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Health & Support High triglycerides...does anyone have a realistic sample diet? 3 Jan 13 2011
21:17 (UTC)
Weight Loss So I moderate or Light Activity? 2 Nov 18 2010
04:52 (UTC)
Weight Loss Lost 3lbs, but feel less "in shape" 0 Nov 10 2010
16:57 (UTC)
Health & Support Why can't I ever take in enough potassium?? 3 Oct 13 2010
02:58 (UTC)
Weight Loss Anyone try facial yoga to combat "over 40 thin and drawn looking face"? 1 Oct 12 2010
06:04 (UTC)
Weight Loss Does anyone else feel that they try to control their weight to a borderline eating disorder level? 7 Sep 22 2010
19:31 (UTC)