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Weight Loss Are people jealous of my weight loss? Jun 11 2010
15:39 (UTC)

I had some of the same things said to me.

One said i looked sick.

Another said i needed to quit losing weight all the time.

I  know that i feel better and look way better then i did so thats what matters.

Plus girls actualy talk to me now wich is a good thing.

Weight Loss Here i thought the calories on here was correct. Jun 11 2010
14:12 (UTC)

True true.

I just thought it was funny that 2 more chicken strips was no difference.There chicken strips are pretty big so i know they have to be 100 to 200 calories a piece and thats at the low side im sure.

I just felt like complaining a bit this morning lol.

Anyway i really love this site it has helped alot so little things like that can be fixed.

Thanks for your alls replys.

I eat out alot now so i just like to know what im eating because im not going to gain my weight back.Both of my sisters have been yoyo dieters lose alot of weight and gain it back and i dont want to follow what they do.Losing it once was hard enough let alone doing it over and over.

Weight Loss Why doesn't it happen to them?! Nov 25 2009
22:38 (UTC)

I realy dunno but i never hit one when i was on my adventure of losing 112 pounds.Dropped off for me like i see them do it on biggest loser.

Weight Loss Toxic Friends and Weight Loss Nov 25 2009
15:49 (UTC)

WOW Must of never been that good of friend if they dont want to be your friend because your thinner.

I say move on and not worry.Your better off being happy and thinner.

Just be happy for your self .

Congratulations on your weight loss

Weight Loss how long did it take you? Nov 24 2009
19:54 (UTC)

Started at 28 in febuary lost about 100 pounds by august.

I ate 12 to 1500 calories

I ran out side and road stationary bike for atleast 2 hrs a day 6 days a week.

Starting weight was 262 weight now 150 and done losing =]

Weight Loss I `ve lost faith....:( Nov 23 2009
22:54 (UTC)

You can do it.

Just be positive.Eat more vegys.

I know its not fun but its so worth it.

Weight Loss 'oh, but you're so skinny!' Nov 21 2009
13:15 (UTC)

Doesnt bather me.

Ive learned one thing as i got older.

I realy dont give a crap what people think of me.

Ive lost 112 pounds .

You know what i think is funny.Most people here are all wrong.

They said eat more than 1200 calories well i didnt for 8 months.Well when i first started eating i gained a pound or 2 and now im eating 2000 to 2500 and still lost 12 pounds i wasnt even trying to do.

So i wish they would of been rite but they wasnt.I dont need to lose more and i dont feel like eating more than 2500 i have to eat day long t get close and i hate feeling full all the time.

Weight Gain Need help reaching my calories. Nov 18 2009
13:10 (UTC)

Thanks for the replys.

Weight Loss Go figure now i have the opposite problem.... Nov 18 2009
02:40 (UTC)

yea lmao

Its all the empty calories i dont drink any more.

guess ill just have to start drinken more milk instead of all water lol chocolate milk dont like regular but in cerial.

Weight Gain Need help reaching my calories. Nov 18 2009
02:26 (UTC)

Yes i liek honey and oats granola things are only 180 but thats a good start.

Iv had some health issues maken it not to fun to eat so teh higher the calories the better .

Ill defenlt pick up soem nuts and granolas.

I have gastritus of the stomach and a Hiatal hernia so anything i eat i feel sick to the stomach for a few hours fun fun fun

Weight Loss Not okay to ask Nov 03 2009
00:39 (UTC)

Ive only had one person ask me how much i weigh.

My dentist lmao he was asken me about how i did and stuff then at end he asked what do i weight now lol.

Didnt bather me im proud of my weight now so i proudly told him.

Weight Loss I ate 3500+ calories for 2 days. Oct 31 2009
15:58 (UTC)

well 3500 is no better then 1200...

You will gain weight quik eating that many calories.Just keep it up and find out.

Weight Loss Maintaining and still losing.Allso muscle question. Oct 08 2009
14:35 (UTC)

Thanks jane ill try it on my own for now then.

I just allways thought you needed like extra protien t build muscle.

Weight Loss Maintaining and still losing.Allso muscle question. Oct 08 2009
14:16 (UTC)

Yes thats what i was gonna do is add 500.

Ive been exercising.But im moving to muscle building and since im not gonna be getting HGH lol i would like to have some thoughts that have tryed muscle building vitamins.

I know i can build muscle with out them but if possible i wouldnt mind having help from vitamins.

Weight Loss Is there anyone that only counts calories? Oct 08 2009
14:07 (UTC)

I count calories only.

Ive lost 108 .

Im 28 years old and ive prolly havent seen this weight since grade school like 5th grade LOL

from 262 to 154

Weight Loss alli Oct 04 2009
02:11 (UTC)

I personaly wouldnt mess with it.

I was losing 4 pounds a week eating healthy.

I lost 105 pounds and have been mainting this is comen from someone that was fat all there life untill now at thje age of 28.

Just count calories its easy.

Weight Loss My BMI final says im at a healthy weight... Oct 02 2009
15:28 (UTC)

Yes thank you.

I feel so much better sleep better.

aits nice not haven that big ol stomach anymore .

Its nice being able to goto the store and be able to find any cloth i want instead of looken for 3 x t shirts and 44 size pants.

Ive went from a 44 size pants to 30 and shirts i went from 3 and 4 x to medium and large t  shirts.

Thats the best part to all those X shirts allways cost a few bucks more to.Although ive had to spend alot of money on cloth its been worth it.

Weight Loss Why am I still losing weight when I am trying to maintain!? Oct 02 2009
05:27 (UTC)

Wow same thing for me.

Difference is though when i first started maintenance thats afte rlosing hundred pounds my weight went fkuctuated between 163 and 165bfor 2 months, this site says i should eat about 1900 so i ate 2000 calories and now im at 160 pounds im not complainging though.

I think its bcause i ride the bike a half hour a day i guess plus do some weight lifting for my arms.

Ifi keep losing like to 155 ill up my calories by 100 or 2 i guess.