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The Lounge Any parrot people out there? Update: Found an atheist Parrot. Jan 13 2013
00:29 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

Original Post by cptbunny:

Do I get points for having to suck urine out of my dog's bladder for 3 months straight every 4 hours (day or night)? :D I always had pee on me!

You get extra points for that!

Did I tell you about the night I came home from bowling, loaded of course, to find to big bowls of "chocolate pudding" on the beige carpet????

I lived in a genuine old Hollywood building for a year with Buddy, and my Loki (he passed away back in May). Loki was very very naughty and too smart for his own good.

I came home one evening to find him laying on my beige, Berber carpet, with dark red stuff everywhere. Of course I panicked, but it turned out to be a tube of the old Max Factor "Never comes off" lipstick that he'd chewed up and gotten all over the floor.

Relieved that he was okay, then kind of horrified knowing I'd never get the stain completely out.

He didn't even have the common decency to look guilty..more like "yeah, and?"


The Lounge Any parrot people out there? Update: Found an atheist Parrot. Jan 13 2013
00:25 (UTC)
Original Post by phoebe_luvs_smallville:

  Please share stories and/or videos of your pet's antics or cute moments. 

Any silly parrot videos are welcome!


On Youtube "Sparky the swearing parrot" If you haven't seen his videos yet, you will not be disappointed. He lives in Scotland, and says the most hilarious things.


The Lounge Some other new Obamacare taxes to hit the middle class and working poor Jan 12 2013
23:57 (UTC)
Original Post by anewdawn:

I am planning on increasing my donations to charities also.  I haven't had a lot of extra money to donate in the past due to some poor decisions. 

I always ask my friends and family to donate to the Humane Society in lieu of birthday gifts etc. Last year I had them donate in Lennox's name.  A pit bull that was a family dog that was put to death solely for being a banned breed in Ireland.  This year I think I will find a rescue that specializes in elderly and special needs animals as I want to adopt those dogs when my dog reaches the end of his life (Sully, I can't do that now because my dog has addison's disease and it costs us $200.00/month to keep him alive - too bad there isn't socialized pet health care heh? ;).   I would also like to somehow support some local charities that help aboriginal youth since my grandchildren are 1/2 native. 

I ALWAYS buy those house tickets!!  I could walk through those houses all day long!

That's awesome!

I just started a little business, a (for now) online dog boutique. I'm launching my own line and brand of apparel and beds and such, and pledging 15% of all the proceeds to animal causes.

Because I am, I think all my rescue friends and contacts will feel good about helping me promote the site once it's completely up and our production is up to par for orders.

The goal is to keep the site, but progress to a physical shop hopefully next year..and as always, a chunk will be pledged. I even thought of featuring a different rescue every few months, with photos and info about them each time so the customers can see firsthand what they're helping to accomplish.

I love doggy clothes and toys, and I love rescue, so it's a win/win, really.


The Lounge Anyone from southern California? Jan 12 2013
23:50 (UTC)
Original Post by mayfair:

LA area tim! Hows it going?

Hello, Neighbor!




The Lounge Some other new Obamacare taxes to hit the middle class and working poor Jan 12 2013
23:48 (UTC)
Original Post by gotborked:

Original Post by anewdawn:


The stuff they post is horrible paranoid - bullying - bigotted you name it.  I imagine stuff like that exists on the Democratic side - but from what I have seen it's just kind of satirical stuff reference the level of paranoia from the Republican stuff.  I am sure I don't see it all though - after all you choose your friends....


Alot of this depends on who is in power, politically.  I'm sure you can remember an especially paranoid anti-Bush rant or two.

I can. I was young when he was elected, and not paying much attention to politics. I didn't know his views and all that, but had a neutral opinion of the man. Then, 9/11 happened, and of course I saw a lot more of him all over tv and that. I liked him then..he seemed sincere and heartfelt, and I was an Army wife at the time, so I appreciated that he appreciated what everyone was going through.

Anyway, I ended up losing my likey feelings later on, and criticized him like many others did, however..hysterical statements like "Bush planned 9/11!" and other such garbage..I found, and still find..completely offensive.

I only wish the hysterical ones now could show our President the same respect..and at least keep the criticisms realistic instead of saying so many offensive things because they don't like him.

The people have spoken, afterall..and it's time to accept it and just move on.


The Lounge Some other new Obamacare taxes to hit the middle class and working poor Jan 12 2013
23:39 (UTC)
Original Post by anewdawn:

It's this constant paranoia and unwillingness to accept what the democratic process decided in the USA that makes me want to delete my American cousins off of my friend list on FB.  It's not so much that they disagree that bothers me, it's how they go about it. 

The stuff they post is horrible paranoid - bullying - bigotted you name it.  I imagine stuff like that exists on the Democratic side - but from what I have seen it's just kind of satirical stuff reference the level of paranoia from the Republican stuff.  I am sure I don't see it all though - after all you choose your friends....

There are problems with our health care system in Canada such as - we lose a percentage of doctors to the US who want to be rich - nothing wrong with wanting to be rich - it's just that it's not going to be AS rich in a socialized health care system - also we have a disturbing wait time for getting to some services, but the good news is, people get access to health care - all the health care - even poor people.  I can't for the life of me figure out how that's bad.

I can't either. One big reason our President chose to make this such a priority in his first term was that many families cited medical bills as the reason they were declaring bankruptcy and losing their homes and such.

Why should anyone lose everything they have just because someone got sick or had an accident? And why should anyone have to go without healthcare when they need it?

It really doesn't make any sense. That said, Obamacare looks more like insurance reform than universal healthcare. It will be more affordable, yes..but not free.

I love certain items in the bill..such as insurance companies not being allowed to turn someone away based on a pre-existing condition, and finally, the regulation of some of those crazy charges.


The Lounge grrrrr men! Dec 02 2012
00:06 (UTC)
Original Post by unknown83:

Why are men so annoying sometimes?!!

The sayings right, @can't live with them, can't live without them"!

Pfft..sometimes? Where are you finding these magical men that are only annoying sometimes?

Mine treats me like gold and all that, but boy is he irritating.

He still tries to clean his nails with his knife (no, not the dinner kind) even after nearly four years of me promising to kill him if he does that.

It's the sound..the grating, horrible sound. It literally fills me with an urge to yank it out of his hand and stick it up his butt.

I haven't. Yet.


The Lounge Speaking out against O'bama. Dec 01 2012
23:48 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

I am betting money that RB has bought into the "conspiracy theory" Obama is already planning on getting a 3rd term.  Every time I hear those ads on the radio I just laugh and laugh and laugh at the stupidity and gullibility  of some folks.


I think Obama is a great president and will go down in history as one of the best.  



I WISH he could have a third term, because that would be awesome.

The Lounge Mobile Phones - Anxiety and Stress Nov 28 2012
20:38 (UTC)
Original Post by trh:

Turning my cell phone off before going to bed would raise my anxiety level so much that I wouldn't be able to sleep.  I mean what if somebody needs to get a hold of me?

I feel the same way mostly, but..I'm guilty of putting mine on vibrate when I want to sleep anyway. I also stopped taking my phone with me when I go to take a shower or something.

Being tied to my phone 24/7 and feeling I needed to be seemed to give me more stress somehow. It feels more relaxed to tell myself that anyone who calls that I miss, I can simply call right back later on.

I've only had one bad incident due to this. My boyfriend's Mom was rushed to the hospital, and I kind of missed 5 calls or so from the boyfriend. As soon as I heard the voicemail on that one, I thought "Ah, Sh**!" but I did call him right back and he wasn't mad at me.

His Mom is fine. She just kind of accidentally took too many different pills, so her husband thought she was having a stroke. It was a combo of the meds and an illness she got in Africa that hadn't been properly treated..some kind of viral infection.

Thankfully, turning my phone off wasn't *That* big a deal..but I still felt bad.


The Lounge Farting and Nose Picking Nov 28 2012
20:32 (UTC)
Original Post by armandounc:

Picking your nose is fine, as long as you don't eat your boogers.



When I was a kid, I used to put them in my pocket.

It all started when some little boy was teasing me, and said I had boogers in my pocket. This was untrue, but struck me as a brilliant idea.

So, from then on..I stuck them in my pocket.

I did stop doing that at some point though.


The Lounge anxiety solution without a higher power? Nov 27 2012
20:33 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

anxiety is trendy these day.

I'm glad. I was diagnosed 12 years ago. It's good to see it's getting some attention.


The Lounge anxiety solution without a higher power? Nov 27 2012
20:24 (UTC)
Original Post by melkor:

Oh dear. EFT.

 There aren't enough bad words that will pass the filter to describe how I feel about that fake, fraudulent, sham swindle of an imitation therapy based on a further wooification of the quackery that is acupuncture. It's nonsense, and pursuing it will distract you from doing what really works.

 Drugs for the symptoms, mindfulness and cognitive therapy to reduce the incidences and severity of acute episodes, therapy and counseling to deal with the root causes. And when I say counseling, I mean science-based counseling from board-certified psychologists, not self-styled alternative therapists more interested in your money than your mental health.  

Does therapy work in all cases, though? I seem to feel that my issue is more chemical because I've always been tightly wound and highstrung. I remember being a very tense child and always worrying about everything.

When I had the 2-3 major panic attack episodes, the symptoms were very physical. Hyperventilating, the sensation of choking, to the point I couldn't even swallow my own spit and ended up kind of drooling (sorry to be gross)..dizzy, feeling very very faint, pressure in my head, numbness in my hand and fingers..and of course the heart racing so fast I figured I would die.

I know there are varying degrees of anxiety, and some people suffer it as part of PTSD, but then there are some of us who seem to have anxiety for no clear reason. I have stress in my life and worries, but nothing so tragic that you would look at it and go oh..yeah..no wonder.


The Lounge anxiety solution without a higher power? Nov 27 2012
20:13 (UTC)

Well, my higher power is Ativan, and I take it up to three times per day.


It keeps my anxiety very well in check, and allows me to focus on whatever I'm doing without the million worries flying through my mind all the time. I especially need it at night so I can settle down and sleep.

I've been on it for nearly three years on the daily basis, but always used it before 'as needed'.


I haven't had a panic attack in a few years, and have only had 2-3 major ones. That's how I was first diagnosed. I couldn't breathe, felt like I was choking, and both my friend and I were pretty sure I was going to die. She rushed me to the ER since it happened in her car, and all the way there, she kept screaming "Oh my God! Don't die in my car!" (which was super helpful lol)

The ER doctor humored me when I told him it must be a stroke and did neuro checks. When he declared me to be strokeless, I said well maybe it's an inner ear thing. He checked my ears, and shook his head. "You have an anxiety disorder" he told me.


I thought he was full of it. I'd been totally normal, and it happened suddenly so how could it be a disorder, I wanted to know? I wasn't even upset when it happened, I was just out with my good friend. He said "You don't have to feel anxious to have an anxiety attack."

And I was sure HE was the crazy one. They'd given me Ativan in the ER which calmed me down almost immediately, and he sent me home with some, too.


Anyway it turns out he was correct so now i just take the medication, see my doctor every six months for refills, and life goes on.


The Lounge Election Countdown - Just 3 years til the primaries start! Oct 30 2012
08:13 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Original Post by crazineko:

Just being optimistic.  I do want all this over earlier, mostly because I have work the next day and I get up around 5:30a. 

I do think he’ll get Ohio, FL, VA, NC, NH, IN.  If it’s going to be an early night, he’d have to get WI, MI, or PA which are all purple right now.  If he gets any one of those it will be over at 9:30. 


I just like to quote predictions because I'm such a terrible predictor.

If you're right, I will want to point to this in awe and amazement. If you're wrong, I'll feel better about all the unrealistic predictions I've made.


Well, as of right now, Obama is ahead in all swing states except for FL and NC.


And they're tied in FL.

Romney would have to win over a lot of swing states to win in the next 8 days and with this storm now..who knows?

Obama leads steadily in the electoral vote so far, which is all he really needs anyway.

Romney scares the pee out of me, so I hope Obama wins.


The Lounge Inappropriate funeral songs Oct 30 2012
08:04 (UTC)

LOL! Well..if that's the person's wish, I suppose they have to honor it.

The Lounge ONYD! Brooks Goes Off on Romney Sep 20 2012
20:14 (UTC)

Government assistance is not just welfare. And more Red states are on the dole than blue states, meaning Romney insulted HIS base, too.

Government assistance also means:


Disability (which many retired veterans receive, too)

College loans/grants

Public healthcare

Subsidized day care for working single mothers or low income families

And so on.


So no, it's not just those on foodstamps that are included in the much broader category of public aid.

So, unless I've missed something, many Republicans would fall under the "47%" he refers to.



The Lounge Do I really look like a gay? Aug 21 2012
05:25 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

Original Post by cptbunny:

You look like a troll.

that's rather a broad statement. like a willow troll? harry potter? those little dolls? the troll in central park?

way too many different types of troll to be makin' blanket statements like that.

You're the entertaining kind. Sometimes. I'll admit to smirking or faintly laughing once in a while when I read your posts.

I will suggest you use your writing skills for a book or something, though. You're kind of wasting it here.


The Lounge I need someone to talk to about my evil parents Aug 18 2012
04:30 (UTC)

Yikes! I am SO glad you're moving.


That is clearly a very toxic environment, and YES, your life will be way better!


Just think, living somewhere new, making friends, finding yourself..finishing your degree..all of these things will improve your life so very much. You'll be a lot happier.


Your parents need to seek help for their issues, but their issues are not your fault or your problem.


You have your own life to live, so get out there and live it!


The Lounge What are you reading? Aug 18 2012
01:15 (UTC)
Original Post by rosieblue:

It's summer!  Time for fluffy summer books and sitting in the sun.  So, what are you reading?  Actually, what have you just finished, what are you reading right now, and what's next?

I just finished my first Christopher Moore - A Dirty Job, I'm currently reading Elmore Leonard - Get Shorty, and I'm planning on Paul Quarrington - King Leary. 

I'm actually reading "The Help" again. Partially because I haven't bought any new books recently, but also because I love it! This will be my third time reading it.

The Lounge How Shallow Are You? Aug 13 2012
00:05 (UTC)
Original Post by ejannharris:

Question:  Are refusing to date someone who is overweight (even slightly) and refusing to date someone who smokes cigarettes/marijuana the same kind of shallow?

It's not shallow to have preferences...you feel how you feel.