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Weight Loss Staying social while trying to lose weight Sep 10 2008
18:50 (UTC)

Nevermind then.  I'm not getting the support that seems to be reserved for others.

Weight Loss Staying social while trying to lose weight Sep 10 2008
18:25 (UTC)

No georgian I an 'not' saying that.  I already said I'd try the snack bringing thing.  it'll probably be cereal though.  And I already said I'll try to split desserts with my friends this weekend.  I simple want some more options.  Jeez, why do I always get attacked when I ask for advice here?  I'm not bashing advice.  I'm trying to change things because I don't want to lose my friends.  But, just because I don't say "Okay, sounds good", you think I'm not acknowledging the advice given to me.  I AM.  I'm just trying to clarify so that I get advice that suits me.  I don't want people to accidently give me advice that doesn't fit me.  Like, I don't want someone to recommend that I eat fish when I hate fish.  I don't want someone to recommend that go to subway when I dislike subway with a passion.  And I don't think it's a good idea to eat something else to curtail a craving because it doesn't work.  Like I said, if I want a chip, a cracker isn't going to do it for me.  I wish you'd be nicer to me georgian.  I'm trying.

Weight Loss Staying social while trying to lose weight Sep 10 2008
18:17 (UTC)

Even I don't eat baked sweet potato chips.  And I can't cook.  I live in a dorm with a microwave and mini fridge.  But I see what you mean.  Compromise.  Okay that's the plan.  But how?  I mean they won't split with me.  I can see it now.  I ask to go halvsies on something and my friends say "Why?  There is a whole table full right over there."  

See, and I don't mean to bring race into this but, my friends are not white.  We spoke about this in our women's studies so it's not as naive as you might think. I'm not sure if this applies to you but I know I've witnessed a lot of it.  White women, when together, tend to talk about weight and weightloss and exercise and looks and guys.  Black people really don't do that.  We talk about TV and cinema and guys and music and maybe a little gossip about what someone did (not what someone wore or how big someone has gotten).  That's why my friends think it's so wierd that I think weight is so important.

 It's just that they are really curvy.  They have no reason to care about their weight because it all goes to the right places.  Breasts.  butts.  Hips.  But never stomachs or backs.  With me, I don't have a curvy figure and thus have more to worry about. Excess fat goes to my belly, back, and thighs (and not in the good way).   My friends have to shop differently as well.  If they find a pair of jeans that fits their thighs, it usually doesn't fit their waists, because they are so tiny around he middle and so big around the butt.  And they can wear tight shirts because they have small stomachs.  Their only concern is making sure that their boobs don't fall out.  It's funny that all their concerns revolve around their boobs being to big and their waists being too small.  How terrible it must be to be them....

I am the only odd ball.  The only one who isn't curvy.  The only one who doesn't have great legs.  The only one who can't wear tight shirts.  So weight concerns me more.  And even though my friends love me, they aren't really going to play into my whole dieting thing.  Their mentality is that, if I want to lose weight (which they think is silly) then I have to use my own will power and eat right.  And they won't change a thing.  And I seriously doubt my friend will cut her dessert in half for me.  Because then she's left with half a dessert.  

Now I'll give it a try this weekend and tell you how it went but...I just don't think they'll do it.  And I don't blame them.  it's like my concern about my weight sucks the fun out of everything we do.  When we go out to the club and everyone decides to dress in short skirts, I'm the only one who won't because of my fat legs.  When everyone wants to stop at starbucks for a frappaccino, I'm the one who says 'I'll pass'.  And I'm the only one who can't share clothes.  When halloween rolls around, I'm the one who has to dress in something that is actually scary because I can't wear anything adult-sexy like they do without looking...weird.  The fact that I'm even bringing up food and weight when asking to split a dessert will make them say "Oh God.  Here we go again."  They are going to roll their eyes at me.

Are there any other suggestions for compromising?  Remember I can't cook.

Weight Loss Staying social while trying to lose weight Sep 10 2008
17:23 (UTC)

I thought about that and tried that a while ago (before this turned really bad) and it didn't really work.  See I'm not a snacker.  And there are just certain foods that I do not like.  I won't go through the entire list because it's long.  Everything I eat needs to be hot 'real' food.  I like snacks.  Never really did.  When I'm hungry I eat a meal.  but when I' with my friends something happens and I start snacking.  It works like gossip.  You don't really care for gossip but when you get around friends, it's all you do.  But, in short, I'd rather not eat at all that chock down a baby carrot or pudding...or jello, or cold cuts, or vegies, or lean meats (hate chicken breasts), and so forth.  And when people crave, they go after what they are craving.  If I want a potato chip, a cracker is not going to satisfy me.  I felt it was best to stay away from temptation all together.  But that's not sitting right with them... :( 

And sorry Georgian.  That sounds good but my friends and I spends hours at a time together and having lunch or dinner has to happen at some point.  And we always go out...and that's when things go sour.  Even if I'm not snacking in one of their rooms, I'm pigging out at the campus buffet.  

Weight Loss Avoid Bad Advice Sep 10 2008
04:39 (UTC)

Alright! I get what you are trying to do but, seriously, I don't need to hear it from 30 different people.  If I follow your advice on adding more calories then obviously I understood what was said when the first person suggested it.  But if I 'don't' follow your advice then what makes you people think that saying 30 separate times is going to change my mind?  Honestly people, think sometimes.  I can see you want to 'help' me somehow but you can't force me to take your advice.  So stop telling me what I'm doing wrong.  There is more than enough of that on the first page.  And stop insulting me.  Calling what I say 'crap' and calling me snippy, Stupid,  hissy, impatient, immature, misguided, and foolish.  Not to mention being teased about my problems.

"no one on here is bitter about your weight - we are all too preoccupied by how fantastic we're looking ourselves with our fantastic weight losses and divine meals."

"All I see is a 20 year old acting like a 14 year old having a hissy becasue she can't have her way"

"Just stop being stupid... posts like this just annoy me."


What the heck is that?  I'll tell you what it is.  It's rude.  So if this is your idea of helping me, I SERIOUSLY don't need it.  Just because I think a little differently than you, that shouldn't give you the right to call me names and insult me.  Even if I were wrong, you can lose the rude insults.  Do you reeeeaaaalllly think someone would listen to another person who calls them names?  So stop.  The messages have been sent.  Both mine and yours.  No more.  

Weight Loss Avoid Bad Advice Sep 09 2008
18:17 (UTC)

Usually about 30 minutes everyday.  Hard running nonstop.  Incline 4.  6 mph.  And yes that is fast for me because my legs are shorter.  And I knew I wasn't crazy.  I knew I wasn't the only one who had heard that 1000 was okay.  And I'm 20.  Dunno if it matters but if you are going to enter in my stats into all of these calculators, you might as well get it right.  

I don't understand why no one is taking my pettiness into consideration.  After all, big boned people can eat more than petite because their body can handle it.  A big boned 5 foot 7 girl might be able to eat 500 calories more than someone who is the same height but petite and still maintain her weight.  why doesn't that apply to me? Doesn't it make sense that since I'm petite, I may have to consume less calories than someone who has an average or heavy bone structure?

Weight Loss Avoid Bad Advice Sep 09 2008
17:07 (UTC)

I don't know why you all keep saying 1000 calories is starving myself.  I calculated the necessary calories I'd need a day online (based on my height: 5', weight: 124 at the time I did the calculations, exercise habits: 30 minutes or more every day, and body type: petite.) and it said from 1000 to 1500.  So I chose 1000.  What's the problem and why do you all keep saying I'm starving myself when I'm within my limit?  You keep bashing the number of calories I'm taking in but I've done my research and it tells me that 1000 is fine for losing weight as long as I don't go below it.  So what's the problem?

The Lounge What do you do about your hair if you exercise regularly? Jul 09 2008
22:16 (UTC)

The tips for hair where for white people.  Black people don't have an issue with oily roots.  Matter of fact, natural moisture is good.  But our body doesn't produce enough on it's own so we have to add our own by using grease and oils.  Baby powder will make dry roots dryer lol.

For all of you who missed it, I posted a previous post on this very thread about African American Hair care.  So that no further mistakes are made about the differences between African American hair and other peoples' hair.  Thanks.

The Lounge What do you do about your hair if you exercise regularly? Jul 08 2008
21:35 (UTC)

altsweetest your ideas sound great...!  But expensive.  I can't afford to get 'real' fake hair (plastic looks cheap and nasty).  And even if I could afford the fake hair, I still have to pay for someone to put it in.  And my hair is too short for any type of braids (think Hally Berry in James Bond).  I am not a working adult.  I stick with school and focus on only school.  But I like Jamerican.




The Lounge What do you do about your hair if you exercise regularly? Jul 08 2008
02:41 (UTC)

thanks diva but I need my bangs.  I don't have the cheek bones to pull of the slick look.  And my forehead is huge so I need bangs.  So slick is out.  Great idea though.  My hair is shaved in the back so pony tail is DEFINITELY out.

The Lounge What do you do about your hair if you exercise regularly? Jul 07 2008
00:46 (UTC)

Wow. Thanks for the ideas. But won't things like baking soda and baby powder turn black hair...white? I mean think of our hair as a pure black shirt. EVERYTHING SHOWS. Is it possible to do these things without our hair looking crazy ashy?

The Lounge What do you do about your hair if you exercise regularly? Jul 06 2008
20:05 (UTC)

Lol okay African American Hair Care 101

African American hair comes in many different ways but I'll first point out the thickness.  Hair can either be thick or thin.  If you grab thin hair and blow on it, the air will go right through (almost like white-people hair).  With thick hair it won't.  It will stay right where it is and only a few hairs will move. Also, don't you ever wonder why black people have hair grease?  Our hair does not get oily everyday.  Matter of fact, it gets dryer and dryer and HAS to be oiled regularly.  Washing black hair everyday will cause the scalp to dry and the hair will turn brittle and break off.  That's why you usually see black people (in 3rd world countries) with either short hair or dreads.  It's so easy for black hair to damage and look plain ugly.  Even afros are hard to maintain because if you brush it too hard, the hair breaks off in clumps.  That's why you see people with afros use picks.  

Perms do different things to different hair.  A perm for a person who is white or asian will make the hair curly.  A perm for someone with course hair will make it strait.  

After washing hair, a black person has to go through different motions.  She cannot just dry it off with a towel.  If she just lets it air dry, it'll get puffy and the roots will get nappy very quickly.  So this is all a black person has to do if she wants to keep healthy, pretty hair:

1. Condition hair after washing it (either leave-in conditioner or conditioner that rinses out.)

2. Then add moose and wrap the hair around the head.

3. Put on wrap.

4.  Sit under hair dryer until dry. (could take hours)

5. Remove wrap and comb out hair

6.  Grease hair (sitting under a dryer will certainly dry out the scalp).

7.  Style.

Now some black people just grab a hand dryer and blow dry it that way but they will tell you it's not as effective as a hair dryer that you actually sit under.  I own a portable one.  So when you hear a black person say they don't feel like doing their hair, now you know why.  And now you know why so many black people prefer fake hair or braids.  Our own hair is just tough to manage and keep healthy.  Rain destroys it.  Swimming destroys it.  Exercise destroys it.  Roller Coasters destroy it (We can't just run our hands through our hair and keep moving like a lot of white people.  We NEED a comb).  A lot of female black people don't own convertibles for this very reason.  It's not because they can't afford it.  Hats don't like us either.  You think YOU can get hat hair?  You don't know the half of it.  This is also why you don't see a lot of older (13+) black people swimming.  If hair gets wet that means that one has to go through ALL of those steps in order to get it back to normal.  

Now my hair is short and thin.  And flat ironing it often will make it thinner and cause it to break off (which is bad).  So I can't just grab an iron and fix it that way.  And blow drying it everyday will surely cause breakage.  Pony tails also break off hair (but I think that is for everyone, not just black people).  

(sigh) I suppose I could try and wear a sweat band (although I doubt that will do much).  I guess exercise is just another one of those things that we've got to struggle with.  Oh well.  At least we aren't prone to lice lol.

The Lounge What do you do about your hair if you exercise regularly? Jul 05 2008
15:13 (UTC)

Yes kelle thank you for noticing.  I thought my avatar would make it obvious.  I am black.  So washing my hair everyday is not an option.  Doing something like that might damage my hair further because I have to apply proper heat so that it doesn't become nappy.  And my hair is also very very short.  As in, it doesn't even touch my neck.  So buns, pony tails, and washing after are all out.  I took a look at the link you gave me Kelle.  PERFECT.  She's just like me.  African American with short hair.  Thanks for taking the time to notice I was not white or asian.  I suppose I should have written it down, though.

Health & Support Poop facts that kill 30 pounds forever... Jun 30 2008
23:51 (UTC)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SWEETIE I should have warned you about Laxatives.  I had to learn the hard way on a Vacation my family and I took last year.  I was eating nothing but fast food and hadn't gone to the bathroom in 4 days.  Dad recommended I use a chocolate laxative to loosen me up.  So I did.  The laxatives tasted like brownie mix in square form.  I wanted the whole pack but I knew better.  Anyways, the first day nothing happened and I thought "What a jip."  The next morning I was lying in bed.  My stomach felt awful.  Like it was 'that time of the month'.  Terrible.  Then all of the sudden my stomach gurgled and I sprinted to the bathroom.  The flow was so violent and large that I literally lost 3 pounds after using the restroom.  Ohhhh but I wasn't done.  throughout the day I was running to the bathroom and my cramps didn't really go away until 24 hours later.  I was only glad that we were staying with wealthy family (I had my own bathroom) and weren't on the road.  If we were driving and this happened...

And all because of a tiny piece of Ex-Lax.

Weight Loss An addiction I'm willing to fuel Jun 30 2008
23:42 (UTC)

You all are going to laugh.  We can pretty much scratch this question.  I got a cinnamon roll for my mother and I (that's 2 total) and I ate mine.  Delicious.  I didn't actaully ask mom if she wanted one (she usually gets one for herself so I thought I'd do her the favor of getting one for her).  turns out she didn't want it, though she appreciated the thought.  Well a second cinnamon roll wouldn't hurt now would it?  Wrong.  I ate the second one and now I can't stand the sight of cinnamon rolls.  Ugh.  So I've Binged and I feel awful.  No my stomach isn't turning.  I just over dosed.  Sooooo...thanks all.  :) 

Weight Loss I'm not losing weight and I'm not sure why Jun 27 2008
22:11 (UTC)

Well ladyfirelyght that makes sense.  Everyone seemed to be telling me the same thing.  I need to eat more.  The numbers CC give me are bold.  the 'eat' one is 1100.  The 'burn' one is 1179.  Then there is a smaller number above the 1179.  It's in the 2000's but it's under burn.  But I see what you all meant.

I went to the mall with my father today and I had HagenDaz Ice cream for the first time in months.  Actual ICE CREAM.  OMG It's been so long.  So I'll eat more and exercise a little more and see what happens over a period of 2 weeks.  So much for losing the weight on time though.  I was trying to fit into some shorts by the time I went back to school.  It may have to wait until next year.  Thanks all :).

Weight Loss I'm not losing weight and I'm not sure why Jun 27 2008
00:25 (UTC)
I'm five feet tall and 124 pounds and petite. I exercise every single day. I run up and down a hill every day. I went swimming the other day just to change things up but nothing changed. I really don't like showing my body at the pool so this was big. Even if it's a one piece. I've never owned a two piece. According to CalorieCount my daily goal should be 1100. So I've been following that. On the days I eat any more than that I gain weight. So if my mother cooks something extrememly tasty and I decide to have 1700-2000 calories, I end up weighing 125 the next time I weigh myself and I have to spend ANOTHER week working my butt off getting back down to 124. But no matter how hard I work. How fast I run. How little I eat (above 1000) I cannot seem to get below 124. I poop everyday to make sure waste isn't the problem. I keep WELL hydrated so that I know I'm losing fat and not water weight. I thought I was doing the right thing but these past weeks have really been eating away at my will power and I just want to give up. So I need mad help.

Helpless I have no idea what you are talking about.
Weight Loss I'm Sorry to get all mushy but I'm just having one of those mornings where I feel worthless Jun 20 2008
16:47 (UTC)

I suppose.  (sigh) maybe I'll feel better about things later.  If I just had some positive reinforcement about how I look at least once in my life, I might be okay.  But not once (and I mean this) has someone called me pretty, beautiful, sexy, or fine.  Not once.  My parents say I look nice at time when I dress up for things like church or special dinners.  But that's it.  A peer has never once said that I looked attractive.  And that only leads me to believe that perhaps I'm not attractive.  I feel nearly 20 years is long enough to wait for a compliment.  But no one has so much as thrown me a cat call on the streets.  The men all look at my friends who are curvy with big breasts.  And I'm the 'little sister' who wanted to tag along.  No phone numbers.  No dates.  I've been alone.  And because of how I look.  I guess I'll get over it eventually.  After all what's so great about the opposite sex?  I hear women talk about so many problems in relationships and how men behave and all the wrong things that can go wrong.  Maybe I AM better off on my own.  I'll learn to masturbate and, when I'm ready, I'll just go to a clinic and pick out some sperm when I'm ready to have children.  I don't need a man.  These days, no one really does.  There are so many substitutes.  And now love won't stand in my way anymore.  I'll be able to focus on my career and provide the best that I can for my children.  I was silly to feel I needed a man.  I can do without.  Thanks all.  I don't need any comments.

Weight Loss I'm Sorry to get all mushy but I'm just having one of those mornings where I feel worthless Jun 20 2008
16:36 (UTC)

Great.  Now I'm immature.  I know you didn't mean to be mean but that's a big fat slap in the face.  I'm trying my hardest to BE mature, dress mature, and act mature.  And someone who hasn't even seen me thinks I'm immature.  You didn't call me inexperienced.  I'd understand that because I haven't experienced a lot of things.  You called me immature.  As in undeveloped.  As in not where I should be in life.  And in behind everyone else who is my age.  Well now this proves it.  **** has feelings because I definitely feel like ****.   You know what kind of people flock around me when I am young, vibrant, energetic, and fun?  Children.  

I'm not saying that this look will last forever.  But what man would even give me a chance?  Perhaps someone may find me attractive in the figure but I'll be past my prime and I can just kiss having children and a family at a young, healthy age goodbye.

Weight Loss When the stupid people around you try their damnedest to ruin your plans to lose weight Jun 20 2008
16:24 (UTC)

Someone asked if I lived with my mother.  I'm a college student and I'm staying with my parents for the summer.  So this isn't my house and I have say about what comes in and what goes out.  But I am free to eat what I choose.  But I don't get to ask mom to by food she's no interested in and I don't get to make requests for the grocery list.  That's just not how it works over here.  Mom is big and happy that way.  She eats what she pleases.  She doesn't really care much for my diet because she feels I haven't made much progress.  You can't actually 'see' the 15 pounds lost.  And she doesn't believe I could make my goal weight because I'm so far gone.  So she's not willing to change what she buys and what she cooks just because I'm going through a 'phase' of wanting to lose weight.