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Weight Loss I need help! Dec 08 2013
12:51 (UTC)
The 1600 is what you burn to make your body function. If you are sedentary you multiply that by 1.2 and that's your daily burn. Personally I place my setting at sedentary and log any workouts to err on the side of caution. With that said if you eat the 1600 on non workout days you will have a couple hundred calorie deficit. Then on workout days log your activity and aim for a 500 cal deficit those days. This is a manageable and sustainable goal. Good luck!
Weight Loss I need help! Dec 08 2013
04:22 (UTC)
You are not eating enough. Your resting metabolic rate (rmr) is roughly 1600 calories. This is what you burn just being alive. You should never eat below that number. Increase your intake to 1600 to 1800. Slow and steady wins the race :)
Weight Loss Anyone else drink 1 gallon of water per day? Dec 05 2013
21:24 (UTC)
I drink a gallon minimum...often closer to two. It is the only thing I drink :)
Foods breakfast ideas! Dec 04 2013
21:11 (UTC)
My favorite is plain oatmeal (1/2 cup dry) with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter and a sliced banana all mixed together! Sometimes I substitute Nutella for the PB :) YUM!
Weight Loss Gym fears Nov 19 2013
18:09 (UTC)

I can understand this. When I first started going I worried that I was being judged by others. As I have stuck it out I realize that most everyone is in their own zone and not paying attention at all to what others are doing. I throw on my headphones and enjoy a blissfull hour to myself (something that is kind of hard to come by in my world!). I use it as "my" time and get lost in the music and my workout. Are you overwhelmed because you aren't familiar with the equipment or where to start? I had an employee show me around and give me the basic function of everything. Just stick with will become more comfortable and maybe even learn to like it!

Weight Loss is there such a thing as to much water? Apr 04 2012
20:22 (UTC)
In theory there is such a thing as too much water, mostly in relation to not getting enough electrolytes in addition to the water or drinking a large volume quickly. I would say 64 to 100 oz is not even close to too much. ( I drink about the same amount).
Foods Spaghetti Squash! Apr 03 2012
21:28 (UTC)
I love spaghetti squash. I find alone it really has no flavor but it takes on the flavor of whatever you add it to. think I'm having some tonight, lol!
Weight Loss how many calories do you need to burn. or be in the minus to lose 1kg? Mar 27 2012
15:25 (UTC)
A pound is 3500 calories. 2.2 pounds in a kg. So multiply 3500 by 2.2 and there you go.
Fitness If you could say one thing to someone at the gym Mar 24 2012
00:04 (UTC)
I would say "you worry about your workout and I will worry about mine!" can't stand the judgmental nature of the gym, as evidenced by most of the responses here. I may not be doing it "right" but I'm doing something which is better than nothing.
Motivation when will the little changes show? Mar 09 2012
13:20 (UTC)
Could it just be your bone structure?
Weight Loss Just Calorie Option??? Feb 29 2012
22:01 (UTC)
Create a custom food, that will allow you to put in calories and nutritional info as well as to save for later reuse.
Motivation Suggestions for non-food, inexpensive rewards? Feb 23 2012
23:26 (UTC)
LOVE this! Smart kids!
Motivation Suggestions for non-food, inexpensive rewards? Feb 23 2012
21:18 (UTC)
Not sure if this fits but I treat myself to a pedicure every two weeks when I stick to my goals. I live in Arizona where it is always flip flop weather and between my workouts and being a nurse on my feet 12hr shifts I love a good pedicure! Usually costs me $35 (that's with the tip).
Weight Loss elliptical vs. treadmill Feb 19 2012
10:21 (UTC)
I personally burn more calories on the elliptical. But I think it is like anything, you get out what you put in. Ultimately what you feed your body will matter most. Best wishes on your journey.
Weight Loss Abnormal Thyroid and Losing Weight Feb 07 2012
19:39 (UTC)
I have had hypothyroidism for about ten years now. When I was first diagnosed my yah level came back at somewhere around 23. When my tag is above 2.5ish now I can tell and I don't feel real well. Perhaps they do need to treat and maybe you should seek a second or third opinion. Even when my tag was at it's highest I didn't realize how poorly I felt until it was corrected. Good luck!
Motivation the word game Feb 06 2012
20:00 (UTC)
Foods Low-Cal Salad Toppings Feb 03 2012
16:25 (UTC)
I love shrimp on mine, high protein so it keeps me full. I sautéed the shrimp in a little olive oil and spices then use the leftover oil in the pan as the dressing, YUMMY!
Motivation All It Takes is One Compliment Feb 03 2012
02:34 (UTC)
That is wonderful! It's very motivating when someone notices how good your looking :) keep up the good work!
Motivation Motivational Music???? Feb 02 2012
03:46 (UTC)
Kick start my heart by motley crew. Whenever it comes on my iPod I dig a little deeper!
Foods Gluten Free Gal Jan 29 2012
04:15 (UTC)
Quinoa is gluten free and delicious!! Great alternative to rice, easy to make, and packed with protein and fiber!