on Jan 11 2010 22:24
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Journal another email...
Entry on Jan 06 2010 20:54
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Journal mom's second email to me. please help
Entry on Jan 04 2010 16:31
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Journal mom's email to me
Entry on Jan 03 2010 12:13
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Hi! I'm 16, and I've been struggling with anorexia for over a year. It didn't get far enough to become hospitalized, though I reached the weight at which it was necessary. I'm 5 feet 2.5 inches:

Highest weight: 120 (march 2008)

Lowest weight: 90 (january 2009)

Current weight: 107ish

Goal weight (for medical team): 104-110

I lost my period for several months, got it back, then hadn't had it for 6 months. I've now had it for 4 again!

I want to live a normal, happy, healthy, productive, giving, caring life, and ED has been successful in inhibiting my potential. I want him to leave, but he, or I, sometimes hold(s) on too tightly. 

I want to help as many as I can overcome this struggle and learn from it!

EDIT: struggling with binging now

EDIT (May, 2010): struggling with bingeing/restricting, missed one period, struggling with depression

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