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Foods ODing on Olive Oil! Aug 16 2009
04:57 (UTC)

Heirloom tomtaoes and basil!! Handsdown my favorite thing in the summer!

Health & Support Adhd Medication Concerns Aug 10 2009
06:09 (UTC)

I was on concerta (27 mg) for 3 years...I was already really thin before and then lost a bit more and was taken off, but even off it I couldn't gain weight, so I don;t know how related the two were...i've been off it for a year and now weight about 10-15 pounds more, but also grew almost 2 inches so I don't know how related

I loved being on it....I was so focused and it was amazing, hopefully I will get to be back on it very soon...

anyways I think you can have your cake and eat it too (very literally, at least it was that way for me)....but now i'm worried about the weight gain when one goes off it, where did you hear that?

Fitness Would changing how I eat help my workouts Aug 03 2009
05:38 (UTC)

hey! so this week I actually ate a bit above 2000, i was so tired and just needed a bit of a mental going to try to be a bit less obsessive over it and just go for a range, between 1800-2200 because at work im on my feet for 6 hours, and workout for an hour as well...and looking at the calculators i would still but slightly under maintence at that level and maybe feel less restricted and more energetic....i hope it works...and that i lose body fat as well...because im in the same situation as you, it's frustrating!

Fitness Would changing how I eat help my workouts Jul 30 2009
01:15 (UTC)

Hey today I got around 2000, I was super hungry and worked out really hard...but I am still semi-wavering about staying at that level.....especially now that I work the rest of the week...these last few days have been nice though as a way to reset I suppose and give myself a break, and then starting tomorrow I am going to try to lower back down to around 1600...i hope it works...

Fitness Would changing how I eat help my workouts Jul 29 2009
03:32 (UTC)

apfelkuchen:  that's a good issue is more i just don't get hungry, it's like after a certain point i just lose the desire to eat and if i get home at 11 the last thing i want to do is eat..i just want to shower and go to sleep...but that is a good idea and i'll try having a higher calorie meal before that has more protein than i normally eat, thanks for the tip!

danaofdoom: it seems like we have really similar routines, cool! yeah I had been doing fine on 1500 a day for the last 2 or 3 weeks (i averaged almost exactly 1600 over 21 days...some days a lot less because of work, a few days more because of restauarants, etc)...and it is only the last 3 days where all of the sudden its become incredibly hard to do, i don't know why..maybe it's catching up to me...but in some ways i want to push through it since i want to get rid of the extra fat and other ways im afraid maybe it's too much on my body, etc...i ate around 2000 today because i was just so tired...i am going to try to hit more around 1800-2000 (i think...still considering it...maybe if i sleep well then my 2 or 3 day difficulties will go away)...but yeah im just wondering if im hurting myself since im so tired, etc...ill try to let you know what happens!! and what i decide to do starting tomorrow morning and i'll talk to my trainer and see if he thinks thats why my energy is low, and then make a decision about how much to eat (either staying with 1500 or bumping it up)...hope that helps! 

any more advice is super super super welcome whatever it is, thanks!!

Fitness **Beginning Couch to 5k Jul 29 2009
02:05 (UTC)

Hi I am interested in starting this program as well...the thing is I can run for a pretty conistent rate for 20-30 minutes...but don't do so regularly nor quickly! so I am wondering would it make sense to start in the middle weeks of the program? I heard when starting running you want to build up (I went too quickly awhile back and ran into some bad knee problems, probably from overtraining/ doing too much too soon)....does it make sense to start at like week 4? or should i just go for 20-30 minutes right off the bat? thanks!

Fitness Would changing how I eat help my workouts Jul 29 2009
01:13 (UTC)

I think I also sort of answered my own question...the last 2 days I have been feeling so burnt out and I think it's because I just simply haven't been providing my body with enough only other question is that at work I often can't eat for 6-8 hours at a time...should I like load up on calories somehow before or after...or make up for it the next day because work days are always way too low...but I don't want to feel like I need to pig out to make up for it...does that make sense

and does 2000 seem about right? I know that bcm calculator says way more but its the only one i can find that says so, all the other ones give me around 2000ish or so...the more i try to learn about this the more i get confused because then I see all these like stars who workout, have great bodies, but don't eat a lot and i get confused about what is right, etc and then i come here and everyone says to eat more then I go and look at the athlete thread on the young calorie counter forum and all these kids are eating less than 2000, and many opinions i don't know what is right anymore!!!

Fitness Would changing how I eat help my workouts Jul 28 2009
21:13 (UTC)

Ok I think I will try to up it a bit, but by using healthy things like some more protein, etc, and some good fats...i'm just hoping I don't gain; yeah my trainer really wants me to eat more so I will try hard

yeah and I am hoping I'll more energy as well

lets hope it works

Fitness FLAT abs or 6-PACK abs? Jul 27 2009
17:14 (UTC)
3 never personally do a colon cleanse thingy for many reasons...but like was this something where you didn't eat for 3 months? Cuz i mean, that'd be a reason why you lost weight...or is it like supplements you take in addition to eating? Again, I have no intention of doing it...I'm just curious

Sorry for going off topic...i'll stop after this post!

Fitness FLAT abs or 6-PACK abs? Jul 26 2009
06:31 (UTC)

Sorry but eddiepotter's post is just uh well interesting, needless to say...would you mind elaborating on the orange sack full of worm eggs? im just horribly curious haha

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 17 2009
02:00 (UTC)

Thanks for the suggestions, I think my workouts are pretty good (combo of strength 2-3x a week, cardio 3-4x a week),...although I am sure the cutting diet works I don't think that would be at all good for me and way too below my calorie limits...but thanks for the suggestion

I think I am going to stay a bit below maintence since I think fat loss would be above muscle gain in terms of importance for me and try to up my protein a bit more since I am not getting nearly nearly enough; and then if it isn't working or whatever, I will switch it up...and im going to do some hiit...thanks again for all the help

The Lounge Traveling to Paris/London for 2 weeks. Any health-related advice? Jul 16 2009
02:57 (UTC)

So I lived in Paris for over a year, so hopefully I can be helpful. Bastille area is great and super lively, especially at night. It is also very close to the Marais which is hands-down the best area in Paris. It has great shopping, food, cafes, and an interesting mix of orthodox jews and gays. You will walk a lot, and try to walk as much as you can, it is the best way to see the city. It is very easy to eat healthfully there, but also very easy to eat horribly (croissants anyone?). Almost every restaurant will have 3 or 4 salads, every one will make a green salad for you, and there is always a chicken dish too. Plus if you eat realy good meals you won't be as tempted to snack...but also indulge a bit while there, the pasteries really are to die for. Like cucumberlube said, try to speak french as much as you can, you will see that people treat you much better if you do. Also unless you come across screaming "im a tourist" you shouldn't have any issue with being bothered, if people try to sell you things a simple "non, merci" while walking away will sufice. If you really like walking, you can walk from Bastille through the Marais and then head along the Seine for a really pretty view...and like cucmberlube said people watching in cafes is the best and very parisien.....have fun!

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 15 2009
20:54 (UTC)

I do cardio 4 times a week or so but it never seems to make much of a difference in my appearance, but I think that was because I never added in weights with it

you're right that i need way more protein, i just can't seem to get enough within my calorie limits...but I do need to up it...for sugars do you just mean like simple carbs and stuff? including fruit? because well, I love love love fruit haha

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 15 2009
03:26 (UTC)

Haha your experience sounds like me...I have done the insane amount of caffeine combined with no food route too many times and one time my heart like started beating weirdly and I had to get it checked I know where you are coming from lol

Hmm thats a good idea for the HIIT with SS, I will try that next time and see how it goes, I know HIIT takes practice to get up to pushing yourself but hopefully it'll go fairly well...3 times a week, that seems like nothing haha, can I still do some just plain SS? I wanted to start getting into some long distance running so I would need some days of just plain old running for a long time

Yeah I know I should ignore the scale; I'm just hoping those extra jiggles go away. I'm getting better at it since I don't have one in my house anymore which made me go crazy...still it's gratifying when the number goes down but I'm hoping it'll drop a bit after the water weight or whatever goes away and as long as nothing gets tigher (and looser would be ideal) I'll live...I don't know if they have body fat testing at my gym, it's a pretty basic no-frills gym, maybe I can find somewhere else to do it since I am very curious to know what it is and would help me get a better idea about things; I am 5"5 and am between 117-120 depending on the day so I don't think it'll be like crazy high but it could be lower I am sure

I am hoping I won't lose anymore muscle since I have like no upper body mass, there isn't even a point of me I start to lose muscle I'll have to up my calories....could I do a deficit like most days and then a surplus day once a week to help avoid that and give myself a break? sorry for all the questions, i could probably go on forever...thanks in advance this has been uber-helpful!

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 15 2009
02:10 (UTC)

Haha I think he is, but you seem pretty knowledgeable yourself. The fact that you dropped bodyfat is intruiging even when eating above maintence, I am just not sure since i have a very very hard time building muscle but I could give it a shot if my deficit route doesn't do what I wanted...I am starting a fullbody routine with a trainer that includes some sprinting in addition to different weights and lifts as well as a lot of squatting and lunging. I have to be abit careful wtih upperbody stuff since I have a shoulder injury i never recovered from and my mechanics are all off for it, but I am lifting as heavy as I can (even if it is light for most people haha) I am hoping to see some type of change. My deficit right now is around 500 calories so I think that seems good. Right now my scale has gone up but I am trying to remind myself that at a deficit thats not possible and it's probably water, which I think it is since all this lifting is new to me...and I am planning on doing some measurements to see instead so I don't go crazy.

If I add in HIIT should I take out the steady state cardio? And you think the bike is the best for it, or is running or an elliptical good as well? I have never used the statinonary bike, so I wasn't sure...thanks again vyperman this has been super helfpul!! also..i'll be sure to read through the hiit thread you started :)

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 15 2009
00:50 (UTC)

OK thanks vyperman...I have been thinking about doing HIIT but have always been a bit scared/nervous to do so, but I keep seeing you pop up on every thread reccomending it and now you are really making me want to try it...maybe tomorrow I will venture out and do it

I eat really clean already; I don't do 6 small meals a day, more like 3 main meals with 2 snacks...but I don't eat processed stuff or frozen on any junk and almost all organic, so I am hoping that will help

I am still a bit nervous about increasing calories to above maintence, I already don't like the fat on my body so I don't want to gain anymore...I will see if I can get my body fat tested I don;t think its high, more that its just on one area of my body haha....thanks so much

I remember Melkor once told me to eat at or just below maintence....if I follow that would it be ok? since I don't think I can make myself eat above it...thanks?

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 14 2009
17:57 (UTC)

OK I see...I am just a bit worried about gaining a bit of extra fat so its like a conflict in my head between the two...

how long would i have to eat above maintence for? 

and if I do keep at a deficit will I still get that lean look even if I don't have a lot of muscle below, or will I just sorta remain "soft"?

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 14 2009
17:23 (UTC)

The only reason I wasn't sure is because I have read here a few times that maybe you want a small deficit or to be at maintence when trying to replace fat with muscle since weight loss itself isn't my primary goal since I am already on the thin that right or what? I just didn't want to be doing anything counterproductive  since I am currently eating at around a 500 calorie deficit....thanks

Fitness How to eat when trying to get some muscle Jul 14 2009
17:12 (UTC)

I suppose the fat loss is more important than building muscle, so I'll chose that as a goal if I must chose one; 

I do weights and bodyweight stuff 2-3x a week so I am hoping that should work and keep me from losing the puny amount of muscle I have; I can get stronger while still in a deficit? Cool

Thanks floggingsully and amethystgirl!

Fitness Love handles... I want them gone!!!! Jul 14 2009
04:39 (UTC)

I did read the post, I was just saying it is possible she does have love handles and that it wouldn't be out of the normal for that to happen, I also do agree that a lot of people see our problem areas as bigger or more problematic than they really are, but its not usually a big deal

Territalk, just calm down...there is no reason to call people idiots, etc, because we dont respond to 100% your satisfaction; this is supposed to be an open and FRIENDLY forum to share information and knowledge with people who have similar interests, goals, etc...not to try to berate people...that's all anyone here is trying to say


oh and to the OP...sorry I didn't answer your question, I am in a similar situation myself so if you do ever find a good solution, let me know!! :)