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 I am most comfortable living in an area that has access to foothills and mountain and island vistas.  Due to economics, my husband and I moved East to a desert environment.  How can I continue to feel invigorated by the area that I live in?  As I age, my physical issues are becoming a larger part of my day to day existance.  I now questiton the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  The pattern of poor posture and past injuries has a major impact.  I need to improve my muscle tone.  I need to lose 40 pounds.  The reality is: 10 less pounds would help.  It is April 19th, 2010.  My next BIG hiking trip will occur on May 21.  Just over a month from now.  I weigh 186 pounds.  Right now I weigh 186 pounds.  I have lost just under 1 pound since the start of April.   I need to weigh 180 by May 21.  How I will do this is beyond me.  Goal and expectation for each day: pedal the recumbent ex. bike  TWENTY minutes each day.  Continue gardening/ shovel/ hoe/ weed/ pull hoses etc. at least an hour each day.  Time it for accuracy.  Walk dog at least once a day.  Walk with hubby once a day.  Keep an eye on portions, especially pasta.   Goal: be comfortable tucking shirt/blouse in.  Goal: stretch legs more often EACH day- hope the sciatica night stiffness goes away.  Goal: sleep better.      June 23, 2010: weight 177.6.   Sciatica pain at night.  Averaging 20 minutes on ex. bike.  Averaging 1.5 walks a day, 15 minutes each.  Summer heat finally coming on.  I've slowed on weed removal.  Broke another electric weed whacker.  Have to figure what to do from here on weeds.  Goal: write more.  Goal: up the exercise.  I'm currently losing about a pound per month.  Need to up that.  Can do it.  Goal: be harder on me. 

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