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Games & Challenges Exercise Challenge - September 2015 Sep 20 2015
21:25 (UTC)

Walked 7.75km yesterday. Since it was fairly low intensity, I'll count it as 60 minutes.

Total to date: 125/500

Have a good week everyone!

Games & Challenges Exercise Challenge - September 2015 Sep 17 2015
02:46 (UTC)

+35 minutes jogging.

Total to date: 65/500

Games & Challenges Exercise Challenge - September 2015 Sep 15 2015
00:20 (UTC)

Count me in for the 500 minute challenge!

Starting today: 30/500. Jogging.

Calorie Count how do i change my daily calorie intake goal? Aug 24 2015
01:10 (UTC)

Logging > Analysis > My Custom Values (Edit) > Diet/Fitness Profile > Target Daily Calories

The Lounge Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Jan 04 2012
01:04 (UTC)

I would buy the tickets and make him dinner.  Everyone appreciates a good homemade meal.

The Lounge Honestly, can you comfortably leave the house without ANY makeup? Jan 04 2012
00:59 (UTC)

I have pretty much the same standard for grocery shopping vs. working vs. going out.  I might wear my hair differently though.

  • Makeup: minimal.  I wear powder, blush and colored lip balm every day.  Mostly, I try to go for a natural look, i.e., as if I wasn't wearing make-up.
  • Hair: low maintenance.  I comb it when I get out of the shower; I don't even have to blow dry it, it stays very straight.  I use hairspray on special occasions.
  • Perfume: a little spritz every morning.
  • Nails: manicure every week and pedicure twice a month.  I keep my nails relatively short and usually wear nude or light pink nail polish.
The Lounge Honestly, can you comfortably leave the house without ANY makeup? Jan 04 2012
00:43 (UTC)
Original Post by raychelc:

Original Post by cptbunny:

Original Post by raychelc:

I'll put it this way: Today, my Shiloh puppy is vomiting like crazy and I noticed blood in her poop. Worried sick, but having to wait an hour to take her to the vet (they had nothing sooner) I got dressed, but still threw some powder on my face, a dab of lipstick, and combed my hair.

I'm cleaning dog vomit and diarrhea, and doing it in makeup.

Maybe I need help.

Ha. Okay, almost time to leave for the vet!


I hope Shiloh is ok!

Thanks, Bunny! I hope so, too. They've put her on IV, and are running various tests/x-rays. They feel she may need to be held overnight, but they don't have overnight staff which means I'll have to take her to the ER vet nearby. I already called them for a heads up and also to grill them about who will be caring for her, and what the vet is like.

I'm waiting to hear, and trying not to worry, but she's lost another 2 pounds since being sick 2 weeks ago, and that's not a good sign. Usually they tell me she's a bit fat and needs to lose weight, and she is down to 16 from 20.

I'm kind of a wreck today.

But hey, my hair is combed.


I hope your Shiloh is feeling better.

The Lounge Feeling Trapped Jan 04 2012
00:38 (UTC)

In what field was your first actuarial job?  Would you consider switching to a different field?  Likely, you wouldn't need to get more university education but you might be "pressured" into studying for the exams.

Foods Can Couscous make you overweight? Jan 02 2012
15:41 (UTC)
Original Post by cellophane_star:

Any food can make you overweight if you eat too much of it. Make the salad and eat a reasonable portion.


Foods Healthy Snack Ideas? Jan 02 2012
15:40 (UTC)
  • Trail mix.
  • Fruit & cheese.
  • Yogurt with granola.
The Lounge Job Prospects - What to do? Jan 02 2012
15:29 (UTC)
Original Post by denise07:


I would still go with the bank. For the twice-hired resume thing (that will look great), and for the certainty of some employment. If you don't intend to continue working during school, then you are only risking a few months of unemployment. There is still the possibility that you could get another bank contract or get hired in a different position at the other place.

My thoughts exactly.

The Lounge Chopped my hair=some people are jerks. 2012 didn't start well Jan 02 2012
15:24 (UTC)

I'm sorry this happened to you.  It seems people always need to find something to criticize or complain about.  And sometimes they can't help but share when it's unnecessary, hurtful and rude. 

I hope you'll post pictures of your new hair!

The Lounge congratulations trustwomen! Jan 02 2012
15:01 (UTC)

Congratulations TW!  She's adorable.

The Lounge Weekend chat 2011October01&2 Jul 09 2011
12:40 (UTC)

That's pretty impressive.  I have a total of 116 Go on my computer at home.  I think we have something like 4 TB at work on our server for all our department's databases on PC, and I thought that was a lot.

I'm off to go pick up my dog.  She was in surgery yesterday to remove a papilloma on her lip.  They called me after her surgery and warned me it would be better if I didn't come visit her because it would make her anxious to see me and then be left behind.  The house feels really empty and quiet.

The Lounge birth control pill side effects Jul 09 2011
12:22 (UTC)

I used TriCylenLo 28 for several years.  I didn't have side effects when I started using it, nor when I stopped using it.

My doctor recently suggested that I start using NuvaRing because it has less hormones, but I decided to stop using hormonal birth control entirely.

The Lounge Doctor scale vs. home scale Jul 09 2011
12:17 (UTC)

I agree with Adrienne in #3.

Your profile says you weigh 107 lbs.  107 lbs or 111 lbs, you're thin at both weights.

The Lounge Can you look at yourself naked in the mirror? Jul 09 2011
12:10 (UTC)

Yes, and I've learned to like what I see.

I think I look better in my underwear.

The Lounge Weekend chat 2011October01&2 Jul 09 2011
12:08 (UTC)
Original Post by cajunrider:

I have a bigger mess on my puter than I have time for this weekend. Need to tidy up around 3 terrabytes of data.

On your home computer?

The Lounge Wedding attire help? Jul 09 2011
12:04 (UTC)

Everything kikt said in #5 + I wouldn't try to hide the boot.  You have one other leg to show off!  I would also choose a dress that accentuates your small waist.

I recently bought this dress.  I find it is perfect for the summer: light, colorful, and elegant.  According to your physical description in #6, I think something similar would look good on you.

Two more inexpensive dresses that I find adorable (but please, no leggings).

ETA: on second thought, the first one is a little too short -- I would pick something in the same style, but longer.

The Lounge Weekend chat 2011October01&2 Jul 09 2011
11:53 (UTC)

Good morning!

Will have to do couple of loads of laundry today too.  Actually, I did 2 this week and the clothes are still waiting to be hanged in the closet.  I bet they're pretty wrinkled now.

Sense of achievement = -1.  And I have no excuse -- I was off work this week!