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Motivation everyday weigh in group! Feb 11 2014
14:38 (UTC)

good morning all,

just wanted to say hi

haven't weighed in a few days - kind of in a slump right now

I might leave CC for a while...maybe

I'm not giving up - I never will. I'm just not "feelin it" right now

Have a good day : )

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Feb 06 2014
14:09 (UTC)

did well yesterday - 142 again this morning

going out for lunch today with my friends - will make good choices

rancho - *high five*

satyr - good job on the exercising - keep checking in :)

des - I'll help you *pulls des back onto the wagon*


Motivation everyday weigh in group! Feb 05 2014
14:40 (UTC)

good morning,

142 today - that's better

pj - thanks for the kick. I did okay yesterday and hope to will do well today

Fifty - welcome to CC and to our group : )

rancho - look at you go!

ambly - keep it up

have a great day friends



Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Feb 2-8 Topic: How have you changed your lifestyle Feb 04 2014
15:47 (UTC)

Good morning,

1) Have you changed your lifestyle so far, and what result(s) have you seen at this time?

Some good habits that are part of my life now:

  • I eat mostly low-fat, nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods
  • I always read nutrition labels
  • most of my meals are home-cooked
  • I make healthy choices when eating out
  • I drink 8+ glasses of water daily
  • I workout 4 - 5 times per week
  • I'm usually able to maintain control around tempting foods

The results:

  • Physically - I feel great. I hardly ever get sick. I have lots of energy during the day and sleep well at night. My blood pressure is low and so is my heart rate.
  • Mentally - I believe my physical well-being gives me a brighter outlook on life. Good health is a blessing and I feel fortunate to have it.
  • Weight - I've never reached my goal but I've been within a few pounds of my current weight for years. Making the positive lifestyle changes permanent has prevented me from regaining weight.

I have some bad habits that keep me from my goal. I am working on changing them.

2) Explain how you might apply changes in the following habits:

a) setting appropriate food portion size

By repeatedly measuring portions, you learn what one cup/three ounces/fifty grams etc looks like. Over time you can forgo the measuring but it's good to revisit it occasionally.

b) finding satisfying/enjoyable exercise activities

There are many ways to challenge your body. If you can't find something you like, in terms of traditional exercise, look for other ways to use your body - i.e. gardening, cleaning, moving around while watching T.V.

c) finding something to affect your mood that will take your focus away from food and give you a positive orientation.

To distract myself from munching I try to keep busy. I like to be productive so I have to remind myself that I need to get _____ done and that I'll be happier when it's done.

3) Mini Challenge: If possible, make a few small changes in your daily lifestyle this week. List them and keep them for at least three days. Report back.

Okaaaayyy - I will:

  • close my pantry door (that's where the goodies are) after dinner and not re-open it till morning - outta sight outta mind, right?
  • log everything I eat - I'm really bad at this but will try my best
Motivation everyday weigh in group! Feb 04 2014
13:55 (UTC)

good morning,

uugghhh - havent been doing very well lately. I'm keeping up with my exercise but am having a hard time controlling my munching.

weight is up - 143.6 -

gotta get back on track

I need a kick in the butt - anyone willing to help me out? please...

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Jan 26-Feb1: New Topic: Mistakes we all have made. Jan 29 2014
15:17 (UTC)

Good morning, I finally have a few minutes to post. Okay...

1. Looking back, what is a significant mistake that you have made in the past.

I wish my mistakes were in the past. I know where my downfalls are but I continue to do them all the time:

  • all-or-nothing mentality - I have a hard time getting back on track once I let myself indulge
  • using food for comfort, eating due to boredom, stress, nervousness, etc
  • restrictive eating - it's the only way I've managed to stay within a few pounds of 140 but it causes backlash eating and emotional struggles for me
  • thinking I can start fresh tomorrow or next week or after the party or...oi!
  • closet-eating - it's so dumb of me to be embarassed that I'm eating and to think the calories don't count if nobody sees me Foot in mouth

I think I've humiliated myself enough - on to the next question.

2. How are you dealing with those feeling, cravings now?

These are die-hard bad habits for me and I really struggle with them. Being aware of them helps me realize what I'm doing and sometimes I'm able to stop and talk myself through it but...sometimes not...Embarassed

My main plan of attack is distraction. I try to keep busy. It's good cuz I don't think of food and I get a lot done. It's a win-win situation.

3. What have you learned about yourself in the process.  

That I'm a real thick-head - ha ha

Actually...I've done a lot of introspection and learned it's deeply ingrained in me that food fixes things. I hate to blame my upbringing but that's where it comes from. Denying myself food causes me subconscious stress and unhappiness. I try to combat those feelings by finding fulfillment elsewhere i.e. doing crafts, spending time with my family, etc.

4. What is your favourite food and how do you work it into your plan?

I don't have one particular food that is a weakness for me. I love a variety of foods. If there's something really tempting around, I will have a small piece. I'm happier if I let myself have a little rather than none.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 29 2014
13:50 (UTC)

well...curiosity got the best of me - 142.4 today - meh, not bad. I will keep at it

nss - your patience paid off - woot!

rancho - good job exceeding all your goals

pj - you're absolutely right, this is a journey - and it's nice to have CC friends for company : )

happy Wednesday all

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 28 2014
15:12 (UTC)

good morning,

had a really good day yesterday

still dont want to weigh - I know I need to face reality but I'm feeling kind of blue and I don't want to make it worse

I'm not giving up - I will keep exercising and try to control my eating

hang in there friends : )


Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 27 2014
15:17 (UTC)

hello all

well...I didnt do a very good job resisting the goodies this weekend so I didn't weigh this morning. I'm having a hard time controlling my eating lately so I may not weigh for a while. I think it's just the winter blahs. I'm trying to stay upbeat and hope to get my head back into the game soon. I will keep checking in.

satyr - I hear ya - hang in there (with me)

nss - don't get discouraged - stay on track and keep positive - the number will reflect your efforts soon enough

rancho - *waves*

long - staying active is good but don't hurt yourself, k?

melissa - here you go *passes tissue box* hope you feel better soon

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 24 2014
13:55 (UTC)

good morning

got up the nerve to weigh today - 141 - not as bad as I thought

gonna try to be good this weekend - might be hard because I'm volunteering at a 24-hour, cancer-research fundraising event and there's always a lot of goodies around - moderation is the key

well...have a great day friends and a good weekend too (I may not be checking in) : )

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 23 2014
14:08 (UTC)

good morning all,

I haven't weighed in a couple days cuz I know I'm up. It could be because I've started back doing resistance training and my body's retaining fluid...I dunno. I've been good calorie-wise so I'm not going to get discouraged. I'm going to stay on track and hang in there.

rancho - doing great

nss - don't quit! you can't let the fluctuations on the scale affect you too much. Keep doing the right thing and soon the number will drop

rtn - good job on the green flags - keep eating healthy : )

pj - I'm feeling the same and I'm not giving up either - let's do this!

long - how are you doing?

gotta get back to work now - have a good day!

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Jan 12-18: Coping with stress Jan 22 2014
15:28 (UTC)

Jolanda - yay for good decisions that turned our right for you!

Chantal - wowwww! I can't believe that. What a jerk that guy was. The worst part is the experience will stay in that woman's mind forever. I feel bad for her - that's too bad : (

Alexis - welcome to the group. Healthy eating can be easy. Keep your meals simple and fresh and you'll be more inclined to cook at home more often. It's better for you and cheaper too ; )

Debbie - BFA is Bachelor of Fashion Arts?

Tierra - me too, I "go with the flow"

Nenke, Tricia, Lawrence - I'm glad to hear you're all feeling better. There have been a lot of sick people around me lately. I've been okay so far *knocks on head*

Si - you are incredibly down-to-earth and real. You see what needs to be done and you do it - no ifs, ands or buts. I admire that. You WILL reach your goal

John - do you like puzzles? sudokus? word games? I really get into them and find they help me escape reality for a few minutes

Gail - yes, very important to keep things in perspective...always

Lawrence - are those other projects "labours of love" for you? we need those too - maybe it's okay that they're not financially rewarding - just a thought

Omi - welcome, and good luck in your future ambitions.

Okay...on to This week’s topic:

So how do you cope with  a) daily stress or b) a "big" stressful unplanned event?

I'm similar to Tierra in the way I deal with stress. I tend to just ride it out and do what I need to do at the time to get through it. I sometimes seek solace in food and am usually fully aware that I'm doing so (but can't seem to stop myself nonetheless). I'm not blaming my upbringing but food was a big thing in my family and, in my mind, I equate it with bad Embarassed

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 21 2014
15:04 (UTC)

good morning,

back at work after a long weekend

doing well - 141.4 today - gonna keep at it

long - too bad about that stone - ouch! nice number : )

rtnarang - welcome to the group

rancho - slow and steady wins, right?

sts - good job - you are so consistent - keep it up

have a nice day

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Jan 12-18: Getting to know you Jan 17 2014
14:54 (UTC)

Good morning,

Sorry I haven't had a chance to post. I've had a really busy week. I don't have time to respond right now but I just wanted to check in.

I will try to get back before the end of the week.


Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 17 2014
14:43 (UTC)

heading back down...

141.6 - this is okay

can't talk today, sorry - have a great weekend friends!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 14 2014
13:40 (UTC)

good morning all,

eating has been out of control lately and it shows - 143 this morning Yell

That's okay *wipes slate clean*

I'm starting over:

Day one - 01/14 - 143

Have a great day my friends

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 10 2014
12:53 (UTC)

up a bit today - that's ok, will keep at it

  • 01/07 - 140.6
  • 01/08 - 140.6
  • 10/10 - 141.4

I usually don't have time to check in on the weekends - but I always mean to - so have a great weekend all!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 09 2014
13:03 (UTC)

forgot to weigh before drinking my water

sarah, rancho - awesome! keep up the good work

nss83, sts623 - going in the right direction - good job!

long - how was that walk?

pj - you got this - I'm not worried

satyr - beat you again ; )

Motivation Wagon Jumpers (Jan 5-Jan11) Let's have a party!!!! Jan 08 2014
14:18 (UTC)
Original Post by x-lawrence:

Original Post by runyourlife:

Original Post by x-lawrence:

Original Post by XenaWP:

Original Post by jcbolt:

No, Lawrence, shake the dirt! ;-)


Man you're tough....let's see, where do i begin?   I know you may find this hard to believe but I'm quite flirtatious and my sense is people are quite flirtatious back so i like to try to stay in the shape I'm in. Also, I want my kids to see that they have to work to stay in shape as they age.

Lawrence - puhleeeze! she said to tell us something we DON'T know about you

Hey, you're not very nice.

come on Lawrence, you know we love you

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jan 08 2014
13:48 (UTC)

Happy hump day,

same today as yesterday:

  • 01/07 - 140.6
  • 01/08 - 140.6

have a great day friends!