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Foods 12 cal NUTELLA!! Feb 03 2008
23:33 (UTC)
psst: a fourth of a cup is 4 tablespoons.

But you should've ended up with 5 tablespoons because you had 1 tbsp of PB2 and 4 tbsps of chocolate pudding.

That sounds super good.
Motivation Anyone else 5'8? What's your goal weight? Jan 24 2008
17:41 (UTC)
I'm 5'9 and currently about 110 lbs (Yay Recovery!)

Anyway, my high weight is 137 lbs (@ 5'9) and my low weight is 104. I've been told I looked the best at around 132/134. I started to get comments that I looked sickly at 124.

From looking at everyone's responses, it's pretty clear that this sort of thing really varies from person to person. The most important thing is to stop losing weight when you feel at your optimal point. It is higher for some, and lower for others. Your optimal weight level is when you feel most able to do things, and you're maintaining your body weight by engaging in healthy activities and eating practices.
Foods Curse sugarfree candy! *shakes fist* Jan 15 2008
01:51 (UTC)
sugar-free candy,like sugar free gum, is often sweetened with sorbitol. It is known to have laxative properties, as do most artificial sweeteners when consumed in large amounts.
Foods This is an awkward thing to talk about... Jan 14 2008
01:45 (UTC)
If you aren't getting enough fat in your meals and snacks, then your body will often times create cravings for high fat foods. If you've been restricting your intake (I'm assuming you are as you're on a calorie counting website) then it would make sense that you are mostly restricting fats as they make the biggest difference per gram in your calorie count. Check out what your percentages are and if your fats are really low, then consider revising your current eating regimen.
Foods Coffee- what do you order? Nov 27 2007
21:16 (UTC)
Cafe misto is from starbuck's and it's amazing.

It's half steamed milk - half coffee, or if you want, tea. It's delicious. Really filling.
Foods Raisin Bran: Are you supposed to eat the raisins? Nov 27 2007
21:12 (UTC)
You can eat whatever you want. You're not [i]supposed[/i] to eat anything. You can eat whatever parts of the cereal want.
Foods Healthier Alternative to Olive Oil? Nov 27 2007
21:09 (UTC)
Olive oil is great for you. Personally I prefer to reserve my olive oil in-take for salad dressings. You could cut your olive oil in half. Also, you can use bouillon in place of oil. Warm up the pan with a bit of chicken, or vegetable broth and away you go.

Remember, just because something is higher in calories does not mean it's worse for you. You have to think about what those calories are composed of. 1 piece of white bread may have fewer calories than 1 piece of whole grain bread, but if the whole grain bread has more nutrients and fiber, then the whole grain bread is definitely better.
Foods Coffee- what do you order? Nov 26 2007
20:00 (UTC)
I do the coffee dance.

If I want something milky and big I order a venti non-fat cafe misto for a whopping 90 calories.
Foods Luna Bars? Nov 16 2007
12:52 (UTC)
Christy, if you're not eating enough, you need to slowly increase your intake. If you increase your intake by 50 calories, and then keep it there for 2-3 days, and increase again, and so on until you reach your target intake, you shouldn't notice any weight gain. Any you do notice will disappear pretty rapidly. I had to increase my intake and my metabolism caught-up pretty darn quickly. Also, assuming your not gaining any weight right now, exceeding your norm by 150 cals over 3 days won't show on the scale any way. After 6 days you've still only gone over your norm (not your target intake) by 450 cals.
Foods Luna Bars? Nov 15 2007
04:46 (UTC)
Luna bars do not have too many vitamins. I think your prof was referring to vitamin supplements, which can be lethal in high quantities. Two bars a day is fine. There are no strong and fast rules for eating. If it's what works for you then I say go for it.

For instance, as you probably know from your class, caffeine impedes the body's absorption of calcium. However, if I don't have my milk in the form of a latte, then I don't have it at all. Even if the caffeine reduces the amount of calcium I retain, it's still better than not having any milk at all.

So, if eating your luna bars stops you eating less nutrient rich foods, or stops you from feeling guilty about what you're eating, then enjoy. BTW, a Luna Bar isn't a full breakfast. If you complement it with a fruit and a glass of skim milk, you'll be set to go.
Foods Foods You Never Buy Oct 29 2007
22:18 (UTC)
Maybe she skips the fruit b.c it's high in sugar. I've heard of a number of people doing that. It's ridiculous, but true.
Foods Fiber that tastes good........anyone know of anything? Oct 28 2007
23:56 (UTC)
You could try adding 2 tbsps of wheat bran to your oatmeal or cereal in the morning. It will boost your fiber content muchos.
Health & Support ED Recovery Club II (the REAL one) Aug 31 2007
14:25 (UTC)

Hey Guys!

I'm back! I got home from treatment a couple weeks ago. I'm currently maintaining on around 2300 cals/day. Well, that's what I'm aiming for. It's stupidly hard to get there each day, but it's only getting easier.

Carmenxox - It sounds like you actually have a nutritionist with some idea of how to deal with eating disorders, you should thank your lucky stars.

Jsharshar - the goal weight might be like an insurance policy weight. Your nutritionist probably expects that you will stop slightly short of whatever weight you set, so she wants to set a higher target so that you stop gaining at a reasonable and safe weight. Also, given that you're 13, you probably have yet to have your final growth spurt. Your nutritionist might be anticipating that when she's setting your goal weight.

Funkychunkymonkey - if you really think about it, does it seem likely for somebody who has been restricting and obsessed with minimizing caloric intake to all of a sudden become a monster eater who is out of control? No. People who have strong restricting tendencies actually veer towards the low end of the healthy BMI range for their entire lives. If you're finding it hard to eat intuitively, try and think about what you used to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast maybe you had a bowl of cereal, some milk, and a fruit. For lunch maybe a sandwich, veggies, and juice. etc. etc. That way at least you have some direction.  


Health & Support Recovering ED and health problems Aug 27 2007
00:13 (UTC)
The regurgitation after eating is normal for someone with a history of self-induced vomiting. If you go to your doctor, he/she will probably give your a prescription to help quell it. It's one of those things that will linger with you for the rest of your life though. :(

Health & Support Does this site make you feel even worse about yourself? Aug 27 2007
00:02 (UTC)
Something that I think is worth noting; that 1200 calorie figure doesn't take into account the amount of energy used in the digestion process. If you go to a nutritionist and ask about the RMR and the 1200 calorie minimum recommendation for women, he/she will probably inform you that the real number is much closer to 1500 cals for a woman. If you're eating 1200 calories and not losing weight, it's probably because your metabolism has slowed down to match your in-take. 
Foods Desserts under 175 calories! Jul 27 2007
15:52 (UTC)
These are just really small portions.

5 egg yolks and 1 1/2 cups of milk makes the basis for an 8 person dessert - no wonder it's under 175 cals.
Foods A+ Foods Jul 20 2007
16:35 (UTC)
egg whites get a c+ because they are "high" in sodium. So, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the grade. I use the analysis to help track my protein/fat/carb ratio. If you only ate foods that get A's you'd probably end up with a diet that was severely lacking in fats and proteins. 
Foods speaking of frozen yogurt Jul 16 2007
20:54 (UTC)
you should only leave it in the freezer for about an hour otherwise it's way too hard and it doesn't thaw very well
Foods Healthy Calorie Dense Foods? Jul 12 2007
21:10 (UTC)
You can make chili really high cal.

Make sure you use full fat everything.

If you can, use 2% or 3.5% milk supplemented with skim milk powder.

Almond butter is better for you than peanut butter.

Foods Starbucks Frappacinos? Jul 12 2007
21:06 (UTC)
if you want to get the caramel without the extra 20 cals, you can just ask for sugar free syrup in the coffee light frap.