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Books The Body Fat Solution Jan 08 2013
17:31 (UTC)

I just bought and read this.  I like Venuto's flat out insistence that yes, calories matter, and if you don't get your eating under control, all of his exercises won't work either.  Unfortunately, he sort of walks some of that back in later chapters.  But all in all, a great $10 read with a lot of helpful information.

Calorie Count Updated: Premium Food Logger Dec 18 2012
22:35 (UTC)

I've already sent an email on this, but let me say again I hate this new tracker.  My fear is this will become standard, a dumbed down version more familiar to mobile users.  Even the old tracker is acting up, returning completely unrelated items at the top on at least a third of my searches.  And now I see that the Premium service (ad free) I signed up for last month suddenly stopped working - the ads are back even though it says I'm still a Premium member.  What's going on at CC?  This is like Google Maps on iPhone, New Coke, ... 

Fitness I want to keep a fitness log - does anyone else do so? Jul 30 2012
11:49 (UTC)

I've journaled in various online ways and still do on CalorieCamp.  But recently as part of Renee Stephens' "Full-Filled" program, I bought a quality college-type bound notebook that I write in whenever I have both time and a thought.  I bring it everywhere in my laptop bag.  I post at home, at work, on the bus, at church, and what's nice is that it's always "online" as long as I have a pen.

Calorie Count "Snack" and "Other" - what is the difference? May 13 2012
03:25 (UTC)

I use "Other" for those occasional foods I forget to log until the next day or later.  But in general, they are interchangeable. 

Weight Loss Staying on track with a spouse who can eat whatever they want. Aug 16 2011
14:10 (UTC)

I have somewhat the same issue with my spouse.  I find that there is often middle ground in better choices neither of us normally eat.  Like the pizza burgers in a prior comment.

Motivation Am I hitting a plateau? Aug 15 2011
15:37 (UTC)

First: look at those 16 lbs you lost.  Do you really want to give them back now by quitting out of frustration?

Many professionals disagree but plateaus are real.  I'm just now coming out of one myself, finally losing again.  I track every day.  The weight I didn't lose is the equivalent of dozens of Big Macs I somehow did not record.  As previous comments note, yes the body adjusts.

You simply have to keep the faith, perhaps be extra diligent in measuring in tracking.  The weight loss will resume.

Foods White Pasta??? May 31 2011
13:00 (UTC)

I've done a bit of "web" research on this and don't see what the fuss is about.  Part of this is the "accepted" (unproven) belief in "glycemic index" diet strategies, which even Cooking Light dismisses.  But as to pasta, whole wheat pasta is practically a different food, not a substitution.  It varies more in quality, has different taste and texture, and must be cooked differently (not al dente!).  Choose it if you like but don't chide those of us who prefer to eat regular pasta, in moderation as always.  The health differences are too small to measure.

Motivation Your Motivation! Apr 04 2011
16:07 (UTC)

1.  Having had a heart attack 3 months ago.

2.  Having a follow up appointment with the cardiologist that saved my life 3 months from now!


Motivation Discovered the best way to easily add daily exercise Apr 04 2011
16:04 (UTC)

This ties with one of my methods, to watch what thin people eat, particularly at parties.  There are a few metabolic freaks out there that can eat anything and we hate them all :) but mostly they nurse one drink or two and nibble at the snacks.  And talk more than average, it seems!  Then watch what the heavy people eat and do.  The differences are obvious here, just as with the activity you mentioned.

The Lounge Are we creating a generation of disordered eaters? Mar 08 2011
13:56 (UTC)

I'm a fan of old time radio and classic films.  Let me tell you that the women of that genre were women!  They projected a power, a confidence that I seldom see anymore.  They knew how to be sexy in how they acted, how they spoke, not what they exposed.  They weren't afraid to challenge boorish husbands or upbraid foolish adolescents.  They never embarrassed you on a date, knowing when to be frivolous, serious or loving.  And they knew how to have fun with the other girls.  They were a complete package, glamorous or not, slim or buxom, and they knew it.

But they also did talk about their weight from time to time.  They didn't obsess over it, but they did pull it back almost naturally when the clothes got a little tight. Maybe budgets played a role, to save money on food they didn't need to eat and on larger clothes they didn't want to buy.  Whatever it is, bring back Bette Davis, Paula Winslow, Barbara Stanwyck, Lauren Bacall, Mercedes Macambridge and Joan Alexander!






Weight Loss so frustrated Feb 27 2011
02:49 (UTC)

Unless your doctor has identified a clear need to limit sodium, don't beat yourself up too much over this.  Most adults have no issue at all.  Even among hypertension patients (I am one), the effect of reducing sodium cannot be measured in most cases.  At this point, medical science cannot isolate the cause and effect, so many overreact, like the infamous Center for Science in the Public Interest aka the Food Police.  "Better safe than sorry" is their basic theme.

Also: losing weight is about the healthiest thing you can do, salt or no salt.  If eating tasteless food eventually derails you, what good is watching sodium?  Remember that salt has other cooking uses besides taste: curing, drawing out moisture, balancing leavening, preservation, etc.

Now: that doesn't mean you can't be a sensible salter.  I seldom salt at the table.  And if you taste and season gently as you go while cooking, you'll find the total salt used is considerably less than what you'd add at the table if you try to undersalt in the kitchen.  Don't you hate mashed potatoes that the cook didn't salt at all?  No amount of salt seems to help until you add so much as to make it inedible.


Weight Loss how many people are on "diets" they could actually stay on forever? Feb 06 2011
02:10 (UTC)

This is a great topic.  It's taken nearly 5 years of Weight Watchers and 3 months of CalorieCount but I'm finally there.  The game is no longer why can't I eat 6 slices of pizza.  I could arrange it and stay within my diet on occasion but I've come to know the last 3 slices are nowhere near as good as the first 3, the first slice being the best.  Instead, I make sure what pizza I have is first rate or at least unique, not a chain like Pizza Hut.

Tonight, I made a steak dinner for me and my wife.  With smart but top quality choices and modest portions, the whole day was still a success, less than 13 g. of saturated fat total for example.  (Doctor wants 20 or less.)

I like being creative and planning to get the good stuff as much as feasible.  I don't want to go back to my old ways of careless eating or worrying about careful eating.

My "cardiac" diet is simply to stay under 2000 calories, 60g fat, 20g sat fat, 2 g trans fat, 300 mg cholesterol.  I don't worry about salt, though, research unconvincing.

Weight Loss Ive been at the same weight for over a month. Feb 06 2011
01:38 (UTC)

Many "professionals" claim that plateaus don't exist, but we on the front lines know better.  I had one that lasted 3 weeks years ago on a diet long ago.  I didn't change anything, just worked through it.

Still, it isn't a bad time to recheck assumptions.  Measure everything if possible.  Stick to more predictable foods for a while.  Twinkies, you know exactly.  A piece of meat hard to tell sometimes, fat content varies.

New Members New Member :) Jan 28 2011
06:49 (UTC)

I'm sure we're all sorry to hear about your son.  But we're also glad you're "back" - from where you don't say, like a previous diet or two?  Sounds like you're ready, just need to especially watch that emotional eating.  Good luck!

New Members help i need to loose 25 lbs Jan 28 2011
06:41 (UTC)

Count calories!  That's what CC is good at.  Don't even worry about losing weight yet, just track, then look for opportunities to cut back a bit, especially the empty calories.

I would caution that 25 lbs by June might be a bit aggressive if this is your first try at this.  Even 15 will make you look and feel great and nobody else will notice the other 10.

New Members Weight Watchers Refugee Jan 28 2011
06:27 (UTC)

Ginsbery2 made a very interesting observation, felt in charge under the old WW plan but not under the new WW plan.  Being a slave to your weight loss plan, like those that supply meals, has to be, well, slavery.  CC records and analyzes what you eat, but you're in charge of what, when, and how much.

With a mysterious calculation like PointsPlus, it's tough to compare choices.  It's almost like eating first and asking questions like how many points later.  It's harder to let points be your guide.

Foods Disappointing diet food. Jan 26 2011
19:29 (UTC)

Mrs. Dash seasonings, like dried paint chips.

Fat free sour cream.

Most low sodium products, soups, tomato juice, V-8.

Many low fat products, nowhere near enough calorie savings to put up with.

Most chicken/turnkey sausage products.  A "homemade" few are excellent, however.


Foods Top 5 foods you DETEST Jan 23 2011
22:20 (UTC)

1. Tofu

2. Cilantro

3. Zucchini

4. "Light" breads

5. Liver

Foods i just rediscovered.... butter!! Jan 23 2011
22:16 (UTC)

To me, the first question is do I need anything on the food in question?  If so, then absolutely it's butter over margarine.  And over all those blends.  And unsalted over salted.  And no more than necessary.  Example 1: thickening a sauce.  Cornstarch works just as well as a butter roux in most cases. Example 2: cheese sandwich.  Butter a must but even a thin layer does the job for me.

Foods Food RANTS! Grrrrr Jan 23 2011
22:05 (UTC)

My pet peeve are snack size bags in vending machines that say "servings: 2" or even 2.5.  I don't share.  And once I see this stunt, I don't buy it again.  But as to ice cream, try this: one scoop of vanilla, topped with a little liqueur.  I like Drambuie especially.  In fact, lighter ice cream (Edy's Grand Light, e.g.) often works a little better this way.