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Health & Support Breakfast Sep 01 2007
13:13 (UTC)
is it bad to eat the same thing for breakfast every single day or should i switch what i have for breakfast every once in a while? why?
Foods is peanut butter sanwish a good choice for ppl on diet? Sep 01 2007
13:10 (UTC)
sorry if i'm stupid but what does 2 tbsp look like? i don't have measuring spoons lolz.
Weight Loss Would you.... Sep 01 2007
13:05 (UTC)
yea i'd rather be fat and happy because i'm not happy right now, i'm just depressed about food and calories and trying to be thin thin. apart of me is like enjoy life don't care about what you eat. but my mind keeps controlling me and saying, you have to care! if that makes any sense
Foods entenmann's 100 calorie packs. Sep 01 2007
04:56 (UTC)
its high fructose corn syrup
Foods entenmann's 100 calorie packs. Sep 01 2007
02:21 (UTC)
vitalicious makes the muffins, when they're on sale, i buy them by the bulk!
Health & Support Vitamins? Aug 31 2007
14:04 (UTC)
should you take the multivitamins in the morning or night?
Foods entenmann's 100 calorie packs. Aug 31 2007
14:02 (UTC)
i get so angry cause i'm like "yes! 100 calorie packs!" and then i read that they have HFCS in them.
Foods Is milk good for you? Aug 30 2007
20:38 (UTC)
omg stacy1971 lolz i've been eating soy non stop cuz i thought it was really good for me. everything i ate had like soy mostly and that's probably why i didnt have my period for like 3 months.
Foods Does anyone else just love to look? Aug 30 2007
17:12 (UTC)
i love the supermarket more than the shopping mall, i can spend a whole day there reading the labels and wishing i could eat it lolz.
Weight Loss im eating only fruit and veg each day thats it?? will that make me loose weight Aug 30 2007
17:00 (UTC)
you're going to be losing muscle more than fat.
Foods What did you have for breakfast this morning?? Aug 30 2007
14:27 (UTC)
a bagel ugh and piled on fat free cream cheese. bagels arnt that bad right? should i just cut the carbs i eat today?
Foods good percentage? Aug 30 2007
01:36 (UTC)
you should try to get more protein i think.
Weight Loss BINGERS!! What is the highest # KCal U ever had?? Aug 29 2007
21:17 (UTC)
i hate binging, its like you're binging and you wanna stop but in your head you're like, "heck, i've already binged today, why stop?" then you continue to binge more. arrrggg!!!!

today, i had:

oatmeal, cereal, 3 pudding cups, 2 banana nut muffins, 1 brownie, 5 bowls of clam chowder, 3 slices of pizza, 1 oatmeal cookie, 4 reese's milk chocolate peanut butter cookies, lots and lots of candy, ice cream sandwich, 2 bags of organic chips, and lots of other stufff.
Fitness Pilates tape/DVD suggestions? Aug 29 2007
15:29 (UTC)
the MTV pilates mix, i love it.
Health & Support When did you stop growing. Aug 29 2007
14:58 (UTC)
i havent been eating good nutrition for the past year and i havent grown, is it too late now to start eating a good nutrition and hopefully grow a little more? i'm 15.
Fitness Treadmill calorie counter Aug 29 2007
14:39 (UTC)
hmmm i do the same thing as you and my treadmill says i only burned only 204 calories, i hope yours is accurate than mine though! hehe
Weight Loss Is this an acceptable daily meal routine? Aug 29 2007
14:35 (UTC)
is it bad to cut out all fruit because i keep thinking its a simple carb and i'm scared to eat them.
Foods What did you have for breakfast this morning?? Aug 29 2007
14:31 (UTC)
what brand makes chocoolate oatmeal?
Fitness Just wondering... Does anyone else feel worse about their bodies after exercise? Aug 29 2007
13:45 (UTC)
i feel the same way lolz my thighs jiggle more lolz.