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I'm 5"8', starting weight 186 pounds, goal weight 170. I want to lose weight for rowing and for health, though I'm in pretty good shape. To give you a better idea of my size at the start of this, I'm a US size 12-14, 39-30-42 last time I checked.

Currently, I can run 5 miles at a time (last spring I could run 8 or 9, and I want to do a half-marathon in the next year or so), I can swim a mile at a time, I can bike 15-20 miles, and I can row 6000 meters in okay time. 

I want to lose roughly 2 pounds a week, so my caloric intake goal is between 1400-1800 calories a day. I eat a lot of fiber-rich, filling foods and I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I love dairy products! I have a large appetite, but a slow metabolism, so I find it hard to lose weight and keep it off. 

Message me if you need support with your goals or you want to be workout/diet buddies!

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