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Weight Loss How to eat breakfast when your never hungry in the morning? Sep 09 2009
19:22 (UTC)

i haven't eaten breakfast for years until recently. i've just started to over the past week and a half or so, and i must say that i am now definitely hungry for it. this morning, i had early class and got up grabbed and apple, threw it in my bag and got a coffee. i had my coffe and around 9:30-10 i started getting hungry (woke up about 8:20). Unfortunately, i couln't eat my apple b/c the class was so quiet and i didn't want to be disruptive. i was starting to get a headache and my tummy was making alot of noises by 11:30 (class ended at 12). i basically ran home after to get my oatmeal and apple in me, and some more fruit. i learned my lesson. i plan on packing myself some softer fruits and some dry cereal from now on for breakfast so this doesn't happen anymore. it was seirously awful i couldn't even concentrate. this is coming from someone who last year did not eat a morself of food before 1-2 o'clock in the afternoon and functioned fine. so once you start, you'll probably get hungry. also, i agree with everyone who said you might be eating too much too late. breakfast is seirously great though, i think it really helps with energy and focus!

Weight Loss Anyone looking to lose about 10 -15 pounds! Sep 09 2009
19:14 (UTC)

I'm still in haha.

Weight Loss Anyone looking to lose about 10 -15 pounds! Sep 08 2009
17:34 (UTC)

How's everyone doing so far? I feel so much better. My stomach is already looking flatter, and I am eating more on a daily basis than I used to. This is wonderful haha. I hope everyone else is doing well too! Smile

Weight Loss Is it ok to have a binge day? Sep 07 2009
19:41 (UTC)

Like everyone else has said, don't go there. not full out bingeing. it can eventually turn into a big problem, I have been struggling with this for 2 years now because I tend to restrict too much. I would try to eat 1200-1400 and workout, and I'm already healthy, its just trying to lose like 5 vanity lbs, and would end up bingeing one or twice a week. I always feel so awful after bingeing, and I have realized that I should ALWAYS be good to myself, and bingeing is not being good to myself. So, as of lately, I am upping my calories to between 1600-2000 a day, because I do enjoy working out, this will get me to my goal weight in due time. I am in no rush, and am pretty sure this will completely control the bingeing which will be so nice. But I think you could either up your calories for every day, or have a higher calorie day and indulge a bit, but no one should ever stuff themselves silly-that is what bingeing means to me.

Weight Loss Anyone looking to lose about 10 -15 pounds! Sep 06 2009
21:53 (UTC)

Hi! I want to lose 5-10lbs (10 lbs tops) and take my time doing it! I want to lose 5 lbs by thanksgiving, which means I can eat about 1800 calories a day to get there, which is amazing! I am used to trying to eat 1200-1400 and bingeing, and now I really get why I was bingeing! I was totally not eating enough. I feel like 1800 gives me so much room I'm excited haha. Ok good luck everyone, it would be nice to have this little support group!

Health & Support My social life is ruled by my weight.... Sep 06 2009
17:10 (UTC)

hey gurl! SOrry I didn't reply to your inbox but we should be buddies, I will reply now but I really had to reply to this post. I totally understand you. For me, I'll be like alright I look ok today, and then I see my thinner friend and think, i need to lose a few, i'm a tub of lard. Obviously neither of us are tubs haha. I'm about the same as you, 114ish by now I'm thinking 5'2, and I just want to be at my normal 110...i miss it haha, and feel best around there. So I have come up with a new plan. I was doing what you were doing, trying to eat aroudn 1200-1400 calories a day. After doing this for so long, it is clear that it is not working for me. I still binge, not as bad as it used to be but I do, and for me, I really only tend to gain weight when I binge, not just eating regularly if that makes sense? I had a revelation yesterday....I NEED TO EAT MORE! and so do you! We work out entirely too much to think that our bodies will be satisfied on 1200-1400 calories a day, and we are also too young. Of course I binge. I'm already at a healthy weight, trying to restrict my caloriest to those needed by the smallest sedentary woman alive. My new plan. I'm going to eat between 1600-2000 calories/day to lose 4-5 lbs by around thanksgiving. I plan on losing about half a lb a week, which I have found in the past is best for me to keep it off. I would almost put money on me not bingeing for the entire week, as long as I make sure i eat enough, and allow myself some treats in there! I'm planning out my meals each night before hand-and treating myself like a friend rather than like myself b/c I'm entirely too hard on myself. I plan on eating peanut m&ms, pringles, and ice cream this week, all while staying in this limit. I know being short makes it seem like we don't need alot of food, but if we are going to be active, we need more than we are getting. It seems insane to me to think that i will lose on an average of 1800 calories a day...yet I know I will. Its briliant. I can even fit in drinks with my friends no problem and still be able to eat normally that day. So if you can, try and relax. I'll inbox you later so we can keep each other healthy and motivated!

Weight Loss Can't stop eating Sep 06 2009
16:50 (UTC)

this has happened to me, usually not for 2 full weeks, but it kinda just happened this past week. ate alot sunday and monday, and again friday and yesterday. i think this happens to everyone, and along with what fidget said, especially to those of us who exercise alot and try to only eat a certain amount each day. I am upping my calories. It has taken me probably 2 full years to finally realize yesterday that I try to restrict too much, which is what causes me to binge. i mean, i've realized it before and wanted to change it, but now i'm actually ready. Stupid huh. It seems simple now. I would put money on the fact that I won't binge this entire week as long as I make sure I eat enough. are you trying to lose or maintain? I am trying to lose, a very little bit, very slowly. I want to be down 4-5 lbs by thanksgiving is how slowly. In the past, my best success with losing is when I really just take my time, eat right and workout normally-not to excess, which is hard for me as it may be for you also. So i would say make sure you are eating enough, and also like baby_angel_love mentioned, make sure you are allowing proper treats. thats one of the best things about working out-there is always a little more room for a treat! haha. also, if you can try not stress too much! I always do and it just makes things worse. Remember that you look exactly the same to everyone else, and that some of those lbs are probably just water weight and will come off in a week or so. I'd stay away from the scale for a bit too and just focus on your health!

Weight Loss "Dieting" without a scale? Sep 05 2009
21:52 (UTC)

I'm a college student also, and wanted to lose a little weight that I had put on last year (like you I'm still healthy but I just am used to being a bit smaller than the weight I had reached) and its looking like I'm going to need to start doing that again this year too haha. But I lost a good 3-5 lbs the first semester without using a scale. I weighed myself the day that I left and not again until thanksgiving break. we have a scale in the gym, but I don't feel comfortable using it, so I don't. I went alot by how my clothes fit (although I realize this isn't always the best indicator) and basically just did my best to make good decisions and work out. I lost another 3-4 lbs the following semester, again not weighing myself for a good 4 months at a time. I think this system works well for me for a few reasons. I, like you, do not want to get a scale for my apartment. It would drive me up a wall. I know I would weigh myself when I shouldn't-days after drinking and eating pizza, after downing some ice cream while stressing for a test-and so on and get upset by it. Also, this way gives me plenty of time to lose the extra weight. when you are already healthy, it takes awhile to lose 5 lbs. Now I have until thanksgiving to get back to my 110 goal. I like that thought. It gives me room to have fun, mess up every now and then, but basically make good decisions for the next months, and hopefully see the scale go down. I can usually feel extra weight on myself. So it can be done. Also counting calories helped me a ton the second semester, you can basically make sure you lose weight/do not gain weight. Good luck!

Fitness Its not even noon yet..and i've already burned over 1200 calories Sep 05 2009
16:24 (UTC)

yes the elliptical is lying to you. haha. i think a better estimate would be 600-700 tops that you can burn on an elliptical in an hour. ours have a thing so you can input your age and weight and then it tells you how many calories you burn. even if i am going very hard, and i'm in pretty good shape, i have never burned more than 600 something in an hour. and I kinda dont believe i even burn that much on there b/c if you look on websites and such, they say the burn is much lower. i would estimate it around 600 if you were working hard tops, and use that to figure out your calories for the day.

Weight Loss Eating out ideas? Sep 04 2009
02:23 (UTC)

when i went on vaca to japan i ate out for dinner every single night except 2 over the course of 18 days, and some lunches also. i was at my lowest weight ever when i came home, to my surprise. the most important thing i think is just watch the portion sizes. less food was served, and i don't ever eat my whole meal when i go out for the most part. as soon as i felt a bit full i would stop. i ate whatever i wanted, alot of times other people ordered for me-we woudl all share a few dishes thats how my aunt and uncle like to do it which was nice to try everything. also, if there was anything that i didn't want, i wouldn't eat it. this may sound stupid and simple, but i used to eat things just because they were there. also, i tried to make better choices when possible. less pasta, more chicken and veggies, only one slice of bread, you know those kinds of things. before this trip i never thought it would be possible to eat out that much and lose, but it totally is!

Foods How do you like your coffee? Sep 04 2009
02:15 (UTC)

I usually have a 16 oz coffee, sometimes 20, with splenda and enough half and half to turn the color nice...not to dark not too light. i can't imagine it to actually be that many calories...its like a splish splash, a serving of half and half is only 40 cals which relly isnt that bad. i always estimate my coffee at 50 cals which is completely worth it. now i think i might be crazy though b/c no one else uses reg. half and half! at home i use ff half and half but the good stuff at school!

Weight Loss How do you (do you?) fit treats into your allowance? Sep 03 2009
20:47 (UTC)

Why don't you try to work out a little bit if you don't already, or a tad more if you do when you want an extra treat? its not very difficult to burn off 150-200 calories which would alot for your treat. if you do something intense, you will definitely burn that off in about 20 minutes, a little less intense in about 30.

Weight Loss Should I just accept it? Sep 02 2009
04:02 (UTC)

oh really?  thats good hhaha i think i am medium framed, i took a few online test before and they say i am so idk. I'm probably about 115 now I think, maybe a tad lighter in a few days once the water retention goes down. i know no one else can probably tell that I look any different, but I seriously feel so much larger today than normal haha. oh well, its just so hard waiting a few days to feel back to normal sometimes.

Weight Loss 5ft 2" and 122 lbs Sep 01 2009
19:24 (UTC)

siren1603, i think you should proud that you have already lost a pound in 9 days! that is good, healthy weight loss that you will be able to keep off. Everyone here is already medically healthy, which makes it more difficult and slower to lose weight, you know? I am similar to all of you, 5'2 probably about 115 lbs now, but I am trying to get into the habit of eating more normally and healthfully. I have had binge eating problems for the past 2 years, so I'm trying to fix that. I've gotten down to 105ish, but I don't think that my body is happy there. My goal right now is to maintain my weight (if I am at 115, I'm not weighing myself for a week b/c the past 2 days have truly been horrific! ha) and if my body wants to, lose a few pounds, but if not I'm fine with being in the 113-115 area! I like to have a little wiggle room for holidays, birthdays, just days you feel like eating some junk, etc, and i don't really believe it is healthy to ry to weigh exactly the same thing all the time (i would prefer 115 to be my higher weight though). I will do well for about a week now, and then binge. So I'm going to up my calories a bit in hopes of stopping all of this! I work out plenty, and it would be nice if we could all motivate each other to keep our healthy habits!

also i agree with nicole. 1200 calories a day is really low. i know i end up bingeing if I only eat 1200 for a few days because its just not enough, especially if you are working out!

Does anyone have good dinner ideas with protein? I am making grilled chicken with veggies tonight, but I would like some new (not too expensive) ideas because I doubt that I get enough protein. Also I'm in college, so if they could be kind of simple that would be helpful b/c the grocercy store is limited around here! Thanks! Good luck everyone!

Weight Loss Should I just accept it? Sep 01 2009
17:52 (UTC)

i am so proud of myself. i had a yogurt for breakfast b/c i wasn't that hungry but knew i needed to get something in me with lots of water, and just had a coffee and whole wheat bagel for lunch. so far so good. i can't wait to workout after class today since I haven't in like 3 days b/c i hurt my groin, have been busy, and then binged. I know in a couple of days if I keep this up, I will be all back to normal. i just need to keep reminding myself that i need to always eat meals. i plan on having a bigger breakfast tomorrow b/c i'll be hungrier. i plan on having some fruit as a snack later, and some grilled chicken with lots of veggies and a side salad for dinner and maybe like a glass of milk and more fruit tonight. i really want to make sure i get enough protein b/c i know i tend to slack in that area. ok thanks for all the help. any other helpful hints are welcome!

Weight Loss Should I just accept it? Sep 01 2009
03:39 (UTC)

i'm 20, and i don't think this is overexercising for me. last year, after a binge i would sometimes go for 9-10 mile runs the next day, then go on the elliptical for over an hour, then weight train. and on normal days i'd run 5-6 miles and then go on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes and sometimes weight train. i know alot of people who run 5+ miles daily? I pretty much always take off a day a week. in the summer i play soccer 1/2 days a week but i won't be playing again for another month or so, and then it will only be once a week. i don't really think 1-11/2 hours/day 6 days a week is really overexercising? i mean i've been a runner all my life so its not like i want to stop or just run 2 miles or anything, my running time is my stress relieving time, plus i like to do 10ks (6.2 miles) and i train for them from time to time-one at the end of this month. btw, i'm totally not trying to be rude or anything (sometimes it comes across that way online) i'm just letting you know that i lead a pretty active lifestyle normally-5-6 miles is evnjoyable for me, not punishment like 10+ is you know? do you think i should make myself run less to get this under control? I am open to all suggestions!

this website says i burn almost 1500 sedentary, so if i run for an hour thats another 500 cals, adn weight training is probably only 100-200, so i'm getting about 2100-2200 most of the time to maintain? that seems like so much. this is probably why i have a problem. Another thing. Tomorrow. Right now my stomach hurts from the food still. If I'm not hungry in the morning, should I make myself eat something?

Weight Loss i failed Aug 31 2009
23:06 (UTC)

Hi. I don't know if this will help you or not, but I just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone on this. I am so frustrated you would not believe. I feel like everytime I begin to make progress, I relapse. I did well tuesday-saturday all last week. Then yesterday, out of nowhere, I started craving chocolate and ice cream. I shouldn't have given in, but I did (along with a bunch of other things). Then today I planned on doing "well" which totally backfired. I planned to only eat fruit until my work out at 3ish after class. I wasn't very hungry the entire day. Until I got back to my apartment at 3ish. I started with something healthy, an apple and a turkey sandwich. Unfortunately we have banana bread sitting in our kitchen so I moved on to that. Then some dried fruit. and a bagel. I was going to go run, but then decided not to, and ended up eating alot more. Here I am less than an hour later feeling so awful about myself. I've been crying for the past 30 minutes b/c I have been fighting this for 2 years now and it still hasn't gone away. I seriously just want to be normal. I don't know what to do anymore. I talked to my family but they have never been through this so they only sort of unerstand. I really don't want to go to therapy if it can be avoided. I know that I need to get up tomorrow and eat a good healthy breakfast, followed by a good healthy lunch. Then I need to go for a run, and enjoy it rather than worry about the amount of calories I am burning. Then I need to come back, take a relaxing shower and have some dinner. Its so easily said, but so difficult for me to do for some reason. I never want to feel this awful about myself ever again, especially because of something so stupid as eating. Its totally ridiculous if you think about it, but so difficult to overcome. Maybe we can encourage and help each other to stop bingeing.

I have decided I am going to focus more on having a better life to try to curb this habit. Rather than focusing on my size so much, I am going to try to shoot for a high quality of life. I don't even really need to lose weight, I am perfectly normal, it is just vanity lbs. Good luck, and I hope if anything, it just helps make you feel a little better knowing you aren't the only one.

Maintaining how do you know if your body can maintain on more calories? Aug 30 2009
21:43 (UTC)

Everyone is different. Obviously these online calculators are mere estimates, and represent the average. for all we know they could even be a little on the low end. also, you are very slim, obviously not dangerously so, but even still that could signify that you have a faster metabolism than most. what about your parents and other family members, are they slim? my mothers side of the family is quite slim, my fathers not so much, but more due to bad habits. I have found that if I calorie count, I undereat for my body because I think I need less than I really do.

Also, you may have built up a lot of lean muscle mass over the years which could make your metabolism faster than the norm. As long as you aren't bingeing I wouldn't really worry about it. Maybe try not counting for a little while and going off of your body cues (if you can do this without undereating b/c i believe i read you have had an e.d. in the past and i know sometimes its hard to eat enough without counting for people who have had e.d.s before). I always feel guilty if I eat 2500-3000 ever, even if my body feels good when I count them. It just seems like so much! now i'm trying to not count and just listen to my body. somedays it seems i take in less than i need, and others more. i think that's just how it is, and no online calculator can tell you exactly how many calories you need each day.

Weight Loss Nutrition for women calculator Aug 29 2009
01:43 (UTC)

It says I can eat a ton and reach my goal weight slowly. Like literally what my maintenance is calculated on here. hmm...i wish it to be right haha

Health & Support I'm confused by my calorie habits... Aug 24 2009
05:09 (UTC)

hi you sound so much like me! my first year of college i gained weight from bingeing. i spent last year getting it off, i'm 5'2, was up to 118ish and dropped back to my normal 110-112 range when i came home for thanksgiving break. i maintained that well throughout the year, and ended up losing more. when i got weighed at the doctor's at the beginning of summer, i was down to 108, which shocked me haha i'm always heavier at the doctor's too. anyway, i went to japan hated alot of the food, and i think lost more weight. so i came back, and was bingeing within the day that i got home. i got back up to 108-110. just weighed last week, and was up to 115, now im at 113 after watching what ive been eating.

sorry for that long-winded paragraph. but while i was losing weight during the year, i worked out alot. i would sometimes eat 800-900 calories a day and would burn that much, sometimes more in working out alone. i still binged, so i'm wondering if thats what kept my metabolism up. ive been really loose with my diet lately, but i still find that the calorie amounts i'm supposed to maintain/lose on still work for me. i'm never going to eat that little again, b/c it really made my bingeing problem worse-i've been doing so much better with it lately b/c im eating normal amounts. but i dont think its exactly the same as eating 800 calories a day if you eat 1300 and burn 500. i mean it is sort of, but i think it is considered more healthy to eat 1300 and burn 500 than just eat 800 b/c if you think about it, you are keeping your metabolism up more, because you are still eating more calories which your body has to break down even if it uses them, and on top of that, the exercise you do further increases your metabolism.

also, do you maybe want to be weight loss buddies? i'm at the exact same point as you, want to get to 108-110 again. i was doing good this week except i just came home from work really hungry tonight and ate up to my maintenance in oatmeal, tortilla chips, a cheese stick and a little candy....healthy haha. im 20 also and am in college and enjoy exercising so we might be able to motivate each other!