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Foods water consumption/dehydration Apr 03 2008
15:43 (UTC)
hi thanks for the comments folks,

yes i am brewing my own peppermint tea without caffeine or sugary additives. i switched to it when i did a detox years ago and never looked back as i am quite sensitive to caffeine but don't really like 'fruit' teas.

we do have a water filter jug but it is kept in the fridge and i actually prefer it straight out of the tap as our water tastes quite nice - i just don't like it really cold!

also thanks for the article, that is interesting, seems i dont need to worry about it so much!

off to make another a minty brew now :D
Vegetarian Vegetarians and attitude towards fish Mar 23 2007
19:29 (UTC)
oh my goodness i so thought i had read to the bottom of the page!

sorry cbullock!!!
Vegetarian Vegetarians and attitude towards fish Mar 23 2007
19:28 (UTC)
i used to have issues with people saying they were vegetarian when they ate fish as so many people used to say to me 'oh but you eat fish right? i know so and so who is vegetarian and she eats fish' no, fish do not grow on trees so if you eat them you are NOT a vegetarian. however, i have no problem with people eating fish (or meat for that matter, each to his/her own), its just very confusing for non vegetarian when pescatorians (apparently thats the correct term) refer to themselves as vegetarians. I used to be very strict vege but over the last few years have had gone thru periods where i did eat fish, and at those times i no longer say i am vegetarian. i can see why people would say it cos its easier than saying 'i dont eat meat or poultry' but spare a thought for the true vegetarian who may gets present with a fish dinner!

thanks lysistrata for link, i had been eating haddock instead of cod as its so over fished and now i find haddock is just as endangered so am glad of the info for future ref.
The Lounge the 24-35 age club**lol** Mar 23 2007
18:45 (UTC)
hi! gosh i am nearly too old for this thread :-( i think i am gonna stick at 35 for a few more years tho or maybe even start knocking a year off next birthday :-D

i'm pretty new round here, although have posted a few times, have been using the site for a month and its soooo helping me!! i'm loving all the recipes.

just wanted to say hi to my peer group ;-)
The Lounge Moms of Calorie-Count Help! my 5 yr old.... Mar 23 2007
18:40 (UTC)
rayne, don't you think you might be setting yourself up for trouble in the future when your girls get to that 'age' when they will no longer be allowed to call boys. i'm not critising only i am curious at what age you will stop it and how you will explain that once it was ok but now its not. i guess your relying on your girls going thru that 'yucky' stage but what if they don't!

for me i was never raised not to call a boy (when i was a kid it was never an issue as i hated using the phone!!) and i am quite surprised it would be an issue these days. mind you i'm not a parent so i guess i might change my tune if and when! for me it would be more of an issue generally for the kids not to abuse the phone no matter how they were calling. mind you i've had several long distance relationships where the phone was invaluable and also i proposed to my husband so i guess i don't have the same conventions about the male/female relationship as some people do!
Vegetarian Beans and avocados- advice needed! Mar 04 2007
21:33 (UTC)
i love avocados too! I know they are high in fat but its 'good' fat, ie monosaturated and is supposed to help lower cholesterol. you do need some fat in your diet (apparently not lower than 20% is recomended) so its best to get it from 'good' fat sources, like avocados and nuts etc. And they are also packed full of vitimins as well so i wouldnt beat yourself up about having half an avocado a day!

hummus is a great way of 'disguising' beans and pretty easy if you have a blender? I just made some today, heres the recipe. you can fiddle about with it if you prefer more tahini or garlic or you can use lemon juice rather than lime but thats a good basis or there are quite a few other recipes for it on this site. l

mmm, avocado and hummus sandwich, i think i need a snack!! :-D
New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Mar 01 2007
19:56 (UTC)
1. Calorie Count Name (user id): saladt

2. Name you prefer to be called in discussions: sal is fine

3. Age & Sex: 35 year old girl

4. General Location: liverpool, england

5. Married? Single? married

6. Kids? Furbabies? one big black kitty called sneak

7. Favorite color? green

8. Favorite movie? oh thats a tough one! monsters inc. maybe or bladerunner or dodgeball or eternal sunshine, i really can't choose!

9. Hobbies? i like to make stuff, like felting and paintings and sometimes clothes, and i like to garden and i read a lot too

10. Favorite Snack? at the moment peanut butter on a celery stick

11. Favorite Beverage? gin and tonic!! or soda water with fresh lime for a none alcholic version, thirst quenching and zero calories!

12. Biggest Obstacle to Getting Healthy? the booze probably i'm ashamed to say! and i'm not much into exercise unless it has a point ie gardening, diy, getting somewhere.

13. Weight/Fitness Goal? 9.5 stone but i'd settle for less than 10 stone

14. Least Favorite Household Chore? pairing the socks - its boring and those inevitable odd ones really annoy me!

15. How did you find Calorie Count? google i think

16. Anything Else You'd Like To Share? not at the mo!
New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Mar 01 2007
19:56 (UTC)
Vegetarian What did you have for dinner? Mar 01 2007
19:28 (UTC)
mmm, those chilli dogs sounds delish!! I had good ole bangers and mash with a twist. spinach and ricotta sausages (not home made i'm afraid!) sweet potato and horseradish mash and steamed leeks.
Vegetarian Why are you vegetarian? Mar 01 2007
19:24 (UTC)
i've been vege for nearly 18 years, about half my life (yikes!) initially for 2 reasons 'the fluffy animals' reason and because i really didnt like much meat didnt eat pork or lamb and only very lean chicken or beef and it was just easier to say i was vegetarian than either come across as fussy (which i guess i was!) or have to eat stuff i didnt want too.

As i got older I became a lot more politically and environmentally aware and it has become much more for those sort of issues that i am now vegetarian. I became very strict about it becoming almost vegan for a time when i was living with someone who was and i still dont wear silk (which is actually not a vegan issue as unless you get natural silk the worm is boiled alive! nice!) However over the years I have mellowed out about it quite a bit and even tho i dont eat animal products like geletine and rennet i actually i think of myself as a bit of a 'failed' vegetarian as about 5 years ago i started eating fish and do go thru stages where i still do (especialy when i am dieting for some reason!) although only wild or free range in source. I didnt even like fish when i turned vegetarian but strangely it was the one thing i really had cravings for and i have always (rightly or wrongly) put that down to some deficiency in my diet, maybe the omegas or vitimin D. A lot of my freind thought this would be the 'thin end of the wedge' esp my meat eater hubbie but somehow (probably quite hypocritically!) i have segmented it in my mind and i could not bring myself to eat meat now even tho i dont really have a problem with home grown/organic meat, which is the only kind i would ever even concider. I guess maybe this is a hang over fro the 'cute fluffy days!'

I always try and buy local/organic produce as I have been thinking about the impact of importing/shipping etc as an extention to the vegan/veg argument and have started to grow my own veges in an allotment (with varied success and A LOT of failures!) which is great exercise and pretty rewarding not to mention 10 times tastier than bought veggies! Loving this forum, so many interesting points of view not to mention recipes although some of the ingredients are a bit confusing to a Brit!
Recipes How to boil an egg (for nymo) Mar 01 2007
18:53 (UTC)
i thought they were difficult to peal if they were too fresh as in the original post but then if they were from the same batch thats really strange! Unless a couple of the eggs got broken in the store and they replaced them with ones from a fresher delivery maybe?

for perfect soft boiled eggs, i just learnt this from a friend when she made me brekkie the other week but i havent tried it myself yet as i usually eat mine hard boiled in salads. cover the eggs with water and bring to the boil. boil for one minute then turn off the heat amd leave in the hot water for 5 minutes. this way you should get perfect '3 minute' eggs with a runny yolk but without the risk of yukky runny white. perfect with some 'soldiers'!
Vegetarian Veg'ns in relationships with non veg'ns? (or vice versa) Feb 27 2007
23:00 (UTC)
I'm O/L vegetarian and when I met my husband the only vegetable he would eat was peas! Granted his diet was pretty poor and he didnt know how to cook anything except beans on toast. When we first moved in together I would either cook vege meals or if it tied in with what i was cooking substitute my main course with a frozen chicken option (no way was i handling raw meat!) and there were about a million veges I introduced him too with the old 'when was the last time you tried it?' question (great practice for having kids eh?) In the end he came to realise that my vege option was much more appetising than his crappy frozen thing. Now he eats meat at lunch time in work or if we go out for meals but often he will have the vege option and we always eat vege at home. I don't think he will ever give up meat totally as a recent trip to Canada proved (jees, they really like there steaks there dont they?) but at least he is eating so much more healthily than before (and he has even learnt to cook a few vege recipes!)

I would definitely raise my kids vege at first as I would not cook meat if we are not going to eat it but let them choose as they got older (school age) as really if your kid wants to eat a hot dog when (s)he is in school then really theres not much you can do about it. But you can be damn sure they will know where that hot dog came from and I hope they will eventually make the 'right' decision! I applaud all the intentions of the vegans who don't yet have kids but from the experience of my vegetarian sister with her kids, sometimes you have trouble getting them to eat anything at all!! Its very hard to tread that fine line between make sure they eat the right things and not having every meal time become a battlefield and thus making food in general an issue. (thank god my neice has grown out of that stage!) Vegan dies tend be be pretty low in fat and dairy and eggs can be a good way of getting fat into a childs diet in forms that they generally like to eat. Like I said its great to have those principles but be prepared to be flexible when the time actually comes!