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The Lounge The Fart Tax: Methods of Attribution. Aug 18 2009
00:25 (UTC)

As history clearly dictates, there should be an ammendment to your aforementioned clause--in direct opposition to it actually--maintaining: "Whoever denied it, supplied it."

Herewith, I move for quick dissmissal of the smelt-it-dealt-it clause, on grounds of its flatulent untruth.

The Lounge Fat Tax and Banning Obese Employees Aug 18 2009
00:15 (UTC)
Original Post by smwhipple:

BMI is frequently incorrect, particularly at the higher end of the scale.  My doctor tells me that I'm healthy, my BMI says that I'm slightly overweight.

My guess--and this is just a guess, since the doctor doesn't address the practicle difficulties of implementing his program on hiring bans--is that it is not the borderline cases he is worried about. It is the clearly obese, and not some vague middling ground, or even being just slightly overweight, but clear obesity.

And this is as clear as the difference bewteen being a smoker and non-smkoker, right? I mean, if I smoke one cigarette a week am I a smoker? I don't know. Probably not. What about two cigarettes a week? Again, I don't know. There are certainly borderline cases, and it may not even be clear when the borderline cases end and the non-borderline cases begin. But when you get to like a pack or two a day, now you're a clear case of being a smoker. I think the surgeon might say (agains, speculating) that having a certain BMI is like that--there are clear cases when it matters to your health--over 35, for example.

The Lounge Fat Tax and Banning Obese Employees Aug 18 2009
00:09 (UTC)
Original Post by trikki:

 You can absolutely argue whether or not this issue is morally right/wrong in your own opinion, but it absolutely IS discrimination. It may not be discrimination as our current law defines it (i.e. based on age, sex, race, creed etc.), but it is most definitely discrimination.

Fair enough, trikki. But I didn't say it wasn't discrimination. I just said it wasn't discrimination based on looks. There's a difference.

And to be clear: I'm not on this guys side. I just was curious as to what was wrong with his suggestion, since it struck me as so extreme. But then how is it any different than bans on smoking and helmet laws? The answer doesn't seem obvious to me...


The Lounge Fat Tax and Banning Obese Employees Aug 18 2009
00:04 (UTC)
Original Post by jackattack07:

"And so it isn't discrimination based on looks or aesthetics."

Yes, it is. How can you tell when someone is fat?

You look at them. Is he really going to put every employee or interviewee on a scale regularly? Doubt it.

Oh, sorry. I thought I included it in the description. He wants to do it based on BMI, which is something he thinks (and others do, too) that is objectively measurable, and not based on appearances.

And yeah, I think he intends to get that checked on regularly. I don't know.

But surely the 'difficulty' of getting people's BMI wouldn't be the only reason to object to his policy, right?

The Lounge Fat Tax and Banning Obese Employees Aug 17 2009
23:46 (UTC)
Original Post by ignayshus:

Personally I'd prefer to see a fart tax and a banning of flatulent employees.

Hahaha! Then we'd either all get fired or else explode!

The Lounge Fat Tax and Banning Obese Employees Aug 17 2009
23:45 (UTC)

jackattack07: that may be. And it may be that my uncle who is 98, and has been smoking a pack a day since he was 12, has healthier lungs than me, a runner. I think the point is not to say that all people who are obese are unhealthy--just like not all people who smoke will get lung cancer (there are outliers of any group who defy the statistics).

The point, I think, was that because there is a general correlation between being obese and health problems, that this guys hospital needs to set an example, just as they do by not hiring smokers.

And so it isn't discrimination based on looks or aesthetics. The guy didn't say he wanted to ban obese people because he hated looking at them. Rather, it was policy to make people be healthier, by trimming down or else...

Now, I don't mean to endorse his suggestions. I don't know what I think about all of this--it all seems pretty drastic to me, and that's why I was asking. But I do think that if his views are wrong, we should at least be careful to state his view correctly.

So, in the interest of being careful, he was not (i) discriminating people based on looks, nor (ii) was he saying that every obese person has corresponding health problems--just that most of them do or will, (as backed up by plenty of studies).

The Lounge Fat Tax and Banning Obese Employees Aug 17 2009
23:17 (UTC)
Original Post by cptbunny:

Fat people need jobs too, everyone has bills regardless of their weight. Why not target underweight people too? They're just as unhealthy (if not more in some cases) than obese people.

 Given the sugeon's attitude, cptbunny, I think he would be fine with banning severly underweight people as well. It just so happens that in his profession, that's not much of a problem as people being overweight. But so if he did that, would it then be OK?

Foods How much alcohol do you drink a week? Aug 17 2009
23:12 (UTC)

I have a couple of glasses of wine every night.

Sometimes, if I'm feeling too out of control, I'll go on a hiatus. But that doesn't usually last very long.

I love curling up with a good book, and my cat, and drinking a glass (or two) of wine. It's one of the finer pleasures in life.

I also love sharing a bottle with friends and talking for hours. Sometimes until the sun comes up.

I don't know. It's just part of my lifestyle, and one I won't give up, nor do I see why anyone should. I run a lot. I eat healthy. I don't smoke (anymore). And I get my work done. I enjoy drinking at the end of the day. And if you'll join me, even better!

Health & Support Trader Joe's Complete Body Cleanse Aug 03 2009
16:56 (UTC)

Awesome, thanks! Anyone else?

Motivation Go to the gym, you slacker!!! Stop reading the flippin forums! Aug 01 2009
17:44 (UTC)

I went as soon as I posted this, and I'm going right now after reading it again today!

Fitness Marathon training really sucks!!! Jul 29 2009
18:11 (UTC)

I always have a hard time doing long runs if I'm by myself. The trick is to get some running partners, and then the time flies. If you don't have someone running as long as you, you can split your run up and have one friend run part of it with you, and have another meet you for another part, etc. I had to do that one year, since my marathon training buddy moved. I enlisted a bunch of short-distance folks to meet me part-way through my long runs. It really helps!


Also, I just want to pipe in and say that I ran the marine corps marathon last year and it was one of my favorites. It is a fantastic time of year (weather-wise) and everyone is so friendly and there are people along the whole thing. Plus it's really inspiring to be running all over the nation's capitol (and I'm not even a susker for blind patiotism or cheesey sentiment). And I walked a lot of it since my training didn't go as well as planned--keep in mind that walking part of a marathon is totally fine and lots of people do it. You will still have a great time even if you walk.

I highly recommend the Marine Corps Marathon--if not this year, then sometime--it is quite a thrilling experience, even if you can't imagine it during the tougher parts of your training.

Best of luck!! I really hope you hang in there. And get a running buddy (or two)!!!

Foods Whatcha gonna have for breakfast today? Jun 14 2009
18:49 (UTC)

I had a bowl of raspberries, a peach, and two cups of coffee. Then I had me a Sunday, post-breakfast nap with my kitten.

Motivation Where do you find your will power? Jun 14 2009
12:05 (UTC)

For me, it's all about distraction. Have you ever seen the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan? Well, every time he's around a dog that is obsessed about something--barking a  lot, attacking something, etc., Cesar pokes the dog in the side and makes this 'pssst!' sound.  The dog usually gets distracted and forgets what he was obsessing over and calms the eff down.

I feel I'm a lot like that, and that I need a (metaphorical) Cesar around. So when I find myself overwhelmed with cravings I can't kick, or turning unconrollably towards bad food choices and non-exercise when I've had a bad day, I try to find something that will be like a mental poke in my side: pssst!

Thinking about my bills and money (for me) does it. Listening to NPR (strangely) does it. Doing a sudoku puzzle. Calling a friend who I can gossip with. Writing in my journal. Logging on here and reading the forums, etc. These are all pretty silly things, and they may not work for you. But I just wanted to point out that distractions are key for me. Maybe they will work for you, too?

Motivation Does anyone else struggle when they're tired? Jun 14 2009
11:50 (UTC)

Absolutely. This last spring semester for me was a doozy. School was crazy busy.

However, the BEST thing you can do when you're fatigued is to get your tush to the gym or out for a walk. It can be really difficult, but I always have to expend energy to get back energy. I don't mean go crazy or anything. But committing to some cardio for 30 minutes most days of the week really will make you feel better.

When I find I can't get myself motivated (which is often, especially when I'm swamped with other stuff to do), I set up a work-out schedule with a buddy. That way, both of you hold each other accountable. Also, it's much easier to conjure up motivation when there's two of you, and usually you get to gab away to each other while working out so the workout time acts as helpful therapy as well. I don't think I would ever get by without my running girlfriend. In fact, when she's out of town, my discipline plummets.

So is there someone you could workout with, and vent about all of your stresses? It might help. And hey, best of luck and congrats on the wedding!

Weight Loss Hydroxycut-Are the meal plans realistic? Jun 14 2009
05:19 (UTC)

It seems like one would shed pounds just by following the meal plan. Do the Hydroxycut pills even do anything?

My friend and I were looking at these pills they have that supposedly get rid of hangovers, called 'Chasers' or something like that. I thought no way in hell do they have a pill that gets rid of hangovers! Wouldn't this be all the rage if it actually worked? Well, it turns out that the directions require you to take a pill with a big glass of water before you start drinking, then take one or two in between your alcoholic drinks, each time drinking a big glass of water with the pills. Well hell. If you just drink that much water throughout a night of drinking without taking the pill you won't be hungover. The pill itself doesn't seemingly do anything at all.

I'm suspicious that hydroxycut is the same way, given the suggested meal-plan you outlined above.

I don't know for sure, obviously. It's just my general suspician of OTC pills that claim to shed pounds or relieve hangovers, etc., expecially given that the directions include already known methods of shedding pounds and relieving hangovers.  

Motivation Victory is mine! [Post your successes] Jun 14 2009
02:55 (UTC)

Congrats on all the successes everyone!

Mine are:

(1) I'm finally a DOCTOR!!!

(Although not the kind that can save people, or the kind you'd want on a plane during a crisis or anything useful to anyone really.)

(2) I also ran 5 miles today in 90 degree weather instead of chilling on a patio and drinking beers with my friends. I joined them after the run.

Actually, now that I think about it, resisting beer and making myself run in the hot humid yuck today was almost as difficult as getting through grad school. Go me!

Motivation Here's to the underappreciated, UNnaturally thin Jun 13 2009
23:10 (UTC)
Original Post by mommakitty:

I now pronounce you "Queen" of nothing important to me.

Whoa. Did you mean to type that?

Motivation You do not know what it's like to be obese: Follow-up to rant. Jun 13 2009
23:00 (UTC)
Original Post by helionix:

Everyone loves a good argument. But in civilized debate, ranters (hehe) should stick to the topic at hand. The OP has already apologized for her offense and has already acknowledged that not all skinny people act this way. Flaming her for past offenses over and over is redundant.

I say this not because I support the OP's argument, but because I feel sorry for her. We can all attempt to be kind, regardless of the point we're trying to make. Many of the comments here are pointlessly cruel.

Fair enough. I just wanted to point out that people have a right to get all up in arms about something if they want, especially in response to a rant (which, by definition, just is to get all up in arms about something).

But you're right. Pointlessly cruel comments are just that--pointlessly cruel.

Fitness How many hours per week do you workout? Jun 13 2009
22:52 (UTC)

I agree with jturnerx and everyone else: an hour a day hardly seems addictive.That sounds like the makings of a pretty healthy, realistic, and completely doable lifestyle.

Also, I guess it depends what people are counting as exercise. You mean however long I actually spend in gym clothes, sweating it out at the gym or pounding the pavement? Cario only? Does lifting and stretching count? Does walking or biking to school or work? Walking up stairs? Chasing kids around? Doing the dishes? Sex?

I'd say a better indication would be your state of mind if you skip a day or two of working out. Do you feel anxious? Do you start feeling unhinged? Most addicts can't live without the thing that they're addicted to, or it's a struggle to go without it, whatever they are addicted to--cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, etc. So I would think being addicted to exercise is no different. I would think that real exercise addicts have a certain obsessive frame of mind that is separable from how many hours they log at the gym.

EDIT: Oh, and for the record, if you're just counting my sweating-in-gym-clothes time, I exercise about 6-8 hours a week.

Motivation You do not know what it's like to be obese: Follow-up to rant. Jun 13 2009
21:41 (UTC)

If everyone can say what they want about anything they want so long as they are RANTING, then I suppose those who rant in response a particular rant are as free to rant as the original rantee. 

Being lenient about rants cuts both ways, right?


For the record, I love reading topics where people disagree, even if (maybe especially if?) each side is emotionally charged. That's how we learn about perspectives different from our own. It's awesome.