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Weight Loss Depo Provera shots causing extreme weight gain? May 27 2010
02:54 (UTC)

I have never gained weight off depo I always lose weight on depo.  I gain weight when i get off depo though.  depo doesnt make you fat . Although it makes you hungrier ... so you wanna eat more.

Pregnancy & Parenting Input From New Moms? Jun 17 2008
02:10 (UTC)

offer help whenever you can!

have someone there for her if her husband works because the hardest part is getting up and moving around with a huge inscion in your abdomen ....

trust me i know

the hardest thing was cooking for myself and having to stop when the baby cried or anything .....

try to be there to help as much as possible but dont intrude or overly correct her parenting ....

and help keep burb clothes on hand !!!!

Weight Loss Females... The perfect body? Jun 15 2008
03:11 (UTC)

i like the way kim kardashian looks and i have a big butt so i kina admire her body not so much her eyebrows

The Lounge what's the most unhealthiest thing you've ate? Jun 14 2008
05:14 (UTC)

at t.g.i .fridays those fried mac and cheese bites ..... heavenly

Weight Loss Why cant I lose weight? Jun 14 2008
00:40 (UTC)

it takes a little while for the weight loss to start

although it may be your scales too...

i was weighing myself on my moms and they did not move when i went to the doctors this month they had moved 8 pounds!!!!

i was aggitated cuz my clothes were looser and i thought i had lost weight

but because that number was not moving i was discouraged....

stupid scales!

i really was losing weight

Health & Support Poop facts that kill 30 pounds forever... Jun 14 2008
00:34 (UTC)

i started taking fiber

metamucil three times a day and i have been pooping 3 to 4 times a day ... normally it was once every 3 or four days

hopefully it aides in the weight loss =)

Weight Loss I feel Like sort of an Odd ball here... Jun 14 2008
00:30 (UTC)

wow im not in this same catagory but wow how do you ask for opinions and then tell people to leave you alone ?

That kinda rude ?

This is a weight loss community where we all try to be supportive of each other . At least thats what i have gathered from it .

If you dont want all kinds of opinions then dont post threads ....

good luck on your weight loss

and hopefully it does not backfire on you or starve your body .


Health & Support What's your all time favorite weight? Jun 13 2008
07:09 (UTC)

5 foot 9  185 =)


Pregnancy & Parenting (Too much) Weight gain during pregnancy Jun 13 2008
04:22 (UTC)

lol i gained 96 pounds while prego

Pregnancy & Parenting How long did you work up until you had your baby? Jun 13 2008
04:20 (UTC)

my daughter was born aug 18th i worked till aug 1st .

she was due the third

The Lounge I just paid $4.55 gallon for gas ... What's yours? Jun 09 2008
00:10 (UTC)

4.09 a gallon


Weight Loss No carb eating plan for 4wks Jun 08 2008
07:27 (UTC)

i went on a no carb diet and lost 135 in 6 months it was amazing i also ate bran cereal plain bran for fiber cuz rasin bran has added sugar . i also ate pork rinds and everything it works really well =)

and yea i cheated once a week


Young Calorie Counters "guys dig curves" garbage Jun 07 2008
05:38 (UTC)

i've found that the skinny twig like girls tend to be the trophy wives and are the ones who get cheated on by thier men with the curvy girls with a... and t....

not to offend anyone .....

Weight Loss Your weirdest weight loss idea??? Jun 06 2008
05:56 (UTC)

taking fiber .....

its kinda gross tho.


Weight Loss Your weirdest weight loss idea??? Jun 06 2008
05:55 (UTC)

taking fiber .....

its kinda gross tho.


Pregnancy & Parenting How long did it take you to get pregnant? Jun 03 2008
22:53 (UTC)


it was an acidental pregnancy .

supposidly it takes about a year after birth control to get preg .

i was on  a high protien diet before my pregnancy and i guess that increases your chances ....

there is a wealth of information on


good luck

Weight Loss I Refuse to..... Jun 03 2008
22:34 (UTC)

I was weighing myself on my moms scale and it said nothing changed ever .... and i was getting depressed and then i went to the dictors like i do every month (for my doctors wieght loss program)  and his scale said i had lost 8 pounds!

so no more weighing myself on my moms scale it is evil!!!!!

Weight Loss Uncommon Reasons to Lose Weight Jun 01 2008
03:53 (UTC)

I want to not feel clumsy and like im to big for certain spaces....



Weight Loss Uncommon Reasons to Lose Weight Jun 01 2008
03:53 (UTC)

I want to not feel clumsy and like im to big for certain spaces....



Weight Loss Feeling Faint - Very Low Calorie Diet May 28 2008
19:19 (UTC)

me too the first time i was on my vlcd i kinda under ate .

a banana in the morning and a salad at night ....

I once fell asleep in the middle of talking while sitting in a comfy chair

this time in sticking to 1200

thats the lowest cals a female should have