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Weight Loss normal measurements?.. Apr 25 2012
20:33 (UTC)

You are definitely not chunky :)  I am the exact same height as you and 146lbs.  You're actually at my goal weight!  Lucky you! :)

Fitness Zumba Apr 09 2012
19:31 (UTC)

I love Zumba!  It makes going to the gym fun.

It definitely depends on how much you put into it.  I bought myself a heart rate monitor to see how many calories I actually was burning while doing it - I personally burn between 400-750 calories in an hour class but your numbers may differ from mine.  The heart rate monitor was a great investment in that I like to challenge myself to burn more each class I go to.

Weight Loss under 30 Apr 03 2012
20:42 (UTC)

Hey, feel free to message me at any time also!  I'm 27 and current goal is to lose another 16 or so lbs, but ultimately I'd like to lose about 25 in the long run.  Good luck and hope to hear from you!  I could definitely use some weight loss buddies!! Smile

Foods Quick Breakfast Mar 13 2012
20:56 (UTC)

Try an egg mug!  Quick and easy! 56