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Foods What did YOU eat today? Jul 26 2013
09:03 (UTC)

breakfast - plain chobani yogurt & nutrigrain cereal.  belvita biscuit and half a chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar. 

lunch - had dim sum!  siu mai, ha gow, cheung feng, gai lan (chinese brocolli) in oyster sauce, mango pancake

snack - banana, chips and loads of coffee haha =( 

dinner - cabbage + egg white wrap with tahini

dessert - baked 1/2 quest chocolate chip cookie dough bar


Foods What did YOU eat today? Jul 25 2013
08:59 (UTC)

breakfast belvita fruit & fibre biscuits, coffee with skimmed milk, small bowl of soup, piece of cheese (weird i know).  

snack kinder choc bar

lunch spinach, broc, carrots, sugar snap peas, tinned chicken breast.  bowl of soup!

snack banana, pitted dates, choco cookies

dinner shirataki noodle stir fry with coleslaw, egg + natto, cheese wrap, hot sauce!

snack chocolate chupa chup lolly and probably something else later

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jul 24 2013
09:51 (UTC)

breakfast - belvita fruit & fibre biscuits, small bowl of mung bean & red date soup, coffee with skimmed milk

snack - cheese & ham rolled together

lunch - steamed broccoli, carrots, and green beans over spinach topped with tinned tuna

snack - HUGE banana, decaf coffee with splash of milk and sugar

dinner - shirataki & coleslaw stir fry in soy sauce + hot sauce, miso soup, small cheese wrap, egg and natto

snack - bowl of veggie soup, chocolate lollipop

Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Feb 26 2013
02:19 (UTC)

age: 23 

weight: 125

height: 5'5 

goal weight: 110 - 115 

Foods What did YOU eat today? Feb 18 2013
02:05 (UTC)

back on this healthy wagon.  :)

breakfast - greek yogurt, pb2, fiber one cereal, half a quest bar

lunch - broccoli and 4 oz chicken breast.  topped with ranch dressing made from tofu and hot sauceee.

snack - part of an oatmeal cookie :9

dinner - miso soup, quest bar, greek yogurt with almond butter

quite a random day of eats lol, but was feeling like greek yogurt again for dinner =X

Weight Loss Do you want to lose 10 lbs with me! Feb 17 2013
19:51 (UTC)

hey girls!  i want to lose 10 lbs as well by april 1st... =X  i'm going across the world to start working (and see my potential? bf after like 4 months haha)  so gotta look good!  tummy and hip flab is really bothering me... i'm about 5'5 and sit at 125 right now.  i felt great at 118 two years ago, but 115 would be perfect!  :) 

gotta show my chicken and veggies some love!

Foods bag lunch Sep 09 2012
01:44 (UTC)

i'm an advocate of sandwiches (pb+j, ham and cheese, mayo and turkey, egg/chicken/tuna salad, avocado/pesto, take your pick). easy, quick, cheap. 

Foods Does cereal keep you full? Jun 25 2012
17:42 (UTC)

I nearly never have cereal with just milk... that would last me two hours, max!

However, I love cereal on top of oatmeal (weird I know) with almond butter.  High fiber cereal :)

I also love cereal on top of greek yogurt, honey, almond butter / peanut butter!

If you just want milk and cereal however, try adding a scoop of protein powder into the milk (something yummy like vanilla, chocolate, etc!).  I find it helps a lot with satiety.  Or trying using an assortment of cereals :)

Or switch to eating it with full fat milk... I find almond milk isn't very filling at all!

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 25 2012
15:33 (UTC)
Original Post by ilovemj909:

Original Post by redbeanbunny:

breakfast au bon pain chocolate chip cookie + chocolate banana protein shake

snack hershey's snack size milk chocolate with almonds

lunch spinch salad with grilled chicken, carrots, beets, edamame, scallions, crispy noodles, topped with balsamic

snack probably chocolate cake (someone's birthday!)  more hersheys... haha. chocolate fiend :d

dinner dunno yet. maybe sushi? or will attempt to make homemade pizza!

dessert i've learned to make healthy homemade froyo! blend some frozen berries with stevia and mix into greek yoghurt!  deliciousssss :)

I'm definitely going to have to try that froyo, yogurt is one of my favorite foods in the world. Espeically froyo but to go out for it gets so expensive. That's a brilliant idea! I'm a little jealous of your menu today chocolate, pizza, froyo..delicious!

hehe, yeah... it was a pretty good day of eats.  :) 

it's my new favorite thing!  i even had it for breakfast when it's really hot.  buy the frozen "mixed berries" at any supermarket, throw about a cup into the blender with some stevia/sweetener (i have a magic bullet, it gets a little difficult) and comes out as the icey sorbet!  then i just mix in a few tablespoons of plain greek yogurt to make it into "froyo".  it tastes absolutely amazing... and it's mostly berries too!  :)  i usually top with some almond butter / fats and carbs too for sateity :)

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 22 2012
18:57 (UTC)

breakfast au bon pain chocolate chip cookie + chocolate banana protein shake

snack hershey's snack size milk chocolate with almonds

lunch spinch salad with grilled chicken, carrots, beets, edamame, scallions, crispy noodles, topped with balsamic

snack probably chocolate cake (someone's birthday!)  more hersheys... haha. chocolate fiend :d

dinner dunno yet. maybe sushi? or will attempt to make homemade pizza!

dessert i've learned to make healthy homemade froyo! blend some frozen berries with stevia and mix into greek yoghurt!  deliciousssss :)

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 20 2012
22:59 (UTC)

breakfast strawberry banana smoothie with scoop of protein powder

snack couple of mini white chocolate reeses!  

lunch spinach, scallions, shredded carrots, chicken, in ginger soy dressing 

snack prezel m&m's.  

dinner egg scramble with onions and mushrooms and tofu on top of rice


Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 19 2012
18:28 (UTC)

breakfast oatmeal, almond butter, whipped banana... fave breakfast of late

lunch teriyaki mushrooms (amazing), arugula salad with balsamic, almond slivers and goat cheese, bacon wrapped shrimp, avocado and mozarella balls :)

dinner onion-cabbage stir fry in sweet bean sauce over noodles with vegetarian meatballs and a poached egg :)

dessert froyo!

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 18 2012
20:24 (UTC)

breakfast oatmeal, almond butter, whipped banana

snack assorted fruit platter + apple

lunch shrimp empanadas + shanghai chicken salad from cosi

dinner leftover roasted butternut squash, egg, meatball and cheese casserole! 

snack blended my own strawberry froyo. omg freaking amazing. throw organic frozen strawberries and stevia into blender. mix into greek yogurt. yummmmm :d

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 17 2012
23:15 (UTC)

weird day of eats, lol. had low appetite since i ate out for 3 of my 5 meals yesterday -_-

breakfast greek yogurt, honey, organic strawberries. 

lunch roasted butternut squash, chocolate rice pudding, peanut butter on ritz crackers

dinner curry miso soup, cabbage, onion and sausage stir fry, turkey meatball & poached egg casserole. low fat cheese. 

dessert hot chocolate and steamed artichoke with a bit of cream cheese :)

Foods How to make oatmeal taste better? Jun 15 2012
20:22 (UTC)
5 eal

Foods what food finds/combos/meals have you been loving lately? Jun 15 2012
02:05 (UTC)
Original Post by epinephrine:

I've recently discovered bocconcini, a soft, mild, delicately flavoured mozzarella that's formed into balls and packed in water. It comes conveniently portion-controlled, although the portions are kind of big depending on what size you get - mine are large and about 360 cals apiece, but they're pretty high in protein. I love the texture - lovely and soft, but still substantial and chewy and incredibly satisfying. Very filling, very comforting, andpairs well with everything - especially tomatoes and fresh herbs. Tomato-bocconcini salads (insalata caprese) are my new obsession, an absolutely perfect light summer lunch. And bocconcini makes a lovely, gooey, melty mess when heated, too - I think I'm gonna make tomato and bocconcini pizzas this weekend! I really need to get a basil plant so I can do it properly, with fresh whole basil leaves. Mmmm. 

omg, is that what they're called?! bocconcini?!? i've always gotten them in my salads but i just called them baby mozzarella balls. LOL! i LOVE THEM SO MUCH. try pairing it with arugula, avocado,  tomato, and basil and drizzle with balsamic reduction (cook balsamic vinaigrette for a few minutes and it because this lovely super concentrated sauce)  - one of my absolute favorite combos! or you can top a pizza with the same combo as well :) 

i've been recently obsessed with kalamata olives and pickles... anytime of the day. also sauerkraut which is this pickled cabbage which is kind of salty, crunchy, and slightly sweet - i think the hot weather has me cravy salty cold things, lol!

ALSO been obsessed with cutting an avocado in half, removing the seed, and pouring an egg into the center and baking it so the whites harden but the yolk remains runny - and then eating it like that topped with some really fresh crispy bread and s+p. like so! ocado.html

beets and avocado go together really nicely too. mostly i've just been on an avocado kick. :) guacamole on EVERYTHING. 

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 14 2012
20:35 (UTC)

7am oatmeal with whipped banana, cocoa powder, stevia, almond butter, high fiber cereal

11am strawberries and chocolate

1pm spinach salad with avocado, beets, roasted asparagus, brocolli

6pm sweet potato, greek yogurt, almond butter, soup, quesadillas

10pm popcorn? i dunno yet!


Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 13 2012
02:48 (UTC)

b oatmeal, whipped banana, almond butter, cocoa powder, dollop of greek yogurt, topped with high fiber cereal - this combo freaking lasts me SIX HOURS. i do not know how. i think it's the mix of fat, complex carbs, protein and fiber... 

l lost appetite for lunch -_- had a catered meal today though, ham and cheese and mayo 6" sub, nachos, diet pepsi and a lot of mini reeses. hahaha. 

d been eating leftovers all week... roasted sweet potato and ketchup, almond butter + honey + greek yogurt, some lowfat swiss cheese + tortillas. miso soup on the side. 

s chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, and chocolate gummies. do you see a theme? hehe

my eats have been kinda boring as i cook in batch during the weekends now and just steadily eat leftovers haha... too busy at work :( i didn't eat any greens today! 

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 11 2012
18:15 (UTC)

breakfast chocolate oatmeal with whipped banana topped with almond butter and cereal

snack chocolate turtle

lunch spinach salad with turkey, beets, roasted asparagus, dried cranberries and peppers

dinner roasted sweet potato (leftovers), almond butter, greek yogurt, cheese tortillas :)

snack pumpkin yogurt + hot chocolate

Foods Does diet soda really cause cancer? Jun 11 2012
14:08 (UTC)

the reason you're having headaches is because you're addicted to the caffeine in the diet sodas, not because of the sweeteners! you can try replacing it with coffee or tea instead if you truly want to get yourself off of it!

i know it takes about 5 days "cold turkey" if you want to get yourself off caffeine... but it will be a very painful 5 days where you feel like you're constantly headachey, tired, grumpy, and in a bad mood.  try taking some advil :P (i've done it before) or slowly stop drinking it, maybe start drinking tea instead (less caffeine).

although honestly i don't think there's anything inherently wrong with diet soda. millions of people drink it... i'm not sure if they drink two a day, but atleast you're not inhaling tons of sugar into your body. i have a diet soda now at night now after dinner haha (i dunno why i started doing it, i found a new chocolate fudge soda and it's like dessert for me) and it's caffeine free, so i figure it's ok to drink at night :p no worries, as long as you're still eating heathily otherwise, you're good!

it's impossible to eat a 100% clean diet and not EVER eat anything "bad" for you, i think anyone would go crazy... just eat what you like :)