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Games & Challenges 5 Week Yoga Challenge - Starting 27th June Jul 03 2016
19:59 (UTC)

Weekly Yoga Session goal: 5/7 
Start weight: 151.9
Goal Weight: 148
Weight loss so far:0

Week 1: 3
Week 2: 
Week 3: 
Week 4: 
Week 5: 


Notes: Didn't quite reach my goal of 5 this week. Friday I got stuck at work late, and Saturday I came down with a cold so the weekend i've spent feeling drowsey and groggy as hell. *-* 

The Lounge The spammers are out in force. Jun 27 2016
20:38 (UTC)

Hm yes, I guess so! I tried a few other apps but never found they had the same nutritional detail. They seem just focused on the basic Calorie, protein, carb and fat totals. Where as I want to be able to track my iron especially.

And yes - the app for Calorie Count is terrible, very un-userfriendly and cumbersome.
If I have to log on my phone, I use the website instead of the app.

Games & Challenges 5 Week Yoga Challenge - Starting 27th June Jun 27 2016
20:28 (UTC)

Welcome aboard, Sephiroth66! :)

Fitness 5 Week Yoga Challenge - Starting 27th June (join any time) Jun 27 2016
20:18 (UTC)
Original Post by petite_chicago:

Hi :)

I like the idea. For me :

  • I'll count the BodyBalance classes I do at my gym towards the total
  • I'll try to add, as part of this challenge, short stretching sessions in the morning or the evening at home

Since I already do strength building activities at the gym, I'll focus on stretching for this challenge :)



Cool! Welcome aboard, Petite_Chicago! Body Balance classes totally count.

Jump over to the thread on the Games and Challenges forum (or follow the link above) to find the challenge thread with the form, etc.

The Lounge The spammers are out in force. Jun 27 2016
07:31 (UTC)
Original Post by dnrothx:

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Are there any moderators left?

A quick check shows that only 7 of the total mods even logged in this month. Many have not logged in since 2015.....and further back.

Pfft.  There's not enough work for that many mods anymore given the posting rates.  Time to cut back the staff.

Why's it so quiet now?? I haven't used this site in a couple of years but started back up again in the last couple weeks to track my attempt to become more fit... But when I used to use it religiously, it was always so busy. People posting constantly. Did everyone move to a better website or something? haha

Games & Challenges 5 Week Yoga Challenge - Starting 27th June Jun 24 2016
23:14 (UTC)



Weekly Yoga Session goal: 5/7 (however many days per week you choose)
Start weight: 151.9
Goal Weight: 148
Weight loss so far:

Week 1: (session total)
Week 2: (session total)
Week 3: (session total)
Week 4: (session total)
Week 5: (session total)


Notes: (Any classes you recommend, any achievements you've made in your poses, etc.)

My personal favourite youtube work out vlogger - Ali Kamenova.
I'll be alternating between this Leg/Butt/Inner thigh video ( mp;index=10&list=PLGMRtPCNARNPAFkh9FgbDvR YEZODHs-UQ) and a simple 25 minute back stretching video throughout the week. :) 

Games & Challenges 5 Week Yoga Challenge - Starting 27th June Jun 22 2016
02:22 (UTC)


Games & Challenges 2nd QUARTER Challenge 2016 ~ JOIN ANYTIME! April 1 - June 30 Jun 16 2016
23:37 (UTC)

I am a medium frame :)

Games & Challenges 2nd QUARTER Challenge 2016 ~ JOIN ANYTIME! April 1 - June 30 Jun 16 2016
09:35 (UTC)


NAME: Claire

Starting weight:150lbs

Goal Weight: 147lbs

A LITTLE ABOUT YOU OR WHY YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CHALLENGE: I know the month is almost over so it's kind of silly, but if I leave it then I'll forget to join the 3rd quarter challenge!! If you don't want to add me into the file because its so late, I totally understand! This is more to get me to remind myself to join the next one!
 I have been an on-and-off CC user for about 10 years. Jumping back in as I gained a bit of weight recently and also because I need to get better at tracking my nutritional intake (trying to up my iron consumption :)).

STATE: New Zealand

Age: 25

Height: 5'10"

Weigh-in day: Thursday



Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game May 19 2014
07:50 (UTC)


Vegetarian new at this May 19 2014
07:40 (UTC)

Vegetarian protein sources would include legumes such as chickpeas, all the different breeds of dried beans like black beans, pinto, red kidney, butter, etc. All the types of lentils (they all have their own slight variations on flavour and texture, my favourite being the black Puy Lentils or black french lentils).
If you are able to eat soy, then that is another option, when in moderation. I personally am allergic to it so rely on legumes for my protein.

Cheeses also have a fair bit of protein, but high in calorie of course.

Weight Loss Is it better to eat more calories and lose weight, or less calories and lose weight? May 16 2014
11:42 (UTC)

I think it depends on what you are eating, but that is just my opinion.
If you are getting all the nutrients you need on 1700, then sure. But you probably aren't, because if you are working out a lot, your body needs more protein, and more of everything, to repair and recover from said calorie burning.

I.E. you can't drive a car successfully for 100k's when you only put $10 gas in

Are those 1700 calories all used up on protein packed meat, whole grains, seeds, nuts? Or do you waste them in things that are nutritionally lacking like cereal or junk food or bread?

You could eat nuts, seeds, nut spreads, coconut oil, cheeses, meats.... these are all nutritional dense and healthy high calorie foods.

(I don't know how much you burn in a day so I'll just edit to add: Try to keep your deficits to nothing too much higher than 500. if you're burning 2700, then yeah, eat 2200)

Weight Loss Im going crazy!!!! May 16 2014
11:36 (UTC)

You are consuming under 1000 calories a day???

Assuming this is what you meant, please consider the following.

Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs to function on this level of calories?
WHY do you want to lose "just 5 more pounds"?

I think those are the two most important questions right now, not "Why am I not losing weight?"

If it is simply that you want your body to be more toned than it is now, I.E. less jiggle when you wiggle - Do this radical thing a trainer once told me. Eat the same amount of calories as you burn throughout the day, and do strength training. Your body shape will change drastically without "Losing weight".. After all, a number on a scale is just a number.

....Just think of your long term health. There is no point being skinny now, if in 10 years time your bodies physical and mental health start crapping out because you didn't feed it what it needed for years.

Vegetarian Being made fun of for being a vegetarian Sep 03 2013
10:46 (UTC)

Unfortunately this is kind of just something we have to put up with. I don't like it but it's a fact of life. When you do something that is out of the "norm", a lot of people will think there is something wrong with you.

Try not to let them get you down and focus on being the healthiest vegetarian you can be in order to prove to them that vegetarians can actually be healthy people!

Regarding the "low iron, dizzy spells and low b12", make sure you are eating a lot of dairy products, lentils, beans, and eggs if you don't mind them.
Fruits and veg are great but you need lots of protein too.
Think... Less grains and more legumes and veggies.
Considering their caloric content grains have less to offer than legumes and vegetables and dairy.
A little brown rice with your meals or maybe something like quinoa will do you good.

Also a little tip eating whole grains with beans helps with the absorption of iron and protein from the beans. So, think whole wheat or corn tortias with beans, or brown rice with beans.


Stay positive.

Foods First non-vegetarian meal idea... Sep 03 2013
10:38 (UTC)

Free range organic chicken and I guess sea food. But then I take it vegetarianism wasn't an ethical thing for you?

In which case what does it matter? Eat whatever you want.

Fitness What was your workout today? Feb 01 2013
09:27 (UTC)

Ugh wasn't able to go to the gym yesterday so combined the two days.

Treadmill - 30 minutes (5 minute warm up, 20 minutes repeating 300 metres at 9k then 100 metres at 12k, 5 minute cool down)

Weight Machines -

  Pec fly L5x8, L4x8x2
  Seated Row L5 8x3
  Assisted chin up (struggled with this, don't know why, arms were so weak today)
  L9x6, L10 x 6 then x6 again. (had been doing L9 (which is better) 8x3 so I'm super disappointed and it put me in a **** mood...)

Free weights:

  6 assorted moves, 8x3

   Squats 12x3
   Lunges 12x3 (each leg)
   *move I don't know name of... on all fours, kick leg back, bring forward, raise to the side* 12x3
   *second move I don't know name of... on all fours, one leg raised to side, kicking* 12x3

   20 minutes of bliss, my favourite part of my workout.

Fitness still feel like im not working out properly! Jan 30 2013
00:55 (UTC)

Are you walking up hills? If it's level ground, even with 3 hours walking you should be able to still do at least a few rounds of leg workouts a week.
I work in retail, I'm walking all day at work.... still run at the gym before or after, still do a leg routine twice a week. Maybe you need to break free from this "I can't" mentality. You will get further if you are more positive and believe in your bodies own capabilities.

Personally I think littlesimongeorge actually gave you a really nice list of things that would get you upper body strength faster and more effectively... Maybe you should re-read his post.

Weight Loss Title Jan 06 2013
23:11 (UTC)

Ok a US size 6 is a NZ size 8, just looked it up, your legs are fine! An NZ size 8 is small! and a 5 is slightly less than that.
Stop obsessing over your body and find something better to focus your energy on.

Weight Loss Title Jan 06 2013
23:04 (UTC)

Hmm. You're young, learn to love your genetics.
If you have muscular legs then be glad you have muscle mass instead of fat.
If it's muscles I don't think it would be healthy to try and reduce it.

How tall are you? Or, rather, what BMI are you?

If you don't know what to eat thats healthy then... Try and stick to unprocessed foods as much as possible.

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit, milk, maybe some nuts like chopped almonds or walnuts.

Snacks: nuts and fruit

Lunch: Salad or a pile of veggies cooked another way (except fried), some form of protein like lentils, eggs, beans - or meat if you are that way inclined.

Snacks: more nuts or fruit, maybe a salad, yogurt perhaps, glass of milk and a banana maybe? perhaps a smoothie?

Dinner: more vegetables or salad, maybe some brown rice, form of protein, lentils, eggs, beans, or meat.

Drink only water.

Weight Loss Naps Jan 06 2013
22:58 (UTC)

Yes. I'm sure taking naps even helps a lot of people with their weight loss as it refreshes them without needing to eat.