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Weight Loss Do you weigh apples whole or without the core? Oct 09 2009
01:37 (UTC)

Back when I had a scale and weighed food, with apples I would weigh it before I ate it and then weigh the leftover portion. I could have sliced, but I prefer eating apples whole.

Weight Loss Heart Rate Monitor Sep 16 2009
20:07 (UTC)

I was just looking at HRM today on Walmart's website. I found the Oregon Scientific Smart Heart HRM and it seems decent. It is $38.77. duct_id=6051181


The Lounge Biggest Loser Elimination tonite(spoiler if you haven't seen it) Nov 14 2008
02:58 (UTC)

Alliances or no alliances, really Amy voted the best way for herself. Brady was a much bigger threat than Michelle is.

Someone mentioned the winner being a role model and doing promotions and what not. If Vicki won, she would have to be offered a lot of money to do that stuff. Even then, I am not sure she would take the time to do any of that because she will have the prize money to be pizzing away.

The Lounge Auctioning off your virginity? Nov 04 2008
00:16 (UTC)

Her name is Natalie Dylan and she is from San Diego.


Yes, she is auctioning it off at the Bunny Ranch. It hasn't been "sold", for lack of a better term, yet.



The Lounge Gas Prices Who's the lowest? Nov 04 2008
00:09 (UTC)

Southern MO here too and it was $1.89 yesterday.



Weight Loss BMR Nov 02 2008
17:20 (UTC)

Thank you, that does make sense.


Weight Loss Using CC cost me $136.00 this past weekend! Oct 31 2008
01:53 (UTC)
Original Post by rasmom:

LOL!  I have the same problem.  After losing more than 65 lbs., none of my old clothes fit.  I'm down to 2 pairs of jeans I bought this summer which are also getting baggy.  Too bad insurance won't pay for new clothes as we get healthier and thinner!

 If insurance did it would be a great cost-saving tool for them.

More healthy you get= less doctors visits in most cases.

The Lounge Which websites do YOU visit daily? Oct 31 2008
01:28 (UTC)



CNN-- news

Google--always looking things up

Myspace -- Forums ran by Fair Isaac and Co. that explains credit and credit scoring and how to repair your own report due to inaccuracies and how to increase your score

News of the weird-- weird news stories from the US and Canada