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Young Calorie Counters why is it so much easier the wrong way? Aug 24 2011
20:18 (UTC)

Paulad95- yeah I know! When I had cut down to 600 calories a day or so I had 7lbs in one week. I was losing a pound a day!

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Aug 22 2011
20:33 (UTC)

YAY! Shorties like me!

Young Calorie Counters Today was a bad day! Aug 21 2011
01:07 (UTC)

Dude. in your picture your stomach doesn't stick out at all! I'd kill for your body! Man.. You're uber gorgeous! (uber in my dictionary means REALLY)

Young Calorie Counters teen health SURVEY. Aug 21 2011
01:03 (UTC)


What's your name? Beca

How old are you?16

What grade are you in? 11th


How often do you wash your face? Every morning and night

What facial wash do you use? Proactive and Clean and Clear

What is your favorite hair product? Garnier

How often do you wash your hair? Every day

Do you shower every day? Yes pretty much :D

What is your favorite soap or scrub? uhh.. not sure.. I like fruity stuff :D

Do you use face masks or facial treatments? No not really

Have you ever whitened your teeth profesionally or unprofessionally? Yes


Do you feel pressured by media to be:

[x ]slim

[ ]curvy

[ ]over weight

[ ]bigger chested

[ ]smaller chested

[ ]altered by plastic surgery

[ ]tattooed

What is your favorite magazine for hygenic tips? uhh. seventeen?

Which magazine has your favorite health articles/tips? none

What is your favorite magazine in general? Seventeen

What are your feelings on fashion models; should they hire heavier models, keep hiring too skinny models but just let us know that isnt normal, or something else? I think they should have natural looking people

Has a book ever changed your views on weight? No

Have you ever gone on a diet supported by media? (ex: south beach diet, atkins diet, jenny craig, weight watchers) Yes- weight watchers and a few others

Do you or have you ever used work out tapes? Yes ever since I was 12 I have

Does the media give you inspiration to be healthier or make you just feel worse about your weight? Both I guess. It gives me motivation to lose weight.. but also makes me awful at times..


Do you eat the recomended amount of calories for your body weight daily? No

Do you take a daily vitamin? Sometimes

Have you ever taken a weight loss medicine? Not really

What is your favorite snack food? Raw pepperoni :D

What is your favorite vegetable? Corn

What is your favorite fruit? Orange

Do you drink V8 or another drink to get your veggie/fruit servings? V8 sometimes but the fruit fusion kind

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food? Frosted Flakes

How often do you eat sweets? Every day

Would you say that you eat more healthly or unhealthly? unhealthy


Do you excersize every day? 3-4-5 times a week

Do you excersize more atleast three times a week? Yes depends on the week

Have you ever worked out on an empty stomach? Yes

What do you eat before/after workouts? Depends on the day

Has excersize helped you lose weight or gain muscle? Lose weight

What is your favorite workout? Running

What is the workout you do most often? Running or walking

Do you consider calm yoga a workout? Not really

Do you get excersize at work or school? No


Have you ever lost more than ten pounds? Yes currently at -12 pounds

Have you ever gained more than ten pounds? Yes from age 13-16 I gained 30 pounds

Do you like your weight right now? No

What is your goal weight? 105-110lbs.

Are you looking to lose, maintain, or gain weight? Lose

Have you ever drank? Nope

Have you ever smoked pot? No

Have you ever done any drugs? No

Do you dye your hair? No

Have you ever been in love? I might be?

Are your parents divorced? No

How long have you been friends with your best friend? Seven years

Does your best friend eat healthy? Yes, I think so.

Have you ever excersized with your friends or boyfriend? uhh.. not anymore

Are you happy in your life? For the most part yes.

Would you trade your life with any one elses? No, because I know i'm here for a purpose.

Who loves you the most? Jesus Christ

Who are three people you look up to? My drama teacher/friend, my sister, and my mom.

Love Yourself. ...... I don't know what to type to this.

Health & Support Any thoughts from you other members? Aug 21 2011
00:46 (UTC)

Thanks for your posts guys. Lizzyizzy10- Thanks for the post! And thanks for the compliment too :D It means a lot.


What do you guys suggest I do now?

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Aug 20 2011
02:51 (UTC)

Question: My diet as of right now is 900-1200 calories which seems to work for me a little bit.


Why does it have to be 1500? I feel like 1200 is a lot but 1500 is what I think will make me gain weight now lose it? Why does it have to be 1500?

Is 1000 calories a day bad? I don't feel it is.

-just read my recent topics if you need more info-

Health & Support Any thoughts from you other members? Aug 20 2011
02:39 (UTC)

Thanks for your posts guys I appreciate it. I just really don't think I have an ED-NOS because I mean when it comes to things like this where I freak out it only lasts about a week and so far I only did it once in May and then once in June. I haven't done it again since. So I'm not sure about the ED thing quite yet.

Young Calorie Counters Binge/Starve Cycle Jul 06 2011
02:54 (UTC)

Dear Puddykat,

That was really hard to read. Not hard as in physically but just hard because those are the kinda things I want to avoid... I'd like to avoid the thought of "starving" myself all together.. At first I thought "This person has provably been healthy there whole life." then I went to your profile and felt instantly bad about it. I'm sorry and thank you.


Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Jul 04 2011
16:24 (UTC)

Age: 16

Current Weight: 150lbs.

Height: 5' 1"

Goal Weight: 110lbs.

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jul 04 2011
16:22 (UTC)

HIIIII! I'm 5' 1" 150lbs.  I plan on loosing about 40 lbs to get to 110lbs.

Young Calorie Counters Binge/Starve Cycle Jul 04 2011
16:22 (UTC)

Hi! I'm 16 and I'm 150lbs 5' 1". I've been doing the exact same thing for a week. I've become desperate to loose weight i'm willing to do anything. I will one day only eat 500 calories then the next eat 1500 calories. I feel like 1500 is wayyy to much. If anything I try to settle around 1000 calories. I know how you feel and its starting to feel like a cycle too. If anyone has any advice for me please message me.

Health & Support Too fast loosing weight? Apr 28 2011
21:11 (UTC)

Thank you to all of you. I'm gonna start trying to fix this right away. God Bless,


Health & Support Too fast loosing weight? Apr 28 2011
21:01 (UTC)

For about six days now I've only had about 500-1000 calories per day. I am overweight and I've been trying to loose weight for a couple years now. I finally found a way that works fast im just not sure if its ok. Thank you for posting.

Young Calorie Counters Water, Help? Jan 09 2011
02:03 (UTC)

Thank you!

Young Calorie Counters What is your waist size? Jan 07 2011
20:56 (UTC)

27.5 in.

Height: 5' 0"


Yes I know I'm overweight.

Young Calorie Counters eating when not hungry. HOW DO I STOP? Jan 07 2011
20:53 (UTC)

I do that too! And junk food runs in my family as well. Its really hard when there is not a lot of healthy food at home.

Young Calorie Counters Teen girls (like me) trying to keep the mindset right. Jan 05 2011
22:22 (UTC)

YES exactly! And it can be hard being a teen girl whenever you open a magazine and you see these super small girls. We're all different. So we should focus on being the best we can be :D

Young Calorie Counters Protein packed foods besides meat? Jan 05 2011
00:44 (UTC)

Special K Cereals I think :D