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My name is Robyn.  I am getting married in November 2012.  I gained some weight and I'm not as concerned with the weight as I am with how I feel.  I'm always tired so somethings got to give.  I know what I need to do, now I just need to do it.  I have two kids, 12 & 10, boy & girl.  I have a wonderful fiance, whom I met online in Nov 2010.  

In high school I was a dancer, so I know what to do to get in shape I just lack the motivation and really the time to do it.  My fiance lives 84 miles away and we only see each other two days a week.  I need to be able to plan meals, not eat what fast food place my kids pick while we are on the way here or there.   I know that I know that I know the key here is planning!!  


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