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Vegetarian Any Pescetarians here? Mar 01 2011
15:54 (UTC)

Morning, nice to know there are some others out there :-)

i was vegetarian from about 3, but i struggled with getting the right balance with my diet (not to say that all vegetarian diets do, just i have some food intolerances... and plain food dislikes ;-) ) after logging on calorie count for around a year i was consistently eating around 10-15 g protein a day, and already being in an at risk group for osteoporosis i decided to start eating fish about a year and a half ago.

i have to admit that i really struggle with the textures of some fish though, anything too meaty i cant handle. My friends and boyfriend, all as meat eaters, found my little "journey of discovery" regarding fish very odd and laugh at me all the time when im trying something new lol, i guess they find it strange that someone in their mid twenties has to ask what something they consider to be an everyday thing is like.

Games & Challenges **March 2011**Weight Loss Challenge**Sign Ups Always Welcome! Mar 01 2011
15:16 (UTC)

Name: Katie
Age: 24
Height & frame: 5'8.5 and large frame
Highest weight & date:  September 2010 and 189 lbs
CC start wt and CC start date:started originally in 2007 at 188, and lost quite a bit, which has slowly been regained, so starting again  last week at 183lbs

Goal Weight (by March 29, 2011):170 lbs

Start Weight in Mar, 2011: 179lbs
Week 1; 08-Mar:
Week 2; 15-Mar:
Week 3; 22-Mar:
Week 4; 29-Mar:

Total monthly weight loss: 9 lbs
Average daily calories: i try and keep between 750 and 1000 cal deficit
Add comments: im hoping putting it down in black and white in a place other people can see will act as an extra motivation! Im a terrible emotional eater, so im just going to concentrate on dealing with my emotions in ways that dont involve a bar of chocolate washed down with a stick of butter ;-) 

good luck everyone

Foods My 2011 food resolution Jan 05 2011
15:11 (UTC)

to enjoy food in moderation (one piece of choc at a time? sounds better than one bar...)  and keep an eye on how much fat sugar and salt are going in. plus eat more fibre :-)

Fitness calculating miles Aug 21 2008
16:50 (UTC)

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - June 22 - July 5th, 2008 (two week special!) Jun 24 2008
11:33 (UTC)

Hi there, love the idea of this group, could i join? fell of the wagon big style and put on 5 of those hard lost pounds in a month and a half :-( back on the wagon i go now lol :-)

Fitness couch to 5k = YAY! Apr 04 2008
23:32 (UTC)

Hi there,

just had a look at the site having seen it appear on forums so much, and id love to do this as well.

i started running last ear, but had to stop as it massively decreased my speed in other sports (something to do with twitch 2 muscles a physio friend tells me, i dont know, i just nod and agree lol)

anyway, i'm not in training for that for a while, so it would be good to get properly into shape,

when i left it i could almost run 3 miles, and my goal now is to be able to run into the university in the morning, rather than get the bus! (honestly, im such a cheap skate!) thats 6 miles, but i have till october,

just wanted to say thanks! if i hadn't seen this thread I wouldn't have looked, and id never have known

Vegetarian veggie/vegan ready meals? Mar 29 2008
08:36 (UTC)

thanks, ill look into the vegetarian times, sounds interesting. i do have a slow cooker, but its not with me at the moment *sigh*

i move around a lot, so my parents are looking after a few things for me, it didnt even click until after they left and i realised it was gone. as we live quite away from each other i doubt ill get it back now until i move again which will be in a month.

i know there only about £10-£15, but theres this stubborn bit of pride that says "youve already got one! its a waste of money!" and i am pretty broke, but im a student, thats a perpetual state

Motivation anyone need a motivational buddy? Mar 29 2008
08:31 (UTC)

well thats very kind of you, but my BMI is still in the overweight range, and my body fat is rather high

to get to the middle of my BMI range, another stone would be just fine

Vegetarian going vegan and fieldtrip Feb 22 2008
17:19 (UTC)


i have no idea where ill be for much of it, but as its only for a few days i think ill probably be able to pack some food. when i was in iceland last year i couldnt get anything veggie and lactose free, so i took some big bags of nuts and banana chips.

annoying as ill have to carry them round with me all day, but hey! it'll be good for me lol 

Weight Loss Ever Had A Salesperson Insult You? Jan 16 2008
12:13 (UTC)

ive never had anyone insult me because of my size in a store before, although my mum has, but ive had a shop assistant look me in the face and tell me that the present i was buying my boyfriend for christmas was ****, (she actually said,  "well if you think so, but i think its a bit ****")

my mum was buying a pair of jeans in a shop, and when she took them to the counter the shop assistant looked at her and said "Evans is accross the road" evans being a larger clothing shop. she was a 14! thats a US12 its the smallest size that evans even sell, and at least their shop assistants are friendly and know what they are talking about. i was with her as well, obviously just wanted to try and embarass her in front of everyone.


Health & Support Implanon rant... women only Jan 04 2008
21:29 (UTC)

just to clarify, i went on birth control, just for birth control, i wasnt even warned that it would affect my periods originally, and when i changed from the injection to the implant, i was given a little leaflet, which glossed over any effects, and was told that i had to come off the injection as it increased my risk of osteoperosis, so i could go on implanon instead of.

dont want to spark up the whole "stopping periods purposefully" debate, as i know it can get quite het up.

definatly wasnt my intention, dont mind having a period, just an entire month of it is enough to piss most people off id imagine lol 

Health & Support Implanon rant... women only Jan 04 2008
21:19 (UTC)

i asked a couple of months ago and was told it was perfectly normal. ill ask again, as ive just changed doctors (i moved), thank you. before that i was on the injection, which completly stopped them as well. so i wasnt too fussed.

im not worried, just slightly annoyed! lol 

Motivation theres a peanut butter kitkat upstairs... Dec 07 2007
13:05 (UTC)

oh man, i caved lol.

 one peanut butter kitkat and a choc cookie down. oh well, ill just do more at the gym later! 


i love the idea of freezing them! its great, that way i have to defrost it in advance of eating it, so no instant gratification! lol

i dont know why i brought them, but next time i think i should try and make sure ive had a choc fix before i go shopping and see the multipacks!

i dont think i could stop at half, the other half would look at me in that chocolaty way... the come hither look 

Fitness sprinting training Nov 18 2007
14:35 (UTC)

that article is reallyinteresting,makes me think that maybe i should hold off on plyometric training for the moment, as i am training for fencing around 15 hours a week, and competing every wednesday, i dont want to put too much stress on my muscles, as i already have had a pull this season which set me back.

i have a break at christmas, so i might pick it up then in time for the second half of the season


Fitness sprinting training Nov 18 2007
13:19 (UTC)


i'm especially liking the animations, just to make sure i don't do it wrong!  i already do most of the lower body exercises once a week to once a fortnight, but have never put much effort into them, so i'l start taking my footwork training more seriously, and adding to it in my own time


Foods Need food high in protein Oct 18 2007
18:29 (UTC)
hi there,
im having a problem geting enough protein at the moment as well, and have just put up some recipies for some of my favourite high protein meals

spicy lentil rissoles
a portion of this has around 300 calories, 20g of protein and 6g of fat

other recipies ive put up have higher amounts of fat and calories, which may not be so great if your aiming for lower calories or reducing your fat intake

beans an pulses are good protein sources, my favourite recipe book is an oldy, but tastes as good as ever, The Bean Book by Rose Elliot

otherwise im as eager to hear peoples ideas as you are! still trying to reach higher numbers
Motivation Calling all Masters Students!!! Oct 18 2007
17:43 (UTC)
hey there, im studying for an undergraduate masters, am i welcome?

my 4th year at uni now

studying for a masters of geoscience. it not too bad this semester, but i have twice the workload next (plus thats when my dissertation is due)

plus keeping busy with sports helps a little, but snatching snacks between lectures doesnt help!  Monster munch... mmmmm

one of my problems is getting home so late at night! you cant cook a proper meal at midnight, and getting in so late, fridge food just does not seem appetising at that time....

Motivation Is hunger really avoidable? Oct 18 2007
14:38 (UTC)
i definatly eat more when im at home in the day time, im sat here now thinking im hungry, even though i had a massive bowel of cereal an hour or so ago

when im out of the house i definatly dont want to eat as much,

i think its because im distracted when im out and about, i'm busy doing things, and when im at home, its very easy for me to get absent minded and think about all the yummy things i could be eating, because its all sat just there in the room next next door, and when i think of them my tummy rumbles.

if i know im going to be at home for a few days, i try and get nibbles, so i can eat all day and not go over my calorie limit. strawberries are my favourite, and fruit cut into small pieces generally, (its a silly thing, but I feel i've eaten more if its cut into more pieces, lol, plus it takes longer to prepare and eat, so thats time i spend not eating anything else)
Fitness eating for exercise Oct 18 2007
11:13 (UTC)
hey everyone, just to update you, ive been managing abuot 75-100grams a day,

made an awesome bean caserole, 50grams a serving lol, not so hot on taste though, although the boyfriend went and had seconds

had the first match yesterday, won 135-78

life is good! lol
Fitness eating for exercise Oct 15 2007
11:42 (UTC)
i used to eat a lot of beans and pulses, but that died down a bit when i got more busy, as you have to be organised enough to soak things in advance and what not.

its something i think ill have to get back into fast!, had a nice lentil and mushroom bake last night, and got a bean and (tofu)sausage casserole planned for tonight.

i did try blending silken tofu into a sauce, but i have to say it was such a disaster i havent been near the stuff since, and just stick to prepared tofu goods like Cauldron sausages,

getting all excited about my first match of the season now, so i hope the added protein helps!

(got it 50grams so far today, but havnt planned lunch yet... thats going to be some lunch to get 76 grams of protein!)