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Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Mar 14 2007
12:38 (UTC)
are we still weighing in on this thread? cause i've never been the first one to do it :O


Team 1 - 189.5 lbs

(yeah, i'm not too happy about this)
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Mar 07 2007
13:18 (UTC)
Team 1: 187.5 lbs
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Feb 28 2007
13:23 (UTC)
Team 1
(about 2.5 pounds lost)
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Feb 14 2007
13:30 (UTC)
Team 1

maintained from last week D:
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Feb 07 2007
13:06 (UTC)
Team 1: 189.5 lbs

Bums Away everyone :)
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Jan 31 2007
13:08 (UTC)
heya everyone :)

Team 1- 191.0 pounds
(only down .5 from last week, but i'm glad i at least maintained it)

Bums Away!!
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Jan 24 2007
14:28 (UTC)
Team 1
This week: 191.5

Last week: 200.0

(I honestly checked my scale about 5 times)

Bums Away!!
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Jan 17 2007
14:00 (UTC)
Team 1 - weighing 200lbs D:
at least i didn't gain any :\
Foods Does anyone else experience Bottomless Hunger? Jan 17 2007
04:19 (UTC)
I'm fairly new at all this too, but I'll do my best in telling you what I see. It seems you're eating rather healthy food (minus the cake, but it was only a tiny slice) which is good, but maybe you're just not taking in the right amount of calories? If you exercise a lot, you need more calories to keep you going.

I think a 400-500 calorie difference between what you burn and what you eat is healthy (although I'm NOT sure and anyone else posting should correct me).
It's either this, or you need more protein? I know that the eggs and tuna are a good source, but i'm not sure about the rest.

Anywho, I have had days where I was just hungry, not matter what I ate, but that was usually when I was highly active and needed more to sustain me.

Good luck with this!

One more thing! If you haven't yet, use the tools on the site to show you an estimated calorie expenditure and allowance. It'll show you how much you burn and how much you should be eating :)
Games & Challenges Team 1: Bums Away!! Jan 16 2007
19:32 (UTC)
Thanks for the advice Ren :) My knee's feeling better today, and I'll stick with walking my dog today and maybe tomorrow.

Also, like most eveyone else, my goal is to lose 20lbs :)
Good luck tomorrow everyone!!
Games & Challenges Team 1: Bums Away!! Jan 15 2007
23:30 (UTC)
hey everyone! Just found the thread :) How's everyone doing? Today was a new day for me, cause I've just found the joys of exercising! And the pain D: my right knee is killing me cause I didn't exactly warm up for my cardio and I'm more out of shape than I thought! Anyone have any techniques to help strained/hurt knees? Or should I just wait this one out?

Good luck everyone!!
(P.S. Loving our team name)
Weight Loss Team 1 (in the weight loss challenge) Jan 15 2007
22:57 (UTC)
Hiya everyone, I'm Bethan (pronounced Bee-thin; I was told this was the Welsh way of saying my [nick]name). I'm 18 and a freshman at UMass, hopefully to be accepted into the Computer Science major. I love computers and technology a bunch, whether it breaks down or not :) I'm also very much into astronomy and art, willing to sit out on a cold February night to plot stars and make spacescapes through Photoshop. Aside from my nerdy self, I'm starting to seriously take my health into consideration. Last wednesday I weighed in at 200lbs, and though I don't see too much improvement this week, I've started cardio and yoga (today) to get myself into exercise. Hopefully by next week I'll be sufficient help to my team!! My goal weight is 160, and possibly even 150. I believe joining in this competition is one of the biggest motivators in my challenge to lose weight.

If anyone ever needs some motivation to keep on going, I'm happy to help (even though I'm a newbie to all this, really).
Good luck everyone!!
Weight Loss The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 - Official Weigh In Here Jan 10 2007
14:31 (UTC)
I'm on Team 1 and I'm weighing in at 200 lbs.
Weight Loss Sign Ups Officially Closing for The Biggest Loser Challenge Part 2 Jan 07 2007
06:41 (UTC)
Heya, I think this'll be great for me to help keep up with my weight loss. can I still join? thanks :)
The Lounge yet another survey. lol Jan 07 2007
04:45 (UTC)
1. What is your occupation?    Coin Photographer for a coin company's inventory

2. kids (if married), or siblings (if single)? None. . .?

3. What is your favorite unhealthy food? Pesto on pasta

4. What is your favorite healthy food?  Fruit Salad

5. what is your favorite movie? Star Wars (Original Trilogy) or The Nightmare Before Christmas

6. Favorite tv show? MythBusters

7. favorite hobby? computers/digital art

8. dream job? Computer Programmer at NASA

9. Sing in the shower? Nah

10. do you like to cook? You know, I sort of do. But I'm pretty bad at it if I don't have tons of instructions and someone there to help me.

11. Favorite soft drink? Diet Coke and Bawls (yeah, it's a highly caffinated drink)

12. Favorite color? Purple

13. Favorite song? Ruler of Everything by Tally Hall, Duel of the Fates from Star Wars, Go With The Flow by Queens Of The StoneAge, and at the moment? Misirlou by Dick Dale.

14. Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate or Ginger

15. What kind of car do you have? I don't have a car, though if I did, I'd like a Toyota Echo

16. favorite clothing store? TJMaxx or convention centers

17. Coffee or cappucino? Coffee
The Lounge What State are you in? Jan 07 2007
04:16 (UTC)
hey vanilliafields, i go to college in western MA! welcome to the site :)
Foods Cottage Cheese with What? Jan 05 2007
04:41 (UTC)
i like to put tomatoes/tomato juice with a bowl of cottage cheese. it sounds sorta strange, but if you like tomatoes and such (like me) it's a good combo :)
Weight Loss a couple questions for anyone who is in/has gone through college. . . Jan 04 2007
16:45 (UTC)
Thanks everyone!

Okay, here's what I've found out about my gym facilities at school: all the one's close to me need a paid membership, though it's not too much if I save a little. I've also found that there is a free gym on campus (that I need to locate) but I've heard that the lines to get in aren't worth waiting. I will try going though! I just need to find a buddy (going by myself is sort of discouraging the first time).

I also do have a problem bringing food back to my room :\ I'll try to stick with fruits and juice there so that I'm able to get a snack as well as breakfast (classes sort of took away from my ability to get breakfast in the morning).

Thanks for all the help everyone, I'll post how I'm doing when I get back for the Spring semester :)
The Lounge What State are you in? Jan 04 2007
16:02 (UTC)
Heya everyone. I'm from (Eastern, mainly) Massachusetts (i love spelling out the state, seeing as it took me most my life and a few anger English teachers to get it right).

It'd be awesome to find someone near me, maybe bike/walk/jog around the Charles :)
The Lounge Fall tv - shows Aug 25 2006
04:53 (UTC)
here are my top two faves, and i'm pretty sure they'll be running through fall:

1. Monk (9/8) Friday nights on USA channel
2. Psych (10/9) Friday nights on USA channel

They are love, i love them >_>;