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The Lounge GREAT compliments Jan 11 2008
18:12 (UTC)

I always find it a compliment when I'm carded (I'm 31, turning 32 in March).

The other night a lady at the gas station asked me as I was buying a six-pack, "Are you 21?" I replied, "And then some!" and handed her my ID. She just smiled and said "wow." I was beaming as I left the shop!

That's the best compliment I've had lately. I think running keeps one looking young!

p.s. I like this thread topic better than the "worst comments you've had about your weight" one. Thanks!

Health & Support Benefits of the Sauna? Jan 11 2008
18:02 (UTC)

Thanks, lilsmiter. Yeah, I always bring tons of water with me and set it right outside the door. But the few websites that said that saunas aid in weightloss were not counting the water loss that you sweat out, since all of them said that you should drink that water back, and then some, right away. I think the idea was that the higher temperatures actually keep your metabolic rate high, especially after working out.

Still, I imagine that if sitting in a sauna was really good for weight loss, more people would be sitting in them. As it is, I'm thinking that it's mostly just my skin and muscles and peace of mind that are getting the most benefits from it. It's really relaxing, too.

Of course, it may be psychosematic on my part, but psychosematic feel-goods still feel good. :)

Anyone else use the sauna regularly?

Health & Support Benefits of the Sauna? Jan 11 2008
16:10 (UTC)
Weight Loss Lost Weight in the Shower!!! Dec 10 2007
14:36 (UTC)

Hahaha! I've lost 1 whole pound in the shower! I think it was because either

(i) I hadn't showered after my run the night before and I had a whole pound of dirt and sweat stuck to my body (ew), or

(ii) I washed very rigorously, such that I burned enough calories to shed a pound, or

(iii) the hot steam in my steaming hot showers is so hot that it sweated a pound of water out of me.

 Hm. But I guess the simplest explanation is:

(iv) My scale is tempermental and inconsistent.   


The Lounge Things you LOVE about the opposite sex! Dec 10 2007
14:18 (UTC)

I love that his big, broad shoulders scream to be rubbed.

I love that he is twice my size and can pick me up with one burly arm.

I love to trace his (many!) tattoos with my fingers.

I love when he sleeps on his back, with me curled beside him, running my hand over his broad chest.

I love that he holds my hand all of the time, even when we're sleeping.

I love that he tickles me when we're watching a movie and my head's in his lap, his hand resting on that curved bit of my hip.

I love that he has to stoop down to kiss me, like a bear trying to kiss a mouse.

Oh. oops. This was supposed to be about men in general? Well, I also love that he's so much man that all others are eclipsed by his awesomeness. Wink



Fitness The Lonely Rowing Machine Dec 10 2007
13:45 (UTC)
Weight Loss Anyone lost weight with swimming? Dec 10 2007
02:30 (UTC)

heck yes! Not only will you lose weight, but you'll get nice and tooned if you keep it up. Swimming does wonders for the body!

Health & Support Warning: Boob question! Dec 10 2007
02:26 (UTC)

That happens to me sometimes and I'm never sure why. They get HUGE, too, which my bf really likes. :)

But they're really painful, so I don't like it much. It's always temporary, it's always right before my period, so I just strap on two sports bras before I go running, take some advil pm at night, and try to get through it. I wish I knew why it happens, too. I'd be interested if anyone knows...

oh. And I'm not growing anymore in that area, I don't think. I'm 31 and have been a C cup since high school (except for a small period as an undergrad when I gained a bunch of weight and ballooned to a DD...yikes!).

Motivation Pictures: 158 pounds lost Dec 09 2007
18:11 (UTC)

If they wern't being used by my mom, I would cut them and make a skirt out of the legs. I actually shimmied my body down a leg.  


Hahahaha! Omigosh!!! That's amazing! You look absolutely fabulous!

Good job! WOW!!!

Fitness The Lonely Rowing Machine Dec 09 2007
16:26 (UTC)
Hey figurethefat. We have almost the same stats! I'm adding you as a friend, if you don't mind! 
Weight Loss What to do about stubborn belly fat??? Dec 09 2007
16:12 (UTC)

I've found that the rowing machine is doing wonders for my abs and core. Now, mind you, this is on top of running about 20-25 miles per week. But my belly has always had what a call the "sauce", since all the alcohol I consume seems to hang out around my gut. I don't have a big belly, just a nice layer of jiggle covering what I hope is a fantastic but hidden six-pack.

Now that I've started in on the rowing machine, I think the flab is disappearing.

The only other time it looked this good, is when I was rigorous about doing yoga and pilates 4 times a week.

Fitness Does anyone know how to get rid of back flab? Dec 09 2007
15:42 (UTC)

 Cardio, cardio, cardio! 

I've found that it's really hard to target one area in partiular. Rather, upping your cardio will help you tone up and lean down all over. Running is the ultimate work out, of course. But you should ease yourself into it slowly. Also, many people don't like it. But it is excellent for the arms and back. Walking quickly is a good alternative, as well as the elliptical machine or jump rope (or swimming!). Just make sure that whatever you are doing, cardio-wise, that you are moving your arms a lot. You will find that the back fat will disappear, along with a general trimming-down of yoru entire body.

Health & Support Be honest... Dec 09 2007
15:30 (UTC)
Yeah. I agree with minie 13. The first thing I saw was your rib bones. And everything else is kind of covered, so it's hard to see. In any case, by your stats listed in your profile, you are 5'4 and 99lbs. That's quite underwieght by the tools here.
Fitness The Lonely Rowing Machine Dec 09 2007
15:25 (UTC)

anyone else?

The Lounge Good looking? Dec 09 2007
05:09 (UTC)
pretty hot, but I'm a sucker for tats...:)
Fitness The Lonely Rowing Machine Dec 08 2007
22:03 (UTC)

Thanks, huckingfell69!

I've tried to see what level it is on, but the display screen is so old and permanently dusted over, that it's hard enough just to see the time (I usually just look at the clock on the wall). I think the machine is so old, the the dials (all three of them) don't even work any more. So I just row and can see some faded numbers that I think are the minutes and seconds. There's a big fan that you churn when you are rowing, which adds some resistance. But I just think the machine is too beat up to give me any clear level options. Oh well. Maybe if I use it enough, the people at the gym will think about getting a new one.

 And. yeah, I use my legs quite a bit. I'm afraid my arms just aren't very strong yet. I'll keep at it though. I would love to go for an hour straight. And I try to sit up straight--I think that might be why it's working my abs and core area so much. It's so great! I love it!

Fitness The Lonely Rowing Machine Dec 08 2007
19:30 (UTC)
The Lounge Happy Birthday ME! Dec 08 2007
18:51 (UTC)

Happy Birthday!!!

COngrats on the run! You must feel fantastic!

The Lounge Christmas present for bf? Dec 05 2007
01:58 (UTC)

Make him cookies! It's personal and sweet but not too serious. That's what I did for my sweetie our first holidays together. We're now going on 3 years. :)

This year, he's getting a Playstation 3!

Because he's been naughty and nice. Hubba hubba.

The Lounge Charisma - What do you think are the keys ways to develop it? Nov 30 2007
18:15 (UTC)

The last time I had charisma it was awarded to me only after I rolled a 10-sided die. I was a half-succubus magic user who wore (go-go) boots of speed and donned a super cute bag of holding.  

Seriously, though. D&D players don't have charisma.