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Health & Support Starting to struggle... Jul 24 2012
21:45 (UTC)
So it's 14:40 and I've binged/purged twice now. this morning I did as I said I would, I went to my grans to escape my house/my mom, and I was just about to have a chat about things with her when my mom turned up. So I left and went home, that's when I binged/purged. And then again about an hour ago because I was hungry, and then couldn't stop... Ughh!! I feel so horrible and I really don't know what to do now. I'm obviously going have to tell my family as the cupboards are practically empty because of it, and they're obviously going to notice that! I can't face their reaction... Theyve been so proud of me lately and now I've just gone and let them down...
Health & Support Starting to struggle... Jul 24 2012
17:16 (UTC)
Gia, thankyou so much, you're so kind and you say such kind things to me that I'm really not worthy of!

It seems we both struggle with similar things. I'm trying so hard not to think these things about my weight/body but I just feel so bleughh! Although that may be due to the change of climate (I'm telling you; culture shock!) and I'm struggling to eat through fear of feeling worse about things. I know how bad that Is. I just don't know...

Ahh! Sorry about you're baby! Hope he/she is doing better now. Must've been difficult for you.

Again thanks for all the support you show me (I'm not sure I've thanked you for it before D:) I really appreciate it and it's so nice to talk to you about things. I just hope I can help you in some ways and repay the favour! Oh and how do ya fancy working on some of those rituals? ;) that may help me overcome this as I'll feel I'm achieving something... You're right WE CAN DO THIS!! :)
Health & Support Starting to struggle... Jul 24 2012
16:05 (UTC)
Hi, thanks for replying, yeah I see a counsellor twice a week. But I don't always tell them how I really feel. I'm not sure why and I know that I shouldn't lie to her, it's just, I guess I don't really like admitting it.

I really don't want another relapse! When I say I've relapsed 5 times, I mean over the space of 7 years, but each one worse than the other. I only just survived the last time...

You're right, I'm going to go see my grandparents :) my gran does listen when I want talk and she tries to help however she can, but again, I won't talk to her about deep things as she has a habit of telling my mom what I've said.

But thanks, yeah you helped I might just do that sometime... ;) same to you if you ever want to talk! :)
Health & Support Lanugo Jul 11 2012
16:03 (UTC)
Ahh, online calculators are always, always incorrect. I honestly can't find any logical explanation as to why they are allowed to be used. You can buy bioelectric scales that send a small pulse through your body which calculates body fat, muscle mass ect. Maybe look into one? Or I'm not sure if GP's can do it.

Although, as you are recovering from an ED, thinking about it, you don't need to be worrying yourself with body fat % all that matters Is that you're a healthy weight, and that you're happy :) but if you have symptoms of low body fat then deffo look into getting it checked properly.

Just an example of how wrong these online calculators can be, I measured my waist when my BMI was around 15 one time, and I was suffering from severe bloating teamed with about a litre of water I'd recently chugged down, and my waist measured around 29 inches. So this gave me a % of 27. Something at a BMI of 15!! So it dosent take into account a whole bunch of things like bloating, or even something like big muscles.

But you wern't to know this do don't worry, just get advice from your doctor :)
Health & Support Lanugo Jul 11 2012
06:58 (UTC)
I'm afraid 14%,is nowhere near enough. Your BMI may be 21, but it may be lean mass rather that fat (which appears to be the case) ideally body fat for a women should be around the 20% mark. Remember what I said before? A body fat% below 20 risks things like the mentstrual cycle. Also real muscular female athletes (you know the ones with big biceps and all) are told to go no lower than 12%. Which is near ehst you are. So get that up! That's why you have lanugo. Also you say your BMI is 21, I highly doubt that if your body fat is only 14% :S maybe you're retaining lots of water?
Health & Support Inpatient- Please HELP! Jul 09 2012
00:53 (UTC)
Please, please go inpatient; it's the best thing I ever did. I've been 5 times over my 7 year illness, and all the times it has helped hugely. The support network is brilliant and you can get more one on one support.

Of course you deserve and need the help. Anorexia Is a mental illness, weight Is a side effect so dont ever worry about that.

You've already done what is probably the hardest thing; ADMITTING you have a problem and that you need help. So for that congrats :)

I hope you're brave enough to make the decision to get yourself well again, message me if you want to chat or need some support/advice.

Best of luck :)
Health & Support Why I will NEVER EVER go back to ED!!! Jul 06 2012
09:12 (UTC)
I agree, this is amazing! :)

Can it be stickied for a while?

Congrats on your amazing recovery! You're an inspiration :)
Health & Support Lanugo Jun 29 2012
08:34 (UTC)
I'm not sure I'm afraid, but I know that women athletes are told their body fat % should go absbsolutley no lower than 12% which is EXTREMLEY low! So I guess it could be that, however I was told 20% was optimal for women, and that below that could risk things like the menstrual cycle.

Again, hope that helps :)
Health & Support Lanugo Jun 29 2012
03:25 (UTC)
Each person is affected differently by lanugo. Personally I still have it and I've been recovered at a BMI 19-20 for about 3 months now.

It does sound as though you have it. I have mine around my neck, shoulders/chest area and stomach.

What it actually looks like is the hairs are usually very fine, and pointing in a kinda 'downy' motion (if you know what I mean)

This is nothing to worry about atall, it's caused by low body fat. And it will go so don't worry :)

Hope that's helps a little, and dont be ashamed of asking questions :)

Health & Support What I thought was water weight, apparently not Jun 27 2012
21:10 (UTC)
Thats fine hun, just keep your chin up and wait it out :) x
Health & Support What I thought was water weight, apparently not Jun 27 2012
20:08 (UTC)
Don't worry!!!

This happened to me when I was in a few weeks back!

It IS water weight, and it WILL come off! :) I promise!!

I gained 7lbs during my stay with the IV, and the last one had gone when I weighed last Saturday.

Just give your body time. It took about 4 weeks for mine to go.

Hope that helps, and I hope this dosent cause you too much stress x
Health & Support Which is the best brand for Vitamin D3 Suppliment? Jun 26 2012
21:20 (UTC)
I take a medication called adcal D3 for my osteoporosis, and that was prescribed by my dietician.

I'm sure youll be able to find it in a chemist, although I'm surprised you haven't been prescribed it :S

Plus, you're tiredness may be due to deficiencies... It may just be the vitamin D, but did he mention your iron levels? I take iron too for that reason. I would have to be woken up at 1pm by my mother it I easily could have slept all day!!
Health & Support I don't understand how someone could get through the whole day, not eat a thing, and be fine. Jun 24 2012
09:03 (UTC)
My boyfriend is the same he'll live off coffee, for breakfast, and then I'm told he only ever eats a proper dinner if hes round mine and my mum cooks for him (this I find amusing! ;) he never eats lunch or anything. I mean he dosent refuse anything if offered, but he dosent have if not.

Yet he's fine! Yes he's very skinny, but naturally and he's not undernourished, at least not visibly.

Guess its just how they are!

Health & Support Any long time ED sufferers facing early arthritis? Jun 21 2012
17:36 (UTC)
My teeth are quite bad :S the second teeth along from the two front ones are higher and they look dang like haha! Although they are quite a bit stronger :)

During my ED they would crumble and crack :/ I have several fillings too.

Well, I guess if you're dentist hasn't said anything then maybe they're not that bad? Even if they are, just look after them and maintain them.

Also I'm sorry about you're back/spine. I osteoporosis Pretty much all over, but I have arthritis in my spine and wrists.

Unfortunately anorexia damages the body in many ways. But unfortunately we can't change it :(

That's nice to hear you have kids :) ive never had a period in my life and with the osteoporosis I doubt I'll be able to have any of my own.

Maybe your spine problem was always there but the anorexia made it worse?

I know there's like 9 years age differene but message me if you want to chat anytime :)
Health & Support Wrist pain? Jun 21 2012
16:50 (UTC)
Hi :)

If you bend your hand down does it have a lump there? It may look like a bone pointing out?

If so, I had this and it was EXTREMLEY painfull!

It was caused by holding my wrist in one position for too long.

I made sure I kept my wrist flat on the table of whatever was there and it resolved after a week or so.

If not then I'm afraid I don't know :S

Hope that helps a little :)
Health & Support Any long time ED sufferers facing early arthritis? Jun 21 2012
16:39 (UTC)
I'm not sure what age group this was aimed at, but I'm 17, and have had anorexia since I was 10 (7 years, I know, not the longest time) and I already have osteoporosis and arthritis. So yeah it can as you're bones are weaker because of the nutritional losses they suffered.

Don't feel bad about this, can your condition be treated? I take daily medication for my osteoporosis called 'Adcal D3' it's basically a calcium/Vitamin D supplement prescribed by my doctor.

Hope this helps :)
Health & Support Losing weight after CUTTING BACK on exercise?? Jun 21 2012
16:33 (UTC)
Yeah I have this. I would always weigh 2lbs less if I hadn't gone for my 2 mile walk. (i dont do this now) And like you, I couldn't get my head around that concept!

I asked my doctor and he said its because your muscles aren't hoarding water as they're not being used.

I guess it's scientific. I'm lightly active (just walking here and there) and maintain my weight perfectly just by eating my maintainence calories :)

I prefer this as it saves that feeling of guilt that comes with not exersicing because you don't feel like it or you're too tired. Its so less pressurising! ;)

Stay well :) xx
Health & Support I want a time machine... Jun 20 2012
11:43 (UTC)
Original Post by marissa8161:

Oh, and to all the 13/14/15 year old girls on here... listen to me, right now.  Unless you are legitimately overweight, don't get wrapped up in all this.  If you waste your high school days working out and counting calories, you are going to look back and regret it so much.

This is me :( I've had Anorexia since I was 10, so through both secondary school and high school. (I'm 17 now) I'd second this to others also. I can't remember my childhood as its been erased and distorted by my eating disorder. Please, Please don't let this happen to you. Or save yourself before it gets to this stage. To the OP, I understand how you feel! But you have to remember, everything that has happened has made you the person you are now. You know that saying? "what dosent kill you makes you stronger"? Well, that's exactly true! You've experienced things your friends can only imagine. It will have made you tougher as you have more life experience. And anyway, it has happened, and you can't change it, however much you would like to. All you can do now is make the best out of your life that is now. Much love :) Xxx
Health & Support skinny body... fat face Jun 09 2012
04:42 (UTC)
You're right you're NOWHERE NEAR fat! :) Infact, your stats sound absolutly perfect!

How long have you been maintaining? It could be that you have unredidtributed fat, or it could be bloat.

Try drinking 2.5L throughout the day. I found that helped during the bloating stage of recovery.

But, as you say, it may just be how you're face Is.

This isn't a bad thing atall. I'm similar, although I feel my weight in my lower body.

wait and see what happens in a couple of months (you may start to see some weight redistribution) and take it from there. If you feel the same, it's just something you'll have to accept.

If you think about it, storing fat in the face or legs is better than the midsection as it lowers our chances of things like heart attacks and diabetes ect :) so all should be good!

I hope that helps a little, and that you can accept yourself as you are! Message me if you ever want to chat :)