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Fitness Couch to 5k - are you up for it? Feb 01 2013
18:48 (UTC)

Keep it up!  my group is still running, though I haven't been able to provide anything but moral support (torn meniscus which will need surgical repair next month).

Fitness Couch to 5k - are you up for it? Jan 16 2013
14:38 (UTC)
Original Post by donndoh:

pouring with rain, very dark and really cold tonight - was so tempted not to go out for my c25k week 2 run 2 tonight - but forced myself out there and got it done.  feeling very proud of myself now :)

i managed the run ok apart from sore calves, is this normal? i think my legs just need to acclimatise to moving more than they usually do and also being about 40lbs overweight doesnt help.  Looking forward to the day when running isnt a struggle and im not carrying around this excess blubber.  Both achievable goals :)

Some soreness and pain is absolutely normal. When you say "calve pain", I assume you are referring to pain in the back of your mid calve (soleus) vs. pain in the front (e.g., shin splints/tibial stress).  If we're talking about the former (soleus pain), it's very common and will get better over time.  I will caution, that you may need to take a run or two off, as it's usually overuse that causes the stress/pain. It's likely that the soleus muscle is being overworked because the surrounding muscles aren't as strong yet. Three step approach: 1) AFTER running, take 10 minutes and stretch -- do both straight leg and bent leg wall pushups (see link below); 2) if you can take it (no g.i. issues or allergies), ibuprofen, SHORT TERM (2-3) days should help; 3) ice after running -- not only does it reduce swelling, it feels good too!

Hydration prior to running and the correct shoe play a big part in being comfortable when running.  If you haven't done so, I recommend going to a running store with a good reputation (not a cookie cutter sporting goods store) to get fitted for the proper shoe. html#wallpush

Fitness Jogging 5k a day? for daily exercise Jan 14 2013
20:59 (UTC)

It's certainly doable, but is it practical? I think there are 2 things to consider: 1) the time commitment necessary (minimum of 30 minutes daily) and, more importantly, 2) the value of rest (see link below). -easy

Fitness Couch to 5k - are you up for it? Jan 14 2013
14:28 (UTC)

Standard running track is a 400m oval which is almost a 1/4 mile.

Fitness Physical Therapy Jan 08 2013
21:45 (UTC)

Going to agree with rollingbear - find a pt that caters to athletes.  I've been in PT for over 2 months and am ready to be discharged -- it has helped tremendously.  I suffered a grade 3 ankle sprain and didn't seek pt for over 5 months post injury (big mistake).  I had lost nearly 50% of my flex in that ankle and developed knee issues as a result of overcompensation.  It went very slow at first, bu about 3 weeks ago things drastically improved.  The stretches, strength training, heat, ice and stimulation were great, but (and feel free to call me nuts here) I honestly think that the laser therapy is what made the most difference.  About 2 - 3 treatments after we introduced it, I was nearly pain-free.

Fitness Working out while sick Jan 07 2013
19:42 (UTC)

I'm evil...  If I just have a head cold, there's noting better than going to the local YMCA for a swim in the "warm water" pool and taking a steam... I know it puts others at risk to catch what I have but, you see, it's all about me.  Laughing


If I have the flu or something (fever/body ache) though, I shut it down.  Get rest and plenty of fluids.

Fitness Couch to 5k - are you up for it? Jan 07 2013
19:36 (UTC)
Original Post by redtnt80:

How about everyone else? It's Monday!! Woohoo. I completed week one of C25K yesterday. I lost 2.4 lbs this week. I have a 5K this Saturday since my goal for the year is one 5K a month for the year. Can't wait to hear how everyone's first run goes. Good luck all.

a 5k/month? that's a bit aggressive, even if you aren't a "newbie".  race running is much different than going out and doing an easy 3 on a Saturday afternoon.  I find that I can do 3 miles 3 - 5 times a week with a day or two "recovery" without a problem, but after a 5k, it takes me 3 - 4 days to recover since the adrenaline pushes you hard.  I've ran a dozen or so 5ks, 2 10ks and 1 1/2 marathon over the course of the last 2 1/2 years.  Each time I run I try to close out all the other runners, but I find that nearly impossible.  My "normal" pace is about 10:15/mile -- my last 5k (albeit injured) I tried to keep that pace, but passed the 1.5 mile mark at just over 13 minutes, but finished (limping) over 33 minutes.  I just can't get my mind right for races.

Fitness Couch to 5k - are you up for it? Jan 04 2013
20:39 (UTC)

Good luck to all... I've been running for several years and last year sustained my first "real" injury.  Been sidelined since running a 5k on Thanksgiving and limped across the finish. I'm going to "coach" a C25K with a local run group beginning next week -- it will be a good way to ease back in to running!

The Lounge Good things from Florida Dec 13 2012
20:12 (UTC)

Then there's this: sane-things-that-happened-in-florida

Fitness working out after back surgery Dec 13 2012
14:51 (UTC)

Julie -- that's a tricky one, however, I would suggest that you find a good physical therapy group in your area that concentrates on sports medicine.  They will be able to guide you through what types of exercise would be the most safe.  If possible, find a sports pt that has a doctorate and can do "direct admits".  I think this is the safest and most effective route.

The Lounge Meanwhile in the state of Florida Dec 11 2012
15:17 (UTC)
Original Post by cajunrider:

Original Post by kathygator:

Will Muschamp = Coach Taylor.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Nick Saban, OTOH...dat foosball coach is da debbil...

A very hard working debbil!

OTOH, my coach just eats grass.

Diogenes' search is over.  We've found an honest man.

The Lounge Meanwhile in the state of Florida Dec 11 2012
15:09 (UTC)

Truly, if we ever decide to build a border fence between the U.S. & Mexico and happen to have any left over (wink, wink), I say we use it to protect the other 48 contiguous states from Florida.

The Lounge Meanwhile in the state of Florida Dec 11 2012
14:56 (UTC)

I blame Will Muschamp.

Fitness 5 min cardio? Dec 10 2012
17:23 (UTC)

Only PROVEN short-duration workout...  you need 9 - 20 minutes. nterval_training

Fitness Holiday Running Streak Dec 04 2012
19:26 (UTC)

good work -- sometimes you just have to struggle through!

Fitness Holiday Running Streak Dec 04 2012
15:51 (UTC)
Original Post by oldguysrule:

I also say "Good job everyone."

pvstks: What was the nature of your knee problem? I've had some, but mostly have overcome them.


Well, in March I sprained my ankle pretty severely and didn't get the proper therapy right away.  Took about 4 months off from running and had to work to get back in shape -- lost a significant amount of flexibility and strength in my ankle/foot which caused me to overpronate.  As a result, my knee is now not "tracking correctly" and causes pain during and usually for a day or two after a run.  My last run was the day after thanksgiving (did a 5k on TG and a mile the day after) -- I'm in therapy 2 days/week now and hope to get back out for a run next Wednesday (at least that's the plan).

Fitness Holiday Running Streak Dec 03 2012
20:15 (UTC)

Kudos!  Keep it up!

Fitness when I run, my sides start to hurt Nov 29 2012
19:44 (UTC)

Side stiches are common and are can be lessened as had been said above by proper breathing techniques.  One "trick" that I've always used is to pretend that you are blowing out candles on a birthday cake -- when you feel the stich, take very deep belly breaths in and out like blowing out candles on a cake.


Proper hydration is also crucial...

Fitness Holiday Running Streak Nov 29 2012
17:47 (UTC)

Cry started having "knee issues" the Friday before Thanksgiving...  Ran a 5k anyway and was planning to do the run streak.  Been ordered to shut it down.

The Lounge Never, ever give up Nov 29 2012
15:18 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:




Music to my ears.