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The Lounge Gun Control Thread Jan 04 2013
03:51 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

Original Post by kathygator:

@1080: The dude who shot Gabby Giffords was a mass shooter, and was disarmed and subdued by a combination of armed and unarmed civilians.

I haven't argued that all public areas should be guarded by police. I have argued that citizens defending themselves with their guns gives them a better chance in active shooter scenarios than if they are unarmed.

That's barely what you've been arguing in the last couple of days.

I haven't read through this thread thoroughly enough to tell if Kathy has been arguing this point, but I'll sure as heck argue it....even if I'm a little late to the party

The Lounge she is our pride Oct 12 2012
04:30 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator

Bassturds. I know this thread isn't for that, but dammit, they are.

Honey, my sentiments exactly.

The Lounge yhrdxse Sep 17 2012
00:54 (UTC)
Original Post by rosieii:

Original Post by randomnessliz:

Normal 15 year old girls eat every day, eat more than 1000 calories per day, speak more than 1 complete sentence during a school day, interact with other people, have at least 1 friend, etc.  I feel for this girl, but she clearly needs more than a kick in the pants at this point.

Normal 15 year old girls are dramatic, emotional, prone to exaggeration, and needy. Maybe she doesn't need therapy. Maybe she needs to work some stuff out and she's posting to the lounge because this is a fun place to talk about yourself and get all kinds of advice.


Maybe.  But we wouldn't be very good adults if we didn't point out the obvious to her as well, instead of just ignoring it.  The obvious is that she has an eating disorder.  eating disorders can cause people to think and act to the extreme.  for her it seems to be pulling away from people and becoming even more introverted than she would have been if she wasn't battling an eating disorder.

Even if all the rest of her problems are just normal teenage problems, the eating disorder needs to be addressed. 

The Lounge Have you ever felt shunned by other mothers? May 12 2012
05:11 (UTC)

I tend to blame it on the "witchy housewives"  syndrom.  Not necessarily because they are all housewives but women seem to have a hard time making friends with anyone they see as different from them.  Depending on your location, you might be dealing with women who base their status on who they associate with.  Those of us who actually live in reality feel your pain.  I have been snubbed by women who count status as the ultimate deciding factor.  Not sure if this is what you are facing, but if it is, stay strong.  Sooner or later, your kiddo is going to get to decide their own friends.  And by the time they get old enough to remember rejection, hopefully they will have your teachings of tolerance to guide them in their decision making.  Unfortunately the only thing we can do at this point is to rise above and show our kids that they can be better than shallow

The Lounge Huh?? Why the riots and destruction after a winning game? Apr 04 2012
03:35 (UTC)

Wonderfully stated, Mykids.  And despite the subject, beautifully written.  I live on the border of KU and MU.  And though I enjoyed seeing Kentucky fried Jayhawk, I am appalled that UK students (some of them) ruined a good thing with such drunken demolition.  I too believe that the gang mentality in relation to sports is very disturbing.  It makes me wonder if these people even wake up in the morning and despite their hangovers feel any remorse for the destruction and bad name that they helped bring

The Lounge Trayvon Martin Mar 29 2012
04:14 (UTC)

I think you might be right, Lys.  At this point a court ruling might actually fan the flames even more.  Especially if it ended with a not guilty verdict.  At this point many people already have an opinion and if Zimmerman were found not guilty I fear all hell might break loose.  

The Lounge Trayvon Martin Mar 28 2012
06:09 (UTC)

Yes Melkor.  Yours are the points that we SHOULD be discussing here.  I don't know if the PD really did botch the investigation or if it just seems that way.  But I am glad the FBI has gotten involved.  However it does disturb me that Zimmerman feels like he needs to go into hiding for fear of vigilante justice. Public outcry is one thing, and can be justified.  But we still dont know all of the facts and the sheer volume of death threats is very disturbing.  People have downright gone crazy regarding this topic.

The Lounge Trayvon Martin Mar 28 2012
04:25 (UTC)

I am really saddened by this thread. If we want to argue who did what and who attacked who then that is one thing.  There are so many people coming forward with different stories that it's no wonder this is an ongoing investigation.  But what really gets me is the fact that so many people are willing to jump to racial conclusions.  Apparently the police are now racist and the shooter is racist too.  Neither of these are facts, only speculations. It is very irresponsible to jump to those conclusions simply because it was a "white" mexican and a black man.  If the police acted inapropriately and Zimmerman shot this kid inapropriately then we should call for justice.  But blaming race and a hoodie at this point is the biggest jump in my opinion.  Zimmerman had a history of being overzealous when it came to his "duties".  It is likely that this was just another sad case of him feeling like he needed to be the neighborhood's nosey neighbor.  It doesn't mean he should go unpunnished.  But it also doesn't mean that this was racially motivated.                                                                                                                                                               (p.s.)  I'm very sorry for the lack of paragraphs.  My phone only lets me forward and back space.  Heaven only knows what this post will look like when I hit "send"

The Lounge Any other Hunger Games fans out there? Mar 26 2012
02:32 (UTC)

Don't get me wrong...i loved Twilight.  I just think that Hunger Games appeals to a more broad audience.  And really the only reason the two are being compared is because alot of young adults were drawn to both stories.  But i'm seeing alot more older adults who recognize that they enjoyed Hunger Games as well

The Lounge Any other Hunger Games fans out there? Mar 25 2012
03:23 (UTC)

I'm a BIG fan.  After reading Twilight I was hesitant to read another series that some people dubbed as another "teen sensation".  But I finally broke down and read them.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes there was another teen love triangle involved but the story was so much more.  She did a good job of drawing you into this alternate world with plenty of focus on the adults involved in the story.  It wasn't just about some kiddie romance and teen angst.  There was a whole bigger story to it all.  I imagined what the districts would look like and what tha Capital would look like and how the arena looked.  I'm very excited to see how the movie's sets match up to my expectations of this whole world I pictured in my head.  I think THAT is the most exciting for me when I watch any movie after reading the book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I thought Twilight movies did not come close to portraying the picture I had in my head.  And the actors were seriously lacking.  I hear the Hunger cast was much more believable.  I can't wait to see it in a few weeks when I get the chance

The Lounge Trayvon Martin Mar 25 2012
01:48 (UTC)

I tend to go with Kathy's last post regarding the possibility that Zimmerman simply thought he was somehow playing a hero.  Can't quote it because my phone is lame.  There is always the possibility that Zimmerman was racially motivated.  But we don't know that for sure.  There are reports that he has on more than one occasion mentored black teens.  Maybe he is a racist and maybe not.  But for so many to just jump to that conclusion is irresponsible.  That kid should have never died.  But just because he was black doesn't automatically make it a racial thing.  Sounds like this Zimmerman guy was just plain jumpy.  He was a chronic 911 caller and there is no evidence that he only called to report minorities in hoodies.  

The Lounge Sugar Daddies Oct 14 2011
04:07 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Sharing = communism, doncha know... and helping out someone who needs a hand is "coddling" one of "those people".

 Ah yes.."those people".  The ones who don't "deserve" help 

Edit:  But to get back on subject instead of accusing people of lying about their good deeds....I totally get that some people don't want help, even from someone who claims to want to date them.  When it comes to relationships, I've never had a problem giving or receiving gifts if I like the person or can see myself in some kind of relationship with them.  When I was still dating, what I did have a problem with was any man thinking that taking me somewhere or paying for something, no matter how big or small meant that I owed him sex in return.  Which is essentially the whole "sugar daddy" thing.  The only difference is that the man does expect sex and the woman is ok with that because she wants the gifts that badly.


The Lounge Sugar Daddies Oct 14 2011
03:29 (UTC)

I was at the gas station less than 2 weeks ago.  There was a young girl there with a baby about 6 months old.  I saw her car and it was very old and beat up.  When I walked into the store, she was using the clerk's phone and she was begging the person on the other end to bring her money for gas because she had none to get her home.

I hadn't gotten my first new-job paycheck yet so I was short on funds myself, but I asked her how much she needed to get home and I ended up puting $10 in her tank.  None of us are heroes for telling a similar story and I don't think any of us believe that telling these stories online is going to get any of us laid or even make any of us cool new internet friends. 

I do believe that occasionally sharing stories like these might show others that we DO exist, we are not a myth, and we don't always do these things hoping for something in return or even to benefit ourselves.

The Lounge Sugar Daddies Oct 14 2011
03:07 (UTC)

For what it's worth, my two cents...

I am not in agreement with the sugar daddy websites or the girls who are obviously out for that and only that.  To me, it's the same thing as legal prostitution.   I won't be changing my mind about my views on this.

However, if you are going along in life and you find someone (of any age or wealth) who you do like, who likes you back, then go ahead and give or receive gifts however it pleases the two of you.  Just don't let him pressure you into thinking that you owe him sex for the gifts.

Pregnancy & Parenting Natural birth or epidural Oct 14 2011
02:54 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

Original Post by cgergely1:

Original Post by peaches0405:

I had an epidural and still felt some pain towards the end as it wore off.  So I can't imagine the pain I would have felt without the epidural.

Unfortunately, I ended with a C-section due to complications, so I don't have a choice for the next one.  But if I did have the choice, I'd still do an epidural again.  It was better than nothing to me.

That may not necessarily be true; I think a lot depends on the type of incision and the scar tissue. I had a c-section (also due to complications) with my first and delivered vaginally with my second. Check with your OBGYN to see what your options are.

Epidurals for both, by the way.

Peaches, I know you live in the same city I do so I'll tell you what I learned while researching VBACs in the area.

If you have an OB who is willing to remain at the hospital with you while you labor, there is a hospital (St. Joseph's) that will allow you to attempt a VBAC. If you have a family physician (like I did) that cannot perform a c-section in an emergency (ie, uterine rupture) then you're out of luck.

 (this is a late response, I know).  Bier, thanks for the info, but I'm not crazy about trying a VBAC.  My labor was riddled with back labor, pain, and a baby that was too large for my pelvis. 

I totally understand some women want to try it naturally the second time, but there IS more risk and you are limited in your choice of OB's and hospitals.  Plus, I already have a scar and I already know what recovery is like.  I have decided to do a C-section the next time as well.  But I think it is important for every woman to know the facts and make her own decisions based on what she feels comfortable with.

The Lounge why- why- why? any men out there that might have some thoughts on this? Sep 11 2011
05:09 (UTC)
Original Post by smw:

I see an escalating pattern of abuse.  He's still working you over even though you're technically free of him.  Please get some counseling and get someone to go with you to custody exchanges.  If he's forcing a kiss on you now, who knows what he'll be trying to force you into next.  I don't care if it's "just a little kiss'...forcing intimacy on someone is not acceptable.

 ^This!!  One thousand times agreed.  I believe he sees every little "peck" or every little break-down on your part as a win.  He sees it as just another way to control you and make you back down.

I commend you for leaving him.  You are a strong woman and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  But I agree with the others.  You need to stand up to him and stay firm.  Tell him his behavior is not apropriate and he needs to stop or you will make sure you have an escort with you every time you see him.

And my husband is in a field of work where he sees this kind of abuse all the time.  Let me tell you what he told me regarding your original question.  Your ex wants to be with you because he knows he can control you.  He knows you will back down and he knows if he pushes you hard enough you will give in...even if it's just a little bit.  Even if it's just a kiss.  Even if it's just you letting him grab or detain you.  Men like that don't change.  It's not like some one-time cheater who had a moment of weakness or some guy who got drunk and went to a couple of AA meetings.  Abusive men don't change.  Not without a lot of therapy.  I mean a LOT of therapy.  So unless he's gone through a LOT of therapy and he stops grabbing you and asking about who you are dating, he has not changed.  Don't ever forget that.  And don't ever underestimate an abusive man.  My husband had to work a case last month where the ex abuser shot and killed the woman because he didn't want to give up control.  I don't want to scare you, but I do want to warn you to never underestimate a man with anger issues.  Never underestimate them, and never let them believe that they have any kind of control over you whatsoever.

Our thoughts are with you.  Good luck.

ETA:  Oh and I completely agree with Lysis.  Lawyer up and lawyer up now.  And document or journal every single time you have contact with this man and he does anything besides saying "hi" and "bye"

The Lounge Need slutty Halloween costume ideas! (lol) Sep 09 2011
06:40 (UTC)
Original Post by santonacci:

*gets out seasonal bingo card, marks "slutty costume" square, anxiously awaits "favorite candy" thread....*

 I'm actually surprised.  slutty costumes are so easy to find these days, I figured it would be set as the "free space" on the bingo card. Just walk into any costume store or log onto any and the majority of adult outfits these days are "slutty".

The Lounge I'm afraid I'm going to destroy my vadge Sep 09 2011
06:21 (UTC)
Original Post by kikt:

Original Post by cinnalor:

that sounds gross (the cup like thing)

I had a tampon stuck in there once (when I first started using them).  I had to have my sister pull it out.  What a horrible experience for her!!

What a nice sister you have!!

Oh and I did the two-tampon thing once: in France when you could just get those weird nasty applicator ones. Loooong time ago and if I remember correctly I was on a loo at the Louvre when I made the discovery of 'Oh, there's another string??' *shudders*

Friend of my mom forgot one, had sex and the thing was pushed back all the way. she was wondering about a few, erm, odd symptoms in the following weeks/months and went to the gyn who found the squashed thing.


 OK you literally made me snort with the squashed tampon.

But seriously....I've read this whole entire thread.  The good, the bad and the bloody.  And it never ceases to amaze me how clueless most men are when it comes to what we women have to go through.  They have no clue about the responsibility that falls on us.  Not only do we have to deal with our periods, but we also have to find that magical way to "stop" it if we don't want to do it in the shower or on a towel.

My hubby told me the other day that he was "ready" for another I was gonna snap my fingers and make it happen.  I told him he was effing nuts.  Until he has to deal with the nausea and vomiting and the weight gain and the food cravings and the stretching and the back aches and the labor and the breast feeding and the hormones and everything else that comes with a pregnancy, I'll be damned if he tells me whether I keep my mirena in for 5 days or 5 years.

On a side note, I did alot of reasearch on the Mirena before I had it done.  There are risks.  It CAN puncture the uterine wall and there CAN be complications.  However, it is rare.   For the earlier poster:  The mirena can work in several ways.  One of them being the thinning of lining of the uterus.  This can often help reduce heavy or painful periods.

The Lounge Are you capable of taking someone's life? Sep 07 2011
05:00 (UTC)

I used to think that if someone broke into my house and attacked or tried to rape me, I'd probably end up freezing and praying that he didn't kill me.  It'd be nice to think that I'd fight back, but unless I'm ever in that situation I guess I'll never truly know.

After having my son, I had to re-evaluate.  I'd still like to think I'd fight someone who was attacking me, but I'm absolutely positive that if I witnessed someone attacking my son, I'd go after them with everything that was in me.  If that meant stabbing them with a kitchen knife, I bet I could do it.  If it meant pushing them out the window, I bet I could do it in the heat of the moment.  But to kill for revenge or with pre-meditation, I don't think I ever could.  It would have to be an adrenaline-induced fight for our lives kind of thing.