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The Lounge Pregnant and scared to gain weight??!! Aug 03 2007
20:58 (UTC)
robynanne - I'm sorry if this upset you as that was not my intention - it is something I could not imagine and could not possibly understand unless it happened to me.  I know it didn't make you feel better but knowing that EVERYTHING happens for a reason is what keeps me going through tough times ( i am a christian and believe that god knows what is going to happen and what choices we are going to make and we cannot control that - one day everything will fall into place to make us understand everything ).  I guess everyone deals with things there own way that works but I wish you nothing but happiness in the future!!

Take Care
The Lounge Pregnant and scared to gain weight??!! Aug 02 2007
20:29 (UTC)
robynanne - i'm really sad and sorry to hear your story - i can only imagine how hard that must have been!!  But we have to remember that everything happens for a reason - no matter how strange it may seem at the time!!

anyway, thats for the advice - its really given me a huge reality check to whats really important here!!
The Lounge Pregnant and scared to gain weight??!! Aug 02 2007
16:38 (UTC)
thanks fluffy - all really good and positive stuff you said there!  don't want to gain to much cos i know i'll regret it when the time comes for me to loose it all again!!  I want to nto worry about my weight and concentrate more on my new little baby!!  I think i'm starting to get back on track with a good diet - i just have to not eat crisps and sweets (my boyfriend has them in the house and they are my 2 weeknesses right now) but as long as i'm excersising (which i am now with all the energy the 2nd trimester has brought) then i dont think i'll feel quite as bad about it every now and then!!  Can't beleive you only put on 20lbs tho - thats about my goal i would say!!  Does that mean you avoided stretch marks??
The Lounge Pregnant and scared to gain weight??!! Aug 01 2007
21:18 (UTC)
oh thanks stlgirl - thats sooo interesting that the appetite isnt' real!!  I guess it kinda makes sense really!!  I do feel that I need to maybe eat more often to keep my energy levels higher but not necessarily eat more!! 

Thanks for the great link - i will get as much free stuff as poss!!
The Lounge Pregnant and scared to gain weight??!! Aug 01 2007
20:58 (UTC)
Thanks for your replies - I'm loving talking and hearing from people that have gone through what i'm about to go through or that are experiencing it also.

I was eating alot in my first few weeks but have realised that I had to snap out of it or i'll only regret it!!  its so hard to control such a large appetite that i'm not used to having :-(
Weight Loss Ok, I'm getting mad May 29 2007
23:13 (UTC)
maybe you aren't eating enough??

you said you fell off the wagon??  what did you do that made you do that exactly??  for example, pizza is my weekness so if i ate a massive pizza that would be me falling off the wagon.  what ever it was that you did is whats holding you back and is what you need to avoid.

you obviously know what to do as you lost 5lbs so all you have to do now is keep doing that!!
Weight Loss should i eat what the site tells me to? May 29 2007
23:10 (UTC)
i woudl take more notice of the kids nutrition and i would even recommend not paying to much attention the cals you are eating

this may be hard for you but try not to worry! eat well balanced, healhty and nutritious foods to keep you strong and confident!  maybe start learning about what foods do and why you need them etc...  take a hobby and keep active...

you are still very young and shouldn't be concerned about things liek this just yet!!
Motivation Late Afternoon and Evening Food Cravings May 29 2007
23:07 (UTC)
sounds like it may be boredum then if you genuinely aren't feeling hungry!!  my cure for this was starting to drink herbal teas - its just so i have that something you know!!  plus its warm and comforting!!
Motivation Celebrity Motivators May 29 2007
22:11 (UTC)
maybe its just her style and i know i could never look like her in a million years but i love kate moss.  she is so slender and thin but still has curvy hips!!  and you can tell its natural to - she just looks effortlessly good most of the time!
Foods Negative Calorie Foods May 29 2007
20:50 (UTC)
i didn't know about a lot of them...

i would still definitely log them though!!
Foods is there anything i can eat to.... May 29 2007
20:49 (UTC)
your breast size is completely dependant on you genes katie!  sorry to break it to you but eating more won't necessarily make them much bigger anyway.

you are very young so you will find you may develop more as you get a little older...  i know i developed quite late?!

just be happy with what you have and make the most of it!!
Motivation Late Afternoon and Evening Food Cravings May 29 2007
20:48 (UTC)
i guess i'm fairly similar!  what are you eating for breakfast and lunch??  you might find its not enough so making you hungry by the afternoon which will explain the cravings.  if you aren't getting enough energy foods then you will crave things like sugar to get the lift your body needs.....

try eating a bigger breakfast and then grazing throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels steady to avoid any cravings??
Weight Loss Any info on Lipovox? May 29 2007
20:41 (UTC)
never heard of them actually but let us know how you get on with them!!
The Lounge Acne problems Help! May 29 2007
17:13 (UTC)
lemon juice does wonders for you skin - seriously!!  i don't actually know why but yeah, i drink it in my water and you'll be amazed!!  even if you don't have bad skin, it makes it so cear!!  someone suggested it to me and i've never looked back!  i think its about what you put in when it comes to you skin - more than what you put on the surface!  i'm sure if you went on line, you will see some reasons behind the lemons!
Foods Best Yogurt? May 29 2007
17:11 (UTC)
activia!!  love them and they are sooo good for you!  helps the digestive system and its no more than 100cals per serving!!
Weight Loss diet pills May 29 2007
16:46 (UTC)
I'm thinking of using hoodia but put off by cost and don't want to spend that if they won't work?
Motivation Blew it this weekend! May 28 2007
23:24 (UTC)
me to!  i blow it and am sure i'm going to be as fat as ever again!!  jsut so gutted as had a terayki experience meal thing today and once i'd eaten it thinking i've been really healthy - i noticed on the website that i had consumed nearly 600 cals!! 

oh i feel sick!!

but i dont' feel very motivated to get back on track for some reason??
Weight Loss Found something interesting, How true is this? May 28 2007
23:17 (UTC)
yeah i think its normal to have cravings...

i think you need to give your body balance in everything though!!  give in to cravings occasionally tho!!

thanks for the site, i'll check it out!  its always interesting to read those sorts of things!
Foods Night binging - need help, please! May 28 2007
23:13 (UTC)
you have to drink enough water throughout the day so just stop an hour before you go to bed or something so your not up all night!

oatmeal is a good choice - does that no fill you up??

maybe visit a doc and see if its something else thts giving you such a high appetite??

if you its not appetite then it something you have to control