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Weight Loss Dick move or is it just me? Apr 10 2015
01:04 (UTC)

Your boss's boss pretty much explains it. Not all bosses are dicks, but they sure can get away with more power tripping and all. Anyone else, I would have picked it up and shoved it in her face and said "you smell it you douche!"

I know what you mean about cakes at work, and people can be like "go on..go on"despite you saying no over and over, cos they want you to feel as bad as they do eating Go you. Keep up the good work!:)


Weight Loss Aspartame Mar 14 2015
07:50 (UTC)

Woah...back the truck up!  Just sharing my personal story (it's called an opinion and we are all entitled to them) regarding how diet soda worked in helping my weight loss. It is what the poster asked for. I never suggested the stuff was that good for me, but as scraper has mentioned, I am yet to be convinced it does much harm either. What the heck did I do to deserve that 'negative nancy' quick witted sarcastic reply? Rather incorrect there about it being the main reason for my weight loss. Healthier eating, less processed refined carbs and less calories ultimately did that. Diet soda was simply an aid...used in moderation. I don't live on it. Sorry I'm obviously not perfect, but I'm pretty sure I never said I was, nor is anyone for that matter. Oh wait...what's that... you like pizza and icecream?! 

BTW. Proper spelling is hear hear ;)

Weight Loss To apple shaped women Mar 13 2015
02:10 (UTC)

1. 6.5 but my abdomen is the same size as my hips as I have a big pooch (part post babies, part weak core, part apple-shaped suckiness!)

2. I prefer low wearing jeans (high or mid sec ones will never fit right), tights/jeggings, trackies and short shorts/skirts to show of my slim legs and small hips/butt. As far as tops go, baby doll styles are a total no no, but tops that cling more to show off the boobies (36D)and then flow out over the midsection work well as do fitted t-shirts an extra size up from usual size to hide the belly. A new solution I've found lately is to wear two tops. One tight and fitted to flatten the tummy some and then a top over it that is looser. Also looks great with the two toned colours! 

Weight Loss Aspartame Mar 13 2015
01:53 (UTC)

Diet coke (zero) and cigarettes helped me lose 40 pounds plus after my daughter 6 years ago.

This time I have chosen to be rid of the cigarettes. Think they are worse for me then the aspartame eh? Problem is NOT smoking makes you want to eat more, so I do not think I could do it without the diet coke. I hardly eat anything else sugary, very occasional chocolate eater. So here is some anecdotal evidence that diet coke can help with losing weight.

Weight Loss Want to lose fifteen pounds? Mar 13 2015
00:43 (UTC)

I'm in also.  Aiming for around 10-15 pounds all up, but looking more to lose the mummy tummy, which I know I will lose last (apple shaped!).

CW: not sure, need to weigh in. Guessing around 145-146

GW: 130-135 (or 2.5 inches off waist)!


Good Luck yáll :)


Weight Loss 5'7'' and 140 lbs with goal of 120 lbs - anybody with similar height/weight/goal? Dec 16 2009
06:29 (UTC)

I'm 5'7 and 121 pounds. I have never felt better about the way I look! I still have slight love handles and I don't have major jutting bones or anything, so I don't think I look too thin at this weight, or like a middle schooler as someone cruelly commented. In fact, as someone else with an apple shape like myself mentioned, it is only by getting to this low a weight that I finally have more of an hourglass/womanly shape - my hips and waist are nearly 9 inches apart...yahhhh! I also feel like my legs are finally in proportion with the rest of me as no matter how big I got, my legs always stayed slim. Now I have smaller hips and and almost flat stomach (despite having a baby 2 years ago) so I am loving the new me! 

My only problem now is that because I haven't done any exercise while losing this weight, I could stand to put some muscle on. I did lose the weight slowly, but perhaps I am this low a weight because I lost a fair amount of muscle along the way? In the end, I honesty don't care if I end up weighing anywhere between 120 and 135 (bearing in mind I have a small apple shaped frame), I am going by how I look and feel.

IMHO I think it depends on a few variables whether it is a healthy and realistic goal to be at the lower end of the BMI for your height, such as: frame size, body shape, muscle vs fat percentage, where your weight is distributed; e.g noone could say I was healthy at a respectable mid range BMI when I was 140 because my waist to hip ratio was higher than what is regarded as healthy. Personally, and many experts agree...I think this measure coupled with body fat % is a far more accurate measure of what weight you should be then BMI.

Weight Loss Easier to lose w/o exercise? Dec 12 2009
00:30 (UTC)

Ummm...not sure how you can say it will only be temporary if you lose by diet alone cellophane? You can exercise to your hearts content, but if you don't make "lifestyle changes" to your will fail to lose, or ultimately gain it back. I believe food to be 75 to 90% of the struggle as studies suggest in losing weight. I never lost as much weight when I went to the gym as well. I did however, look better at a higher weight and obviously was less tired and a lot fitter. 

Granted, you do need to eat less to lose or to maintain your weight if you aren't exercising and it doesn't work for everyone. Fortunately...I've never been into eating lots of food anyway...I hate that full as feeling it gives you, so I'm sure I can manage maintaining (2 months gone now!) without the exercise. Also, as others mentioned, exercise - particularly cardio makes you hungry and that combined with the idea that you can eat more because you have just done a big work out, can lead to you overestimating your cal intake.

However...exercise is better for having a more toned, tighter shape, body strength, your health and it increases your odds of living a longer life.

In the end, you can't say which is more important if you are talking about health, but if you are just refering to weight can definately lose as much weight as you want without any just won't look as "hot" without the exercise lol.

Edited to say...I eat humble pie on saying it would NOT be just temporary weight loss if you counted calories alone.  It seems studies say that while you can lose weight by diet alone, you cannot maintain weight loss without exercise as you will continue to lose muscle and water and gradually slow your metabolism down. There appears to be a small percentage (varies btw 5-25% depending on how long they have been maintaining) who do not gain some weight back, but it appears that the majority stand to gain some of the weight they have lost back in the first year.

The amount of exercise you need to do has not been well enough researched yet, but it seems to depend on how much weight you have lost in the first place (i.e. your weight loss %). Studies suggest, the more weight lost, the more exercise to maintain. I'm not sure if any of these studies took into account how long it took you to lose all your weight however (no time to read further on this I'm afraid) - as I'm sure this matters a great deal. Of the studies done, it appears you can maintain your weight loss by doing as little as 20 mins moderate exercise a day, with some studies suggesting as much as 80 mins moderate exercise a day/or 35 mins of vigorous exercise. Now...I am no couch potatoe...I am up and down all day and take plenty of walks with my baby girl (especially around the shopping malls lol) so I don't think I am too bad in this department, but I could definately afford to get my A into G and do more if I want to keep this weight off it appears...arghhh!

Weight Loss Stats Graph: height vs. pant size vs. weight Dec 10 2009
21:00 (UTC)

Hmmmm such a shame...all this information and no statistical analysis done that I can see! I would love to do my own, but don't even have Word Excel or a suitable stats programme to do so.

After reading lots of similar posts, I suspect hip and waist size (although obviously these would be related to weight if you carry a lot of fat in these areas) have a lot more to do with sizing and can explain all the discrepancies between people being the same height and weight, yet different sizes, or in some cases people of the same height at different weights with the person higher in weight being a smaller size!!! Crazy...but more than just one factor going on - height, weight, body frame, waist, hip measure, sometimes thigh measurement. Also, someone can obviously be smaller at a higher weight then someone of the same height if they have more muscle mass and a lower body fat %.

My stats btw:

5'7 122

Size: 8-10 (9) NZ so a 4-6 (more a 5 I would think) US

Hips: 35.3 Waist: 26.5 Thigh: 20

Weight Loss women's ideal measurements? Dec 10 2009
03:51 (UTC)

36-26.5-35.25 are the ideal measurements....cos that's what I am lol! Smile

Ain't nothing gonna change that unless I get some bones removed or widened, so I might as well accept and love it! And I choose to do just that. Life is far too short to get strung up on perfect numbers and sizes. We are only mere humans...perfection is an does not exist. Why?...because we would never all agree on what was perfect anyway! Our differences make us unique and therefore special to others. What a boring world if we all looked the same or even wanted to look the same. Embrace the way you are meant to look. You have to be realistic...change what you can....accept what you can't.

As they saying goes "

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Weight Loss If a calorie is a calorie... Dec 06 2009
04:16 (UTC)

Based on my research, I believe a calorie is a calorie.

However...when it comes to carbs, this is what studies suggest:

Fact: High carb diets are responsible for a lot of people being overweight. Not to mention high carb diets tend to go hand in hand with high fat diets (i.e fast food, yummy cakes and baked goodies) which are also responsible for people being overweight. Why? Well because these foods are yummyyyy of course. But from what I can tell, there are two main reasons why carbs in particular make you gain weight:

1. There are numerous studies that suggest eating a diet high in carbs leads you to crave even more high carb food. In other words, carbs are addictive! I can definately relate to this from my own previous eating habits. I mean I soooo love my carbs - bread, bread, more bread, pizza and more bread - yes please!. For example; how many of us can actually say we can stop at once slice of pizza when that is actually the recommended serving size on most frozen pizza boxes?

2. Foods laden with carbs simply tend to be higher in calories. So higher calories (add to this an extra serving or so) will quickly add up to excess calories, which in turn equals fat/weight gain.

In my case, lowering my carbs was definately what I needed to do to lose weight and improve my diet. However, I now know heavily restricting any one food group is not the way to go, both in terms of your nutritional health needs and your chances of successfully losing weight and keeping it off indefinately! I apologise in advance...but I can't resist using that ole annoying cliche..."Everything in moderation....including moderation!"

I do however, very much blame coke and alcohol for giving me love handles...dang it! So I do wonder whether there is any truth to high insulin being responsible for increased fat storage. I'm not convinced yet though, as it seems neither are scientists:-

"Proponents of low-carb diets believe that when you eat too many carbs, insulin becomes less effective at carrying sugar to the cells which results in more sugar being stored as fat.

Scientists aren't sure if this is true and some researchers believe that this insulin insensitivity is only true for people who eat too many calories in the first place".

You can check this out on arb.htm

Love or hate low carb diets, we can definately all benefit by eating healthier complex carbs (i.e. wholegrain vs white breads/pasta/rice) and cutting back (moderating) all the sugar laden, heavily processed/refined ones.

Said my piece!Smile

Weight Loss I Can't Lose 4 lbs, Ideas Please! Dec 04 2009
22:29 (UTC)
Original Post by bnjionrek:

This is 2nd hand so you might want to search for other forums on the same topic & read the 1st hand accounts. This is one I found-> "Yet Another one of these....Eating more does help you lose weight!!" They suggest that you slightly increase your caloric intake when you hit a plateau. I've heard this before as well. Not sure why it works but it appears it does. It's worth a shot. Good luck. Laughing

 Weird....but so true. It worked for me! I hit a plateau that lasted a couple of months. I started eating more and instantly started losing again. In fact, I continued to lose another 18 pounds at 1 pound a week to reach my current goal weight. In my case I ate an extra 200 cals a day. I think it had to do with putting myself as lightly active (burn around 1800) in the CC calculations when I may of been more active then I realised. I lost weight most efficiently around 1500-1600 then 1200-1400, so I think my burn is more like 2000 (which I have been maintaining my weight on going on 2 months now)Smile

Adding the exercise you do to the CC calculations would only give a very relative estimate at best. I would think that given all the running you are doing, you may burn more (as you would be constantly burning) than even these calculators could estimate, so yeah try upping your cals a bit, maybe they are too low now. Or as another poster suggested, lay off all that running. I know running gets addictive lol!

Weight Loss I DID IT!!!!!! 50 lbs are GONE!!!!!!! Happy! Happy! Happy! Dec 04 2009
21:37 (UTC)

Congratulations! What an awesome achievement. You must be so proud, way to go! Smile

Weight Loss Waist size Dec 04 2009
10:47 (UTC)

First off, as you didn't state your age or how tall you are, I'm not sure how realistic or healthy your weight loss goals are.

Having no idea about what your diet plan consists of, I don't know if you are aiming for the right amount of calories, or if you are cutting too many foods out (just because they aren't as healthy) unnecessarily. When I started losing weight, I found baby steps the best way to go, so as not to shock the heck outta what my body was use to being given, rather than a complete drastic 360.

Also "cheating" which to me isn't cheating, but the occassional "endulgment" is absolutely freaking necessary. If you don't do it, you will just crave the foods you are missing more and end up binging...hard. Sounds like this is what may be happening with you. I would allow yourself some room to endulge when you need to, but just watch your "portion sizing" when you do (i.e. a square or two of chocolate rather than the whole bar). 

Also, ditto with what GI Jane mentioned. Make sure you aren't undereating as this will make overeating and craving the not so good food even worse! Personally, I go by the eating 80% good food/20% bad food rule and this stops me overeating too much of the bad!

Re: Waist size. I'm 5'7 and at 135 pounds I had a waist size of 30". I thought it would be impossible to get my waist size down below 28" as I have quite a broad rib cage and could recall my waist being 28"at 128 pounds when I was about 15-16. However, I was plesantly surprised to find my waist size drop to 27.5" at 125 pounds and then a whole inch less to 26.5" at 122 pounds (now maintaining).

Given that you are already at 30" at 138-140 (mine was closer to 31") you may find you reach this goal at a higher weight then I did. It depends on what type of body frame you have I guess. I'm an apple, so I have smaller hips, legs and butt with a wider midsection. Hour glass types and pears tend to have the smaller dinky lil inch waist lines from what I can gather.

Best of luck!

Weight Loss Hit a plateau How to get over it? Dec 04 2009
04:24 (UTC)

Your calories are definately too low! If you are increasing your exercise to break a plateau, you shouldn't drop your calories as well! One or the other, definately not both, this is counterproductive!

I don't know your age, but keying in your height and current weight based on a 25 yr old female, you would burn around 2390 cals a day for a moderate activity level. You might even be more on the highly active and burn even more.

I would not lower your deficit more than 600-700 below this or your muscle and tissue will suffer. I would aim for around 1790 cals on average (500 below burn) if I were you. As another poster mentioned, easy ways to increase your calories by consuming very little include things like nuts, milk, orange juice, sauces

Please trust me. I have been here. I hit a major plateau for a couple of months and it wasn't until I ate more...yes MORE! (out of giving in for awhile rather than knowing it would work) that I steadily started to lose again. Don't burn yourself out with all that exercise either thinking that "if I just exercise more I can break this plateau". Exercise is all good, but if you are not eating enough you could make yourself very ill and could be counterintuitive for building muscle as your body will resort to pilfering from these precise areas if you under feed it! Eat more, eat more!

Weight Loss newbie some one help Dec 04 2009
04:02 (UTC)

Yeah if you have calculated your deficit correctly, then I would pretty much trust it give or take a few pounds. I have no idea how many weeks there are until March 1st - if it is 13 as the last poster suggested then this may be too ambitious... although depends on how tall and how active you are aswell. If you are on the shorter side then this may be correct as you may have more to lose, otherwise 147 is hardly a high weight to start with for anyone above 5"5 and realistically you should not expect to lose more than 1 pound a week.

Personally, I would go by the 1 pound a week rule rather than the deadline rule if I were you, as it is healthier and the weight is harder to gain back. More importantly, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment getting hung up on a particularly date. I tended to meet most of my deadlines shy of a few extra pounds - not a biggie really!

It took me awhile, but in the end, I was simply happy in the knowledge that I was consistently losing (or if I wasn't losing at least I wasn't gaining!) rather than how long it would take me to get there.

Weight Loss Losing weight without trying? Dec 03 2009
05:14 (UTC)

First of all, congrats on your weight loss!

I have two concerns 1. Your health. You say you are eating crap. Obviously it goes without saying that you should aim to eat a healthier, more nutritionally balanced diet MOST of the time. Personally, I can eat a fair amount of crap too lol, but I try to live by the 80-20 rule....eating healthier 80% of the time, and crap 20% of the time. Sometimes I'm sure this is more like 70-30 lol, but I am at least conscious enough to refuse junk food when i think I've been eating to much of it. I can't blame you for the not wanting to go walking in the cold...I loatheee cold weather! Maybe find some other form of exercise where u can stay warm...a treadmill/crosstraining machine? You could hire one if it's just for the winter. I can't talk on this front though, I just do endless housework and chase after a toddler all day and count that as exercise!

2. How much and how quickly are you losing? If its between 1-2 pounds a week then you are probably okay to carry on "winging it" or eating more intuitively being the better way. If you are losing faster than this, I would air on the side of caution in terms of how many calories you are consuming. If you are eating too little, you may slow your metabolism and reach a plateau where you stop losing consistently.

I know that during my weight loss (I've lost 42 pounds in total) there was a point where I lost quite a bit of weight over a couple of months, but then hit a plateau that lasted just as long. It wasn't until I ate more - out of giving in for awhile rather than consciously knowing - that the weight started falling steadily off again. I was eating around 1200-1300, then I increased to 1500-1600 and found that this was the best deficit area for my body to burn and lose fat.

So, my advice would be to just make sure you are consuming enough and eating healthier - at least MOST of the time. 

Weight Loss Not losing fat around waist Dec 03 2009
04:38 (UTC)

Sounds like you're an apple like me. i'm 5'7 and I had the same problem. While my arms, legs etc looked a lot thinner in the 140s, I still had a protruding pot stomach that I hated with a passion. It wasn't until I got down to the low 130s  (about 132 I think) that my stomach literally disappeared over night. No joke...

I was seriously starting to freak out about it ...thinking "how riduculous, I will need to look like a skeleton at this rate for my stomach to go" but it was a loss of about 2-3 pounds over a couple of weeks where I swear I saw my stomach almost completely vanish....poof! Was great! Bear in mind, I did have a "big" baby 2 years ago, so I had quite a tummy to lose, so you might actually see results faster, moreover I have done virtually nada in terms of exercise.

I suppose it depends how low in weight you want to go, but if you keep losing it will keep decreasing and go; with or without exercise. As someone else mentioned, you are losing fat everywhere, it just takes longer to notice in the areas where most of the fat concentrates (i.e. midsection for us apples, hips and bum for pears).

If you don't want to get too skinny/low in weight, strength training is key - build muscle/lose fat. That's my next goal now after working on maintaining my current weight. I could actually stand to gain about 5 pounds... so long as it is all muscle I won't be complaining!

Motivation Where are you from? Nov 15 2009
05:26 (UTC)

Bottom of the world here! New Zealand/Aotearoa! V Proud to be a kiwi!

Motivation Kim Kardashian wins best costume for halloween 2009 Nov 13 2009
02:55 (UTC)

While beauty is somewhat subjective, you would be fooling yourself if you argued Kim's body was not hot! She's proportional, curvy and toned. The fake boobs however, may not be to everyone's personal taste...this I concur with. However, how she attained her hot bod, her character and her choice of clothing have absolutely no relevance on whether she "looks" hot or not,...come on! Talk about b*&^%'ing for b*&^%'ing sake!

That said, she is not what I would personally strive to look like. Reason....she's a pear, I'm more of an apple. If I were a pear... then yes she would be along the lines of how I would want to look....because it would be attainable - whether through lipo or plain ole fashion hard work. So, to the OP...if you're a pear...go for it...awesome motivation!

Seeing as I'm an apple...this look would be totally unattainable for me, and a pointless one to go for. Lucky for me I prefer the smaller booty/hips, slightly thicker waist (WHR .75 suits me fine, I could never be .7 without being very unhealthy) and larger chest that comes with being a hot apple! At the same time, I appreciate and admire other body shapes too!

It's about "working with what you got" and improving it. Stuff this jealousy C&%$ you get from women who can't accept the shape they have and b&^%$ on all the other shapes like there is one "right" shape to be. Have an honest look around (celebrities, hot people you know etc) and you will realise it doesn't matter whether they are a fruit, a shape, or an eggtimer - all shapes rock! What a pretty boring world full of bodies if we were all just one shape/height/frame size! 


Weight Loss No weight loss Nov 05 2009
05:57 (UTC)


You say you lost 5lbs the first week, and then 1lb the next and the third week nothing.

This sounds like your deficit is working to me. 6lbs in three weeks is awesome! Congrats!

Remember you should average this weight loss out, which to me reads 2lbs a week. If you had a lot of weight to lose you might be able to aim for 3-4lbs a week, but at a healthy BMI 1-2lbs, more likely a 1lb loss a week is typical, not to mention healthier.

 If anything I would agree with others in saying that you might not be eating enough, but if you eat around 1200 during the week to make up for Shabbat, maybe you are on track. The important thing to do here is to add all your calories up for the week and then divide by 7 days....if the average is on track with your maintanance cals minus around 500 calories you are eating enough.  Eating less calories one day and more the other (a technique known as zigzagging) can actually work great in avoiding or breaking  plateaus etc, so no harm there. Just avoid going under 1200 where possible as 1200 is the recommended minimum for keeping all your organs healthy and functioning well.

Best of luck!