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The Lounge what's the worst movie you've ever seen? Jun 24 2008
21:35 (UTC)


Booty Call

Im even ashamed to admit Ive even seen it

The Lounge What do you think is the best dog breed? Jun 04 2008
20:36 (UTC)

I have a Pug and she is perfectly content to sleep the hours away on my lap...that being said she is not quite 3 years old yet and was much more rambunctious when she was a younger pup...not that she's old she is just lazy.  I also have an English about a lazt wanna be lap dog...BUT much too large for what you are looking for, the Pug is 10xs smarter then the Mastiff is....our Mastiff is well..lets just say "touched"

The Lounge Favorite Simpsons Quote? Jun 03 2008
17:40 (UTC)

Chief Wiggum: Uh, no, you got the wrong number. This is 9-1…2.

Homer: You don’t like your job, you don’t strike. You go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way

Superintendent Chalmers: I’ve had it with this school, Skinner. Low test scores, class after class of ugly, ugly children…

Homer: Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems

Homer: There's your giraffe, little girl.
Ralph Wiggum: I'm a boy.
Homer: That's the spirit. Never give up.

Ralph: Daddy, I'm scared. Too scared to even wet my pants.
Chief Wiggum: Just relax and it'll come, son.



The Lounge Red Light Cameras May 27 2008
20:13 (UTC)

We've gotten 2 of these tickets in the past.  Both times my husband was driving my car and since it was registered in my name the tickets were all in my name.  There were no points and no impact on our insurance. We got one in Delaware and the other in PA.  It takes a picture of the car going through the light and a close up shot of the license plate, there was no picture of the driver on the two we had.  Both tickets were $75 a piece.

The Lounge Rock Band/ Guitar Hero- Any players out there?!? Online Play? May 23 2008
01:36 (UTC)

GH4 due out Fall 2008 will also have the drum feature....from the trailer I saw today it looks awesome

The Lounge Rock Band/ Guitar Hero- Any players out there?!? Online Play? May 22 2008
18:54 (UTC)

I think for now, Im better off sticking with Hard, I get too frustrated on Expert, my fingers just dont want to cooperate with me.


I love to play My Name is Jonas on GH3, Welcome to the Jungle, When you Were Young

Rockband---Enter SAndman, Creep, Wanted Dead or Alive

GH 2--Mother, Freebird, Them Bones

GH--More than a Feeling, Ziggy Stardust, Symphony of Destruction

GH 80's--18 and Life

but like you....I pretty much love them all......

The Lounge Rock Band/ Guitar Hero- Any players out there?!? Online Play? May 21 2008
22:23 (UTC)

My husband and I are big fans, we play together practically every night, its our "thing".  Cant get enough of it and am anxiously awaiting the new Guitar Hero-Aerosmith version..although I cant say Im a huge fan, but I just cant wait to play some new songs. We have 5 guitars between the 2 of us and Rockband as well, unfortunatly we have it for PS2 and cant play live or download any additional songs.  Cant seem to progress any farther then "Hard" level.  So what favorite songs does anyone else have??

The Lounge scan your current love or your X's face. Then go to your original entry, edit and add it. Apr 25 2008
20:30 (UTC)

I did this before too...I dont remember many matches that I got but one was some Japanese singer and another was Tupac Shakur....funny considering Im female and white.....

The Lounge This is too funny Apr 24 2008
22:11 (UTC)

ohh thank you for the links....that was a good laugh

The Lounge This is too funny Apr 24 2008
21:42 (UTC)
I havent gotten the JC Penny email...can someon send me a link? I have to see it now.
The Lounge Any good suggestions about going to Jamaica??? Apr 15 2008
19:55 (UTC)

We were there about 3 years ago.  I would also recommend Dunns River Falls, it was a lot of fun but if you do that be sure to pack boat shoes because the rocks are very slippery.  We also did an excursion at night, and I dont remember the name of the place, but they take you out on a boat to this place where the water glows green as you go through it, or run your hand through it.  Be sure to pack lots of $1's for tips.....because you are pretty much hounded to tip everybody, at least we were. 

The Lounge whyyyyyy alllll the extraaaaa letterssssssssss? Apr 14 2008
23:00 (UTC)

what I find more annoying is when its written in combination of caps and lower case like is

ThIs Is So AnNoYiNg To Me AnD wHeN bOy Is SpElLeD BoI AnD GiRl GuRl


The Lounge any myspace people here? Mar 04 2008
13:14 (UTC)

Im on there too...way too much

Id love some new friends

The Lounge Totally Devastated Jan 18 2008
00:41 (UTC)
Thanks for all your means alot
The Lounge Totally Devastated Jan 17 2008
17:30 (UTC)

I wish I knew what that meant too.  Its hard going everyday wondering whats going to happen next, not knowing is very hard.  I better when he is home at night, but during the day its pretty torturous to wonder what could be going on....hopefully nothing, but Ill always wonder. 

As far as finding out.....I caught him.  I had suspected something up for a  few weeks...I just had a feeling something wasnt right.  He wasnt acting differently towards me, but a few things tipped me off.  I found a few songs downloaded on my computer that just isnt what he would be in to, I was hoping they were reminding him of me....WRONG.  He says still he likes the songs but given what happened, Ill never believe that.  I think its because they reminded him of her....that was one and the other was his work cell phone...he took it everywhere, even in the bathroom when he got a shower, he used to leave it laying around and I was starting to think he was hiding something...then he would get text messages but read them but never eally mention who they were from.  This past Saturday I was getting up for work and went to let our dog out.  He had fallen asleep in the couch and lef the phone on my computer table.  I was tempted to look  at first but I didnt.  I hit the mouse and saw he ahd downloaded more songs.  The two that really got me were Thunder Rolls a Garth Brooks song about a man getting caught cheating and Shaggys It wasnt me.  Well that did it.  I opened the cell phone and went to the texts and found all of them from him.  I didnt read the ones from her...I wish I had in a way but I was so shocked I set the phone down, went to work, told them I wasnt going to be able to stay and why, they told me to go home.  By the time I got home (15 minutes or so) he was back in our bed...cell phone with him.  I woke his ass up and started asking who she was, etc, etc. 

 IM seriously considering the therapy, I doubt he would go, he is not the therapy type person.  But maybe just for myself.  Im tired of feeling sad, depressed, horrible.  I cant even explain it.  Its just a lost , scared, worried feeling. 

The Lounge Totally Devastated Jan 16 2008
14:12 (UTC)

Thank you all for your thoughts, I really appreciate it.  Everyday is different, I wish I could say better, but that would be a lie.  Sometimes Im mad as hell and sometimes Im just so sad.  I want desperately for things to be normal again then on the other hand I have thoughts that I deserve so much better then this.  Ive been faithful for 19 years to him....19 years,  how can you do that to someone you love, care about and "would do anything for".   A part of me also wants to just give up and move on...he says I can do so much better then him but it would tear him up to see me with another person.  I almost want to give him a dose of his own medicine but I know that wouldnt solve anything and I would only be doing it out of revenge and because I want him to feel the pain that he has given me.  I just done understand...Im a successful person, I can support myself (I make twice as much money as he does) Ive been told that Im attractive by other people and he told me he is still attracted to me.  I kiss him goodbye everyday he leaves for work, I worry about him when he is working (he's a police officer) Id do anything for him, he doesnt have to do much around our house because I do it and I dont ask or demand help from him, I thought that by doing these things he would know I do it because I love him...but he didnt see it the same way I did.  I just dont know what else to do to show him, he says its the "little things" that count...well I dont want to come out and ask what do you want me to do to show you, I just dont know what else to do.  Any ideas?  I could use some. 

  As far as us moving to another state, she actually lives 2 states away from us, we live in NJ and she lives in MD....BUT he works in MD and I would never ask him to quit because it is very hard to find full time police jobs and he just started there 6 months ago. Apparently she lived in the town he works for but she recently moved to another town, so he told me theres no reason for him to even run into her, because theres no reason for her to be in the town he works...  Im trying my best to try and trust him...its just so hard. 

Fitness polar heart rate monitor question! Jan 02 2008
03:22 (UTC)
I also have the Polar F4 you, the HRM says I am burning more then the cardio machine says I am...
The Lounge favorite commercial? Jan 01 2008
01:48 (UTC)

My all-time favorite the old M&M Easter Commercial...Thanks Easter Bunny...bok bok..




edited to try and fix the first link...which I cant seem to







The Lounge Professional healthcare workers? Dec 18 2007
13:54 (UTC)
I'm a registered nurse too. The hours are long (I work 2 12 hour shifts on the w/e and 3 8 hour shifts during the week) The families bringing in treats dont help...hard to resist.   I dont have any time on the weekends to go to the gym, Im too tired after work, but I try to go during the week whenever I can but it can start to burn you out after a while. 
The Lounge Pets? Dec 14 2007
13:49 (UTC)
I have 2 dogs.  A male 2 year old English Mastiff named Baxter and a female 2 year old Pug named Zoe.  We got them on the same day and they were flown in on the same plane from different breeders.  My Mastiff is a huge scaredy cat, pretty lazy and sleeps most of the time,  he also has a major drooling problem and I must keep towels in every room to wipe the slobber from his mouth or else he'll sling them all over the walls and furniture if we're not careful .  Our Pug is rambunctious (I think that's how you spell that), she is the BOSS and bullies the mastiff who outweighs her by at least 125lbs,  Pugs have such wonderful personalities and I think I will probably always own one.