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Weight Loss Confused and a bit freaked. Nov 15 2011
11:35 (UTC)

Maybe the weight gain and increase in stomach size could be because you're expecting your period? I always gain weight (5-8lbs) about a week before my period and my stomach gets so bloated too.

Health & Support . Nov 11 2011
21:01 (UTC)

Hey! I don;t have a ED (or at least I hope I don't) but I can relate to what you posted. I experience the same thing, it really is stressful/scary. I hate lying in bed, not being able to sleep, and then when I finally do, waking up after nightmares screaming, and then feeling that icy cold chill...ughhh it is awful. What my friend (doctor) recommended is Melatonin. You can buy pills, its a naturally occurring thing in your body which makes it easier to sleep, and can help with the nightmares/chill.

Also maybe you're stressed or worried about something on a deeper level? I studied sleep pattern/ dreams in Psychology and re-occurring nightmares/chills are often a symptom of a deeper issue which you're trying to avoid/repress. Try maybe talking to someone/writing down the feeling you have before you sleep, and of you get up after a nightmare, write down what it was and how you were feeling before and look for a pattern.

Hope this makes sense or helps :)

Weight Loss Using "that time of the month" as an excuse to binge Nov 11 2011
20:52 (UTC)

Oh my gosh!!! I can so totally relate! I think it is a week before my period and I'm having the worst time ever when it comes to food! I mean I'll eat healthy food, and be full, but its like my body is CRAVING the junk food so bad, and I always usually give in because I think, Oh I'm getting my period etc. And I end up eating SO SO VERY MUCCHHH!!!

So annoying. To make matters worse I also get so bloated and always gain anywhere from 5-8lbs before my period. So i can never tell if its water weight or weight due to my excessive eating...arrghh...!!


Weight Loss Have I gained weight? Or is it bloating? Nov 11 2011
20:48 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply, I was really starting to worry!

It has been almost 3-4 days and my stomach hasn't gone back to ''normal''. I'm really hoping that it is just all the water retention and stuff. Hopefully I'm going to head down to the gym tomorrow, and that should help a bit.

Thaaankks :D

Weight Loss What mistakes have you made? Nov 10 2011
20:18 (UTC)


Turns out my usual ''bowl'' of cereal was actual three-four servings rather than One!

Calorie Count Calorie Count toolbar Question Nov 09 2011
11:31 (UTC)

I tried that, but I don't see any delete button..hmm...maybe i'll uninstall it then try again. Thanks for your help!

The Lounge It's cold and rainy and I am getting sick... Nov 08 2011
19:47 (UTC)

When I[m feeling sick and down, food comforts me to an extent, but what really makes me feel better is a hug from mum :)

Motivation Out of the Closet Nov 08 2011
09:57 (UTC)

I feel for you. My friends don't know how much I *really* eat. When we go out, I can control myself. At home, when it is just me, i lose control and eat the worst food ever.

Well done on ''coming out'' it is hard, but it is the first step. You'll get all the support and more over here. You can do it.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts! All the best!

The Lounge How much time per day do you spend on this site? Nov 07 2011
20:38 (UTC)

Thanks for all the replies! I showed my sister the posts and you should have seen the look on her face haha! :)

Games & Challenges Teens wanting to lose 10-15 or more lbs by Christmas!!!1ST 10 PEOPLE ONLY~ Nov 05 2011
06:31 (UTC)

Sorry about not posting yesterday!



CW: 136

Arghhh!! Well it has been a pretty bad week in terms of food and eating...with halloween and other stuff going on, plus I haven't hit the gym because I'm recovering from Surgery...Next week!!

@angel - 2lbs! Thats great :)

@Ashleey- Well done, you lost a pound...which is better then me gaining a pound haha! Don't sweat it, next week we'll see big numbers :)

Motivation What Do You Hate Most About Being The "Fat Friend" Nov 04 2011
13:23 (UTC)

It annoys me when my friends and I sit down to eat, and if there are any left overs, all my mates expect me, being the ''fat one'' to finish  them.

Young Calorie Counters Greetings From Ny Oct 29 2011
20:48 (UTC)

Congrats on losing 3.6lbs in a week! Thats great :)! And also, like everyone else said, minimum of 1500 calories is the way to go, 500 calories is waaaay too low..!

If you ever want any support or a buddy I'll be more than happy to help out, I'm 5''0 (Shorter i think :P) and 135 pounds.

Games & Challenges Teens wanting to lose 10-15 or more lbs by Christmas!!!1ST 10 PEOPLE ONLY~ Oct 29 2011
18:54 (UTC)


I'll join!

I'm 5'0, 135 pounds. I'd like to lose 10-15lbs and get in shape! Friday sounds good as a weight day..I'm 18 by the way, is that too old?

Fitness No More Trouble Zones Oct 28 2011
15:15 (UTC)

NMTZ is fantastic! It is a tough work out but is awesome! I still have trouble finishing some of the sets and do the easy modification of the exercises yet I'm drenched in sweat after I'm done! 

Fitness No More Trouble Zones Oct 28 2011
15:15 (UTC)

NMTZ is fantastic! It is a tough work out but is awesome! I still have trouble finishing some of the sets and do the easy modification of the exercises yet I'm drenched in sweat after I'm done! 

Weight Loss I am /destroying/ my body. Oct 28 2011
14:31 (UTC)

I can relate to everything you posted. I'm 5'0 and 135 pounds. I'm a binge eater too.

My life pretty much revolves around food. I've been bulimic, but have stopped because of the severe damage it caused to my teeth and the rest of my body.

My grades dropped too, because rather than studying, I was eating, eating and eating and constantly thinking about food. And when I'd sit down to study, I could never focus because A) I was thinking about Food  B) I'd just binged and purged so I'd be too exhausted to study.

As I type this, I've just finished binging (2 loafs of bread, Ice cream, Banana, custard etc) even though I just got my wisdom teeth removed three days ago.

I don't know why I binge either. It's not because I'm stressed or depressed or like that. I just start with a bite of something...and then lose all control and it turns into a FULL blown out binge...

Health & Support Just got my Wisdom teeth extracted Oct 26 2011
10:34 (UTC)

Thanks for your help, untiedshoelaces!

Today is the first day after my surgery, my mouth is so sore and my face is so swollen, I can barely open it, the thought of chewing something sounds so painful, so I guess it sounds right that it will take about one week till I can start to eat solid types of food again.

I'm going to be eating so much ice cream haha :)!


Health & Support Just got my Wisdom teeth extracted Oct 26 2011
00:50 (UTC)

Thanks Bierorama and Wordsmithmkuk!

I had some apple juice and and mashed banana for breakfast, followed by by all the medication, then I gargled some salt water...

Hope you're feeling better Bierorama...!

And ouch! That sounds so painful, Wordsmithmkuk, I'm definitely not going to have rice Tongue out

The Lounge I'm jealous of my Sister Sep 30 2011
17:09 (UTC)

Awww :) :) Thanks!! That cheered up so muchhh!! I feel so silly now for posting this topic

Weight Loss I want to lose 31 pounds Dec 01 2010
23:17 (UTC)