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Foods Sick of peanut butter and jelly? Apr 01 2008
23:55 (UTC)
My dad likes peanut butter and cheez whiz XP
Foods "Accidental" meals Mar 09 2008
02:32 (UTC)
My dad makes soup from leftovers... The best one was this:

Sorry about no exasct quantities.

3 containers Christmas borscht [mushroom/vinegar/sour cream soup - family tradition, but eww]



mushrooms boiled and strained out

egg noodles

beef broth

diced pot roast

Foods What foods have you lost or gained the taste for since making changes to your diet? Mar 09 2008
02:27 (UTC)
I gained the taste for SOY MILK, cashews, asparagus, dried fruit, sushi.

I lost the taste for milk chocolate, pizza, birthday cake.
Foods POLL: Mar 01 2008
15:32 (UTC)
Chicken shepherd's pie with rotisserie vegetables and a slice of Chocolate Eruption cake... at Swiss Chalet of course =]
Foods Eating Out; Best Healthy Menus Feb 29 2008
15:36 (UTC)
Chili's and Swiss Chalet are my favorites. However both places have a lot of horrible menu choices in addition to the healthy ones, so be careful =]
Foods Need some cottage cheese suggestions Feb 29 2008
15:33 (UTC)
Cottage cheese used to gag me but I love it now... Add Splenda and cinnamon, or a spoonful of jam :)
Foods Healthiest Breakfast Cereal? Feb 20 2008
22:12 (UTC)
All Bran Guardian [may be called just Guardian] = <3
Foods What food do you WISH you liked? Feb 20 2008
22:10 (UTC)
Snap peas are OK, but I don't know why everyone goes nuts about them...

I wish I liked lettuce though, it's probably a texture thing. But ewwww. I usually see if I can get soup instead.
Foods Kashi fans, keeping secrets Feb 18 2008
15:34 (UTC)
I live in Canada and Kashi products are REALLY expensive here... Like $5 for a small box. I get the 7 grain puffs occasionally though.
Foods What about Lay's Light or Pringle Light????? Feb 17 2008
19:57 (UTC)
I didn't get sick and I ate tons... Affects everyone differently I guess.
Foods Salads Feb 15 2008
21:12 (UTC)
Leafy greens gag me XP

BUT that doesn't give me an excuse to be a salad dodger.

I make fruit salad, cucumber/tomato salad, or veggie plates with raw broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Be creative =]
Foods The High Cost of Convenience Feb 15 2008
21:09 (UTC)
I one day realized that a can of Coke costs $1.25 in my cafteteria, and that is like spending $15 on a 12-pack. Wow.
Foods What would you order? Feb 15 2008
21:06 (UTC)
I second fenor's idea... Though if you don't mind my asking, why don't you eat seafood? Religious reasons? Allergies? Just taste/feel nasty to you? I am not CRAZY about it but I eat it a lot cause it's so good for you, and I've kind of loearned to like it. But hey, the duck/chicken isn't horrible either. Though your original idea would be ok too if you can't afford the calories. I'm not going to lecture you on how you shouldn't restrict too low and etc... but be mindful =]
Weight Loss Uncommon Reasons to Lose Weight Feb 14 2008
01:53 (UTC)
I actually just read all 9 pages, and I agree with almost all of them...

~Pregnancy rumors. =]

~Grocery/restaurant paranoia.

~So I can apply to work at the Cheesecake Factory without discouraging potential customers.

~So I don't have such a ridiculously high tolerance to alcohol

~So I can run without barfing

~So people stop assuming that my 13 year old 6' brother is my son
Health & Support Im not eating enough...apparently! Feb 14 2008
01:14 (UTC)
Maybe you need to space out your meals differently... I don't know you or your habits, but I'll try to help. =] Maybe you should plan 5 balanced 300 calorie "meals" per day, and stick to it the best you can. It's unlikely you're getting proper nutrition with so few calories. Even if you do lose some weight, your metabolism will slow eventually. You don't need to be underweight to get all the negative side effects of starvation... Trust me, I know, I've been there. It's not fun. If you're concerned, check a sample meal plan on the internet.

Aaaaanyway sorry for being preachy, hope I can help =]
Health & Support Strange question Feb 14 2008
01:07 (UTC)
I may be wrong, but I THINK Stevia is not considered an "artificial" sweetener per se... Calorie free, yes, but it is natural. Pricey though.

Artificial sweeteners affect everyone differently... My best friend gets stomach upset after one aspartame-sweetened diet soda, but one time I drank like 17 liters of it in one day [not good, I know, don't judge me] and... nothing happened.

So yes, unfortunately, I think it's a trial and error thing. =]
Foods Worst Food in America Feb 14 2008
00:54 (UTC)
Here in Canada they sell poutine in our cafeteria... It's basically the same thing. Ick.
Foods Sweet Tooth Feb 14 2008
00:45 (UTC)
A roll of Smarties!! Called Rockets in Canada. I don't mean the chocolate ones, I mean the chalky fruity ones. 20 cals a roll.

I am DYING to try the diet soda cake... I think diet root beer with white cake would be delicious, but that's just me ;)
Foods So upset I don't live in America! Feb 14 2008
00:35 (UTC)
I live in Canada, which I believe is almost exactly between England and the US food and generally culture-wise... I do know I get all excited when I go to the States cause of all the exciting new diet foods =]

Though, I know there's a lot of strong advocates for organic, natural, healthy foods on here... it should be noted that I really could care less if I consume carcinogenic artificial chemicals that MAKE the "foods" low-cal, bring on the Olestra and cyclomate I say. Ruffles Light = <3
Foods Favorite Nut? Feb 14 2008
00:12 (UTC)
Cashews and filberts!