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The Lounge my house Nov 18 2010
18:20 (UTC)

I get freaked out very easily.  Especially since I am often home alone with the baby at night.  If I thought I heard someone walking up my stairs (especially on a regular basis)  I would have that house sold so fast, the ghostie wouldn't know what hit em.  If I believe in good spirits (ie angels) then I certainly have to believe in bad spirits as well.   I don't know if some spirit walking my house making noise would be considered good or bad....but I think I'd like to stay away from it regardless.

Yes...I'm afraidy-cat.

The Lounge Do you trust your dog... Nov 18 2010
05:29 (UTC)

no and no.  Not alone, anyway.

My German shepherd is very friendly, always submissive, is not food aggressive or toy aggressive at all.  However, she is big and likes to play.  She sometimes does not know her own strength.  And kids (especially the age that my son is entering) like to grab and pull.  So my dog is always supervised when she is around my son.  I've heard enough stories from people to know that even the sweetest dog can end up biting or mauling, whether it was intentional or not.  If I'm going to be out of the room for more than a minute, I just call my dog and have her follow ME around the house instead of leaving her with my child.  OR I kennel her.

The Lounge Stupidity a Virtue in America Nov 17 2010
18:16 (UTC)
Original Post by phoebe_luvs_smallville:

It's not the same thing as what bork believes in, but on a similar note, I believe in Animal Rights. I've read about the Animal Liberation Front and although I can empathize with them wanting to free the animals and stop the horrible torture that these lab animals go through, I cannot condone how they set labs on fire because they could harm a person. I often post about my Vegetarianism and how I try to choose products that are not animal tested. I'm not perfect, though and I still use products and medicines that are tested on animal, so I'm trying not to be a hypocrite, but rather, adopt a lifestyle that I can live with on a personal, Spiritual level.

 My choices don't make me a terrorist and I'd be little hurt if people thought I would take terrorist actions simply because I often bring up my beliefs in my posts. And, "no", I don't agree with bork. I'm pro-choice and for women's rights. And even if bork thinks I'm a liberal hippie (I guess I am), I don't think he's a terrorist. He's passionate about what he believes even if he can't see the bigger picture.

 ^ *LIKE*

The Lounge This is embarrassing. But I need some advice. Long, possibly too detailed. Nov 14 2010
04:41 (UTC)

Plan B can work.  But like all birth control, it's just not 100%. 

Pregnancy & Parenting Walking = Waking? Nov 13 2010
06:58 (UTC)

Hmm.  That's interesting.  My son is just starting to crawl and all of the sudden he has started waking up sporadically at night to moan, whine, and then eventually fall back asleep....AND when I snuck into his room the other night to kiss him good-night, I must have startled him and he went from dead sleep to up on all four's in about half a second.  This seems to coincide with what dviles just posted about their body wanting to "practice" their new skill.  I don't know if it's that or a growth spurt, but it is strange.

Pregnancy & Parenting Living mindfully with an infant...? Nov 13 2010
06:46 (UTC)

Hey Sami!  good to see you.  Unfortunately, I have no advice for you.  Mine is 6 1/2 months old and I'm in the same boat as you are.  My eating habits are crap and exercise is so far down on my list of things to do with the little bit of energy I have left after working and spending time with my son in the evenings.

When I was pregnant I kept telling my husband I couldn't wait until I had my son so I could exercise and work on getting my old body back.  Now after feedings, laundry, dishes, bottle washing, bathing and everything else that happens at night, there's no way in hell I'm getting up at 5am to beat my son out of bed so I can go for a run or get a work-out in.  for those mothers that can, I applaud them because they must be running on pure Supermom power.

Sami, I feel your pain, honey.  Everyone tells me it gets better.  I sure hope so because my husband is already talking about having another baby once I get a better job....but I can't even think about that until I lose the baby weight from THIS kid.  Oh and by the way, I'm having a glass of wine while I'm writing this so we must have a LOT in common  :D 

The Lounge In honor of mooni Nov 12 2010
18:04 (UTC)

I'm seriously thinking about pulling an "Uncle Fred" and showing up at her house unannounced and uninvited, only to drink her booze and pass out on her couch.  Waddya think???

The Lounge Harry Potter 7, Part 1 is Heeeeeeeerrre!!!!! zOMG! Nov 11 2010
18:01 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Rowling is actually a pretty engaging writer. More fun reading the HP series than, say, Lord of the Rings.

 Bingo!  Several years ago, my friend tried to make me sit down and watch the first movie.  I'd never read the books and didn't find the movie that interesting.  However, after that, I tried reading the books.  Rowling is such an amazing writer that I just got sucked in.  It's not just the story, it's the writers tools she uses to paint this amazing picture of this imaginary world.  After that I was hooked and the movies were much more interesting to me because I got to compare what I saw in my head with how they decided to portray it in the movie.

We are planning on going opening weekend if we can still get tickets online tomorrow.

The Lounge The cool thing on your desk right now Nov 10 2010
04:29 (UTC)

My red Swingline stapler.  But then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much.  And I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler.

The Lounge Strip clubs Nov 09 2010
00:40 (UTC)
Original Post by spirochete:

I have to admit, my guess is one out of 1,000 strippers is actually doing the "trying to get through school" thing

 Yeah.  It was her words too....but that's what I was thinking as well.

The Lounge Strip clubs Nov 08 2010
21:41 (UTC)

I've only known a couple of women/men who either danced there or bounced or bartended in one.  But the ones I've spoken to say that drug usage and after hours paid sex ran rampant (if the client had enough dough).  But then again, that might have only been in the lower class joints.  There are also tons of dancers who swear that it doesn't/didn't happen in their club  :/

The only thing that boggles my mind is how gullible some of the men are.  My husband's friend (who is single) was talking about how, after going to one, he realized that most of them are just trying to better themselves or pay their way through school (nursing school always seems to be a common theme).  I'm sure this is the case for some, but to quote one of my friends who is a former dancer herself:  "Of COURSE she's going to tell you she's in nursing school and is only dancing to support her elderly grandmother who lives with her.  It gets better tips than telling them the truth (which for my friend was indeed a drug problem)"

The Lounge Strip clubs Nov 08 2010
18:25 (UTC)

My husband has gone on occasion.  I wasn't crazy about the idea but I didn't make a big deal out of it.  As long as it's occasionally, I don't mind that much.  Now, if it became a regular occurence or was accompanied by lies or half-truths, then I'd start to worry.  Like pr0n, it can be an addiction for some...certainly not all, but a small percentage.

I find most of them gross and scummy.  I hear the nice ones in Vegas are....nice, but hubby says he hated the Vegas ones most of all.  He said the girls were constantly in their face - "buy a dance", "want me to dance?" "buy your friend a dance", etc.  He said he couldn't even drink his beer in peace  :p

God, I love that man  :D

The Lounge Wedding reception ideas Nov 08 2010
04:31 (UTC)

Pavvy, you should not feel obligated to give your single friends a "+1".  From what I've read and heard, the manner books say it's your choice.  However, as sybil stated above...some might be a little upset if the married ones get a +1 for their spouse and the un-married ones don't.  However, you know your friends better than we do.  Only you would know if they would be upset.  Since it is such a small gathering, maybe you could call the ones you are worried about and explain your situation and ask them if they mind not having a +1?

For the rest of it......Favors should be optional, but you could always do something small like baggies of candy at each table.  It's pretty cheap.  I loved having dancing at my wedding, but if you don't, I think the table games are a great idea.  And seating charts are NOT necessary.  Most weddings I've been to seem to go better when people get to choose who they sit by.  It makes for better conversation and a very relaxed atmosphere.  And the rehearsal/dinner is totally optional.  We only had it because my hubby's mom decided she wanted to pay the extra money so that we could entertain out-of-town guests the night before. 

Good luck and keep us updated!!

The Lounge Dear Santa, Nov 07 2010
03:50 (UTC)
Original Post by fenrik_reinsdyr:


I would be more than happy to answer your previous inquery for you in regards to Cannabis growing near or around Santa's headquarters here in the North Pole.

Marijuana grows wildly on every continent- except one which is Antarctica. Seeing as the 'North Pole' has yet to be legally recognised as a continent, I can assure you that due to the low temperatures and lack of sunlight through most of the year makes the growth of cannabis nearly impossible.

Mushrooms, on the other hand...

The idea of 'flying reindeer' is rumoured to come from the practice that......blah blah, here a quote, there a quote, etc................

Bah!  Killjoy!


The Lounge How come alot women in their 40's and 50's don't dress stylish? Nov 07 2010
03:40 (UTC)
Original Post by kikt:

Original Post by 38yroldguy:

Besides do you think Eva Longaria ever leaves the house in granny panties and baggy clothes, not likely!!

I agree with Bunny. You watch too much telly.

And Eva Longoria can't afford to look frumpy because the tabloid worls pounces on her the moment she does - which translates directly into bad marketing, less work, less money.

 Oh the nerve of her!  How dare she leave the house without spending 2 hours making sure she looks like she does on Desperate Housewives!!!  She shouldn't be allowed out of the house unless she's dressed like every guy's fantasy!!


The Lounge Well, the Lehman brothers wall street scum bag crook Nov 05 2010
04:26 (UTC)
Original Post by moonikins:

Of course Peaches, you've got it all right. He's completely innocent and forthright because he's a republican.

He's a crook because he's a politician. They're all crooks.

 There are plenty of Republicans who are far from innocent.  That's why I try not to vote a straight party ticket when I'm making my decisions.  Though I am somewhat distrustful of wall street guys,  I'm just not sure how what he's done here makes him a crook.

But to answer your original question, Sam Brownback (R)  won the governor’s race by a pretty wide margin over Tom Holland (D).  But here in Kansas, I think that was kind of expected.  I'm really not a terrible fan of either guy though.  I think both parties could have come up with better candidates.

The Lounge Well, the Lehman brothers wall street scum bag crook Nov 04 2010
17:32 (UTC)

So, if I'm understanding correctly...He's a crook because while at Lehman (who probably hired him because of his networking skills)  he used his contacts to bring business to Lehman?  I thought that's what most people did for their companies...Use their networking.

The Lounge 2010 Election Results Nov 03 2010
03:10 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Bristol Palin will dance another day.

 Boo.  I wish we could vote people OFF instead of voting for who will stay.  I'd vote 10,000 times to boot her off.

I'm a voter, don'tcha know!

The Lounge can someone explain to me the thought processes... Nov 02 2010
02:31 (UTC)

I post pictures of my son here.  I've used him as my avatar too.  Why?  Because I'm proud of him.  He's a baby, so I doubt his identity will be stolen, his credit car jacked, or his job put at risk.  He's fully clothed and I see it no differently than a baby you might see in a magazine or catalog.  I guss if a pervert really wanted to be a pervert, they could cut pictures out of a magazine too, but does that mean we shouldn't have kids in papers or catalogs?

Me, I've posted pictures of myself too.  But not very much because frankly I don't care for the way I photograph.  If anything, that would be why I'd be more secretive about myself.  I also withold my last name, the exact city I live in, and where I work....but that's just for my own protection.  It's not like I'm telling people where I take my son to daycare or giving out our address.

Anyway, that's MY thought process. 

The Lounge Over Prescribing of Antibiotics Nov 02 2010
02:10 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

I can tell you exactly why they do it.  Because if the sick person gets sicker, and winds up on the hospital or in the morgue, they don't want to explain to a jury why they didn't prescribe a simple, inexpensive antibiotic.

Doctors routinely violate the hippocratic oath to avoid being sued.  Another good example:  cat scans on children with head injuries.  It is known beyond any doubt that performing a cat scan on a child will significantly increase the child's risk of cancer.  And the vast majority of the time, there is nothing that a cat scan will show you that you couldn't learn from an x-ray or from just observing the kid for a while to verify that there isn't something serious going on behind the scenes.  Yet I can just about guarantee you that if your kid is in a car accident, or falls out of a tree, or otherwise suffers a traumatic injury that might have something remotely to do with his head - he's getting a cat scan, so the doctor doesn't have to explain to the jury later why he didn't.

ETA:  I had to call it a cat scan since, apparently, CC considers its real name offensive.

 I work in the healthcare industry.  I think what you said is true.  Also, I think the doctors do it to please the patients.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen it.  The patient doesn't seem happy unless they can leave the office with a nice little script in their hands. 

AND yes, I think the doctors are petrified of being sued.  Over prescribing antibiotics is just the tip of the iceburg.  If the patient has a headache, they want an MRI.  If the kid falls out of a tree, they want a cat scan.  Etc....