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Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Oct 02 2012
09:46 (UTC)

sarahgall07 Thank you:) Ohh yes - it's been my dream ever since I saw Cambridge, and later Oxford! The atmosphere there is just amazing...I couldn't imagine any better place to study!! Thank you, I'd be happy if you would:) I got a job at a Crabtree&Evelyns shop- the only one in Austria!!:D To work there is...I dunno but it just isn't what you'd call 'work'. Haha not that I'm all lazy's just I so enjoy working there, being surrounded with all those nice scents, having this calm work environment...and nothing is more pleasant than convincing the customers to buy all they products I'd love to have myself;) I'm so glad you finally had some peanut butter - it's a FAVOURITE of mine!!! It's's sooo lovely...and it's healthy!!!:) You go to uni as well - what semester/term - you're studying German, right??:) went out with that guy...something you want to tell us more about?;) I hope you do find a nice guy, I'm still looking..or well, I have this one good friend and I'm not sure if I'd want more...whatever!!! (Before I start making a fool out of myself^^) Don't beat yourself up about that'll have one in time, don't push yourself too hard. A week ago or so I was in a similar situation...I was in town with a friend when I got hungry in the afternoon...and I went and bought fruit. I asked her if she wanted to share...and well, she said no. But suddenly she said that she'd like an ice cream. Now. haha;D... And me, I had eaten the stupid fruit. I guess I would've had space for some...but no, I 'couldn't' as I had already eaten my way eating gelato 'just like that without proper reason':S

florence96 Thank you!:) I live in Austria! Ohhh I almost thought so:)) It makes me so happy you commented! And so you have a blog too...that's so nice, I already read some and I'll definitely follow it!!:) One thing that's been bothering me...that I have to get out and ask you you think those 1950 are enough for seems little... I know I shouldn't compare, but I do...and even if I don't count, I know what I eat...and it's 2000 if not 2000+ at doctor says people our age are supposed to eat 2400 - for maintainance.... sorry, no offence, really, I totally support you and all...I'm just concerned, and it also makes me feel a little 'bad' because I eat more...I know I shouldn't!!:S Your eats look absolutely lovely...just wondering if you might be maintaining on more as well...:)?


- porridge: 50g oats, small sliced banana, tsp honey, spoonfull pb, dash of vanilla soymilk
- coffee with milk

70min ballet

vanilla-black-tea with vanilla soymilk
-potato/pumpkin strudel

had such cravings/was hungry 1,5hrs after lunch?? I had an exam coming up...I think I just needed the energy...especially as I had done some exercise??:) so I had this:

-sandwich: brown breadroll with seeds, philadelphia with herbs, apple slices and cheese

- mug with 30g semolina cooked in vanilla soymilk/ff milk with 2 heaped tsp horlicks

--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------


- porridge: 50g oats, small banana, 4 big strawberries, tsp honey, ~tbsp coconut milk, dash of vanilla soymilk
- coffee with milk

- 1/2 sliced apple, small sliced banana: put together as 'sandwiches' with ~1 tbsp max peanut butter ;)
- cup coffee with milk

1/2 cup (uc) brown bulgur with 1/4 spaghettisquash, pieces of tofu, drizzle of olive oil, spices

        + another portion of that!

- sandwich: brown breadroll with seeds, bread spread, turkey ham, cucumber slices

Maintaining 2012 Friendly Weigh-in Thread for Maintainers! Sep 30 2012
18:06 (UTC)
Original Post by shane_paladin: Rose: The main thing is that you live and eat healthy!  That 94 is really scary.  101 seems good, but it is really critical at your age that you don't starve your body.  Very best of luck!  Live healthy!

I know:S And thank you, I have every intention of doing that:) Starving my poor body once was one time too much - I made the experience and I learned a lot from it!! I always try to stay on the road of's just a little bumpy at times:) All the best

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 30 2012
10:36 (UTC)

B: 40g All-Bran with a small sliced banana, vanilla soymilk, spoonful crunchy pb
cup coffee with foamed milk

S: mug tea with vanilla soymilk, pckg. Nairns organic oatcakes

L: grilled sandwich: two slices sourdough-bread with marmite, cucumber slices, tomato slices, smoked trout fillet, lemon, pepper

45min - 1hr (didn't keep track of time??) walk

S: apple, generous piece of homemade tiramisu (yay:D)

D: butternut squash/potato-strudel

Maintaining 2012 Friendly Weigh-in Thread for Maintainers! Sep 30 2012
08:11 (UTC)

Rose (100-106) 4.7.........107............105..........104.9        &nb sp;
.............................99.2........100. 7 x.............99.2..........101..........

Hi! I haven't been regularily posting as I realised that I couldn't maintain my weight within my healthy weight I thought I'd wait until things get better again;) I had a little bit of a rough time regarding my eats and also I was abroad in August for a month...Haha I was so scared that I'd fall back into old habits that I stopped the weekly weigh-in as I was scared that I'd have only lost...and when I started eating better again I was scared that I had balooned xD!Now things should be alright again - you can see my healthy weight!!!:) I inserted my 'under'weight data as well, for completeness sake and that you would see what I meant why I wasn't posting.

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 29 2012
20:13 (UTC)

Noooo....recently cc automatically logs you out after some time!!??:( So my long comment got deleted....:/ this is roughly what I intended to post...;)

...That sorry, I haven't been regularily posting since I came back from Oxford because I've been so busy (got a job and have three exams coming up and uni to start the week after the next)...thanks to you guys for wishing me fun for my trip to Oxford - it was definitely an amazing experience and not minding how competitive it is to get in, a friend and I we are going to submit applications for next year and try our luck!!:D

Then I wanted to do some advertising for my blog that I just started;) : Please feel invited to stop by occasionally and leave comments - nothing would make me more happy!!!:))

Today's eats:

-porridge: 40g oats, 3/4 sliced banana, spoonful crunchy pb, tsp syrup, dash vanilla soymilk
-cup coffee with foamed milk, cocoa powder

S: cup vanilla black tea with vanilla soymilk; cup coffee with foamed milk

L: 1 1/2 sourdough-bread sandwiches: with light cheese curd spread, cucumber slices, turkey ham, cheese, pepper slices, a little bit of mustard

-2-3 cups vanilla black tea with vanilla soymilk, 1 with tsp honey, one with tsp syrup
- leftover porridge with 4 strawberries, tbsp homemade apple&banana jam
-leftover (100ml) fruit-smoothie

D: 3 medium-sized potatoes, charnelles, drizzle olive oil

S: very likely my beloved horlicks with vanilla soymilk and a dash cinnamon and cocoa powder:)

almondmilkyusogood Sorry!!!... I had written this long elaborate answer...and now all got deleted!!!;) Basically it said that you shouldn't feel offended and please try to understand and be a little considerate that everyone has different triggers and may not have a stable attitude around food/counting...!! And to answer your question: I think you shouldn't count vitamins as 40 cals up or down won't change much - to count them would maybe mean to go a bit overboard with counting ;)

lowri ahhh noooo....don't feel like you need to have 'justified' snacks!!;) Everything that feels and tastes good is okay and more than justification enough - you shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying food!!:) (And yes I noted that down for myself^^)...and then you did go the gym so you had your don't have to like go to the gym all day (no-go!!!;) )..!!!

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 12 2012
23:02 (UTC)

Leaving for Oxford in a couple hours at 4am which is exactly in 4 hours from now:-o Awfully tired but soooo excited!! Most likely I won't be posting before Sunday...

Haha sorry, this isn't exactly a what did you eat today-post^^...but I couldn't leave without saying goodbye (I owe you all so much for keeping me eating properly!) and that I'll answer all your sweet messages when I'm back:-)

Have a nice week(-end) everyone and keep up the good work!!!:)

<3 xxx

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 11 2012
17:58 (UTC)

Ahhhhh....guys, I can't seem able to keep up with you!!:D

Big THANKS to everyone who's given me a feedback on the amount of my eats - it means a lot to me!!:)  Arghh...I'm still struggling so much with it mentally...honestly, NOT counting calories was the best decision I've ever made...and the WORST was that I just randomly started counting yesterday's eats and of course: HUGE SHOCK:/ I was (and am being) told how I can easily eat 'a lot' 2000 minimum without problems. But it sounds scary - and it IS scary if I really intuitively eat that, I may easily be overeating without noticing it, like so many people around me do?? I'm beginning to believe that I may need a lot...but let's see what my weight will be Friday next week when I'm going to weigh myself again...:/

princessroo Thanks, your feedback means a lot!! Haha me too I <3 milky drinks before bed! I always have things like horlicks, milk with honey, almond milk, plain milk, david rio's so much more convenient than eating something and it tastes sooo nice:))

loulou Thanks:) Yes I am! Where are you from? That's amazing you speak German!! Where did you learn it? You must come to Austria some time:) Well done for eating out! It's a thing I still struggle with too. This term I'm planning on eating regularily at the uni cafeteria (they seem to have normal and nice food there which I suppose is also healthy according to general standards!?;))...hah, curious how this will go;) but I really want to try as I want to eat something warm when it's cold and I'm in town all day studying...

headz19 Thanks:) It's just always so SHOCKING xD Such a tiny (short) person with such an appetite!...but obviously it has nothing to do with height!;)'s difficult to describe what horlicks tastes's a malt drink!? And it's sweet and can add things like vanilla soymilk or cinnamon to make it even more delicious! You got to buy it if you can:)

sophie96 Ahhh STARBUCKS <3 Well done you!! Me... I still can't order more than a cappuccino or caffé latte...though I'd love to order one of those many yummy looking drinks and cookies...but I'm too anxious:/

Ciana Ohh you're leaving home!?? Amazing!! Sorry..kidding;) It's just me..I'd love to leave home even though I would miss my mum and my friends. I can imagine it being difficult for you...but you'll get on just fine I'm sure and you'll make many new friends and so many new experiences!:D It's for the Open Days!! I even got offered a free room at Merton College for one night - ahhh I'm so excited!!:) Oxford uni has been my dream for 5 years...I simply fell in love with it when I visited! And I always used to be ambitious hah...I love the way people study in the UK (especially Oxford!). Vienna uni is good and it's free but sooo overcrowded and really impersonal...there are many people studying who don't really like or appreciate what they're doing, who are not committed...most undergrads live at home, commuting everyday...Idk it's not a way of living I like a lot...I'd prefer to have a proper campus, a more familiar atmosphere, more quality when it comes to lectures and live away from home;) Anyway, Ed sort of almost destroyed my big dream...but I just don't want to give up on it so I'm trying to get in for October 2013! Where are you going to study and what?

Fallingcrashing Heey:) Well done you!! Great you're posting again, me too I recently started doing it again and it does me immensely good!! I'm kind of in the same situation as you...but I think I'm sort of back on track again idea how much I gained the last two weeks though...don't wanna know but I'm going to check next week:/ Like you say, it's so hard to listen to the body and to actually accept all this hunger!! And then to accept if the body reclaims some weight...but try to trust that it's necessary and essential for your body - me too I'm trying:S - I'm sure noone but you actually notices??;)

Libby Thanks, that's reassuring...:) well so we're not so different in height!! But I know how every cm matters:S I'm try wearing high heels most of the time but then of course one also has to have the confidence for that...and I often feel like some bitchy cow when everyone is wearing flat shoes (my perception!!)...but what can I do!?hah:D

Sophiegall Hi - welcome:)!! Ohh you're from New Zealand, I really really want to go there sometime! Haha thanks:) Oh so if you've been to Germany you passed Austria and went even further...haha it's such a tiny country I know LoL;) But you must visit sometime, Austria may be nothing compared to Germany and I'm not a patriot but it has some cute places&cities and Vienna uni is not too bad (just a little overcrowded;)) Really cool you study German - I study English and Linguistics:) I'm 19!



B: cup tea with vanilla soymilk; 2 slices brown bread with pb&banana jam; cup coffee with 1,8% lactose-free milk

S: 1 cup blueberries & raspberries, 2tbsp soyyoghurt

L: 200g rice, big serving green beans, 150g tinned salmon, drizzle olive oil
- cup david rios chai with cocoa&vanilla soymilk

S: cup coffee with 1,8% lactose-free milk

D: 1/2 oven baked buttersquash with drizzle olive oil

exercise: 30min hola-hooping:)

S:cup lactose-free milk

I baked buttermilk scones and couldn't eat one...:/
--------------------------------------------- -----------------


B: 8 scones (small ones but still:S) with various toppings: pb, butter, banana jam...; 1 cup blueberries&raspberries with ca 200g soyyoghurt; cup vanilla tea with lactose-free milk....biiiig breakfast - I felt it too:/

750ml veggie juice; x-small apple;)

: 250g jar HIPP potato-veggie-turkey

D: some rice leftover with tinned salmon, mixed frozen veggies; cup tea with milk and tsp honey

Yeees....sorry, had some serious mental troubles today...eating so many veggies and babyfood LoL;) But I promise I'm going to have a proper night snack^^

exercise: 2x 20min bike-ride, running errands around town and shopping basically the whole day;)

Maintaining what can i have at night if i get hungry ? Sep 09 2012
09:41 (UTC)

Technically and regarding weight maintainance it wouldn't be too late to have a meal!

But as I struggle with digestive problems too I can fully understand that you don't want to eat 'much' before bed.

I always like to have milky drinks, like horlicks, ovaltine (the amount of milk or water I use depends on my appetite and how my belly feels) or just plain milk/soymilk/almond milk with or without honey...

Sometimes it also works for me to have oatcake(s) with pb and a few banana slices on top which is not much quantity-wise but nourishing and satisfying:)

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 07 2012
20:56 (UTC)

Sophie need to catch up on something: Welcome!!:) I <3 your attitude and spirit and your eats look incredibly yummy, such nice combinations...glad to have you posting here!

Moomookan hope i'm not mistaken but i have the impression those nachos were/are a fear food of yours? If they were: congrats on having them!! It's great to overcome fear foods and kick ed's ass;)

Ciana Thanks:) I really hope it is proper help...I live in Austria, near Vienna and there we have two major 'institutes' for eating disorders...they both have a team of therapists, doctors, dieticians...but it's like ten therapist only one GP and one dietician, so you don't have much of a choice and also it takes ages until you get an appointment;) Ohh shame...well summer here will be over soon too!! Actually I'm in the UK next week, but only for 2 1/2 days attending the Open Days at Oxford uni:)

Flowergirl Wow, that's an interesting statistic! Omg lactose-free products with vanilla?? I think I'm going to die!!;) We don't get them here in Austria...only soy products with lots of different flavourings...where are you actually from (I'm sure you once told me but I forgot;) )? thanks:) - I <3 smoothies!!! Next one I'm going to make will be banana-blueberry, haven't tried that combo yet:)!!

Libby By 'short' do you mean you're not very tall? I'm only 5'1;) What amount are you maintaining on, do you have a dietician? I love your attitude and you seem to be doing so well!! Believe it or not, I once used to struggle with compulsive eating too...that was all before ana and I was totally caught in the binge/restrict-cycle:/ Like you say, adopting a way of eating that works for you takes matter what your starting point ism so you're right in not pushing yourself - I love what you're saying about going into the right direction!

princessroo Well done on enjoying that carrot cake! I need to have some cake soon, it's such a fear food;) Your plan reagarding your eating sounds good and I'm sure you'll make the right choices - our eats look fine to me..!!:)

loulou1990 Welcome:D Glad you're joining the thread! There's lots of lovely and supportive people on here so if you need support in staying on track you've come to the right place. After quite some time I started posting here again a couple days ago and it made a tremendous difference!! Everyone's so nice and welcoming...people here understand what you're going through because we're all more or less going through the same stuff, facing the same anxities and challenges! Haha I thought so too....that it would make me even more obsessive - but no, on the contrary! It's not like this thread is just a food's about so much more and really really motivating when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and way of eating <3 You can post whenever you want, as much or little you obligations attached;) Don't feel this way about your studies - they sound pretty interesting! Now I know whom I'm going to consult if I need an expert:D

My eats today...

Honestly girls, what do you think?? I was incredibly hungry all day and it feels like what I've been eating was a lot but it's not like I physically feel it!?;) Something tells me that this is about what I should be eating everyday...but I mean it really seems like a lot...also yesterday's eats:D? but I guess energy needs can vary a lot....and then of course I think I'm prone to surpressing hunger my true feelings most of the times , sooo^^...I'm just a little surprised about my appetite as usual;)

B: 2 1/2 weetabix, sliced banana, lactose-free milk
cup vanilla black tea with milk, tsp honey

cup coffee

S/L: brown-bread sandwich with generous amounts of chummus, 3 small carrots, 3 slices of tomato

two cups spiced green tea with milk, 1 tsp honey

S: two small bananas

S: 2 homemade oatcakes with tbsp crunchy pb and a strawberry on top each -yes, LoL;)

half a cup café americano

D: 1/2 (uncooked) cup couscous, big serving of mixed vegetables, drizzle of olive oil

S:...hmmm, I think I'm going to have my Horlicks - still...!?;)

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 06 2012
14:33 (UTC)

Flowergirl Thank you:) Tell me, are you lactose intolerant? Because you're using lactose-free milk... I was thinking for some time I was because my tummy always used to 'overreact' to yoghurt and it made me feel problems with the milk though! But when I tried out alternative products for a while, I discovered I prefer lactose free milk (next to my soymilk) to normal because it has this slightly sweet taste and I need to sweeten my cereal/tea/coffee less or not at all;)

Ciana Thanks's always so good to know not to be alone! Yeah I had only a couple sessions so far but it definitely feels right - she's much more focusing on my struggles with anorexia because the other used to almost totally ignore it or push it into the background - while it got worse!! You're so right with the bananas and I'm being a good girl and using them again for my cereal and smoothies - I simply <3 that taste;) Also that we're far from overweight, yes, true I guess;) It's just ana that got me to the point where I just see thin and fat again:S But I'm working on that...taking every step slowly and finding something in between, my therapist said! Good to hear that you're better - did you catch cold - in summer?? Or has it been so cold lately where you live? Sorry, I'm afraid I don't recall where you're from but it was UK wasn't it?;)

Princessroo19 YES - definitely overthinking everything too much!! Sounds too familiar.. it's hard to not overthink I should know;) But you don't need to, your body is doing it for you, as long as you feel good with it (physically) you should be fine!! As for the meds, like I already told you in one of the pm, they won't necessarily make you gain weight and if you should then you can go off them immediatly without any big harm done! But I so understand...I used to take 4 of those vicious Seroquel pills and I was honestly convinced each would promote building up loads of stuff I don't wanna have on my body overnight...;) Well they didn't so far and now that I'm substituting the four pills with one stronger one there are sometimes these thoughts again but meanwhile the medication has just become part of my daily routine. I'm glad you're reaching out for help!! Heads up girl, you can do this:-)


Won't post yesterday's eats because...I binged:/ And it was a 3000-4000cals for the whole day (estimated). But it was a wake-up call too, I'm sure my body needed all this energy and I want to take better care of my body now so that it won't come to those extreme situations...haha my belly is simply too small for those;-)


B: 2 weetabix, sliced banana, lactose-free milk 1,5%
cocoa/coffee with small tsp honey

S: tiny was a small one already and inside it was mostly rotten I discovered...tough luck;)

L: miso-soup; 6 sushi, 4 maki

S: smoothie: 1/2c strawberries, banana, ginger, 1/2 lime juice, big shot of lactose-free milk

exercise: 40min running

D: stir-fry: wheat grains with chopped peppers, little omelette of 2 whole eggs, 1 white

cup of green chai with tsp honey, soymilk

S: 2 small pieces wholewheat-nut bread with pb and a few banana slices; cup david rio flamingo-vanilla chai...:)

Maintaining Confused about my caloric intake Sep 04 2012
20:18 (UTC)

haha don't listen to those stupid calculators sweetie and eat what you fancy;)

I'm saying this because I made the mistake listening to those stupid numbers at your age and I became anorexic because I just couldn't stop losing!!:(

If you're thinking numbers then I agree with littlemilli and looking at your age I'd say that what those calculators state as your maintainance amount is probably what you need as a minimum if you don't move all day (that is just lying in bed all day without making a single movement;) )

DON'T make the mistake to let anyone except your common sense tell you what's good or not for you...there are so many myths around food and they are spoiling my life daily:/ If you want to know more about your nutritional needs maybe you could find a competent dietician:)

all the best <3

Maintaining Can somebody tell me if 2000 calories sounds like enough? Sep 04 2012
20:10 (UTC)

Sorry hun but this sounds like a really scary doctor to me;) Why the hell does he want you to maintain an underweight weight, did he give you a reason??

Also you're doing a lot of exercise and should be eating so much more than 2000 and I'm not even sure if so much exercise is good for you!! I'm no expert and I get that maybe you love exercising but sweetie your body needs to recover...:S And don't stick to any stupid numbers unless you've been advised by a competent dietician...don't do this on your own because I'm afraid you're just likely to undereat..

Is your doctor specialised in eating disorders and if not could you maybe go see someone who is...?? I'm really scared for your health;)

all the best <3 xxx

Maintaining Eating a lot of food but never getting enough calories?! Sep 04 2012
20:00 (UTC)

I can so relate Kimberley - even though I never was hospitalised but I find myself in the same situation. I manage small snacks like fruits and veggies though and am atm working on eating more substantial things since my weight has been dropping ever since I started the 'intuitive eating' thing.

What most of the people here posted sounds like good advice: eating even when you're not hungry and maybe dare to eat more higher calorie foods - doesn't have to be anything 'unhealthy' from the fear food list even though we should slowly but definitely challenge those...some are really not that unhealthy...
I think that we are just hypersensitive to the 'fullness' feeling...I find when I eat regularily so that I feel constantly 'full' the ED voice is screaming the hell out of me and often I feel like crap...but then again I realise that I'm less obsessive about food and feel 'healthier' on the whole, like I'm doing something right;)

Not meaning this unkindly in any way but maybe you're just also not 'recovered' yet. Just regaining all the weight doesn't make ana go away....I always knew this but only really realise it now. I've been working on certain issues with my therapist and improved in so many ways but we never discussed my ED and it keeps trying to drag me down (changed therapist recently because of it).

You got to find out what lies at the core of your issues with body wants to automatically lose more weight than is healthy unless there is some underlying medical cause where you can't absorb food properly.

Please have a look into this hun and don't stick to any numbers when eating unless they've been set by a dietician. Also consider that maintaining the weight you have right now may not be a good one to maintain...even though all this is hard - but this is called kicking ED's ass:)


Maintaining Ladies: do your thighs touch? Sep 04 2012
19:39 (UTC)

slightly at the top, then there's a gap, then my knees touch

(i'm now a slightly below my 'healthy' weight but a couple kilos more and my thighs won't change)

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 04 2012
18:49 (UTC)

Flowergirl thanks so much, I really appreciate your support:) I remember you for being so good at intuitive eating and your eats also always look so yummy! But gee, do you have to get up that early?? And that is a really long period without food - don't you think you could have something like a muesli/chocolate bar or a small discreet box with nuts or trail mix?:)

Ciana Thanks hun, it feels really good to be back!! I just haven't let go of certain ana issues yet and am struggling with the whole body-mind thing!! But that's what I'm hopefully going to work on with my new therapist and also I'm going to finally do something about all my internal health issues which also keep me from feeling comfortable in my body and eating right- have been unlucky with doctors in the past but I hope it'll work out now! Thanks for your ideas, I'll see what I can do about improving my eats! Haha funny you should say my eats look a little skimpy  - I'm thinking that I'm eating so much now that I started eating more again;) It's definitely scary to eat more again and I'm facing all those certain fears atm...:/ I admit I'm really bad with snacks...I usually underestimate my nutritional needs between meals which is why I find myself ravenously hungry most of the times:S I used to love bananas until recently...I had this aupair job in Switzerland for a month where I didn't really eat anything substantial so I got a little scared of them again....downright silly, I know;) Hope everything's going well for you? Sorry to hear that you've been ill, hopefully you're already getting better!? xxx

Libby Hi! You really seem to love oats and I can completely understand why - I love them especially for breakfast or in oatcakes;) It's definitely not bad to eat them and eating many won't do any harm! Only maybe you should try to bring a little more variety into your diet, I'm thinking of couscous, bulgur, quinoa, buckwheat, rice, semolina... Also with oats themselves you can do lots of different things: how about making your own oatcakes and add some raisins, nuts and/or chocolate to them? I recently tried that out and find them a really satisfying snack for someone with a sweet tooth. For your main meals you could then try something else:)

My eats today:

2 slices wholewheat-bread; 1 pb, 1 marmite& homemade peach-banana jam
2 cups black vanilla tea with 1tsp honey; soymilk

S: small apple, 20g piece of dark chocolate

L: three small wholewheat-bread sandwiches; each smeared with a little rapeseedoil butter, cucumber slices, salad leaf and cheese: 1 feta, 1 parmesan, 1 emmental

'pudding': cup david rio flamingo vanilla chai with tsp cocoa powder, soymilk
2 20g pieces of dark chocolate, 10g piece white coconut chocolate

Oo...a bit too indulgent!?? This could've really gone wrong:/ I don't know why I had this need for CHOCOLATE today? I tried with chai first but it didn't satisfy me...I guess I just thought it's so normal to eat some chocolate...and I thought it would be better to admit to the craving and see it as progress that I want/eat chocolate. I mean I stopped when I had enough...even though of course I felt a little sick because my lunch was maybe really somewhat to big...puh, really don't wanna weigh myself atm and see my weight creeping up the scales;-(

D: 2 slices homemade lasagne with green salad, tomato, vinegar

S: maybe some chai, ovaltine or similar...even though ED is screaming but I'm just so used to having sth:/

Arghh....second day without proper exercise - I feel horrible:/ Except maybe for those few clumsy situps and other wannabe strenghtening exercises;) tmr I'll definitely go for a run:)

Sorry girls if some things I'm writing sound sick and like I'm all obsessive ...I admit that I've been having some setbacks lately and I'm trying hard to fight those:S


Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Sep 03 2012
18:28 (UTC)

Hey girls:)

I don't know if you remember me...It's been a long time since I posted here last time but to say it straight out I haven't been doing so well with maintaining my weight and fighting ED issues :S

Anyway, I've been missing you all and I'd really love to post here again if you all agree - it's always been such an inspiration and I hope that with your support I can get my eats right again and finally maintain a healthy weight! I stopped most of the measuring and don't count...I'd be happy should you have any tips for me regarding my meal plan or else!:)


So here are today's eats:

B: 2 weetabix, cup strawberries, 2 plums, soy yoghurt, soymilk, tsp honey

S: cup coffee with soymilk

L: tomatoes with salad leaves, feta and chopped olives; sprinkled with vinegar and olive oil; matza bread

S: small apple

S: small jar HIPP veggie-puree

S: tall cappuccino with soymilk

D: steamed carrots, beans, celery; rice; sliced tofu, everything sprinkled with olive oil

Maintaining 2012 Friendly Weigh-in Thread for Maintainers! Jul 28 2012
16:46 (UTC)

Could someone please add this? Thanks:)

Rose (100-104) xxx 4.7.........107............105..........104.9 .2...........100.3..........99.2.........

So happy - I've been maintaining!!:D

Maintaining ughhhh vacation... Jul 25 2012
18:05 (UTC)

I agree:) Wait a while (one week or so) and weigh yourself then. Don't have a bad conscience or anything - your body surely was very happy about getting many of those nice and healthy foods!! And besides: we always think it was 'sooo much' whenever we actually enjoy food, right? very likely it was less than you think anyway;)


Maintaining Intuitive eating with no hunger cues? Jul 25 2012
06:39 (UTC)

Ohh I'm a recovering anorexic I also have this problem:) I've been within a healthy weight range for three months now (won't say I've been maintaining because my weight dropped due to this problem but it's still healthy!!) and I find it SO hard to respond to hunger cues. Breakfast is fine...I wake up overly hungry but what happens then most of the times is that my day goes like this: Am I hungry?'m not hungry...Am I hungry NOW?? should be but let's wait...DAMN I NEED FOOD RIGHT NOW I'M FREAKING HUNGRY!!! LoLxD I don't like get this normal 'I'm hungry' signal on time if you know what I mean?? So when I sit down for eating a meal/snack I feel like 'absolutely starved'

I stopped counting calories, weighing  and noting down what I eat some weeks ago although I can't help regularily checking how many calories I really ate now...I got so used to all the amounts etc that they just pop into my mind and I can't do anything about it really...but I don't really sit and calculate anymore I only know most of the times about how many cals I'm roughly eating. Nice thing is: everytime I eat 'intuitively' for a meal I find it is exactly the amount I would've wanted to eat:)

So intuitive eating regarding the amount etc somewhat works at meal times....but definitely not in general!!

I probably (or well, actually I DO) eat a far to little amount for maintainance....I also have this digestive problem where the food stays in my bowel (or whereever??xD) for a really long time...?:S I know this because I have this reflux thing and whenever I drink something it happens that food I ate quite some time ago still comes up...even in the mornings my dinner would come up...yeah, niiiiice:/

So this digestive problem could have something to do with my lack of 'normal' hunger cues too. But the major problem is that I still am sort of afraid of 'eating too much'...I feel full very quickly especially when my digestion isn't working properly.

So here is what I do: I sort of stick to the meal/snack times I set myself  while still in weight recovery (~7-9am, ~10-11am, ~12-1pm, ~3-4pm, ~6-8pm)

I would start out with a good breakfast and then wait and see what happens when I just go and do my usual stuff and when I get hngry again. Usually I would use the clock as a guidance so I for example look at the clock at say 12am and I know I've eaten 2-3hrs before and think 'Okay, now it would be okay to eat I hungry??' If not, I'd wait a while until I think I'm hungry but most of the times until I notice I'm overly hungry...If I don't feel hungry at all I still eat because logic tells me I have to eat something...or other way round: I feel like what I think is hungry, look at the clock and if it's meal/snack time I go and eat something...

What I also started doing is respond to my 'appetite' feeling. I suspect that my 'appetite' feeling is what other people may identify as 'hunger'...:D It's weird I know but since I hardly get this 'empty' feeling most people get (due to my digestive problems I usually feel full down there:S) so I listen to my 'appetite' feeling instead....xD

I think it just takes time...I think the reason why I don't get normal hunger cues yet is because I still feel very uncomfortable around food and have the urge to always eat a bit less because I'm afraid that eating a normal maintainance amount would make me gain...haha sounds logic right??xD You should check if maybe you too still have anxieties that prevent you from getting hungry...or if it's a medical problem or something...

Definitely stop counting calories if it stresses you (unless if maybe you're in danger of really eating far too little) but maybe set yourself times when you think you 'should' eat (like every 2-3hrs) and make your body get used to getting hungry at those times...and if you think you're hungry but are not sure then have something small and if it like 'vanishes';) and you don't feel like you just ate something then have more. It's what I do and I'm again and again surprised when I thought I wasn't hungry but what I just ate simply dissapeared into nowhere.....I realise then that I actuall WAS hungry xD

Sorry, I'm afraid I wasn't of much  of much help...despite typing this long essay-like post;) and since I also struggle:S But I hope you manage to do this and develop normal hunger cues... I think it just takes time and a lot of patience and trust...until you trust your body and your body trusts you..:) 

Btw I think this link rckgrl posted is somewhat helpful too...:)

Good luck

Maintaining 2012 Friendly Weigh-in Thread for Maintainers! Jul 12 2012
13:40 (UTC)

Rose (100-106)  xxx ...   ... 4.7..........107...........105.........104.9. .       &n bsp; . .... .2............

yup...I know:S Honestly, I am surprised myself (I think it may be a little more though...the scale is not 100% accurate) But no lower I know...I'm well aware of that*sigh* I'm working on it... (going to load every meal with olive oil, always use honey for sweetening and the like..^^) Gee, why do I suck at maintainance??xD I guess it's like Shane once put it: I still have this subconscious force that keeps me from eating "too much" --> thus my intake: too little....