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Foods Can Eating too much dried fruit really make you GAIN weight!? Oct 02 2007
04:32 (UTC)
good answer candlelight.
The Lounge What Fashion Do You Hate? Oct 02 2007
04:30 (UTC)
pgeorgian- are you a kayaker- or a canoer?
The Lounge What Fashion Do You Hate? Oct 01 2007
21:45 (UTC)
I am amazed by those jeans that barely cover butt cracks and the pubic area.  Do people really think that is attractive?.  Also, I feel sorry for women who have to/want to wear super high heeled, pointed shoes.  They are gawd awful uncomfortable.  Who is kidding who?
Fitness Preferred Method of exercise? Oct 01 2007
21:29 (UTC)
For the past year and a half, I do a cardio-core boot camp.  Why it works for me is that it is outdoors, always changing and hard.  It incorporates all of the above that you mentioned, sun hang do, cardio, ball exercises, weights, resistance bands, skipping.  I am way stronger than I used to be, can run now where as I could not before, and I now have a waistline that was hidden for a long time.  The trick is to keep changing and keeping it interesting.
Weight Loss why is it... that the more i lose weight... Sep 28 2007
08:06 (UTC)
Not yet, I can't admit it yet.  I am getting comments now on my weight loss and I have no trouble telling people I have lost 16 pounds so far.   Funny eh?  The success of the weight loss does strengthen me but I still have a way to go before I can have "that" conversation.
The Lounge I'm SO ticked off. Sep 28 2007
06:31 (UTC)
what a horrible thing to do to you. 
Fitness Feel like you did'nt do enough? Sep 27 2007
00:37 (UTC)
Sometimes that feeling can come from wanting instant results.  If you are in it for the long haul, it is important to pace yourself and keep doing what you can at a sustainable pace.
Weight Loss Good advice...from an old source Sep 27 2007
00:33 (UTC)
I love it.   I think that we can and have spent a lot of time and money trying to reinvent the wheel.
Weight Loss Which take-out place fits in your diet plan? Sep 25 2007
23:35 (UTC)
Subway works for me because you can order all the stuff you want and have it in a salad- not a bun or bread.  
Health & Support Does anyone here NOT weigh themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 24 2007
15:55 (UTC)
I will add just one more comment.  I got myself into BIG trouble when I decided to abolish weighing myself.  I am now in the process of losing 90 pounds that I gained by refusing to care what the scale said.  If only I had gotten serious when the first ten pounds came on!
Weight Loss how many pounds has everyone lost Sep 22 2007
05:09 (UTC)
I joined mid July 2007 and have lost 15 pounds.  Only 80 more to go.
Weight Loss What popular Fad Diet/Diet Trend do you HATE? Sep 22 2007
04:27 (UTC)
Amandi:  good like re south beach diet.  thks.
Weight Loss What popular Fad Diet/Diet Trend do you HATE? Sep 22 2007
04:18 (UTC)
I personally do not like Weight WAtchers.  I attended for a short period of time, lost  some weight but  got  tired of paying money for people to tell me to eat less.  
The Lounge The rich man who wasn't Sep 22 2007
04:06 (UTC)
Anewdawn:  Thanks for passing that on.  It is a good one.
The Lounge Worst Job Sep 20 2007
07:08 (UTC)
Dagicat, you are hilarious,  you made me laugh out loud.
Foods What are the foods that are ALWAYS on your Grocery List Sep 20 2007
04:05 (UTC)
With out fail, always fresh peppers, red yellow, orange green. Cucumbers, carrots.  skim milk cottage cheese, yogurt,  fresh fruit, Usana breakfast shakes- love the dutch chocolate!
Health & Support scared Sep 19 2007
21:53 (UTC)
see a doctor.
Recipes Bread... Sep 19 2007
20:29 (UTC)
I eat (when I do  eat it) Squirrely Bread.  It is a bread made without flour.  I am very conscious of the glycemic index of foods as well so this works for me.
The Lounge oh what to do when the body doesnt work anymore? Sep 19 2007
06:32 (UTC)
Curses..... I am just curious, how old are you?
Foods Nutrition BARS...? Sep 19 2007
00:17 (UTC)
Usana puts out a good nutritional bar.    My favorite is Peanut Butter Crunch.   160 calories and 11 gm. protein.  I like it because it is a low glycemic