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Weight Loss Water Fast Jan 30 2009
11:50 (UTC)

Water fasting won't work. Identifying your personal binge triggers, dietary or otherwise, and working on eliminating or reducing them may help.

Weight Loss End of day too few calories Jan 30 2009
11:47 (UTC)

I'd say make up a small sensible amount and change your plan for the next day. If 1500 is the goal, there's nothing wrong with going a little lower some days and a little higher other days as long as you don't have too many overly high or low days in a row and you don't cut much, much lower on a regular basis (eating considerably less for one or two days when you have the flu and aren't hungry isn't going to hurt you but doing it four times a week is.) One or two 1300 days a week combined with one or two 1700 days to get a good average won't do any harm.

Maintaining Deciding whether or not to maintain. Jan 30 2009
05:07 (UTC)

5'4", male, 28.

I don't really care what other people want me to look like... and no, I don't look gross. (Was that really necessary?) I look normal now. Before losing the weight I looked flabby without being very fat, and now I'm kind of average.

I've been 115 before and was perfectly healthy. A year ago that was my weight and my blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol levels, etc. were all well within normal ranges and even a little better, and everything else came back very good. The only problem was a high body fat percentage that wasn't causing any health issues yet. I didn't like it and it could have caused health issues in ten years' time.

I guess 118 is good enough, though, and I might end up losing it anyway while I look for the maintenance number. Ultimately I'd rather be 120 or even up to 125 if I do it right, but I don't want to throw myself into trying to gain a little without knowing exactly what I'm doing.

Weight Loss I know it's stupid, but... Jan 30 2009
04:42 (UTC)

There are lots of things you can do at home if you don't feel ready to go out and exercise in front of others yet. I'm seconding the exercise tape suggestion... start out with a warm-up or beginner type and stick with that until it's too easy.

Health & Support Embarassing Question Jan 30 2009
02:33 (UTC)

40 oz of water at one meal seems like a lot. Maybe that was too much volume for your stomach?

Weight Loss Daily threshold of 1200 calories - Is my health affected? Jan 29 2009
23:35 (UTC)

Unless you're burning over 2200 or so a day, 1200 is probably fine. Eating back calories makes exercise pointless except for pure general fitness reasons, unless the exercise makes your deficit more than around 1000.

Foods Nutrition Report - Has anyone ever had an A or A+? Jan 29 2009
23:32 (UTC)

There's no daily minimum for sugar. Any starches you eat are converted into sugar when digested, so the small amounts of sugar that your brain needs to function are very easily obtained from starches, which are at least minimally present in most plant foods anyway.

Maximums are mostly because sugar does nothing other than add calories and a quick rise in blood sugar (usually bad, can be good in limited circumstances), so apart from dealing with hypoglycemia or to ward off starvation, it's useless.

The Lounge Is this true about sugar?! Jan 29 2009
11:27 (UTC)

It may work for a few people, but for the most part, the effect is the opposite: sugar causes a rapid rise in blood glucose, followed by a rise of insulin, and when the insulin makes your blood sugar go back down, you're left even hungrier.

Unless you're hypoglycemic and following doctor's instructions, or very underweight and underfat, or an EXTREME athlete and unable to get enough calories any other way, extra sugar is not going to help and will probably hurt. I got to my lifetime high weight thanks to sugar and limiting it was all it took to go from obese to just barely overweight, and avoidance of corn syrup and extra added sugars has kept my BMI below 27 my entire adult life (except for when I was 18 years old and hadn't lost any yet).

Weight Loss your weight in HIGHSCHOOL Jan 29 2009
05:19 (UTC)

14-year-old freshman: 5'4", 130
18-year-old senior: 5'4", 180

I was unhappy with both, but at the beginning it was tolerable. I was a little chubby but it wasn't that big of a deal. By the end of my senior year I was clinically obese and everybody made sure to inform me of this just in case I hadn't noticed.

Weight Loss sugar? Jan 29 2009
05:03 (UTC)

Apart from obvious answers like 400g in a day being too much, the limit is going to be different for everyone. If you're losing weight and feeling good, 50g is not too much.

Generally, the less sugar that isn't from minimally processed foods like fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and milk, the better, but there's no reason to cut it extremely low unless you feel better that way and don't feel so deprived that you're tempted to cheat frequently.

Foods Nutrition Report - Has anyone ever had an A or A+? Jan 29 2009
04:48 (UTC)

I have, which is kind of bizarre because my percentage of calories from fat is always very high and I do eat meat and eggs.

I guess it's because I avoid sweets and processed snack foods, so my sugar and sodium intake is low, and the meat I eat is usually plain and not fried. I don't completely avoid red meat but I make an effort to substitute poultry or fish much of the time and leave the small steaks as occasional treats. I use a small amount of olive oil for cooking eggs - not butter. And I include lots of fresh vegetables; when I can't get fresh, I go for frozen/canned without extra ingredients.

Weight Loss SO UPSET - scale was BROKEN! Jan 29 2009
04:23 (UTC)

Your weights may have been inaccurate, but the weight change was correct. You still lost 18 pounds, not 7.

Weight Loss Protein Powder - Bad for weight loss? Creates stomach problems? Jan 29 2009
01:43 (UTC)

Pretty sure they're both fiction. FWIW, I have nasty problems with acid and general stomach/intestine issues, and I can drink protein shakes without symptoms if they're high-quality and don't contain things I'm allergic to.

They cause weight gain when ON TOP of a maintenance diet. As substitutes for junk food, or to boost calories up to a healthy sub-maintenance level, they won't.

Health & Support fluro yellow pee? Jan 28 2009
16:33 (UTC)

You pee out whatever you don't absorb. Chances are your body is using some of what you're taking, but not all of it, and the excess goes out with the urine.

Foods Walden Farms... Jan 28 2009
16:28 (UTC)

I've tried a few of their products. The syrup was awful, but I like the ranch dressing. There's nothing too scary on the ingredients list for that one - a tiny bit of sucralose and preservative, but both are listed after the trace of "cayenne pepper" that I can't even taste in it.

Weight Loss Counting sugar grams Jan 28 2009
16:23 (UTC)

Not all fruits are equal in carbs, and not all dairy products are the same either. The carbs in most kinds of regular cheese are almost negligible; some fat-free cheeses have a lot.

Even extremely low-carb diets like Atkins encourage fruit eating (at least past the introduction stage), though less than low-starch vegetables, and the types and amounts might be restricted. A large banana is going to give you more of a carb hit than a serving of a lower-sugar fruit like raspberries, so even if you're restricting sugar, you can get enough fruit by choosing ones with less sugar and keeping portions moderate.

Canned vegetables are not that different from fresh, if they don't have added ingredients.

Weight Loss Can't Eat THAT Much! Jan 28 2009
16:11 (UTC)

I have trouble hitting my minimums and add fats to my vegetables. I eat a lot of veggies and use olive oil and vinegar as salad dressing instead of low-calorie dressing, and oil/lemon juice on cooked vegetables. I use whole eggs instead of just whites or Egg Beaters. And if I'm still unable to get it, I make a whey protein shake with a milk substitute instead of water (I'm lactose-intolerant so real milk is out; protein isolate doesn't make me sick but regular dairy does.)

Health & Support everyone skinny but me!!! Jan 27 2009
18:38 (UTC)

Wait five to ten years; if they continue with poor dietary habits, they WILL gain fat as they get older. My poor dad thought he could continue with his old diet through his life, and once he hit his 30s the weight started to pile on. I'm in my late 20s and have to work at it and watch what I eat to control mine.

Extremely low body fat, like 4% for a man, isn't natural. Around 9-10% is very lean and healthy, and a lot easier to maintain.

Check your measurements and consider body fat testing with a caliper or other method. If your body fat is very low, then you're not going to lose more, and if you're gaining but your body fat isn't going up, you're gaining lean weight, not fat.

The Lounge guys/men/males, what do you look for in a girl Jan 27 2009
18:23 (UTC)

It matters, but it's not the most important factor. I'd rather be with a woman of okay looks and a personality that goes well with mine than a pretty woman with a nasty personality. I don't think I could date someone I consider completely unattractive, but beauty is not a requirement; average is fine.

Style matters more than body shape, IMHO. Someone overweight who looks neat and clean in clothes that fit is much better than thin but wearing sloppy or too-tight clothes.