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Foods Fiber Jan 05 2013
11:45 (UTC)

If you have too much it can cause your body to not properly process and absorb other vitamins and minerals, but I think that is only if you have an extreme amount.

If you start getting cramps, diarrhea or constipation I would suggest toning it down a little bit.

Foods Healthiest brand of frozen dinners? May 11 2012
13:43 (UTC)

I live in London and Sainsbury's does their own meals which are tasty and pretty low cal - about ~350 - 400 cal per meal. While they are high in sodium they are also high in protein, low in fat and high in fiber. Plus they are filling.

If you're not in the UK, you might want to also check out things like Jenny Craigs or other diet plan foods, as they usually do their own prepackaged meals.

Motivation drinking diet cokes? May 11 2012
13:28 (UTC)

If you want to have a glass of coke or diet coke, then have a glass! It wont do any harm if you are only have it occasionally. If you're drinking every day, or every couple of days, then maybe you should look at cutting back a bit. None of these drinks are healthy and do they do nothing good for you.

EDIT: As an alternative try drinking soda water with lemon or lime in it. Still fizzy and has some flavour

Weight Loss Starvation Mode Dec 08 2011
07:45 (UTC)

Wow thank you! So much information in there

Weight Loss Need a partner! Dec 07 2011
07:42 (UTC)

I am keen! My name is Rachael, I'm 24 currently weigh 155 and would love to get down to 145. I have been a bit slack lately as its been a really busy year, but I'm really keen to get stuck into it and would love to have some people to help me keep on track.


Foods Eating Out Dec 02 2011
18:58 (UTC)
Original Post by liseey02:

I don't eat out that often so when I do I get what I like but try to limit my portion and really try to pay attention to when I am full. I also generally pick things that have vegetables because I like them, I know they will fill me up faster, etc.

Hmm that's so foreign to me - stopping when full, especially if I am out at a restaurant. It's so hard to put down the knife and fork when I have paid for it!

Motivation Anyone restarting after a while? Dec 02 2011
18:53 (UTC)

This sounds like me!

It's been such a busy year for me with starting a new job, moving house, having my boyfriend move overseas for work and then come back, and then moving house again!! Counting cals and working out has really been the least of my worries.

And now its coming up to summer (I'm a southern hemisphere girl) and I am really not bikini ready. Eep!

Motivation Fallen off the wagon Jun 09 2011
06:41 (UTC)

I just came home and read all these replies and decided to do my work out. Feeling pretty good now! Still need to sort out dinner though, so i'm giong to need to go to the grocery store and not stock up on junk. I'm going to write a list and make myself not buy anything that isn't on the list. That should do the trick.

I find it hard to plan out what I want for the whole week though. Are there any good websites that do weekly meal plans?

Games & Challenges A,B,C . . . Food Porn May 01 2011
04:47 (UTC)


Foods The Detox Diet Apr 30 2011
10:08 (UTC)

ootek: You must be joking? Of course losing a pound a day is possible. Have you not watched the biggest loser or other such programmes? It is totally doable. Not really advised in the absence of medical supervision, but completely possible.


And bigmamalola congratulations of deciding to lose weight. You are obviously keen to ge right into it. But like others have suggested, your method isn't the best way. Detox diets dont work. Period. As deleseo said you have organs that take care of that for you. You're best just to start your healthy eating and exercising straight away instead of waisting time on the other nonsense.

Motivation I just need to vent Apr 26 2011
08:56 (UTC)
Original Post by kimconnell:

Original Post by zeynepcolpan:

That's actually a really healthy way of thinking about it. . . I, personally, am just done with being so angry at myself for letting myself gain a ton of weight! Like, sometimes, a girl wants a little pasta, you know!? 

 So have a little pasta!  Just incorporate it into your total calories!

No need to be angry, just take it 1 day at a time and keep your deficit!

Pretty much this.

Healthy fit happy people manage to eat pasta and cookies and icecream and all of those kinds of things and not feel depressed about it. So you can to! You shouldn't have any foods that are completely off limits, otherwise it just makes you crave them more. Give yourself a break. Foods that are high in sugar and carbs are enjoyable and tasty! You can eat them every now and then and feel good about it. Just make sure you do it in moderation. A little tasty treat every now and then isn't going to make you obese.

Weight Loss What is the easiest way to increase my potassium? Apr 26 2011
08:47 (UTC)

I've found that for some of the foods on cc they dont seem to have the potassium estimates. So just be aware of this, because you might be getting more than what you think but just not realise it.

Fitness Need to reduce my muscle that got bulky Apr 26 2011
08:42 (UTC)

Are you currently overweight? or at a healthy weight?

I found that when I first started working out my muscles 'solidified' (as they were pretty much non-existent before that) instead of just burning the fat like I thought was going to happen. - It seemed that instead, the fat just sat on top of my muscles. It made me feel as though i looked bulky and butch and I didn't really like it, so I can relate to what you are going through. But to be honest it didn't last for very long and as I  got stronger and leaner this was no longer an issue.

My advice would be to stick at, stretch and introduce things like squats and resistance training - as this burns the fat when you're not working out and makes you stronger in general.

Also watch your cals, if you are eating more than you should, you will put on weight!

Fitness Barbell Squats Apr 26 2011
07:25 (UTC)

Yeah my boyfriend just bought a cage so I am using his. I'm going down lower than what I was normally because it seems easier to do it, but I'm still not sure if its low enough and if I'm doing it 100% correctly because there is no mirror in the room. My boyfriend is away currently but should be back soon and when he is I'm going to get him to coach me how to do it right.

Fitness Barbell Squats Apr 26 2011
00:06 (UTC)

Thanks :)

Weight Loss Wine + Diet ... Possible combination? Apr 20 2011
05:04 (UTC)

Maybe exercise more so you make up for it. How much are you exercising at the moment?

Weight Loss The last 10 pounds!! Small Support Group wanted!! Mar 30 2011
02:31 (UTC)

I can't wait to move back into my place! Which will be this weekend! My boyfriend just bought heaps of gym equipment because he is sick of having to drive all the way to the gym so often. I am really looking forward to being able to work out more frequently. He's getting lots of big lifting things (which I might have a go on... see how I go), but he is getting a bike as well which will be good for my cardio.

Its been another failure of a week for me. We have had friends over from the states which means I haven't been exercising and I have been eating terribly. Plus with all the extra study that I have to do, it hasn't exactly helped my wasit line either.

Hope everyone else is doing better than me


Weight Loss Loose skin and weightloss Mar 25 2011
21:50 (UTC)

Under the loose skin is fat. So if you loose fat, the skin will tighten up.

Weight Loss Loose skin and weightloss Mar 25 2011
18:47 (UTC)

I have heard rencent reports that even for older people that have lost a considerable amount of weight, if you get your body fat percentage down to a really low number that loose skin will tighten up. But doing that can be very hard and can require a lot of dedication, much more so than just losing weight. For some people it is easier than others though of course.

Whats your body fat percentage now? Do you know?

Weight Loss The last 10 pounds!! Small Support Group wanted!! Mar 24 2011
04:43 (UTC)

We should cap this group soon, otherwise its going to turn into a large support group :P haha

I have had a terrible day. Went for a run this morning and then for some reason instead of studying for my test which is tomorow I just pigged out all day. Makes me feel so frustrated.  I just seem to eat when I'm stressed. I know I can do this though. Just need to keep focused.

Went and bought some new lingerie the other night though. Bit of a splurge to make myself feel sexy. hehe 

And sandy: thats a good idea, might have to go over to my friends house this weekend and weigh myself.