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Young Calorie Counters YCC share your 1500+ calories day HERE :) Jun 28 2012
05:43 (UTC)

Trying to put on weight.. Slowly but surely. But to be honest I feel quite disgustingly full.

Breakfast- 1 C. Raisan Bran, 1/2 C. Applesauce, 4oz Cranberry Juice

Lunch- Chili's Kids Cheeseburger and Fries

Snack-Sweet Tea

Dinner(Fajita Night @ my fav. Restaraunt)- 2 Fajitas, 2 Big rolls of fry bread, lots of salad w/ranch

Dessert (@ my brothers)- 2 1/2 semi-Large Cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles.

So tired. & I feel really gross for eating so much tonight, but oh well. Y.O.L.O (:

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 09 2012
20:59 (UTC)

Hey Guy's (: Hope everyone had an awesome easter, mine was wonderful!!

Breakfast- 1/2 c. oatmeal w/milk and raisons. Handful of almonds/walnuts, 3 gulps of a protien shake, and green tea w. honey.

Lunch- 1/2 a Chicken salad sandwich on ww. bread, Snack bag of teddy grahams, 4 oz applesauce, 8oz cranberry/pom. juice

Snack- 1 whole protien shake, 1 medium apple.

pretty healthy huh? what do you guys think? & i havn't had dinner yet but it's gonna be somethin' good ! :D

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Feb 2 - April 20 Mar 05 2012
04:44 (UTC)

Hey i have a pretty imbarressing question, but i would really appreciate an honest answer from all you weight gainers...

Since weight gain from anerexia/bulimia, i've had severe constipation, does anyone else get this? How do you keep eating ? Thanks (:

Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Mar 04 2012
07:07 (UTC)

heylee- Yes, i can see where that would be a motivator! You don't need to get pulled out of school, because i know you are capable of gaining! :) I have noticed that even when i fill myself as much as i can i still am not going anywhere. On those days have to push myself to eat a little more, and know myself that the extra calories i am consuming are getting me closer and closer to recoverying, and being normal again! It totallly feels never ending sometimes though!

TODAY'S (: -

(325)Breakfast- Bowl of Fruit Cocktail (~1.5 cup), Fiber one granola bar. [in a rush!]

(150)Snack- 1/2 c. dry cheerios, 1/2c. froot loops, and raisons in a snack bag (:

(600)Lunch- (out to eat) 1/2 blt chicken sandwich, with small fries & Ketchup

(600)Dinner- BIG salad, w.ranch, 1/2 c. cottage cheese, and 2oz. chicken. 

(600)      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;      &nbs p;   snack- 11oz Chocolate milkshake, Nugo Bar


Total- ~2,300 

Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Mar 02 2012
05:31 (UTC)

Ashkat- Thanks for the support (: & yes i am lactose intolerant.. i can handle foods with a little milk in them, but not milk straight.. its kinda frustrateing :/

Enyways to today's eat's (:

(700)Breakfast- 1 bagel w. Cream cheese, Strawberry Yoplait yogurt, 1/2 c. fruit cocktail. 14 oz Apple juice <3

(550)Lunch- Whole Tuna Fish sandwich, Nugo Bar

(125?)Snack- LOTS of carrots and italian sauce (out of ranch!)

(250)Snack- Unmeasured amount of wheat thins (15?) With about 2 oz Cheddar Cheese

(550)Dinner- 5.5 oz fried chicken, Small/Medium baked potatoe w. butter, 1/2 c. green beans.

(0)Snack- Green tea (;

TOTALS- ~2200!! (: Goodnight !! haha.

Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Mar 01 2012
04:39 (UTC)

Heyy :)  Great Day, except supperr yucky outside :P Rain, and snow mixed ! bleh.

Ashkat-  Chocolate banana white chocolate chip muffins sound delicious! I will have to try making some of them!! (:

Heylee- I feel for you, I got pulled out of sports myself, trying to gain ! It's a struggle but it's totally possible. Just gotta keep pushing forward! Every calorie get's you closer to your goals. That's what i tell myself to keep me motivated. (:

Today's Eating-

Breakfast; Big bowl Frosted mini wheats w/ff lactose free milk, 3/4 c. Fruit Cocktail

Lunch; 1 yoplait yogurt, oranges, 1 PB Protien Bar, and a Gatorade

Snack- 1/2 C. Fruit Cocktail again.. haha

Dinner; Personal Ham, Pepporoni, Mushroom, BlackOlive pizza from Pizza hut, 2 cups of apple juice,

Totals- About 2,000 (: Whoop whoop! :D

Super Full! I need all the support i can get to keep pushing forward through this... I can't do it alone! (:



Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Feb 29 2012
03:46 (UTC)

Hey guys (: Today's eats-

(600)Breakfast- 1 huge cinnamon roll (homeade, just like a cinnabon!!!)  w/ 1 cup Apple Juice.

(360)Lunch- 1 fiber one granola bar, 1 blueberry yoplait yogurt, and 1 orange.

(300)Snack- Vanilla Birthday cupcake, from my friend :) (Friend's birthday, not mine haha)

(700)Dinner- Big bowl of homeade crockpot Chili w. Shredded cheddar and 1 whole grain bread slice w. butter (:

Snack- TBD

Total; 1,960 (but will increase before nightime) :D 

Foods Breakfast ideas? Feb 20 2012
07:34 (UTC)

I make my eggs, by whipping 1 whole egg w/ two egg whites with a splash of milk. Then i scramble them. (Sometimes i put cheese and spinache in my eggs.) I have that with a peice of whole grain toast or english muffin.w/apple juice/OJ- about 300cal.

2 eggs over medium with 2 whole grain pancakes.w/ milk or juice.

Honey nut cheerios with milk, apple

1/2-1 cup oatmeal with raisans and brownsugar.

Yogurt parfait, (any kind of yogurt, mixed berries, small handful of granola.)

There are so many things you can do with breakfast, just mix it up :)




Foods What did YOU eat today? Feb 20 2012
02:40 (UTC)

Today -

Breakfast: Costco poppyseed muffin, Apple W/ Lemonjuice., Water.

Lunch: Peach Yogurt, english muffin, TONS of Nutella

Dinner: Speghetti w/meat sauce, garlic bread, green beans.

Snack; Will be a Glazed doughnut.

Hey i'mma kid what can i say ? ^_^

Foods Sticky --SURVEY--Tuck the tablecloth into your shirt and dig in to... Feb 20 2012
02:35 (UTC)

Best board game snack? Skinney Cow ice cream sandwich

roasted or boiled hot dogs? Roasted

corn on or off the cob? On the cob

Meatloaf or roast beef? Either sounds great

oatmeal with water or milk? Water

best sandwich when you're super hungry? Turkey and swiss panini

Snack that is easy to overeat? Muffins

rather eat three healthier cookies or one unhealthy cookie? One unhealthy cookie

favorite topping for veggies? italian dressing

favorite fruit to cook with? Blueberries/ Tomatoes

best raw veggie? Apples

best dip for raw veggies? Ranch

who would you invite for a dinner party if you could invite anyone? Selena Gomez

favorite appetizer to eat off a toothpick? Green Olives

soup with crackers or bread? Depends.. a bread roll is great !

croutons or nuts in your salad? No thanks!

cake with ice cream or whipped cream? Whipped cream (:

top a baked potato with... Butter, sour cream & chives

top a bowl of healthy whole grain cereal with... sugar: ) hehe.

fries with ketchup or cheese? Ketchup

favorite lazy Sunday morning breakfast? Cinnamon rolls

best romantic dinner? Fettichinne alfredo.

craziest sandwich you've made or eaten? Grilled tuna :)

weirdest ice cream topping? Nutella

if elves existed what would you feed them? Popcorn

how do you like your marshmallows when you cook them over a campfire: flaming, lightly brown, burnt or slightly warmed? Golden brown

salted peanuts or candied peanuts? Candied.

if you could travel anywhere for dinner, where would it be? The Macaroni Grill

best way to use syrup besides putting it on pancakes or waffles? In scrambled eggs

if you could eat sweets all day what would you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Breakfast: Cinnamon roll doughnut, Lunch; box of chocolates, Dinner: Chocolate malt shake (16oz)

eating in the car: hot or not? Hot

pickles with a sandwich: hot or not? Hot

strawberry pie: hot or not? Not

hot sauce: hot or not? Hot

spinach: hot or not? Hot

sushi: hot or not? Gross. Niether

shrimp: hot or not? Hot

favorite thing to eat with....

a fork: Chicken Fettichini

a spoon: Loaded baked potato soup

a stick: marshmellows (:

your fingers: beef Burrito

cinnamon bun or donut? Cinnamon bun

coated with icing or covered in a glaze? covered in glaze

favorite flavor Popsicle? Blue

best hard candy? Spearmint lifesavers

what foods do you play with before you eat them? Teddy grahams (X

do you like keeping your foods separated or mixing things up? mixing things up.

picky eater or adventurous eater? Picky

best dried fruit? Apricots

most energizing snack? Cheese and Crackers

Foods The Breakfast Survey Feb 20 2012
02:20 (UTC)

Best bread for toasting: Bagels <3
Best toast topping: Butter or Cream Cheese.
How do you have your crumpets: ...?
What do you have with your croissants: Butter
How do you like your eggs: Scrambled or over medium
Condiment for your eggs: salt&pepper
Favourite fruit juice: Cranberry Pomegranite
Tea or coffee: Tea ( Coffee is nasty. Js)
Best 'healthy' cereal: Honey nut Cheerios
Best 'kids' cereal: Lucky charms
Best 'treating myself' cereal: Frosted mini wheats
Best hot cereal: Oatmeal w/brown sugar
Best milk: 2%
What's your most delicious oatmeal recipe: Cook the oats, add raisons &brown sugar with a splash of milk (: haha a classic!
Homemade Granola... what would you add: I like Quaker's granola
What fruit in your breakfast smoothie: Mixed berries
What flavour breakfast muffin: Poppyseed
What's in your perfect muesli: I don't eat that..
Ingredients for a breakfast omelette: Eggs, Cheese, Mushrooms, Spinache
What flavour pop tarts: Brown sugar
You're having a proper english 'fry up' what's in yours: 2 eggs, ham, hashbrown & a buttermilk bisquit
Most hated breakfast item: Bacon. :P
What's your xmas morning breakfast: Strawberry waffles w/vanilla ice cream
What's your most common daily breakfast: Frozen Yoplait, with fruit & a granola bar
What's you dream breakfast (calories don't exist here!): 2 eggs& Big stack of Buttermilk pancakes w. Butter and syrup melting down the sides. (Like the box shows!) 

What are we serving with...
Pancakes: orange slices
French Toast: banana's
Waffles: Strawberries & ice cream

Weight Gain Does This Look Like a Weight Gaining Amount? Feb 04 2012
02:40 (UTC)

This recent post you made of what you are eating is A LOT better than the one up top. I am currently in recovery as well, and trust me, i know the beginning is rough but recovery is possible and you have to go through rough things in life. Don't put of this goal! :)

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Dec 2 - Feb 2 Jan 22 2012
17:55 (UTC)

Jennirose- Thanks! haha, before ED recovery I would have never eatin' that.. but now that i'm recovering I go for it! It really helps to eat what I had restricted on, during ED.. (miserable times)

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Dec 2 - Feb 2 Jan 22 2012
17:47 (UTC)
Original Post by coach_k:

Original Post by rosally:

Hey Everyone, how come when i post my meal plans, They keep getting deleted?

I'd really like to post what I am eating to get some support and help me with my weight gain..

thanks! (:

They get deleted because you have not yet posted a meal plan that is within the requirements to post on this thread.

To post in this thread, teens (females) must have meal plans of at least 3000 calorie -- up to this point, you have not.

 Okay, thanks. :) i was wondering about that.. But i have reached 3000, [shown on my un-deleted post]

Thanks again for letting me know

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Dec 2 - Feb 2 Jan 21 2012
03:15 (UTC)

Hi, New here. But ALL your eats look amazeing! Truly Inspireing!


Breakfast- 2 serv. Chex Cereal w/ 1.5 c. 2% Lactose Free Milk, 8oz OJ (Yumm..)(600)

Snack- Homeade Smoothie! .. ( 8oz yogurt, 3/4 c. mixed berries, 3TBS Ground Flax, Splash of milk) (450)

Lunch- 1/2 Box of Kraft Macoroni and cheese with 1 hotdog chopped in. (: [Unhealthy, ED hates me for it, but who cares:!] (600)

Snack- 8oz Orange Juice, 1.5 oz Lays original chips w/2 Tbs Ranch Dip(550)

Dinner- 3 Pieces Pizza, 1C. Green Beans, 8oz Lactose Free Milk, (700)

Snack- Protien Shake, (500)

total- 3400 (: & Feelin' GREAT!!! <3 I love eating everything i enjoy!

Great Day!  && Happy Friday Everyone, *Cheers!*


Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Jan 20 2012
20:35 (UTC)

Age- 13

Height- 5'4


Goal weight- starting towards 100

I am recovering anorexia and need to get back to a healthy weight..

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Dec 2 - Feb 2 Jan 20 2012
19:50 (UTC)

Hey Everyone, how come when i post my meal plans, They keep getting deleted?

I'd really like to post what I am eating to get some support and help me with my weight gain..

thanks! (:

Weight Gain Sticky To all weight gain forum members: please read & respond that you agree before starting threads .... Jan 14 2012
22:25 (UTC)

Ok, thank you for letting us know (:


Foods Favourite Food & Meals Survey - Long! Dec 20 2011
04:00 (UTC)

Breakfast - What is your favourite…

Cold Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats

Hot Cereal: Oatmeal w/brown sugar

Milk: 1 or 2%

Bread for toasting: Everything Bagel

Toast topping: Butter

Fruit Juice: Cranberry

Quick Breakfast: Nugo Bar <Vanilla or Chocolate>

Naughty breakfast treat: Poptarts (X

Way of serving eggs: Scrambled with cheese!

Pastry: Powdered doughnut


Lunch – What is your favourite…

Sandwich: French dip

Wrap: Chicken Salad

Soup: Vegetable beef

Rice Salad: gross.

Pasta Salad: My mommy's (:

Salad: Italian

Dressing: Ranch

Cheese: Cheddar



Snack – What is your favourite…

Crisp/Chip Flavour: Cheese baked chips (:

Chocolate Bar: Baby Ruth

Nut: Almond or Cashews

Seed: Ranch sunflower seeds

Sweets/Candy: Airheads

Doughnut: Old fashioned glaze

Fruit: Pear


Yogurt: Strawberry

Milkshake: Chocolate

Coffee Shop Drink: Tazo Passion Tea

Coffee Shop Snack: Blueberry muffin <3

Biscuit/Cookie: butterscotch oatmeal

Cereal Bar: nature valley oat's n honey


Dinner – What is your favourite…

Pasta dish: Fettechini Alfredo

Mexican meal: Chicken Enchilada's with sour Cream

Chinese Take-away: Egg flower soup, and fried rice

Baked Potato Topping: Cheddar Cheese

Vegetable: Squash

Noodle dish: Macaronii!

Rice dish: Cous Cous

Italian meal: Speghetti's a classic

Comfort Food:Mashed potatos with country gravy

Healthy meal: Chicken and rice

Fish dish: Seafood fettichini

Meat: Steak


Pizza: Pepperoni and Canadian Bacon

Condiment: Ranch

Ultimate Dish: Buffet (;


Dessert – What is your favourite…

Pie: Pumpkin


Cake: Vanilla w/chocolate frosting

Cheesecake: Cherry

Ice Cream: Vanilla Chocolate swirls

Tart: key lime

Hot Dessert: Hot Brownie

Cold Dessert: Cold brownie (;

Ultimate Dessert: Brownie Earthquake (ice cream w/brownie, chocolate syrup,whipped cream, and sprinkles)

Foods Food Survey Apr 25 2011
02:01 (UTC)

Wheat or White Bread? Wheat

Pinto or Lentil Beans? Lentil

Whole Milk,2%,1%,Skim milk? 1%

Spaghetti or ravioli? Speghetti

Boca Burger or Morning Star: Nither

Carrots or cherries? Carrots

Bananas or Strawberries? Strawberries

Tuna or Salmon? Tuna

Turkey or Chicken? Turkey

Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla

Grapes or Cherries? Grapes

Waffles or Pancakes? Either yumm!!

Cake or Muffin? Muffin!!

Fruit or Candy? Fruit

Banana or Strawberry milk shake? Strawberry

Egg white or Whole Eggs? Whole

Water or Orange Juice? Water