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The Lounge RIP Eartha Kitt Dec 28 2008
14:25 (UTC)

That is so sad.  I too remember her as Old Lady Hackmore from Ernest Scared Stupid when I was a kid.  Btw, isn't it kind of weird that she died on Christmas seeing as how she sang the original Santa Baby?

The Lounge make a wish. Dec 17 2008
13:44 (UTC)

I'm with eerica: I wish I could just STOP freaking bingeing!  Today is yet another Day 1.  Let's hope it's the real thing this time.  Maybe if enough of us bingers wish we could stop, it'll come true for all of us.

The Lounge What is your signature Karaoke song? Dec 10 2008
01:54 (UTC)

I am really good at Because of You by Kelly Clarkson.  I did that at the state fair and got a pretty good response.

Foods So, what did YOUR Thanksgiving day meal look like? Nov 29 2008
15:33 (UTC)

My first Thanksgiving E.D.-free.  I enjoyed everything but kept reasonable portions, and went for a nice walk afterward.  My mom is the best cook ever :)

A tiny bit of roasted chicken (never cared too much for this)
1/2 cup white rice with a little butter
Asparagus and green pea casserole
Squash casserole
Large portion of stuffing, my favorite
Congealed cranberry salad
2 small dinner rolls with butter
Smashed rutabagas and turnips
Sweet potato casserole with pecans on top (to die for)

And afterwards, a small slice of pumpkin pie and a small slice of chocolate chess pie.  (The chocolate chess pie was indescribable beyond words.)

The Lounge What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Nov 26 2008
13:38 (UTC)

Great post!
I am so thankful every day for my wonderful family--my mom, dad, and brother.  I am so lucky to have them all alive and close by.  Also, for my boyfriend, who has stayed with me for 6 years, through some of the most messed up times in my life, including and especially a 2-year-long struggle with anorexia.  I am thankful that God has showed me the way out of that awful disease and is helping me recover more every day (mentally, I mean--physically I am back to my old self.)  I am so thankful that I have a roof over my head (even if it's leaking) and plenty of food to eat.  I am thankful for my education, the fact that I've been able to go to college when so many other people in the world aren't so lucky.  Also I'm thankful for the opportunity I've had this semester to intern at a prison.  Not everyone gets such a unique opportunity, and I have learned so much.  I am thankful for so many more things but I don't want to bore everyone, so I'll stop there!

Edited to add: oh, also the fact that my dad was able to get his old job back as a Burger King manager, when he has been unemployed for awhile due to the economic crisis.  It's not perfect, but we're lucky that he found anything at all.

The Lounge Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without...... Nov 25 2008
12:06 (UTC)

My family

My mom's homemade sweet potato casserole with pecans on top

Mom's homemade stuffing

Buttery dinner rolls

Pumpkin pie

And my boyfriend there to eat about 3 plates of food and then eat all the meat left on the turkey carcass!  (literally he just leaves the skeleton.  My family calls him a human garbage disposal!)

Foods Thanksgiving day and food survey Nov 24 2008
14:31 (UTC)

Last Thanksgiving did you diet clean, indulge a little or go crazy?
I actually didn't have Thanksgiving dinner last year.  My whole family was out of town for different reasons.  It pretty much sucked.

This Thanksgiving what are your intentions of eating?
I have been saving up calories so I can indulge in my favorite things.  But I will still practice mindful eating and listen to hunger signals.

Where did you have Thanksgiving last year?

Where will you have Thanksgiving this year?
Parents' house

When will Thanksgiving dinner be served?
Around 2:00

About how many people will be present?
5: my parents, me, my brother, my boyfriend

If not home, will you be bringing food and what?
no, but I'll be helping cook

If at home, how much of the meal are you responsible for?
Just helping my mom cook and set the table

Whats your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Homemade dressing (aka stuffing on the side), pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole *drool*

Taste preference: Turkey or Ham?
Turkey... but we're actually having a baked chicken because we like it better and it's cheaper

Three favorite sides dishes in preference order?
Dressing, sweet potato casserole, squash casserole

Best tasting Thanksgiving dessert?
Pumpkin pie... though this year my mom is making a chocolate chess pie too, so we'll see if I end up with a new favorite!

Most over-rated Thanksgiving food?
I agree with turkey.  I also think cranberry sauce is nothing special either.

Most under-rated Thanksgiving food?
Anything made mostly of vegetables, I guess

Will you be fine with high cal leftovers around?
I don't know... I don't realy trust myself, so I'm definitely not taking any home.

What will you be doing after eating Thanksgiving dinner?
Probably just hang out at my parents' house, take a walk, and then laze around until we're ready for leftovers :)

Allowing yourself a gain or not?
Yes, because I figure it couldn't be that much, and it would all even out over time.  But I seriously have saved up about 3,000 calories, so I don't think that would even be an issue.

The Lounge Questionnaire! Nov 21 2008
00:10 (UTC)

1.  What languages do you know? English, and quite a bit of Espanol

2.  What is something you did as a child that would have gotten you into HEAPLOADS of trouble if you had gotten caught? Does 14 count as a child?  If so, smoking cigarettes and pot (once)... oh yeah, and making out with my boyfriend various places

3.  What is/are your fears?  (Spiders, etc.)  Failure, death (especially my loved ones dying), large vicious dogs, and the dark (lol)

4.  What was the size of the last pair of pants/jeans you bought?  7

5.  What is one sport you think should be an Olympic sport?  (Get silly here!)  Competitive eating... in all seriousness, I would totally win the gold

6.  Look around you right now.  Who do you see?  No one, I am all alone Cry

7.  What is the weirdest concoction you have ever made with toast?  Nothing really with toast, but I've made plenty of strange things with bread.  The most recent one I can think of is bread with mayonnaise, peanut butter, and maple syrup.  Also mayonnaise, bananas, and peanut butter.

8.  Do you have any birthmarks?  Yes, on my right boob :)

9.  What do you look forward to most about Christmas? All the awesome foods my mom fixes... and the challenge of enjoying the holidays this year without the burden of an eating disorder... I think I am up to it this year!

Edited to add: also, spending time with my family, and getting to see my uncle whom I haven't seen in years!

10.  What was the last TV show you watched? Something stupid last night on Fox.  I think it was called 2 and a half men.

The Lounge Sexiest Songs Of All Time...yeah. Nov 20 2008
12:08 (UTC)

Usher - Nice and Slow

The Lounge ok..when/how did you and your husband/wife meet? Nov 20 2008
12:04 (UTC)

Anyone who tells you it won't last forever just because you're young, don't listen to them.  I am living proof :).  I met my bf in high school at 14.  He was 17.  Six and a half years later, we're still together.  We have been through some difficult times but we're doing great.  We live together now, go to college together, and have a very strong relationship.  We will probably get married after college sometime.  So yes, it's totally possible that you and your boyfriend will last, even though you met when you were both young.  Good luck to both of you!

The Lounge Misheard lyrics Nov 15 2008
14:10 (UTC)

lol, you could be right :)

The Lounge Misheard lyrics Nov 15 2008
13:56 (UTC)
Original Post by huggitbear:

These recent music posts have been fun.  I'd like to hear some of your misheard lyrics--what you thought the words were

The one that stands out in my mind is the one song that sounds like "revved up like a douche"


 You're talking about "Blinded By The Light."  I thought the exact same thing.  As recently as last week, I finally looked it up to make sure that he WASN'T saying "douche."

When I was younger, I thought that in "Always Be My Baby", Mariah Carey was saying "Sean Connery's a feeling me strong" instead of "Time can't erase a feeling so strong" lol

The Lounge Sexiest Songs Of All Time...yeah. Nov 15 2008
13:53 (UTC)
Original Post by michellerc:

speaking of sexy songs I remember when I was like 10... I was walkin through the house singin' Prince - "Get off" 23 positions in a one night stand.. GET OFF...

( obviously had no idea what the hell I was singin' lol) Well Mom heard me... and FREAKED OUT! haha I got a serious beat down and MTV was banned!

 That is so funny, I did the exact same thing!  My dad had that song on an album.  I knew all the words but not what they meant.  Needless to say, my mom was shocked!

Also for the list:
-Feel like Makin' Love - Bad Company
-Touch It - Monifah
-Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins
-Crash - Dave Matthews Band
-Say Goodbye - Dave Matthews Band
-Toxic - Britney Spears

Foods Ever binge and discover something amazing in the process? Nov 14 2008
11:02 (UTC)
Original Post by bobo1:

Were you binging or just eating like crazy,  ya know therese a diffrence,  but if you were binging for three days sorry,  its been about 5 days since my last bad binge, but i can say it was the first time i ate pbutter anf banana sandwhiches.  i know its common but i thought i was creative at the time,  it was amazing. 

 Trust, me I was definitely binging.  Alone in my house, shoveling food into my face, not hungry, not caring what it was, just shoveling away in an effort to get some kind of emotional release or something (if you want to know the particulars.) I had never struggled with binging in the past, but now that I have recovered from being anorexic, it has become a real problem for me.  I am working on it day by day, though, and I really think I'm doing better.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt the thread; I was just answering bobo's question.

Foods Ever binge and discover something amazing in the process? Nov 14 2008
02:00 (UTC)

Well, as long as we're confessing, I'll add slices of bread (white or whole wheat, doesn't matter) spread with mayonnaise and sprinkled with salt.  So simple, yet so strangely good.

The Lounge I love Christmas and country music, Jesus, Barack Obama, and counting calories! Nov 14 2008
01:15 (UTC)

Hey, you're not alone!  I love Christmas and country music too.  Johnny Cash is my idol!  And I love the *real* Christmas, not this commercial cash-fest that it has become.  But I agree that I am proud to live in a country as diverse as ours.  What a nice uplifting post.

Foods Christmas/holiday foods that you like Nov 14 2008
00:34 (UTC)

I LOVE holiday food.  My mom is the best cook so we always have so many good things to eat.  My favorites are her sweet potato casserole with pecans on top (almost like a dessert in and of itself), pumpkin pie, rum cake, homemade stuffing (we call it dressing because we don't really stuff the turkey with it), squash casserole with lots of buttery cracker crumbs on top, and of course Christmas cookies!

Foods What did YOU eat today? Nov 14 2008
00:18 (UTC)

Breakfast: 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese with bran flakes, sliced bananas, Splenda, skim milk, and sugar free maple syrup (delicious).

Snack: low-cal, high fiber spinach-flavored wrap (12 grams!!) stuffed with a scrambled egg, low-fat cottage cheese, pickles, and a little Hellman's Canola mayo.

Lunch: 1/2 roast beef sandwich on honey wheat with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions, and spicy mustard; french roll; banana nut muffin.

Dinner: hearty homemade chicken noodle soup and a baked sweet potato.

After dinner snack: bran flakes with skim milk, sugar free Handi-Snacks pudding (vanilla flavored.)

Foods WHat did Jesus eat? Nov 13 2008
12:13 (UTC)
Original Post by monarch777:

Original Post by monarch777:

Which lends the question..

What Would Jesus Do for a Klondike Bar?

 I was kidding. This whole Jesus foods description makes me hungry. I am sure if we a similar diet...we would all be much healthier.

What did Buddha eat though?

 Whatever Buddha ate, I don't want it, lol!  Wise he may be, but thin he is not!  I don't know, I mean Buddhists are supposed to follow the middle path and all, but with that beer gut, I don't know how much Buddha himself knew about "everything in moderation!"

The Lounge I'd like to see you naked... Nov 12 2008
00:51 (UTC)
Original Post by sun123:

The stretch marks look like exotic tiger stripes.


 You know, the funny thing about that is, 6 years ago I was complaining about the stretch marks on my boobs to my new(ish) boyfriend.  He told me that exact same thing in total seriousness!  That's how I knew he was the one (lol) and we are still together today!