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Recipes Smoothie recipes? Feb 10 2014
17:47 (UTC)

My typical breakfast smoothie:

1 banana

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1 - 1.5 cups frozen berries (whatever's in season. I buy them on sale and keep a gallon freezer bag full.)

1/4 cup uncooked rolled oats


Toss in the blender, and hit "blend." The banana adds enough sweetness that I find it doesn't need any honey, though some people may want to add a bit. It comes out to about 350/400 calories.

Foods Fast Low Cal Meals At Work Sep 27 2012
00:34 (UTC)

I usually make a large pot of something over the weekend, then eat off of it for the week. This past week, it's been red beans and brown rice. Another week it might be beef stew, or pinto beans and cornbread. 

Things like fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, peanut butter and cheese bits travel well, generally, and if you get a couple of those blue ice packs you can bring yogurt, too. I generally find it's better to pair a protein with whatever fruit or vegetable I've brought for snacking. Just get a small kitchen scale and some small plastic containers for things like peanut butter or cheese and you won't be tempted to go over the limit. I bought mine at the dollar store.  



Foods What's in YOUR lunch bag? Sep 26 2012
16:46 (UTC)


Red Beans and Brown Rice

1/2 oz of cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top



Carrot and Raisin Salad (only carrots and raisins; I can't stand mayo)


Foods What's for breakfast? Sep 26 2012
16:43 (UTC)

Banana, mixed berry and plain yogurt smoothie.

Foods Delicious new food I discovered while trying to lose weight! Dec 12 2011
19:14 (UTC)

Steamed asparagus and roasted brussels sprouts. I'd never had either before changing my eating patterns.


Motivation cheated on diet Dec 11 2011
04:36 (UTC)

I think we need a little more to go on, here. What caused this to happen? What are your stats and how much are you eating? Are you eating enough to stay satisfied?  Was there something that triggered the lapse? What happened during the thirty minutes to an hour before you fell off the wagon? If you prefer some variety, are you varying your routine enough to stay interested? Or, if you are more comfortable with a regular schedule, did something happen to disrupt the day? Giving us some details will help everyone tailor their responses to your needs. 



Foods What did you eat today? Dec 11 2011
01:42 (UTC)

Well, today kind of went off the rails at the end, but here goes:

Breakfast: one lovely cinnamon and pear scone from one of the bakers at the farmers' market.

Lunch: A warm ham sandwich made with whole wheat toast and a little cheese, and baked sweet potato chips.

Snack: a medium apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Dinner: We went out looking at Christmas trees and ended staying out too late and went to Sonic -- one regular chili cheese coney and tater tots. My tummy's already complaining.

It's also way too few calories at just over 1350. I'll probably add another healthy snack later on. 


Weight Loss HELP! i dont know what to eat! Dec 09 2011
04:43 (UTC)
Original Post by inh20:

 I am eating less calories than suggested 

There's your problem. You don't mention how tall you are, but if you are at least my height - 5'4" - you should not be eating fewer than about 1600 calories per day, unless you are active, in which case you need to be eating more.  Find a good BMR calculator -- there are several online, just Google it -- and calculate your BMR. Never eat below that number, it's what you need just to survive. Then figure out how much you burn -- CC has tools to tell you this, or you can find another calculator for that, too -- and try to consume about 500 calories less than you burn. 

Foods What did you eat today? Dec 09 2011
04:29 (UTC)

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat nutrigrain waffles, 1/2 large banana and 3 oz of blackberries. 20 oz cup of black tea with 2 tsp of turbinado sugar.

Mid-Morning Snack: 5 dates, the other half of the banana and the other 3 oz of blackberries. 

Lunch: Leftover baked salmon, brown rice with mushrooms and green onion, Diet Coke

Mid-Afternoon Snack: pineapple and cottage cheese

Dinner: 1/2 of a broccoli and onion frittata. 

After Dinner: 9 chocolate mint m&ms.

Calories: 1398, which is a bit low for me. Generally, I keep it closer to 1600. 

Foods What did you eat today? Dec 08 2011
02:45 (UTC)

@shescleverless: It might be if I'd made it at home, but I didn't. It came from my favorite taco shack. I'm guesstimating the calories. LOL. Like I said, one per week. 

@sungiant: I love baked yams. I sometimes make a meal from that alone!


Breakfast: one egg, oatmeal with blackberries

Mid-morning Snack: 5 dates

Lunch: Vegetarian chili with cornbread, 5 dates

1st afternoon snack: Lemon Zest Luna bar (This is the first day in a week that I've managed to get enough iron and potassium. I may have to buy more of these. I can't seem to get all of the recommended vitamins on 1625 cals.) Diet Coke 

2nd afternoon snack: blackberries with french vanilla yogurt

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with sauted onions, mushrooms and leftover asparagus. 

Calories: 1615

Weight Loss loose skin interfering with life. Dec 07 2011
21:17 (UTC)

First, congratulations! 

Second, sorry about the loose skin problems. It sucks, doesn't it? I know how you feel. I hate to wear sleeveless blouses or dresses because of the sagging skin on my upper arms. I've had to force myself to realize that it's really not as noticeable to others as it is to me.

How old are you? If you're fairly young, your skin may eventually regain its elasticity, but if you're more mature, that ability fades with age. That said, even in the best of circumstances, it may take a year or so before your skin fits itself to your new body. 


Foods What did you eat today? Dec 07 2011
15:53 (UTC)

Yesterday's menu:

Breakfast: 1 breakfast taco: egg, bacon, cheese, tortilla (Don't judge, I get one of these a week!)

Mid-morning snack: 5 dates

Lunch: Healthy sloppy Joe mixture, two slices of whole wheat bread, colby jack cheese, a tangerine

Mid-Afternoon snack: cottage cheese and pineapple 

Dinner: baked salmon, steamed asparagus, brown rice with mushrooms and green onion. 

Total for day: 1615 cal.

Foods What's for breakfast? Dec 07 2011
15:45 (UTC)

Oatmeal with blackberries, and one scrambled whole egg. 

Weight Loss weight loss Dec 07 2011
15:41 (UTC)
Original Post by mohammadbapu:

Hi I'm 21 yrs, weigh 16 stones and height is 5.9" ... I just started my journey in losing and burning off fat.. What should my Calorie intake be and how much should I be burning each day??

Have you used the tools on the site? They will help you determine the appropriate amount of calories for your body. Also, to determine your BMR (basal metabolic rate) go here: al/basal.html

The idea is to never eat less than your BMR -- that's the amount of food your body needs just to survive on a daily basis -- but to create a calorie deficit between what you burn and what you eat. 


Weight Loss acidity Dec 06 2011
18:07 (UTC)

It happens to everyone, once in a while.  Part of the problem is confusion over what this kind of day is intended to be. A "cheat day" isn't really what it sounds like. It's a day when you still eat good, healthy foods, but not with the same calorie restrictions. You just allow yourself to eat more of the same kinds of foods you would normally choose. Eating a ton of junk food after your body has adjusted to good food can really make you sick, as you've discovered. Go ahead and have your cheat day, it's a good part of an overall healthy diet plan and will keep  you from feeling deprived, just make better choices about what kinds of foods to eat next time. Smile


Motivation keeping up with food log Dec 05 2011
14:22 (UTC)

Plan out your meals and snacks the night before and log them in, then stick to the plan the next day. Even if you're living in a dorm, you already know what the campus dining halls serve, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Doing this also helps me to avoid spontaneous snacking, like the various bake sales on the quad. I know I won't stop for a cupcake when I've already got something better in mind and ready to go. 



Weight Loss What's your cure for a binge day/big cheat day? Dec 05 2011
14:11 (UTC)

A good night's sleep and sticking to my plan the next day. Smile Don't ever beat yourself up or punish yourself for lapses. It's going to happen from time to time. Just move on and do better in the future. 

Fitness What was YOUR workout Today? Dec 04 2011
22:28 (UTC)
Original Post by mamabear108:

I just uploaded some photos from the redwood walk I took yesterday. They are on my gallery page. Enjoy!

Lovely. Thank you for posting them. 

Weight Loss Gained 6lbs in one day Dec 04 2011
18:11 (UTC)

Don't worry about it. I read somewhere (possibly on this forum, some years back) that an individual's weight can fluctuate by as much as 5-7 pounds over the course of a single day. Generally, it's due to water retention. That's why the trend line is there on your weight log. If the fluctuations bother you, just stick to weekly monitoring, as you said. 

Weight Loss is subway every day for lunch/diner a good idea if you know you won't have time to make a meal? Dec 04 2011
16:06 (UTC)

They have a veggie delight sandwich, which is basically salad on a bun.