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I got more junk in da trunk then honda!

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Motivation Need some help staying motivated Oct 13 2009
22:08 (UTC)

Thanks so much guys :)

Pregnancy & Parenting Pregnancy Scare...somebody help me! Aug 17 2009
07:59 (UTC)
Original Post by jessie7676:

This is probably going to seem dumb to a lot of women out there but I have no experience so please be patient with me :-) The other day I was late about 4-5 hours late taking my BC pill. It was the first one of a new pack and I was late because the pharmacy didn't refill it in time. They lost it and I had to go running around trying to find a pharmacy with my prescription...chaos...Anyways, that was five days ago.

My question is this, how soon can you take a pregnancy test and have it be effective? I'm just worried because we had sex that morning before I was able to get my pill and today and yesterday I just have not felt good at ALL. My appetite's all weird and my stomach just feels funny.

I just got married a few months ago so I'm kinda new at all this, Am i over reacting? Is there anything I can do?



 With almost all Medications you have a 2 hour window. If your really stressing about this, You can speak to your pharmacist or any Pharmacist really to see if the pill was still effective. Im not sure how soon you can find out if you are pregnant though.  Hope everything works out for you.

Weight Loss Up your calories every 10 pounds lost? Aug 12 2009
19:36 (UTC)

I was talking about previous posts. Thanks for the help

Weight Loss Up your calories every 10 pounds lost? Aug 12 2009
18:42 (UTC)

I get this everytime I post my Calorie Intake.  People reply to me like I have an ED or something and that Im starving my self. Im eating more then what CC advised for me to eat. CC said to eat 1200.Thank you to the those that were helpful.

Weight Loss HAHA confused Aug 07 2009
09:01 (UTC)


You mean that wasn't really Eminem telling me I was Beautiful?

Im just a little upset now lol

Recipes Tea Drinkers Unite! Jul 28 2009
04:06 (UTC)

Tazo "Zen" Green Tea with Lemongrass and Spearmint.

Foods I have 461 calories left.... Jul 14 2009
04:49 (UTC)
Original Post by milehighwalker:

A small bowl of Wendy's chili keeps me full for a long time and weighs in at about 200 calories.  (Their website says 190, but CC seems to say 220?)

My breakfast sandwich this morning was pretty filling: one double fiber english muffin (110 calories), one morningstar fake sausage patty (80 calories) and one fried egg (90 calories) for a total of 280.

A half cup of black beans with a sprinkling of reduced fat cheese should also hold you over for a bit and should clock in under 200 calories.

If you've got them in the fridge or can stop at the store, I would chow down on a big plate of chopped broccoli or cauliflower or sliced up bell peppers with low cal dressing or hummus.

As someone else said above, 460 calories is plenty if spent wisely.

 I love Wendy's Chili! Too bad there isn't one near me :(

thanks for the ideas

Foods I have 461 calories left.... Jul 12 2009
01:26 (UTC)

Oh my goodness! That sounds amazing!!

Thankyou :)

Foods I have 461 calories left.... Jul 12 2009
00:05 (UTC)

Problem? Theres no problem. Just wanted some suggestions... thats all.

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Jul 08 2009
21:46 (UTC)

I try to eat around 1300 a day.



Light strawberry yogurt, 1 small Banana, 1 slice of whole wheat toast w/ 1 tbs of smart balance and fresh cherry preserves.



Boca bruschetta tomato basil burger w/ fat free american cheese 2 pickles mustard and orowheat sandwich thins bread and 1 cup of water melon. total 642 calories

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Foods Diffferent Frozen Foods Jul 08 2009
21:37 (UTC)

The ones I buy are in that yellow box I think the brand is called fudgsicle??

Foods Summer Survey Jul 08 2009
07:14 (UTC)

Favorite cold drink besides water: Iced Tea of course

Best summer dessert: watermelon

Favorite summer meal: chili lime chicken burgers on flat bread

Most enjoyable outdoor activity: brisk walking on trails

You are at the beach, scorched, what drink would you like calories aside: hmmm prolly cherry lemonade from hot dog on a stick

Favorite summer fruit: all kinds of berries

Beach or pool:  beach

Favorite salad dressing: cesar

Seedless or seeded watermelon: both

What SPF (sunscreen) do you start off with at the beginning of summer: Im bad.. none

Favorite road trip snack: ha ha don't eat in my car

You get stung by a jellyfish…what do you do!!!?: pee on yourself?

Any certain brand of bottled water you buy: don't care as long as it's not spring water

Best BBQ food item: bbq veggies

While out in the sun do you burn easily, tan, or acquire more freckles, or what: aghhh freckles

Is it called coke, pop, soda or soft drink: POP.. I thnk it sounds so stupid, but thats what its called in oregon

Favorite smoothie flavor: peach

Salsa, queso, or pica de gillo:  OMGGG Pico de gillo 

Favorite vegetable to eat raw:  celery

Foods Diffferent Frozen Foods Jul 08 2009
07:04 (UTC)

I love FF fudgesicle bars. Only 70 calories!!

It's also delish if you kinda mash some up in a cup with frozen or fresh raspberries.

Vegetarian Veggie burger?!?! Jun 20 2009
19:54 (UTC)

yummm just had a turkey burger!

Only 150 calories!

Foods Im running out of ideas here... Jun 19 2009
18:18 (UTC)

Im not on a "diet" Im TRYING to eat healthy. and im new to this so i wanted some suggestions for healthy food.

Vegetarian Veggie burger?!?! Jun 19 2009
07:29 (UTC)

Thank you for being so helpful :)

Vegetarian Veggie burger?!?! Jun 19 2009
05:45 (UTC)

ahhh that was the best answer. You see I LOVE burgers!! but they are too high in calories for me. So i bought 100 cal Veggie ones. I would rather go without a burger then eat a nother veggie one i guess

Foods Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! Jun 19 2009
04:37 (UTC)
Original Post by elfkittie22:

Fried chicken sandwiches, an entire (4 or 5 serving) box of mike and ikes or gummi bears, medium size ice cream shakes (As if the small wasn't big enough!), biscuits, bread sticks or garlic bread, pints of ice cream, half a pizza (now I just limit myself to 2 pieces), bagel sandwiches, brownies/cookies from the cafeteria....starchy, calorific, sweet and delicious....but def. not good for me.

However, this post is making me kinda hungry XD

 Ha Ha I was going to say the same thing... LOL I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

Foods Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! Jun 18 2009
22:29 (UTC)
Original Post by cottagecheeselover:

Nice post idea! It is amazing how we realize what is actually going into our bodies once we know what is healthy.... some of bad stuff I used to eat A LOT:

full fat mochas w/ whipped cream (complete with a glazed donut!)

Rockstar energy drink

Cheesecake, brownies, McFlurries


Extremely greasy quesedillas with loads of cheese and full fat sour cream


Ugh, it just makes me sick to think about it! I want to get eat a nice green salad now lol

 How many cals in a rock star?

Foods Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! Jun 18 2009
10:24 (UTC)

It makes me angry! why the heck do companys make "foods" that are nothing but junk and have hardly any nutritonal value. Im so happy that I decided to make a healthy change in my life.