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Weight Loss Under 500 calories restaurant meals (chain restaurants)? Nov 13 2011
04:42 (UTC)

Although caloriecount covers fast foods very comprehensively, this site lists low-calorie choices at 20 different fast-food restaurants:

My 400-450 calorie favorite is an Arby's regular roast beef and side salad.


Weight Loss Stuck on something silly??? Oct 15 2011
12:36 (UTC)

A custom embroidery shop can print just about anything. Buy some slightly-too-small new sweatshirts in a style you like and have them imprinted with your old college name. Consider cutting out, framing, and hanging the logo/college name portion of one of your favorite sweatshirts and using it as art.

I have some experience doing alterations, and sweatshirts without side seams would likely not be altered easily; the neck will also be too large, and the sleeves seem to grow longer as you lose weight:)


Weight Loss Temporary Clothes... Oct 08 2011
12:11 (UTC)

This problem comes up on this forum so often. I wish there was a way we could "share" the clothes we outgrow (undergrow?) with each other. I have been passing mine along to someone I know who is not as far on the journey as I am, but I wish there was someone on the other end passing them along to me:) I agree with xstarlet that it's hard to let go of some of your nice pieces. I recently had to give away my coats and jackets, and that really hurt because I'm pretty frugal. I have gone from 16 (tight 16)  to 10, and I have bought a pair of jeans and a couple pairs of dress pants at each size on the way down, but then I think part of me never really thought I would get lower so I thought I would be in them for a long time. Even though I sew and have altered shirts, doing a good job of altering slacks requires some time.

Obviously I don't have a good answer! I chose to buy some inexpensive items because I didn't want to go to work looking frumpy, but if you can hold out you will save yourself some money. 

It's sort of a good problem to have though, isn't it?

Motivation I'm just a girl who can't say no! Oct 07 2011
10:44 (UTC)

I have the same issue -- when you are teaching there is a let-down at the end of the day after being literally on stage since early in the morning, and it brings about an urge to eat anything in sight. I have learned to eat a high-protein snack (boiled egg and a couple of crackers, protein bar, a slice of bread and turkey) BEFORE leaving work at night. It keeps me from hitting the snacks as soon as I get home, and from snacking while I cook. I also know that there are some things I literally can't eat in moderation, so I just don't buy them.

Weight Loss 5' 8" girls: what's your size? Oct 01 2011
10:06 (UTC)

I'm a 5' 8" fifty-something female, medium frame 

SW 205, a snug size 16 (probably truly a size 18, especially in jeans)

CW 165, a snug size 10

GW 155 

I recently bought a size S (6-8) shirt at Coldwater Creek. Who are they kidding? When I got married 30+ years ago, I weighed 140 and my wedding dress was size 12. Sizes have definitely changed.

Motivation My motivation :) Sep 26 2011
10:54 (UTC)

I had a similar teenage experience to yours -- was always the chubby kid from the time I was in fourth grade -- and was able to lose about 40 pounds through diligence when I was 18. While I let those pounds creep back through the years (they are gone again now!) I will never forget what it was like to go to college and meet people who didn't know the "old" me. It was crazy and fun to feel so normal. But as I look back, I realize my brain was still stuck with the old image, causing me to sometimes to still struggle for to be accepted, sometimes making poor choices. The weight will come off, but the body image takes a long time to catch up. Give yourself lots of time to weigh situations and people and accept nothing but the best for yourself. Your body is a shell -- focus on friends who have always been able to look beyond that shell.


Motivation Why are people so F#@$@ing horrible Sep 18 2011
01:52 (UTC)

I'm so sorry that you had to experience this. I think that most of us have had similar experiences, but this was truly over the top. My heart hurts for you. I know that it is hard not to internalize something like this, but it really does say more about them than it does about you. I know you want to strike back right now, but it will accomplish little and could cause you additional grief down the road. Most of all, don't let these jerks derail the progress that you are making. If you do that, then they win, and they don't deserve that victory.

Weight Loss Don't let the perfect stand in the way of the good Sep 17 2011
13:40 (UTC)

I think you have nailed it. You have to find a method that works, but that also fits into your lifestyle and your family's lifestyle. I have a running list of food choices that work for me at most restaurants; this keeps me "on program" but not playing the role of Food Czar with the rest of my family. Is the stir fry I make at home a better choice? Certainly.  But an occasional small hamburger at a fast-food restaurant isn't going to drive me off a cliff, or sabotage my plan. Sometimes good enough is truly good enough.

Motivation Why isn't anything working?! Sep 17 2011
12:37 (UTC)

You mention that you "don't eat any less healthy than anyone else," but you can eat very healthy and still consume too many calories to lose. Log everything you eat for a week and examine your daily intake. I always compared my intake to that of others and found it discouraging -- I didn't feel as if I ate that much. But once I focused on calorie counting and worked to create a daily deficit, I began to lose. 

Weight Loss When did people notice that you'd lost weight? Sep 17 2011
12:27 (UTC)

Don't be surprised if some people NEVER mention your loss. I have found that particularly some of the men who I work with won't "go there" and mention a woman's weight. A couple have told me they had been burned in the past by people who don't appreciate others noticing their loss. I enjoy people mentioning my loss, but I've learned in this forum that it makes some feel uncomfortable. 

Motivation new clothes Sep 14 2011
00:22 (UTC)

While it seems a bit like wasteful spending, I think it is nice to have a couple of things you feel good in on the way down.  Sometimes it requires wearing more fitted things in order for people to notice your loss, and the exercise clothing, if it is spandex, will probably fit for quite a long time.  Who knows. . . you might even wear them out with all of your exericising:)

Weight Loss Eating Healthy Well Being Lazy Sep 10 2011
10:35 (UTC)

Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I didn't start working out until I had lost 40 pounds and was 10 pounds from my goal. I kept my calories very consistent each day, created a deficit, and averaged a loss of 1.5 pounds a week loss until I got to that last stubborn 10 pounds. I have struggled for DECADES to lose so I'm not exactly an easy loser. While a more balanced approach is probably the ideal (calorie counting combined with exercise), don't let anything, even an inability to exercise right now, be a stumbling block to beginning your journey.

Motivation Where Are Those Two Sizes? Sep 03 2011
05:31 (UTC)

And now you are "paying it forward" by inspiring others with your wonderful post. Like you, reading CC posts gets me past the rough spots. I try to remember the Voltaire quote, "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Some days it's okay to be good enough, if you also have days when you are very good. Getting to your destination slowly helps ensure a permanent change.

Weight Loss Different numbers on different scales Sep 02 2011
10:52 (UTC)

To avoid Depressing Scale Syndrome, I finally went straight from the doctor's office to the department store and tried scales to to find an accurate one, which I purchased. One step in my "recovery" was getting rid of my weight-friendly bathroom scale. I know now about how many pounds my weight fluctuates during the day, so the stress of getting on a scale at the doctor's office is largely removed.

However, I literally went years and years without a "yearly" checkup because I hated the scale so much, so I am an extreme case.

Motivation Why can't I stick to a diet? Aug 27 2011
21:08 (UTC)

Lose the word DIET from your vocabulary. Diets mean deprivation, denial, and depression. Instead, view it as a different way of eating that you are going to continue for life. Work some of those things into your eating plan each day that you enjoy, and don't ever allow yourself to get too hungry.

When I get the urge to grab something that is not part of what I plan to eat, I do something else for just ten minutes, and usually those urges leave. I also delay rather than deny myself -- if I want candy, I plan for it and look forward to it. I think I actually enjoy foods more than I used to.

Don't try to make any changes in your eating plan that you can't do for life. If that means slowing your weight loss, so be it. 

Also, you seem to understand your patterns pretty well. If it is Day 3 that always trips you up, plan to do something that day that keeps you from the food temptation. 

I'm sure that you've heard all of these things before -- most of us are have spent our lives reading any weight loss advice that comes down the pike.  When you're feeling weak, come here and read some of the success stories. . . anything to get over the rough patch.  If you can get through the first week or two, it really does get much easier.  

Weight Loss I am new to this site. Aug 27 2011
15:00 (UTC)

You have come to the right place for support. Just reading about others and their journeys keeps me going. There is so much in research and the media telling us that we're "just going to gain it all back" that I sometimes wonder, "Why bother?" But reading the stories here of people who have successfully kept the weight off for years really encourages me. Everyone seems to get there in their own way, some more focused on eating and others more focused on exercise, but those who maintain seem to have adopted an active lifestyle. 

I started in January at 203 and am currently 165 so our losses are very similar. Your surgery and job change have been a bump in the road; you will find your "mojo" and establish successful eating patterns again, despite your crazy schedule.

I think we have all had hurtful moments like you had -- they are particularly poignant when they come unintentionally from those we love -- but how great that you turned it into such a positive change in your life. My daughter recently hugged me and said I didn't feel like "mom" anymore. I'd like to feel bad about that, but I think I can still be a mom without the comforting fat folds:)


Weight Loss Everything in moderation Aug 22 2011
01:46 (UTC)

I feel your pain. I think we all have an enabler in our lives. I sympathize with her to a certain extent because I know that, as a mom, I still feel compelled to feed everyone who walks though my door; I tend to show my love through the sharing of food. Perhaps you can simply say, "Thanks, Mom, I'll enjoy sharing the care package with my friends at work/school." Then do just that -- take the unopened package to a group of friends. Eventually she'll get the message and find other ways to "treat" you.

I'm sure it's frustrating, though, to have someone so close to you be oblvious to the difficult journey you are taking, so vent to your heart's content!

Motivation Motivation in the morning! Aug 22 2011
00:10 (UTC)

Are you a "morning" person? Maybe morning isn't the best time for you to try to exercise. I agree that it's nice to get it out of the way, but if your biological clock isn't set up that way, there might be better times to do it. Also, if running on the treadmill is something that you dread doing, perhaps there are better exercise options. It needs to be fun, and it needs to be something you feel you can do for the long haul.

Weight Loss Some things you did to learn to be patient with your loss Aug 16 2011
11:51 (UTC)

First, congratulations on how far you've come! That's a huge accomplishment.

What has worked for me: I have left the "diet" mindset behind. I see what I'm doing now as a new way of eating, and weight loss is just one side-effect of this change. If I think "diet" there is an end game, and this way of eating IS the end game for me.

Because I lose in spurts rather than a regular weekly loss, the scale is seldom my friend. I keep a tape measure handy and measure my hips when I need a number "fix", as I am more likely to see results there. I am just a couple pounds from my initial goal now, and I started in January -- I figure that the very slow loss that I'm experiencing at this point is just helping me to maintain and entrench my changed eating patterns.

And cupcakes? I don't deny myself such pleasures; I just figure them into my calorie total occasionally. 

Motivation Sports Clothes Insult Aug 15 2011
16:42 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by pkwiers:

Wow. The company markets to a certain group, excluding masses of potential customers, to maintain an image?

Isn't that what most (if not all) companies do? Is there any company that actually markets itself to every single demographic in the world?

Excellent point. I let my emotions rule my response:)