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Vegetarian Going VEG... again Aug 14 2012
14:52 (UTC)

Do you like Indian? Indian food is deliciously bean heavy and since eating it almost everyday, plus my usual walk, I've lost 4 lbs in two weeks. Mmm, beans.

Do you like Thai? If you get the blend of sugar/salt/peanut butter just right, it can be both very satisfying and low in calories!

Foods Are grains actually bad for you? Aug 10 2012
01:42 (UTC)

Paleo is a fad, there is very little they can prove of any of it. The only good thing it does for people is get them away from processed foods, which is good in any diet to do.


Keith makes a big point about the fact that humans now eat foods—grains—that our Paleolithic ancestors rarely ate. But she never discusses the fact that dairy, a food she heartily endorses, falls into the same category. In fact, while grains could be gathered, ground and consumed by our ancestors, dairy is 100% dependent on agriculture. The fact that normal human development—throughout most of the world, at least—results in a decreased ability to digest dairy foods, should provide a major clue that humans did not evolve to consume them. None of this gets even a mention in the book. he-vegetarian-myth.html

Foods ice cream Aug 05 2012
20:04 (UTC)
Original Post by skoch17:

Make your own- Freeze a banana then blend it with 2tbs of peanut butter and 1tsp of vanilla

Ditto. Add cocoa and get chocolate peanut butter cream ^^

Vegetarian Is eating fish so wrong? Aug 05 2012
17:01 (UTC)
14 an/fish-eating-vegetarians <- There are a lot of arguments for/against on this thread that perhaps you should check out.

Vegetarian Proteins proteins proteins HELP! Aug 05 2012
16:56 (UTC)
1 guide-&hellip;

Vegans who are consuming enough calories and eating a variety of foods including legumes will meet requirements with ease. tein-n&hellip;

If you eat enough calories to maintain your weight and don't do things like eat nothing but twinkies, you will never be protein deficient. I've been a vegetarian 4 years, a vegan for 1. The only time my protein has ever fallen short is during menses, and that is the obvious reason. Otherwise, I always test as right in the middle of the normal range. Whereas, I've seen omnivores who don't eat a lot be low on protein, and people who eat too much be too high on protein. ts/

Pumpkin Seeds
Mung Bean Sprouts

I'd also like to vote for mushrooms. 100 calories of mushrooms = 14.7 grams of protein.



Vegetarian How to increase iron intake? Aug 05 2012
16:54 (UTC)


Only SOME vegans need to supplement:

 Young women with heavy periods may have a tough time keeping up with iron needs, and again, this is not a problem that is specific to vegans. Rates of iron deficiency anemia are actually very high among pre-menopausal omnivore women. It can help to take a low dose supplement (high doses can be hard on the stomach) with orange juice to boost absorption, or to include some fortified foods in the diet. There is some evidence that taking supplements of the amino acid L-lysine boosts absorption of supplemental iron. -supplements-for-vegans.html

Vegetarian Vegan! To be or not to be??? Aug 05 2012
16:52 (UTC)

Omnivores get their vitamin D from fortified foods (cow’s milk is not a natural source of this nutrient) and their iodine from accidental contamination of dairy foods.
Or their naturally high salt diets (the salt is fortified with iodine.)
Many omnivores—women especially—depend on supplements to meet calcium and iron needs. And the Institute of Medicine recommends that everyone over the age of 50 should add vitamin B12 supplements or fortified foods to their diet since it becomes increasingly difficult to digest and absorb the vitamin B12 in animal foods with aging.

Found here: -suppl&hellip;


Since 1941, however, fortification of white flour-based foods with some of the nutrients lost in milling, like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and iron was mandated by the US government in response to the vast nutrient deficiencies seen in US military recruits at the start of World War II.[2] This fortification led to nearly universal eradication of deficiency diseases in the US, such as pellagra and beriberi (deficiencies of niacin and thiamine, respectively) and white bread continues to contain these added vitamins to this day.[3]

Folic acid is another nutrient that some governments[citation needed] have mandated is added to enriched grains like white bread. In the US and Canada, these grains have been fortified with mandatory levels of folic acid since 1998 because of its important role in preventing birth defects. Since fortification began, the rate of neural tube defects has decreased by approximately one-third in the US, resulting in a cost savings of an estimated $33.7-125 million annually.[4][5][6]

Found on:

Invalidates the argument that since a vegan diet also includes recommendations for supplementation,that the diet is not good for you or incomplete. Omnivores have been supplementing for at least 71 years. That fortification also applies to near all brands of white rice, as well as bread, and all breakfast cereals. Even some baking mixes.



Vegetarian How to increase iron intake? Aug 05 2012
16:45 (UTC)

Why do you think you need more iron? Are you anemic? It could be that you're eating enough of it, but not absorbing it well. Do you drink orange juice with your iron sources? Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron.

I'm vegan and I got 20 grams without even trying yesterday:


  1. The Original Shredded Wheat Cereal  5 grams
  2. Pure Almond Almondmilk  2.2 grams


  1. Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers 1.4 grams 
  2. Tomatoes, Red, Ripe  0.3 grams
  3. Lettuce Red or Green Leaf 0.4 grams
  4. Onions 1 slice, large 0.1  grams
  5. Burger Buns - 100% Whole Wheat 1.4 grams
  6. Mustard, Prepared, Yellow 0.2 grams
  7. Sweet Potato - Julienne Fries 0.3 grams


  1. One cup Broccoli 1.1 grams
  2. Cabbage - 1 cup, chopped 0.4 grams
  3. Mori-nu, Tofu, Silken, Firm 1 slice 0.9 grams 
  4. Onions 3 tbsp chopped 0.1 grams 
  5. Peanuts Dry-roasted 1 oz 0.6 grams
  6. TVP - (Textured Vegetable Protein).25 cup 2.7 grams
  7. Dark Amber Maple Syrup  0.6  grams
  8. One cup Cooked Brown Rice 1 gram
  9. Soymilk Light Plain 1 cup 1.1 grams
Foods Pinning Down Indian Spices Aug 04 2012
23:45 (UTC)

I'm excited. I have plans Monday to get the spices and I just picked up well reviewed authentic Indian Cookbooks at the library. 

Thanks for all the replies folks. ^^ They seem spot on.


Vegetarian HELP: Vegan Advice Needed Aug 01 2012
18:23 (UTC)
8 ts/

The foods listed on the link:


  1. Asparagus
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Mung Bean Sprouts
  4. Spinach
  5. Broccoli
  6. Quinoa

And I'd like to vote in Mushrooms. Calorie count says 14.7 grams of protein per 100 calories.

Unless you're an extreme athelete, higher amounts of protein are generally not needed. So long as you eat enough calories from good sources to fuel your workouts, you will get enough protein. protei&hellip;

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: With all this talk about protein, you might think Americans were at risk for not eating enough. In fact, most of us eat more protein than we need.

Livestrong says these types need more protein than average. Those:

  • Who are Extreme Athletes
  • Have an Acute Illness or recovering from a trauma.
  • who are Elderly
  • who have Eating Disorders and have depleted their stores by malnutrition le-who-need-high-protein-diet/#ixzz22ITVEkjr


Foods Pinning Down Indian Spices Jul 31 2012
12:21 (UTC)


My garam masala blend has:

  1. Cardamom
  2. cinnamon
  3. cloves
  4. cumin
  5. black pepper
  6. coriander

Since cinnamon is the second ingredient, I didn't feel the need to add more, although I do have it on my spice rack.

Madhur Jaffrey's Blend:

  1. Cardamom seed 
  2.  cinnamon bark
  3. whole cumin seed 
  4. whole cloves 
  5. black peppercorn 
  6. ground nutmeg

In this case, the only difference is the nutmeg? I don't think I've been using nutmeg at all. I may have a little bit somewhere but it's probably old. Concerning the recipe, perhaps it's the addition of nutmeg in her blend that makes it stellar. Because off hand, it looks like a lot of the bland chana masala recipes I've seen online that seem to keep most people happy.

Your comment about cooking methods is very true. I once didn't pop my cardamom before putting too much in some food. Popped it properly yesterday, and, although still strong, it tasted pleasantly nutty during the crunch.



Is the skillet supposed to be on high heat or medium high or just medium? I worry about burning, heard bad things.

You suggest the leaf form rather than the seeds? Does one last longer than the other?

Amchur is made from mangoes but doesn't taste like them? What would you describe them as tasting? And do you consider it a worthwhile ingredient? Does it replace lemon juice as an acid?

I'll need to check these books from the library. ^^

Vegetarian What are your main reasons for feeding yourself Jul 30 2012
17:46 (UTC)
Original Post by tylerdaly:

Percentage wise, what are the reasons you eat?


I eat to fuel my body and brain

I enjoy eating

I just eat because thats what people do

Social reasons

I dont think about eating

I eat because I am hungry

For me?

50% I eat because thats what people do

30% Social reasons

20% I eat to fuel my brain and body


I eat because I am hungry and I enjoy eating. I also enjoy cooking and feeding loved ones. 

60% because I'm hungry

40% because I enjoy my food "hobby"

Vegetarian vegitarian all my life but want to be Vegan Jun 25 2012
04:06 (UTC)
Original Post by nicholas_shannon:

I recommend eating a burger like a normal person...

Are you a troll, or what?


Anyways, no. Vegan has nothing to do with cooked or uncooked, we eat a combination of both to preference. No meat, no milk, no eggs, and depending on how you feel about colony collapse disorder and exploitation, no honey from bees. This causes a situation where there is hardly any processed stuff you can eat unless it says vegan on the packaging. There is gelatin, aka animal bone powder, in Jello and pudding. So if you want those things, you'll have to go out of your way some. Veganism can also be as expensive as you want it to be. I've priced a vegan diet as low as $55 and meeting all of your nutritional needs and calories but I find $90 per person per month to be more comfortable. But if I'm buying too much processed special stuff, it can get closer to $150 per person per month. 

Raw foodist doesn't even have to be vegan. A raw foodist just thinks heat destroys all the good stuff. SO, they'll eat fish sushi and raw milk fresh from the cow, as well as al raw uncooked fruits and uncooked veggies, sprouted uncooked beans.

Raw VEGAN skips the meat and milk, and just does the RAW veggies, fruits, and sprouted beans.


Vegetarian The three lettered dilemma... Jun 25 2012
03:59 (UTC)

I bypass the grill and bring something easy and light. Wrap, hummus, broccoli slaw has been popular at every single gathering I've been to. Last gathering, I hadn't rought it, and they got onto me, saying they were looking forward to.

Hummus brand is Sabra, it's at wal mart.

Vegetarian Going Vegan? Jun 24 2012
15:57 (UTC)

Also,  a serving of Grapenuts off brand from walmart is $2.48 with at least 30 days of servings. It's also vegan, accidentally. It gives you 90% of your iron needs per serving.


Also, eating iron rich objects with a source of Vitamin C ensures better absorption. (any fruit)

Weight Loss Are juice cleanses healthy? Jun 22 2012
22:04 (UTC)
Original Post by smashley23:

What is the point of a juice fast?  It's not a fast if you are loading your body with sugar. 

I think you're suppose to juice both vegetables as well as low sugar fruits at home in your own juicer. Such as spinach and tomatoes, or even an onion with an apple. The point of such a thing is that you're getting all the vitamins and minerals plus fluids, and yes, some sugar, but your body doesn't have to be distracted/expend energy to break down food bits/fiber and can just absorb it all as it passes through. Without such distractions, the body can work on repair, like it does at night while you're sleeping. Some people do well on such ideas, hence the mention of IBS and arthritis above.

I don't own a juicer. I know when I try to have a regular "fruit only" fast, that I can't make it the whole 24 hours. I just stick with my water only fast. ^^ Sometimes a little apple cider vinegar mixed in.

Weight Loss Are juice cleanses healthy? Jun 22 2012
12:56 (UTC)
Original Post by asteproe1:

I was thinking of doing a juice cleanse. Is there a healthy way to do it or is it too dangerous? Any advice?

I disagree with the mainstream. Fasts have religious history as well as health history. I'm sure you've read about some of the benefits for you to be asking.

I personally enjoy having a pre planned fast day. I plan on having one this Sunday. I've done them before. I drink lots and lots of fluids and do absolutely no exercise. I eat a light dinner the night before, and then don't "eat" again until the following night at the same time and break the fast with a large salad. I like to use them to remind me of what true hunger feels like; if my "hungry" can go away with two glasses of water, then snacks are unnecessary, etc.

Obviously there are great benefits to fasting, recently seen in the non fictional movie, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." People with arthritic issues or IBS also see results from short fasting stints. 30 days of juice fasting is obviously not suggested except in severe cases of obesity and such. I have no health issues, and find that a 1 day fast once a month, or every other month, works for keeping me focused and over all happier.


terry2fish is another member of CC who has almost weekly planned out fasts. 

Vegetarian Iron sources Jun 21 2012
03:00 (UTC)

It could be that you're eating enough of it, but not absorbing it well. Do you drink orange juice with your supplement? Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron.

Vegetarian Daily Meals/ Grocery Shopping Jun 20 2012
14:19 (UTC)

I keep a current/past grocery list on my phone. So, I actually have a list of what I've bought

What is currently on my grocery list:

  1. Low Fat Mayo
  2. Tofu
  3. Onions

What was on my grocery list in the past:

  1. Chickpea Flour
  2. Canned Tomatoes
  3. Almond Milk
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Broccoli
  6. Zucchini and Summer Squash
  7. Eggplant
  8. Mushrooms
  9. Pineapple
  10. Bananas
  11. Clementines
  12. Granny Smith Apples
  13. Tea
  14. Fresh Ginger
  15. Apple Cider Vinegar
  16. Kale
  17. Collard Greens
  18. Chard
  19. Lettuce
  20. Bell Peppers
  21. Beets
  22. Potatoes
  23. Dried or canned chick peas
  24. dried black beans
  25. Limes
  26. Black Pepper
  27. Frozen Fruit (Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries)
  28. Hommus (low fat hummus)
  29. Unsalted Baked Tortilla Chips
  30. Cocoa Powder
  31. Natural peanut butter
  32. Liquid Smoke
  33. Garlic Powder
  34. Onion Powder
  35. Nutritional Yeast

I eat smoothies, make pizza from scratch, lots of Pad Thai. Beans are in a soup, as a snack, or dropped over salads. Hummus and chips and obvious snack type foods so are the apples. I make frappe/coffee replacements with the cocoa and banana, or chocolate icecream replacement with blueberries, bananas, cocoa.

Vegetarian Raw Vegans, We Need Help! Jun 18 2012
13:54 (UTC)

I had a 10 day stint at raw veganism. Interesting experience. What came from it is I bought a dehydrator, I love hiding salads in my smoothies, and a bigger appreciation for salad. But I didn't want to be in that world only, I think beans/legumes/pulses are very healthy and I adore tofu as well. Lately, to avoid cooking, I've been like...70% raw due to high fruit and high vegetables that were just processed. That thai cabbage salad is addictive! 

If I find more recipes that are mostly raw, I'll be sure to share.