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Calorie Count Sticky UPDATE: Calorie Count desktop site to close March 15th, 2017 Jan 13 2017
04:37 (UTC)

I haven't been a regular user in the past couple years but this announcement explains why I was having so much trouble creating a recipe here last week.  SMH.

I found this site over 10 years ago.  It was the first time I'd ever gotten the truth about how much I was eating.  It was also the place that finally got me to fully understand the "500-1000 calorie deficit" by SHOWING me rather than trying to explain it.  Compared to, verywell is very much a joke.  

I've taken screenshots of my recipes and logs.  I don't trust a data exporter if I don't even know where the date is being exported to.  

Goodbye,  You were a wonderful thing while you lasted!

Calorie Count This site sucks now...I'm out... Jan 12 2017
01:54 (UTC)

Preach it!

Calorie Count used to be a godsend.  By switching to, it's become as useless as those generic articles that get recycled by every mainstream magazine.

Motivation The Fast Food Apr 06 2014
15:38 (UTC)

If possible, trying driving a different route that doesn't take you past your temptation restaurants.  Sorry that's not a food suggestion, but for me sometimes just seeing a name or logo can trigger cravings.

Foods sick of "experts" saying don't eat this, don't eat that... Apr 20 2013
16:40 (UTC)

May I hazard a guess that the so-called "expert" offering their opinion on your breakfast was a relative or friend, and their opinion was not asked for in the first place?  If so, I understand you completely!  My mom once told me I should consider giving up carrots because they are "high in sugar" and maybe that would "help me."  I looked her dead in the face and said, "Giving up carrots will 'help me', huh?  So I should eat a candy bar instead?  Would that be better for me?"  (Yes, I was rude but by that point in the conversation I was well beyond annoyed with her and her opinions on my eating habits.)

Sure, some plant foods have more sugars/carbs than others, and it's true some people's bodies react to those foods more than other people's bodies.  But if you have figured out what works for you, other people should butt out of your diet. 

Foods How much fat in meals is needed to absorb nutrients in foods? Apr 20 2013
16:29 (UTC)

Approximately 4-6 grams.  That's the equivalent of a teaspoon of olive oil.   The sources I found said you could also eat "5-10 nuts or a fourth of an avocado or a handful of sunflower seeds." 

And if you really want to get full benefits, go with plant-based fat and pair it with foods that are high in the fat-soluable vitamins A, D, E, and K. 

Foods Herbal teas? Apr 17 2013
16:09 (UTC)

I like green tea, but I have to be careful because my iron tends to be a little low, and green tea blocks iron absorption.  (Found that one out the hard way!) 

My favorite herbal tea now is hibiscus/rose hip tea -- it's never marketed that way, of course, but I look at the ingredient list first and the "flavor" second.  (Celestial Seasonings' "Zinger" teas always have hibiscus, and Bigelow Red Raspberry is more hibiscus and rose hip than raspberry.) 

Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard Dec 23 2012
21:00 (UTC)

I have never switched over to permanently using the new format.  Now it's no longer supported . . . but I am still keeping the old dashboard.   Thanks just the same.

Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard Mar 26 2012
20:12 (UTC)

The new design makes it even harder for me to track my calori intake and expenditure, thank you.  It's especially annoying to no longer have a baseline of calories expended by simply living -- which was a motivation for me to get my butt moving.  This "calories left" BS will have me gaining weight when I really need to lose it. 

Motivation What's your inspirational quote, image, mantra, etc ? Jan 22 2010
21:44 (UTC)

Cutesy slogans never worked for me.  Specific images and stories do.  At work, I put up pictures of me that both look cheery and signify secret, specific goals:

-- me as a high school senior, because I want to weigh 154 again.

-- me on the college swim team, because I want to get strong and compete at the Alumni Meet this October. 

-- me by by a fountain in Italy, because I want to go there again and not feel like a whale compared to my skinny European cousins.   

At home I have a folder full of "amazing" weight loss stories that are realistic about the struggles we face. (I HATE those "oh, I just exercised and ate right and it was easy-peasy.")  It really encourages me to remember that the people who have made it had to struggle just like I'm doing.

Weight Loss Would like to lose 100+. Oct 01 2009
02:42 (UTC)

I'm looking to lose about 100 also.  My biggest challenge is not letting 1 bad decision snowball into fifty bad decisions. 

i.e., buying a little, 1-oz bag of chips at work.  And then saying, "oh, I screwed up with the chips so I may as well eat this ginormous cookie too" when what I should do is say, "ok, my afternoon snack is about the same number of calories as the chips.  Skip the snack for today."   

Do an immediate U-turn back into good habits.

Health & Support For those people struggling with bingeing, here's how I am recovering from the problem with advice Jun 02 2009
23:49 (UTC)

Good for you, and thanks for starting this thread! 

My worst binge was just last night(!) -- DiGiorno stuffed crust pizza -- and I felt so sick this morning I actually called in to work.  I've NEVER done that before and I feel like a piece of @#$# for doing it. 

I've known my own triggers for a while -- cheese and chocolate -- and today while I was home I did some minor purging of the cabinets.  Fortunately (unfortunately?) there wasn't much left to get rid of.  But I did throw away the leftover pizza and promptly dumped cantaloupe guts over it so I wouldn't be tempted to retrieve the pizza out of the trash. 


Weight Loss What's "normal" for a 5'2" woman? May 14 2009
05:14 (UTC)

Thanks for the replies! 

Frankly, I'll be over the moon to be under 150 -- the lowest I've ever been as an adult is 154.  But I'll keep an eye on the obsessiveness the lower I go.

Foods A small revelation regarding how/what to eat Apr 01 2009
02:33 (UTC)

Sometimes just having the sweet stuff instead of the healthy stuff is enough to keep a binge at bay.

(I learned a few years ago at a graduation party that if I ate the frosting off the cake it was just as satisfying as eating the cake with the frosting.  but I've always preferred frosting to cake.)

Foods Paula Dean, Sandra Lee, and Rachel Ray, you guys kill me!!!!! Apr 01 2009
02:26 (UTC)

My god, yeah! 

Rachael's ideas of "healthy" and "cheap" never fail to amuse and infuriate me.  Her idea of making a more budget-friendly osso bucco was to use ground veal instead of whole veal cutlets.   *headdesk*

And then by claiming her goulash was healthy because it had tomatoes (which are a vegetable, doncha know) and that would clearly make up for all the butter, oil, and fatty meat in it. 

Foods Tuna tuna tuna Apr 01 2009
02:19 (UTC)

I hate tuna salad (hate mayo/Miracle Whip) but I'll put tuna into a simple marinara and put it over pasta.  Lately I've been melting a slice of 2% American cheese over "dry" tuna and toast for a tuna melt.

Foods Easter Candy Downfall Apr 01 2009
02:17 (UTC)

Cadbury eggs, oh yes! 

And then jelly beans. 


And every year my mom buys my brother and me our own Sayklly's fudge egg.  Something like 8 servings per egg and easily over 100 calories per serving.

Foods No Compromise: The Bank Bustin' Foods You Love Apr 01 2009
02:15 (UTC)

Tumaro's whole grain tortillas

real paremesan

Smart Balance Lite 

Arnold's Flax and Fiber bread (although i'm so happy -- I found a cheaper substitute called Healthy Life omega) 

Skinny Cow ice cream bars

beef sirloin (but i only buy it like once a month)

Weight Loss Cambridge Diet? Mar 26 2009
01:53 (UTC)

Ah, comes the dawn. 

If your mom "went out of her way" to find someone to approve her for this ridiculously extreme diet then I can understand why she doesn't want to listen to reason. 

VLC diets are really, really tough to stick to so hopefully she won't be able to stick to it for very long.  If she does, though, she should consult a REAL doctor.

Weight Loss I am sure you have all heard this same story before but... Mar 26 2009
01:30 (UTC)

Couple other things to consider:

If I'm "good" for a while, and then have a splurge day, it seems to help convince my body it's not starving and makes it more willing to let go of the weight.  But then, I have to go back to being "good" and I can't have more than one splurge day a week.   

The other thing I can think of is a possible thyroid problem, especially if you've noticed some swelling in the front of your neck.  But I'd try the other suggestions first before getting your TSH tested.